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Family Tree CAF #7 - 5/10

Family Tree CAF #7 - 5/10 Family Tree CAF Family Tree CAF #7 5/10 Round 5 Part 5 Mine

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Posted 20 March 2018 - 02:32 PM

Five Years Later




For each relationship, find out if they’re still together. (10 sided die)



1, 7 & 9 = They’re divorced

All other numbers = Still Married



1,2,3,6,8 = Married

7,9,10 = Still Engaged

4,5 = Broke Up


Long Term

7,9 = Married

1,3,5 = Engaged

4,6,10= Still Long Term

2,8 = Broke Up


Short Term

7 = Married

4,6 = Engaged

5,9,10 = Long Term

1,2,3,8 = Broke Up


New Relationship

If they are bi and now single, choose female


1. Married

2. Long-Term BF/GF

3. Long-Term BF/GF

4. Married

5. Single

6. Short-Term BF/GF

7. Married

8. Short-Term BF/GF

9. Engaged

10. Single


Roll for First and Middle Names


1. Boys https://nameberry.co...boys#more-53410

Girls http://www.thinkbaby...om/names/0/19th


2. https://www.behindth...thday/20/chrono


3. http://www.thinkbabynames.com/random/1

(Select Proper Gender, and one theme of your choice)


4. https://nameberry.co...ales#more-53279


5. http://surnames.behi...thday/20/chrono


6. Boys http://www.thinkbaby...om/names/1/19th

Girls https://nameberry.co...rls-Names?all=1


7. https://nameberry.co...nameberry?all=1


8. http://www.randomnames.com/ {Length 3-5, any letter}


9. https://nameberry.com/

(Today's Most Popular Names)


10. Boys: Taliesin, Axelrod, Orion, Matthew, Christopher, Liam, Samuel, Brent, Oscar, Travis, Hampton

Girls: Marisha, Ray, Rae, Ashley, Suzanne, Laura, Dawn, Bailey, Mary, Elizabeth


11. Boys https://nameberry.co...oys-Names?all=1

Girls http://nameberry.com...list/view/44976


12. http://www.fantasyna...hp#.WrF7MedOlPZ


13. https://randombabynames.com/

(Correct Gender, Large Box, Once)


14. Boys: Alden, Brett, Cal, Damion, Dalton, Donal, Gino, Murphy, Malakai, Pablo, Princeton, Reuben

Girls: Aleisha, Ashlee, Adelene, Bethanie, Casey, Emilee, Juliet, Jet, Kaydence, Kamala, Maryann, Meredith, Nyx


15.  Names after One of Their Parents

(Roll D6, assigned odd/even to parents)


16. https://nameberry.co...isex-baby-names


17. https://www.randomli...om/random-names


18. Boys: Grog, Vax'ildan, Percival, Scanlan, Taryon, Tiberius, Caleb, Mollymauk, Fjord, Kashaw

Girls: Pike, Vex'ahlia, Keyleth, Yasha, Jester, Beauregard, Zahra, Lyra, Allura, Kima


19. https://www.behindth...medays/day/3/20


20. Boys https://nameberry.co...boys#more-53410

Girls: http://www.thinkbaby...ames/0/literary


Roll for Last Names


1.      Chips, Hatman, Temples, Raynott, Woodbead, Nithercott, Rummage, Southwark, Harred, Jarsdel, Pober, Mirren, Febland, Nighy, Grader, Bonneville, Gruger, Carla, Fernard, Portendorfer, Ashworth, Sutcliffe, Butterworth, Crowther, Kershaw, Greenwood


2.  http://www.springhol...rs/surnames.htm


3. http://www.name-generator.org/

(Generate a surname congaing 'wood')


4. http://www.namegener...e-generator.php


5. Starts with P


6. http://www.springhol...rs/surnames.htm


7. Mercer, Johnson, Bailey, O'Brien, Ray, Riegel, Jaffe, Willingham, Acaba


8. Hydris, Falbek, Vesh, Daturai, Blanston, Gayheart, Brokenbranch, Merriweather


9. http://surnames.behi...ename.com/notd/


10. Trickfoot, Shorthalt, Darrington, Fredrickstein, Von Musel, Klossowski, de Rolo, Strongjaw, Stormwind, Widogast, Tealeaf


