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#251083 Baby Name Dayton

Posted by The Future Mrs B on 23 March 2014 - 07:57 AM

Urgh! NO! Think about these names and do they honestly suit a adult? Can you see a lawyer been named that? A doctor? A vet? etc

People said the same thing of Aiden/Cayden/Jaden/etc as well as all the Kayleighs and Brynlees. Some of these children will wind up as a lawyer or a doctor or a vet. The name itself has nothing to do with a child's potential unless it is something offensive/humiliating or otherwise detrimental to a child's well-being. It has to do with the child, the child's environment. Bhutterfli Reignbo is detrimental, not Dayton.
Is a child named Aiden, who's parents help him with homework, have him participate in sports and make sure he's growing up well really as bad off as the child named Luke who's parents leave him to his own devices or not give him the support he needs? The name has nothing to do with it.
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#244750 Baby Girl Name Revealed

Posted by EmilyA on 06 January 2014 - 03:44 PM

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Years! 

I've spent the past couple of days looking at baby girl's name in depth. 

What really has been sparking my interest is how lovely it sounds with the boys and how right at home it feels to say.

Coincidentally, the first baby born on New Years in our county was named this and the paper put the heading as "Hey There, _______". I couldn't help but think of how precious and soft it sounded. It may have a bad rep but what name doesn't? 



If you haven't guessed what the name is yet, due to the uber popular song, then here you go!



Delilah Kate




As for the middle name you ask? Kate is after Craig's grandmother, Katherine. Some double brownie points because Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers. So we kind of hit two birds with one stone in this stunning combo for our little girl. 

While it may not match the pattern of a short first name and long middle name, we know that this is THE perfect name for her. 


We can't wait to meet you Delilah!  :wub: 

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#239104 We want to know: Did you get help with your naming questions?

Posted by JennyB on 13 November 2013 - 12:07 PM

The BNG community has helped so many people find the perfect name(s)!


This forum now has a feature that allows the topic starter to pick and highlight the most helpful answer! After asking your question, check the answers you receive from time-to-time. If one stands out, click the "Mark Solved" button at the bottom of the post. It will be labeled as the "Best Answer" and a link will be added at the top of the page.  If another, better answer comes up later, you can cancel the first and change it to another.


Only members are able to mark if a post is the Best Answer. If you are a guest seeking naming help, we would love for you to sign up and join us by clicking the link in the top right corner of the page!


Happy Baby Naming!

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#280518 Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to a baby girl!

Posted by glitchinggecko on 04 May 2015 - 08:09 AM

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana



Source - http://www.itv.com/n...lizabeth-diana/

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#275758 Get Simmed!

Posted by Laugh-Dream-Love on 22 February 2015 - 05:12 AM





Avery // Cara // Hudson // Tallulah








Declan // Laurel // Felix // Coby // Lennon // Maisie // Sawyer // Hana








Nathaniel // Celeste // Luna // Jude // Abel // Tova // Remy // Babe

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#252156 How popular is too popular?

Posted by Katie-Nana on 07 April 2014 - 11:15 AM

Normally I look at the statistics to get a better idea of how popular a name is.  If a name is #243 in popularity, that doesn't really give you an idea of how popular it is.  But if that name (Fernando in 2012) was used on 0.0733% of total male births that year.  That means that there is 1 Fernando in 1,364 male births for 2012.  Not too popular in my opinion.  Really, the percentage tells you more about the name than the ranking, since male names verse female names are very different...


#100 in 2012 (Ryder - 1 in 532) and (Annabelle - 1 in 635)

#50 in 2012 (Tyler - 1 in 263)  and (Ashley - 1 in 411)

#10 in 2012 (Aiden - 1 in 136) and (Elizabeth - 1 in 200) 


And of course names with multiple spellings would be even more popular.  If there were a particular name that you liked, you could look up the % for each spelling and add them together to get a better idea of how popular the name is. 

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#240510 Jennifer Love Hewitt Gives Birth to a Baby Girl!

Posted by Laugh-Dream-Love on 27 November 2013 - 02:58 AM

I love Autumn, but James really gets me on a girl. It's not feminine or pretty, it's a handsome, strong BOYS name. I just can't stand it on a girl.

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#217269 (What do you think of these names) Look at latest post.

Posted by Addison on 01 May 2013 - 09:38 PM

I'm sorry, weren't you having twins named Gracelyn and Garrison?
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#210480 Top baby names decided!!!!

Posted by Katie-Nana on 07 March 2013 - 11:10 AM

Ben & I have agreed on our top boy and girl name for if/when we decide to have a baby....

Theodore Lark Alfred -or- Leona Evermay

"Teddy" -or- "Lennie"

Leona Evermay is in honor of Ben's deceased grandmother, Leona Mae.

Lark Alfred is my grandfather's full name.

