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Diverse Family Congrats Game

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Posted 25 October 2011 - 07:11 PM

It's been 11 years...

LN: Wall
DW: Lily Abigail
DH: Elliot Zachary

DD/DD/DS: Maisie Christina / Miriam Kristen / Philip Christos {32}

Maisie married Jonathan Roy Fuller.
-- DS: Bentley Patrick {3}
-- DD: Ava Nicolette {1}

Miriam married Timothy Aaron Brewer.
--DD: Tiffany Alexandria {6}
--DS: Nathan Michael {2}
--DS: Maxwell Evan {1}

Philip married Whitney Morgan.

DD/DD: Madeline Eeva / Audrey Mirja {28}

Madeline is unmarried.

Audrey married David Jonah Burnett.

DD/DD/DD/DD: Savannah Justine / Eva Danielle / Delilah Simone / Maya Celeste {26}

Savannah married Donald Kenneth Huber.
-- DD: Victoria Lacey "Tori" {3}

Eva married Ian Daniel Massey.
-- DS: Clayton Oscar {2}
-- DS: Cameron Jarrett {1}

Delilah is unmarried.

Maya married Victor Josiah O'Donnell.

DD: Bailey Gabriella {14}
DS/DS: Blake Sullivan / Ryder Griffin {12}
DD/DD/DD: Amelia Louise "Mia" / Charlotte Jane / Sophia Margaret {11}
DS/DS/DS: Holden Cade / Sebastian Kaidan / Jasper Thane {9}
DS/DS: Cody Talon / Atticus Galen {7}
DD: Clara Evangeline {3}
DS: Jackson Dylan {3}


Lily and Elliot

Darling Daughters: Maisie, Miriam, Madeline, Audrey, Savannah, Eva, Delilah, Maya, Bailey, Mia, Charlotte, Sophia, and Clara.
Darling Sons: Philip, Blake, Ryder, Holden, Sebastian, Jasper, Cody, Atticus, and Jackson.
Darling Granddaughters: Ava, Tiffany, and Tori.
Darling Grandsons: Bentley, Nathan, Maxwell, Clayton, and Cameron.

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Posted 28 October 2011 - 03:47 PM

Ivy Josephine (Stark) McCabe
Elliot Quincy *Leo* McCabe

25 - Ruby Kaija McCabe & Stella Anneli McCabe
24 - Maren Christel McCabe (adopted)
23 - Miriam Christina *Miri* McCabe & Max Christophe McCabe (adopted)
21 - Bailey Angelica *Bay* McCabe
21 - Delilah Simone *Lilah* McCabe & Greta Danielle McCabe & Cara Gabrielle McCabe & Savannah Celeste *Anna* McCabe (adopted)
18 - Tate Griffin & Rhys Brady (adopted)
17 - Flynn Henry McCabe & Fraser Jack McCabe & Susannah Louise *Sunny* McCabe
15 - Tallulah Evangeline *Tallie* McCabe & Veronica Juliet *Nica* McCabe & Sophia Guinevere *Sia* McCabe (adopted)
13 - Tristan Cade McCabe & Clara Tamsin McCabe (adopted)
9 - Grace Catalina McCabe (adopted)
9 - Miles Tennyson McCabe

After multiple years, you are done having children and many of your kids are grown and married and have had children of their own. In this round you can create families for your children and name your grandchildren whatever you want.

It has been:
6 years

Ruby Kaija McCabe (25) m. Jeremy Dylan Peterson (27)
4 - Wells Anthony Peterson & Hayes Gregory Peterson & Yates Jeremy Peterson
2 - Hollis Mary Peterson

Stella Anneli McCabe (25) m. Wesley Paul *Wes* Bettancourt (26)
5 - Sylvia Renee *Sylvie* Bettancourt & Celia Celeste *CC* Bettancourt
2 - Thaddeus Paul *Teddy* Bettancourt
expecting - Benjamin Joseph *Benji* Bettancourt & Augustus Charles *Augie* Bettancourt

Maren Christel McCabe (24) m. Devin Patrick Ritchie (26)
2 - Brenna Sage Ritchie & Britta Paige Ritchie

Miriam Christina *Miri* McCabe (23) m. Carleton Jeffrey Davenport (26)
3 - Hazel Miriam Davenport
1 - Sterling Jeffrey Daveport

Max Christophe McCabe (23) widower to Nora Jean Marsters
3 - Kendra Zoe *Kenzie* McCabe
2 - Bethany Charlotte *Bethie* McCabe
1 - Simone Marie *Simi* McCabe

Ivy & Leo w/ Ruby, Stella, Maren, Miri, Max, Bay, Lilah, Greta, Cara, Anna, Tate, Rhys, Flynn, Fraser, Sunny, Tallie, Nica, Sia, Tristan, Clara, Grace, & Miles
Ruby & Jeremy w/ Wells, Hayes, Yates, & Hollis
Stella & Wes w/ Sylvie, CC, Teddy, Benji, & Augie
Maren & Devin w/ Brenna & Britta

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Posted 29 October 2011 - 08:57 AM

It has been 6 years.

Your name: Primrose Isabella "Prim"
Husband's name: Elliot Sebastian

Harlow Danielle (adopted), who is now 29, is married and has two sons, Derek Hunter, who is 4, and Greyson Kade, who is 1.

Faye Lucienne (adopted), who is now 29, is married and has two daughters and a son. Their names are Amina Rose (age 7), Oakley Maddox (age 5), and Bethany Chandra (age 2).

Tate Ryan (adopted), who is also now 29, is married, but has no children yet. His wife is pregnant with a baby of unknown gender.