Roll for Number of Kids


1. 3

2. 2

3. 1

4. 1

5. 4

6. 2


Roll for Genders


1. Same gender as parent from original family

2. Boy

3. Boy

4. Opposite gender as parent from original family

5. Girl

6. Girl


Roll for Ages


1. Infant

2. Choose Age

3. 1

4. 2

5. 3

6. 4

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Posted 20 March 2018 - 05:51 PM

William 'Will' Linus Wesker [56]
m. Freya 'Faye' Natalie Wesker [56]

Sebastian 'Seb' Aled Wesker [36] *Heterosexual Married
Thomas 'Tom' Lorcan Wesker [35] *Homosexual Single
Maeve 'Mae' Aneira Wesker [35] *Heterosexual Married
Joseph 'Joe' Cian Wesker [34] *Bisexual Married


Sebastian 'Seb' Aled Wesker [36] *Heterosexual Married
m. Miela 'Ella' Olga Wesker [36]

Rachel 'Rach' Jessica Wesker [16]
Charles 'Charie' Cole Wesker [15]
Matthew 'Matt' Nathan Wesker [12]
Christopher 'Chris' Joseph Wesker [10]
Benjamin 'Ben' Stephen Wesker [9]
Harrison 'Harry' Dilbert Wesker [8]
Alexander 'Alex' Caine Wesker [5]
Joshua 'Josh' Scott Wesker [4]
Samuel 'Sam' Tobias Wesker [2]
Caleb 'Cal' Lewis Wesker [0]


Thomas 'Tom' Lorcan Coulson-Wesker [35] *Homosexual Single
m. Gregory 'Greg' Robin Coulson-Wesker [35] *Died at 35

Zachary 'Zach' Baxter Coulson-Wesker [14]
Grayson 'Gray' Tobias Coulson-Wesker [14]
Elizabeth 'Beth' Rebecca Coulson-Wesker [12]
Elisha 'Ellie' Isabelle Coulson-Wesker [9]
Piper 'Pippa' Cassandra Coulson-Wesker [6]
Svetlana 'Lana' Jodie Coulson-Wesker [1]
Jennifer 'Jenny' Robin Coulson-Wesker [0]


Maeve 'Mae' Aneira Liang [35] *Heterosexual Married
m. Jian 'JP' Paul Liang [33]

Coraline 'Cora' Ruth Liang [15]
Greyson 'Grey' Magnus Liang [9]
Jessica 'Jess' Madigan Liang [6]
Sophie 'Soph' Ethel Liang [6]
Nicholas 'Nick' Riley Liang [2]
Declan 'Dec' Joakim Liang [2]
Archer 'Archie' Wyatt Liang [1]


Joseph 'Joe' Cian Wesker [34] *Bisexual Married
e. Brianna 'Bree' Victoria Walker [34] *Split at 25
m. Felicity 'Fliss' Elana Alonso [32]

James 'Jamie' Deacon Wesker [8]
Rhiannon 'Rhia' Beatrice Wesker [3]
Rhydian 'Ry' Brett Wesker [3]
Theoderic 'Theo' Charles Wesker [0]

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Posted 20 March 2018 - 07:34 PM

The Endicott Family


DH: Soren Bradley Endicott (64)

DW: Delia Lorien Endicott (nee Pendergast) (65)


DD: Alessia Penelope "Allie" Endicott (41)

DS: Torvald Nathaniel "Tor" Endicott (38)

DS/DD: Benjamin Markus "Ben" Endicott / Katarzyna Jocelyn "Kate" Endicott (37)

DS: Percival Thaddeus "Percy" Endicott (34)


Soren and Delia Endicott

Allie, Tor, Ben, Kate, and Percy




The Beitz Family


DW: Alessia Penelope "Allie" Beitz (nee Endicott) (41)

DH: Jonah Matthew Beitz (41)

exDBF: Roderick Timothee Hartwell 


DD: Arielle Samantha Beitz (13)


Allie and Jonah Beitz





The Endicott-Awooda Family


DBF: Torvald Nathaniel "Tor" Endicott (38)

DGF: Calypso Zahra "Callie" Awooda (33) (long-term)

exDW: Linnea Mi-Kyung Endicott (nee Bell) (36)  (mother of Stella, Poppy, Orion, and Boaz)


DD: Stella Roxanne Endicott (14)

DD: Poppy Scarlett Endicott (11)

DS: Orion Tarvo Endicott (10)

DS: Boaz Josiah Endicott (7)