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#299560 Pokémon CaF

Posted by glitchinggecko on 04 September 2016 - 12:04 PM

Pick your favourite pokémon of the three listed, and choose of the associated names to create a family!

Omanyte - Kanto, Sinnoh or Candela
Kabuto - Johto, Unova or Blanche
Aerodactyl - Hoenn, Kalos or Sparks

First Name
Ponyta - Chase, Dominic or Maxwell
Magmar - Carson, Jordan or Nolan
Moltres - Brody, Elijah or Mason

Middle Name
Krabby - Caden, Christopher or Damian
Shellder - Eric, Joseph or Ivan
Staryu - Cody, Jackson or Oliver

First Name
Lickitung - Brooke, Maria or Sabrina
Ditto - Amanda, Emily or Eva
Porygon - Alicia, Gabrielle or Melissa

Middle Name
Jigglypuff - Jillian, Madeleine or Mia
Mr Mime - Chloe, Jillian or Julia
Clefairy - Abigail, Camilla or Lydia

Son A
First Name
Cubone - Benjamin, Josiah or Marcus
Sandshrew - Cole, Edward or Wyatt
Rhyhorn - Jack, Jaden or Jared

Middle Name
Pikachu - Anthony, Cooper or Derek
Electabuzz - Gabriel, Nathaniel or Thomas
Zapdos - Alan, Blake or Gage

Son A's Wife
First Name
Snorlax - Abigail, Camilla or Jade
Psyduck - Claire, Leah or Rebecca
Farfetch'd - Caroline, Faith or Margaret

Middle Name
Oddish - Evelyn, Kimberly or Michelle
Bulbasaur - Daisy, Elizabeth or Isabelle
Bellsprout - Andrea, Molly or Sadie

Son A's Eldest Daughter
First Name
Seel - Allison, Ashleigh or Charlotte
Squirtle - Ariana, Hailey or Jenna
Poliwag - Angela, Diana or Jessica

Middle Name
Goldeen - Jacqueline, Jasmine or Grace
Magikarp - Jennifer, Sierra or Stephanie
Horsea - Angelina, Audrey or Christina

Son A's Eldest Son
First Name
Hitmonchan - Peyton, Robert or Shane
Machop - Garrett, Justin or Noah
Mankey - Jacob, James or Micah

Middle Name
Magnemite - Isaac, Patrick or Tristan
Voltorb - Evan, Julian or Timothy
Zubat - Brandon, Jayden or Nicholas

Son A's Youngest Son
First Name
Eevee - Dylan, Hunter or Jesse
Rattata - Connor, Jeremy or Sean
Chansey - Cameron, Hayden or Matthew

Middle Name
Doduo - Daniel, Ian or Preston
Pidgey - Richard, Ryan or William
Spearow - Adam, Brady or Riley

Son A's Youngest Daughter
First Name
Drowzee - Naomi, Paige or Sarah
Abra - Lauren, Mary or Vanessa
Slowpoke - Amber, Miranda or Nicole

Middle Name
Venonat - Brianna, Jocelyn or Victoria
Ekans - Alyssa, Autumn or Natalie
Nidoran - Ella, Rachel or Sophie

Son B
First Name
Paras - Kenneth, Landon or Tyler
Exeggcute - Aiden, Austin or Peter
Tangela - Brayden, Oscar or Owen

Middle Name
Psyduck - Colin, Isaiah or Spencer
Pinsir - Alexander, Andrew or Ethan
Dratini - Levi, Trevor or Vincent

Son B's Wife
First Name
Gastly - Adriana, Marissa or Valerie
Grimer - Alexandra, Ava or Caitlin
Koffing - Lillian, Lindsey or Melanie

Middle Name
Charmander - Amelia, Laura or Ruby
Vulpix - Emma, Olivia or Samantha
Growlithe - Catherine, Danielle or Megan

Son B's Eldest Son
First Name
Butterfree - Brian, Samuel or Zachary
Scyther - Adrian, George or Lucas
Beedrill - Dalton, Joel or Gavin

Middle Name
Geodude - Charles, Christian or Henry
Onix - Aaron, Grant or Sebastian
Diglett - Jason, Jeffrey or Victor

Son B's Youngest Son
First Name
Jynx - Bryce, Carter or Logan
Articuno - Jeremiah, Michael or Seth
Lapras - Joshua, Paul or Steven

Middle Name
Kangaskhan - David, Jonathan or Parker
Tauros - Colton, Kyle or Liam
Meowth - Ashton, Caleb or Kevin

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#239799 Vintage Revival Names For Girls?