Reed Brennan (adopted), who is now 29, is married with a houseful of girls: Cecelia May, age 8, Loreli Kelly and Leah Taylor, age 7, and Meggie Wynn, age 3.

Ava Celeste (adopted), who is now 26, is married with two kids: Trevor Noah , age 3, and Payson Angela, who is a newborn.

Blake Kieran (adopted), who is now also 26, is engaged with a baby girl on the way.

Grace Anneli, who is now 24, is married with no children (yet).

Xavier Mikko , who is now 24, isn't married but has a girlfriend.

Lucas Christoph (adopted), who is now 24, is married with a son, Lucas Christoph Junior (Nicknamed Luke).

Nikolai Kester (adopted), who is now 24, married his high school sweetheart and they have no children (yet).

Finley Alexandra who is now 21, has a boyfriend.

Eliza Margaret, who is now 18, is single but has her ex-boyfriend's newborn, Kendra Marie.

Flynn Thomas, who is now 18, is busy going to school to become a teacher.

Phineas James, who is now 18, has a girlfriend and plans on marrying her.

Sophia Peyton (adopted), who is now 16, is single but doing extremely well in school.

Mae Juliet (adopted), who is now 16, has a boyfriend.

Kate Evangeline (adopted), who is now 16, is also single.

Tristan Winter (adopted), who is now 14, has just gotten his first girlfriend.

Rhett Galen (adopted), who is now 14, is very popular among the musical crowd at school.

Vivien Calliope (adopted), who is now 10, is very kind and looks out for Amadeus.

Amadeus Hart who is now 9,with primordial dwarfism, has been accepted by his peers and has many friends.

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Posted 29 October 2011 - 05:41 PM

(13 years later)

Rosalie Sophia Adams
Oliver Michael Adams

Zane Lucas Adams(33) is married to Melanie Hunter(31)
They have two children;
Summer Rose Adams(5)
Hunter Lucas Adams(2)

Gage Benjamin Hunter(31) is married to Molly Stone(31)
They have three children:
Samuel Isaac Adams(9)
Olivia Molly Adams(6)
Brady Jasper Adams(5)

Blair Ava Adams(29) is married to Henry Jackson(29)
They have one child;
Iris Michaela Jackson(2)

Brynn Valentina Adams(29) is engaged to Daniel Wolfe "Dan"(30)

Milo James Adams(28) is dating Naomi Reef(27)
They have one child;
Carolina Naomi Adams(3)

Emma Isabelle Adams(26) is dating Michael Hathaway(29)

Amelia Charlotte Adams(26) is married to Nathan Cooke(27)
They are expecting their first child, gender unknown.

Cara Delilah Adams(26) is divorced. Her ex-husband is David James.
They have one child;
Nicholas David James "Nick"(5)

Eliza Clementine Adams(26) is married to Alexander Blue "Alex"(30).
They have two children.
Seraphina Clementine Blue(4).
Alexander Michael Blue "Xander"(4)

Nora Serena Adams(26) is married to John Sawyer(28).
They are expecting their first child, a daughter;
Serena Alison Sawyer.

Liam Dominic Adams(25) is single.
He has a daughter from a previous relationship;
Madison Leah Adams(3)

Blake Austin Adams(23) is dating his high school sweetheart, Abigail Murray(23).

Kieran Daniel Adams(23) is a widower. His wife died a year ago.
He is raising their daughter alone.
Aimee Danielle Adams(2)

Sienna Kate Adams(22) is single. Her boyfriend left her a few years ago.
She raises her son on her own.
Finn Michael Adams(5).

Alec Mason Adams(22) is single.

Carter Vincent Adams(22) is dating Kimberly Becker "Kim"(21).

Victoria Grace Adams(22) is married to Giovanni Ferraro(25).
They have three children;
Giulia Alessandra Ferraro(3)
Luciano Emilio Ferraro(1)
Valentino Filippo Ferraro(1)

Juliet Vienna Adams(22) is dating Shane West(24).

Arielle Jasmine Adams(22) is married to Carlos Garcia(23).
They have one son;
Diego Carlos Garcia(3)

Logan Tate Adams(20) is single.

Davis Cameron Adams(20) is single.
He has a child from a previous relationship.
Tyson David Adams(3)

Liliana Ruby Adams(17) is dating Lucas Daniels.

Sophia Chloe(16) is single.

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Posted 25 March 2012 - 08:07 PM

DH: Clay Nathaniel Dodd {51}
DW:Amaryllis Cordelia Dodd {51}

DAD/DAD/DAS/DAS: Harlow Simone Dodd, Delilah Marine Dodd, Rhys Brennan Dodd & Reed Declan Dodd {34}
DAD/DAS: Maya Celeste Dodd & Blake Tierney Dodd {31}
DS/DD: Hudson Aaron Dodd & Harper Eeva Dodd {30}
DAD: Minnie Krista Dodd {29}
DAS/DAD: Gabriel Kristoffer Dodd & Maisie Kristina Dodd {28}
DS: Lance Theodore Dodd {26}
DS/DD/DD: Finley Harrison Dodd, Amelia Louise Dodd & Charlotte Imogen Dodd {23}
DAD/DAS/DAS: Sophia Vivette Dodd, Archer Cade Dodd & Atticus Galen Dodd {21}
DAS/DAD: Tallulah Guinevere Dodd & Holden Dash Dodd {18}
DAD: Vivian Pansy Dodd {15}
DS: Louis Homer Dodd {14}

Clay and Amaryllis Dodd; with Harlow, Delilah, Rhys, Reed, Maya, Blake, Hudson, Harper, Minnie, Gabriel, Maisie, Lance, Finley, Amelia, Charlotte, Sophia, Archer, Atticus, Tallulah, Holden, Vivian & Louis.

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