DS: Isaiah Wolfram Endicott (1) 


Tor Endicott and Callie Awooda

Stella, Roxanne, Orion, Boaz, and Isaiah




The Endicott  Family


DH: Benjamin Markus "Ben" Endicott (37)

DW: Jessenia Freya "Jessie" Endicott (nee Bowen) (37) 


DD/DD: Jocelyn Rebecca "Josie" Endicott / Sheridan Coralee "Sheri" Endicott (11)

DS: Caspian Atlas "Ian" Endicott (7)

DD: Isabelle Leia "Belle" Endicott (6)

DS: Bernard Gareth "Bernie" Endicott (4)

DD/DD: Alanna Vivienne "Allie" Endicott / Emilia Suzanne "Lia" Endicott  (3)

DD: Lennon Cassandra "Len" Endicott (1)


Ben and Jessie Endicott 

Josie, Sheri, Ian, Belle, Bernie, Allie, Lia, and Len




The Zhao Family


DW: Katarzyna Jocelyn "Kate" Zhao (nee Endicott) (37)

DH: Roland Sawyer Zhao (39)


DD: Annabeth Kristina Zhao (13)

DS: Hayden Charles Zhao (10)

DS: Ethan Noah Zhao (7)

DD: Corine Elizabeth Zhao (5)

DS: Peregrin Joseph Zhao (3)

DD: Holly Aurora Zhao (2)


Kate and Roland Zhao

Annabeth, Hayden, Ethan, Corine, Peregrin, and Holly




The Endicott Family


DH: Percival Thaddeus "Percy" Endicott (34)

DW: Piper Chiela Endicott (nee Warren) (34) 


DS: Malcolm Barnabas Endicott (10)

DS: Maston Hendrik Endicott (8)

DS: Magnus Perseus Endicott (6)

DS/DS: Murphy Justice Endicott / Matthias Axelrod Endicott (4)

DD: Lyra Hermione Endicott (3)

DD: Adelene Phillipa Endicott (1)


Percy and Piper Endicott 

Malcolm, Maston, Magnus, Murphy, Matthias, Lyra, and Adelene

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Posted 21 March 2018 - 03:00 AM

The Catesby Family


Dh: Joseph 'Joe' Roy Catesby (65)

Dw: Ofra Seraphina Parker Catesby (62)


ADd: Eliana 'Ellie' Vivienne Catesby (41) - Adopted domestically

Ds: Russell David Catesby (38)

ADd/ADd: Rachel Stephanie Catesby/Maybanke 'May' Vida Catesby (36) - Adopted domestically

Ds: Benjamin 'Ben' Sean Catesby (34)


Joseph Ofra Catesby; with ElianaRussellRachelMaybanke, & Benjamin



The Falbek Family


Dw: Eliana 'Ellie' Vivienne Catesby Falbek (41)

Dh: Taylor Jefferson Falbek (45)


Ds: Cohen Gabriel Falbek (7)

Dd: Isla Tiffany Falbek (6)


ExDbf: Garrett Scott Draper (42)


Eliana (& ex-boyfriend Garrett Draper) & Taylor Falbek; with Cohen Isla



The Catesby Family


Dh: Russell David Catesby (38)

Dw: Lark Anouk Dobos Catesby (36)


Ds: Arlo Jagger Catesby (14)

Dd: Kaila Elenore Catesby (12)

Dd: Selah Tanya Catesby (4)

Dd: Zaya Brea Catesby (3)

Dd: Kelly Samantha Catesby (2)


Russell Lark Catesby; with ArloKaila, Selah, Zaya, & Kelly



The Cattermole/Shade Family


Dw: Rachel Stephanie Catesby Cattermole (36)

Dh: Faramond 'Monty' Mehrdad Cattermole (42)


Ds: Baxter Bellamy Shade (14)

Ds: Caleb Jonah Cattermole (8)

Dd: Adrienne 'Addie' Sophie Cattermole (7)

Ds: Declan Robert Cattermole (4)

Ds: Thomas Collin Cattermole (2)


ExDh: Corbin 'Cory' Braxton Shade (36) - Father of Baxter


Rachel Catesby (& ex-husband Corbin Shade) Faramond Cattermole; with BaxterCalebAdrienne, Declan, & Thomas



The Catesby-Hawking Family


Dw: Maybanke 'May' Vida Catesby-Hawking (36) - Bisexual

Dw: Noella 'Ella' Earlene Catesby-Hawking (36)