Posted by misshaleyxo on 20 November 2013 - 07:11 AM

Trying to build up a list, and I think I've FINALLY found my style - vintage revival. In other words, if a name peaked in 1995, I likely won't want it, if it peaked in 1925, I'll likely adore it (within reason of course, I definitely would never use Gertrude or Mildred). I'd love some suggestions to add to my list;


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Posted by Katie-Nana on 21 June 2013 - 05:56 AM

I read that the baby is North West, no middle name.
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#219111 What do you think of this boy name;

Posted by alyssa897 on 14 May 2013 - 10:13 PM

I think it's really great, but only if you're a big fan of the book. I just think it's so iconic and I really can't think of any other time Gatsby has ever been used than in the book so people would most likely think of the book.
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#208294 Build A Family (Round 1)

Posted by ashooles on 17 February 2013 - 10:53 PM

This is slightly like a congrats game, but different. I kind of got the idea from a game over at PC, the other half came from my head. Rather than explaining the whole thing now, I'll explain it round by round :) I hope it works and isn't too confusing.


You need a dice.


1. Wilson, Lowery, Chu
2. Cherry, Gordon, Mansefield
3. Shipley, Bryan, Kierkegaard
4. McGlasson, Eichler, Mini
5. Gibbons, Ricco, Marlow
6. De Muller, Dubinski, Ward

Where does your family live?

1. Portales, New Mexico/Fort Belvoir, Virginia/Margate City, New Jersey
2. Evansville, Wyoming/New Philadelphia, Ohio/Ames, New York
3. Random Lake, Wisconsin/Lindsay, Oklahoma/Copper Canyon, Texas
4. South Hampstead, New York/McLaughlin, South Dakota/Church Point, Louisiana
5. King's Point, Florida/Brookeville, Maryland/Inverness, Mississippi
6. Lawnside, New Jersey/Clymer, Pensylvania/Severance, Colorado

DH: (roll twice for fn/mn)

1. Ross, Hugh, Blaise
2. Marcel, Bryce, Lee
3. Roy, Curtis, Bernard
4. Arthur, Gilbert, Roger
5. James, William, Matthias
6. Benjamin, Samuel, Axel

DW: (roll twice for fn/mn)

1. Rebecca, Eve, Anna
2. Annina, Grace, Angela
3. Marina, Camille, Veronica
4. Claire, Monica, Charlotte
5. Olivia, Annalise, Josephine
6. Madeline, Edith, Eleanor

Children: (roll 4 times)

Even: Girl
Odd: Boy

Ages: (roll 4 times - the number you roll, double it and add 1 and that is the age of the child)

First names from "Today's Most Popular Names"/ Middle names from "Names Searched Right Now"

Pictures very welcome!
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#204575 Evry Roy?

Posted by Katie-Nana on 11 January 2013 - 09:15 AM

I think Evry is an interesting name and I do like it. However, I think it would work better as a nickname for Everett or Everard or something along those lines. As for the middle name, since Evry ends in the R sound and Roy starts with an R, it makes the two names run together a bit sounding like Evryoi. If you went with a different first name, Everett Roy nn Evry then it would eliminate that problem.

Possible ways to get to Evry...

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#177629 need help finding a middle name

Posted by brittany111 on 20 May 2012 - 09:50 AM

Hmm thats a tough one, i find Katelynn needs a shorter middle name to ballance it out, id opt for something like Kateynn Jade, Katelynn Bree, Katelynn Ivy. Also having the L in KateLynn makes pairing it with Lee/ Leigh sound very L heavy, ie katelynn Leigh to me just doesnt flow right.

some Lee ish suggestions are:
Rylie (u can spell how ever u like, Ryleigh, Rylee etc
Emelia (kinda has the Lee sound, i guess u could spell it Emelea?
and obviously there is Emily, once again sp Emileigh/ Emilee
and EmmaLee
Everleigh/ Everlee
i was keeping the Lee part of the name spelt the way u used above so they can all be changed.

Personaly i think Katelynn Rylee as it doesnt clash. and will honor both ur mum and dad. i think its a lovley sweet idea.
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#290156 Ezra Amsterdam

Posted by Katie-Nana on 31 December 2015 - 12:02 PM

When I think of Amsterdam, I think of a party city with free use of marijuana and brothel lined streets.  At least that is usually how it is portrayed in the US.  However, I think if the city has particular meaning to you, it would be something very nice you could pass down to your child when you explain their namesake. Personally, it has such a strong association with the city, I think maybe finding a more subtle allusion to the city would be best.


Amsterdam comes from the word Amstelredamme which (according to wikipedia) comes from the fact that the city was originally the location of a dam on the river Amstel.  Using Amstel, the name of the river, could be a cool way to acknowledge Amsterdam.


Also according to wikipedia there are two nicknames that are used for the city, one is from a yiddish word for a safe haven, Mokum. The other appears to be a slang term, Damsko


You could also look for names with a similar meaning associated with a 'dam' : Ware, Warwick, Wotford, Worley


Or even use the name Dutch for the language of the region. 


Amsterdam has a lot of different buros and points of interest, I'm sure you can come up with even more name ideas from the places you visited there.

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