Dd: Phoebe Patricia Catesby-Hawking (17)

Ds: Eric Ambrose Catesby-Hawking (16)

ADs: William 'Will' Edgar Catesby-Hawking (13) - Adopted domestically

ADs: Craig Dominic Catesby-Hawking (12) - Adopted from Ethiopia

ADd: Rosalie 'Rose' Abigail Catesby-Hawking (10) - Adopted domestically

Ds/Dd: Franklin 'Frankie' Wilmer Catesby-Hawking/Dorothea 'Dotty' Wildrose Catesby-Hawking (9)

Dd: Molly Agnes Catesby-Hawking (3)

Dd: Bianca Lynn Catesby-Hawking (0)


Maybanke Noella Catesby-Hawking; with PhoebeEricWilliamCraigRosalieFranklinDorothea, Molly, & Bianca



The Catesby/Wilkes Family


Dbf: Benjamin 'Ben' Sean Catesby (34)

Dgf: Marie-Grace 'Marie' Linnea Wilkes (33) - Long term


Dd/Ds: Ethel Scholastica Catesby/Ernest 'Ernie' Greger Catesby (13)

Dd: Monica 'Mona' Delilah Catesby (11)

Ds: Percival 'Percy' Tiberius Catesby (4)

Ds: Aleksander 'Alex' Wolfram Catesby (3)

Ds: David 'Davey' Henrik Catesby (0)


Benjamin Catesby & Marie-Grace Wilkes; with EthelErnestMonica, Percival, Aleksander, & David


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Posted 21 March 2018 - 11:56 PM

The Athanasiadis Family


DH: Christopher Leonidas Athanasiadis [70]

DW: Gabriella Sophia Athanasiadis (nee Bellamy) [69]


DD1: Cressida Galadriel Nguyen [41]

DD2: Jean Christine Kedves [40]

DD3: Austen Annalee Mårdh-Athanasiadis [39]

DD4/DS1: Morgane Cristina Satterfield & Byron Bellamy Athanasiadis [36]


Christopher and Gabriella Athanasiadis; with Cressida, Jean, Austen, Morgane & Byron




The Nguyen Family


DD1: Cressida Galadriel Nguyen (nee Athanasiadis) [41]

DH: Griffin Linh-Hao Nguyen [41] (formerly LT)

Ex-DBF: Xavier Mark Zemin [40] (formerly ST)


DD1: Jordan Hazel Nguyen [13]

DD2: Campbell Ridley Nguyen [4]

DD3: Imogen Felix Nguyen [0]


Cressida and Griffin Nguyen; with Jordan, Campbell & Imogen




The Kedves Family


DD2: Jean Christine Kedves (nee Athanasiadis) [40] (Bisexual)

DH: Dean Peter Kedves [42]


DS1: Cole Christopher Kedves [17]

DS2: Fredrick Henrik Kedves [15]

DS3/DS4: Adrian Crispin Kedves & Aaron Dean Kedves [3]

DS5: Schuyler Kane Kedves [0]


Jean and Dean Kedves; with Cole, Frederick, Adrian, Aaron & Schuyler




The Mårdh-Athanasiadis/Solyom Family


DD3: Austen Annalee Mårdh-Athanasiadis [39]

DH: Damon Jensen Mårdh [38]

Ex-Dfiance: Jimin Seo-Joon Solyom [39] (formerly LT) [Father of Victoria]


DD1: Victoria Agnes Athanasiadis-Solyom [15]

DSD1: Cora Severine Mårdh [8]

DD2: Blaine Keela Mårdh [5]

DD3: Maple Minerva Mårdh [0]


Austen Mårdh-Athanasiadis (and ex-fiance Jimin Solyom) and Damon Mårdh; with Victoria, Cora, Blaine & Maple




The Satterfield Family


DD4: Morgane Cristina Satterfield (nee Athanasiadis) [36]

DH: Tanner Jameson Satterfield [36] (formerly LT)


DS1/DS2: Fox Jameson Satterfield & Ellery Lucian Satterfield [12]

DS3: Grant Monroe Satterfield [11]

DD1: Lyra Vex'ahlia Satterfield [2]


Morgane and Tanner Satterfield; with Fox, Ellery, Grant & Lyra




The Athanasiadis Family


DS1: Byron Bellamy Athanasiadis [36]

DW: Brynn Hyacinth Athanasiadis (nee Leroy) [37] (formerly LT)


DS1/DS2: Warren Rowling Athanasiadis & Conrad Byron Athanasiadis [15]

DS3: Bellamy Gabriel Athanasiadis [10]

DS4: Ramsay Clarke Athanasiadis [3]

DD1: Vera Holly Athanasiadis [0]


Byron and Brynn Athanasiadis; with Warren, Conrad, Bellamy, Ramsay & Vera




Generations of the Athanasiadis Family:


Christopher and Gabriella Athanasiadis; with Cressida, Jean, Austen, Morgane & Byron


Cressida and Griffin Nguyen; with Jordan, Campbell & Imogen

Jean and Dean Kedves; with Cole, Frederick, Adrian, Aaron & Schuyler

Austen Mårdh-Athanasiadis (and ex-fiance Jimin Solyom) and Damon Mårdh; with Victoria, Cora, Blaine & Maple

Morgane and Tanner Satterfield; with Fox, Ellery, Grant & Lyra

Byron and Brynn Athanasiadis; with Warren, Conrad, Bellamy, Ramsay & Vera


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Posted 29 March 2018 - 12:22 PM

The Errington Family


DH: Matthew Gray Errington [70]

DW: Ellina Faustine Errington (nee Grivas) [70]


DS1: Bradley Benjamin Errington [41]

DD1: Julie Katherine Szőke [39]

DAD1: Claire Liliane Tarantino [37]

(Adopted from South Korea)

DS2: Garrett Thomas Errington-Perrini [36]


Matthew and Ellina Errington; with Bradley, Julie, Claire & Garrett




The Errington Family


DS1: Bradley Benjamin Errington [41]

DW: Talia Alexandria Errington (nee Wentworth) [41]


DD1: Velora Orabella Errington [17]

DS1: Lawson Collins Errington [4]

DAD1: Cecily Gal Errington [2]

(Adopted from Poland)


Bradley and Talia Errington; with Velora, Lawson & Cecily




The Szőke Family


DD1: Julie Katherine Szőke (nee Errington) [39]

DH: Lorian Cloud Szőke [40]


DS1: Roman Andersen Szőke [15]

DS2: Orion Hampton Szőke [13]

DD1: Elena Ermengard Szőke [12]

DS3: Carlyle Benjamin Szőke [10]

DS4: Dalton Camden Szőke [4]

DS5: Theon Princeton Szőke [1]

DS6/DD2: Bayard Leighton Szőke & Bennett Vera Szőke [0]


Julie and Lorian Szőke; with Roman, Orion, Elena, Carlyle, Dalton, Theon, Bayard & Bennett




The Tarantino Family


DAD1: Claire Liliane Tarantino (nee Errington) [37]

Ex-DH: Iseul Seong-Hyeon Tarantino [37] [Father of Judah, Justine & Boyd]


DAS1/DAD1: Judah Harrison Eliam Tarantino & Justine Faith Esme Tarantino [8]

(Adopted from South Korea)

DS1: Boyd Sawyer Everard Tarantino [5]


Claire Tarantino (and ex-husband Iseul Tarantino); with Judah, Justine & Boyd




The Errington-Perrini Family


DS2: Garrett Thomas Errington-Perrini [36] (Bisexual)

DH: Kevin Aaron Errington-Perrini [35] (formerly LT)


DAD1: Klaudia Magda Errington-Perrini [3]

(Adopted from USA)


Garrett and Kevin Errington-Perrini; with Klaudia




Generations of the Errington Family:


Matthew and Ellina Errington; with Bradley, Julie, Claire & Garrett


Bradley and Talia Errington; with Velora, Lawson & Cecily

Julie and Lorian Szőke; with Roman, Orion, Elena, Carlyle, Dalton, Theon, Bayard & Bennett

Claire Tarantino (and ex-husband Iseul Tarantino); with Judah, Justine & Boyd

Garrett and Kevin Errington-Perrini; with Klaudia



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Posted 08 April 2018 - 10:57 PM

DW: Rhiannon Iris Patterson Kirk (70)

DH: Evren Apollo Kirk (74)


DS/DS: Booker Amos Kirk/Kenan Ambrose Kirk (40)

DD: Magnolia Betony Kirk (39)

DS/DS: Levi Calix Kirk/Zedekiah "Zed" Carlos Kirk (38)

DD: Lore Delphinia Kirk (37)

DD: Valeria Everdeen Kirk (35)

DS: Nelson Forrest Kirk (34)

DaD: Zoe Georgia Kirk (27)

Booker Amos Kirk (40)
DF: Meadow Zhihao Hong (37)
DD: Nova Briar Michaela Merida Kirk (5)
DD/DS: Phoebe Magdalena Bronwen Page Kirk/Rory Damian Brent Marshall Kirk (1)
Kenan Ambrose Kirk (40)
DW: Fina Jael Schenck (38)
DD:  Ziva Ailene Schenckirk (17)
DS:  Joon Arjun Schenckirk (15)
DS: Ford Arlo Schenckirk (14)
DD/DD: Ever Adela Schenckirk/True Avery Schenckirk (13)
DD: Cora Avalon Schenckirk (9)
DS: Lyle Adden Schenckirk (5)
DD/DD: Zara Amabel Schenckirk/Adah America Schenckirk (4)
DS: Seth Aleksander Schenckirk (2)
DD: Lucy Ashlynn Schenckirk (1)

Magnolia Betony Kirk (39)

DW: Marina Violet Pajari (39) 


DS/DS: Mikelo Brook Pajari-Kirk/Mercer Crane Pajari-Kirk (17)

DD: Myrtle "Tansy" Tansy Pajari-Kirk (9)

DS: Maksen Jay Pajari-Kirk (8)

DD: Mercy Dawn Pajari-Kirk (4)

DD: Mallory Pike Pajari-Kirk (1)




Levi Calix Kirk (38)

GF: Lennon Jane Morley (40)


DS: Gregor Connelly "Con" Kirk (18) (Levi's son with another woman who is not involved.)  

DD: Irene Diamond Morley (14)

DD: Annabeth Eden Kirk (13)

DS: Marek Flynn Morley (10)

DS: Kai Magnus Garrison Kirk (8)

DD: Klaudia Harper Morley (2)

DD: Zola Ibsen Kirk (nb)




Zedekiah "Zed" Carlos Kirk (38) (bi)

DF: Linnea Min-Ji Mardh (40)


DS: Vincent Caspian "Cas" Kirk (18)

DD: Pandora "Pan" Delany Kirk (14)

DS: Leonidas "Leo" Emile Kirk (13)

DD: Honorata "Nor" Flora Kirk (11)

DD: Seraphina "Phi" George Kirk (5)

DD: Ceridwen "Wen" Holly Kirk (3)

DS: Percival "Val" Iskander Kirk (1)




Lore Delphinia Mulrennan-Kirk (37)

DH: Kaiden Finn Mulrennan-Kirk (37)


DS: Fabian Axel Mulrennan-Kirk (18)

DS: Ezra Barrett Mulrennan-Kirk (15)

DD/DS: Inga Constance Mulrennan-Kirk/Milo Cyrus Mulrennan-Kirk (10)

DS: Saul Dylan Mulrennan-Kirk (3)

DS/DS: Zane Everest Mulrennan-Kirk/Declan Enzo Mulrennan-Kirk (1)

DS: Liam Flint Mulrennan-Kirk (nb)




Valeria Everdeen Kirk (35) (bi)

DW: Katarina Monroe Plank (36)


DD: Lydia Margot Plank (18) Katarina's daughter

DD: Salem Esther Kirk (16) Valeria's daughter

DS/DD: Felix Montgomery Kirk/Hazel Eveleen Plank (1)




Nelson Forrest Kirk (34)

DW: Zelda Felicity Aphra Karsten Immanivong (30)


DS/DS:Taliesin Fjord Immanivong-Kirk/Tennyson Finley Immanivong-Kirk (4)




Zoe Georgia Kirk (27)

recently dating Romulus Axelrod Nighy (29)

ex-BF: Ira Lysander Peyton Vinh-Bourdain (28), deceased


DD: Ivy Cheyenne Kirk-Bourdain (3)

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Posted 14 April 2018 - 07:17 PM

The Royen Family


DH: Gabriel *Gabe* Matthew (62)

DW: Juliet Vida (nee Ripley) (62)


DS: Apollo Zane (39)

DS/DD: William Dean/Elizabeth Vida (36)

DD: Avielle Cierra (34)

DaD: Thalia Rae (30)


Royen/Ashworth Family

Apollo Zane (39)

DW: Clare Viktoria (nee Lysander) (38) Divorced

Keela Indy Dickson (35) (long-term)

Elizabeth Merryn Ashworth (37) (short-term)

DD: Alora Vivienne (15) (mom is Clare)

DS: Emmett Alexander (12) (mom is Clare)

DS: Zane Troy (4) (mom is Keela)



Royen Family

DH: William Dean (36)

Madeline Noelle Sterling (36) broke up

DW: Amalie Skye (nee Darrington) (34) divorced

Isabelle Sienna Cabrera (35) (short-term) broke up

DD/DS: Lyra Elise/Sebastian Clarke (4) (mom is Isabelle)

DS: Archer Romulus (3) (mom is Isabelle)



Moon Family

DW: Elizabeth Vida (36)

DH: Levi Porter (37)

DD: Aria Kathryn (16)

DS: Marek Pierce (11)

DS: Oliver Breccan (10)

DS: Jack Allen (8)

DD: Ellie Jaden (2)


Lee Family

DW: Avielle Cierra (34)

DH: Parker Finnick (34)

DD: Lauryn Elisabet (12)

DD/DD/DS: Monroe Izabela/Phoenix Star/Owen Layne (5)

DS/DD: Declan Romaric/Rayne Juliet (4)

DS/DD: Regulus Caleb/Kaydence Alexis (NB)


Wallis Family

DW: Thalia Rae (30)

DH: Ian Samuel (31)

DS: Finnian Bodhi (5)

DS: Joakim Noah (4)

DS: Ray Kalem (NB)

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The Green Family

DH: Jedediah Amaris Green (70)

DW: Britney Vida Green (nee Volvis) (66)


DS: Miles Lowen Green (39)
DS: Parker Matteus Green (38)
DS: Breccan Jersey Green (36

DD: Hadley Apollo Green (36)

DD: Caroline Elisabeth Green (35)


Jedidiah and Britney with Miles, Parker, Breccan, Hadley, and Caroline



Miles Lowen Green (39)

DH: Aiden Gregor Green (nee Golding) (40)


DAS: Keegan Amos Green (7)

DAD: Sadie Ezra Green (5)

DAD: Matilde Juno Green (3)

DAS: Lowen Abel Green (3)

DAD: Chesney Page Green (2)

DAS: Jaxon Liam Green (infant)


Miles and Aiden with Keegan, Sadie, Matilde, Lowen, Chesney, and Jaxon



Parker Matteus Green (38)

DW: Reilly Dominique Green (nee Carradice) (39)


DS: Lincoln Alexander Green (12)

DS: Everett Matthew Green (10)

DS: Paxton Wyatt Green (8)

DS: Decker William Green (7)

DD: Ottilie Lauren Green (7)

DD: Klaudia Zahra Green (6)

DD: Freya Marlo Green (4)


Parker and Reilly with Lincoln, Everett, Paxton, Decker, Ottilie, Klaudia, and Freya



Breccan Jersey Green (36)

DW: Audrey Mabel Green (nee Windsor) (36)


DD: Rooney Soren Green (15)

DD: Marley Brooklyn Green (12)

DS: Orion Bradley Green (10)

DS: Tucker Jonah Green (9)

DD: Madigan Josephine Green (8)

DS: Jameson Luke Green (7)


Breccan and Audrey with Rooney, Marley, Orion, Tucker, Madigan, and Jameson



Hadley Apollo Chen (nee Green) (36)

DH: Lewis Derrick Chen (37)


DS: Pierce Isaiah Chen (10)

DS: Holden Dean Chen (9)

DD: Aoibheann Isabelle Chen (8)

DS: Bailey Ivan Chen (6)

DD: Artemis Kennedy Chen (4)


Hadley and Lewis with Pierce, Holden, Aoibheann, Bailey, and Artemis



Caroline Elisabeth Morrison (nee Green) (35)

DH: Tawney Sophia Morrison (38)


DAD: Gemma Nicole Morrison (6)

DAS: Enzo Layne Morrison (5)

DAD: Poppy Maeve Morrison  (3)

DAD: Memphis Ardith Morrison (3)

DAS: Milo Benjamin Morrison (1)

DAS: Nolan Augustus Morrison (1)


Caroline and Tawney with Gemma, Enzo, Poppy, Memphis, Milo, and Nolan

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