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13 Children, Alphabetically CAF

CAF Alphabetical Big Family 13 kids Initials Game Dice Variations Play more than once Pattern

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#1 RainstreamofSpiritClan


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Posted 29 June 2017 - 07:53 AM


In this CAF, you will create a family with thirteen children, all named alphabetically.


Baby 1: Initials AB
Baby 2: Initials CD

all the way down to Baby 13: Initials YZ.

You can play more than once if you choose. (If you'd like you can make some variations after the first round, such as doing it backwards ZY to BA, or pairing letters with their reciprocal, AZ, BY, etc (or go ZA, YB). Or make up your own! The only requirement is that you stick to 13 kids, there be some sort of alphabetical pattern (not just letters placed randomly), and you use each letter exactly once. I'd like if you do it the normal way the first time though.

LN: Last name of the last person you texted (if you don't text, use the last person you talked to.)

DH: First - From the last book you read or the book you are currently reading, Middle - From the last movie you watched.

DW: First - From the last tv show you watched, Middle - The name of a childhood (or current) toy.

Roll any die for gender. (Odd-male, even-female)
For age: Set the first column in the last row to 25.

25 = newborn
All other numbers equal themselves.


#2 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 29 June 2017 - 12:48 PM

LN: Frost 

DH: Irwin Paja 

DW: Jenna Haley


DD: Aria Briar (21)

DD: Charlize Danica (17)

DD: Ever Freya (16)

DS: Gatsby Henry (15)

DD: Indigo Juniper (12)

DS: Kai Leonidas (10)

DS: Motley Noble (8)

DD: Octavia Penelope (8)

DS: Quest Riley (8)

DD: Sonnet Tallulah (5)

DD: Una Vivienne (2)

DD: Wilhelmina Xanthe (2)

DD: Ysabel Zinnia (NB)


Irwin and Jenny with children, 

Aria, Charlie, Evie, G, Indie, Kai, Motley, Tae, Quest, Sonny, Una, Willa, and Yssie. 

#3 brimariiee


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Posted 29 June 2017 - 02:28 PM

LN: Daher

DH: Adrian Maui Daher
DW: Lucy Barbie Daher

DD: Arizona Brielle Daher [24]
DS: Camden Davis Daher [22]

DS: Elias 'Eli' Franklin Daher [18]
DS: Gideon Howard Daher [15]

DD: Ireland Jade Daher [13]
DD: Keeley Louise Daher [11]
DS: Milo Nathaniel Daher [10]
DD: Olivia 'Liv' Paige Daher [9]
DD: Quintessa Renee Daher [5]
DS: Sawyer Tate Daher [4]
DD: Uma Victoria Daher [2]
DD/DD: Whitney Xandra Daher and Yvonne Zita Daher [nb]

I got the ages in a different order than I placed them but, matched them up to keep the names in order.

#4 RainstreamofSpiritClan


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Posted 29 June 2017 - 06:53 PM

LN: Harding


DH: Jacob Hunter Harding (45)

DW: Felicity Sarah Hunter (42)


DD: Anastasia Bethan Harding (24)

DS: Caspian Darius Harding (21)

DD: Ever Freya Harding (18)

DD/DS: Guinevere Hadassah Harding and Ian James Harding (12)

DS/DS: Kieran Levi Harding and Micah Nicholas Harding (11)

DS/DD: Oliver Percival Harding and Quinna Rain Harding (8)

DS: Seth Tyler Harding (5) 

DD: Ulyana Victoria Harding (2)

DD/DS: Willow Xanthe Harding and Yacob Zachariah Harding (1)

#5 Cascadia


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Posted 29 June 2017 - 08:13 PM

LN: Bennett


DH: Nicholas Robin (41)
DW: June Elizabeth (38)


DS: Andrew Beau (n.b.) "Drew"
DD: Camilla Diane (3) "Cammy"
DS: Ezra Francis (5)
DS: Gabriel Heath (6) "Gabe"
DS/DS: Isaac Joseph/Kai Lucas (7)
DD: Maya Noelle (9)
DS: Oliver Paul (10)
DS/DD: Quentin Robert/Sophie Theresa (12)
DS: Uriah Vincent (14) "Ria"
DS: Warren Xavier (17)
DD: Ysabel Zara (18) "Belle"


 Nicholas and June Bennett with Drew, Cammy, Ezra, Gabe, Isaac, Kai, Maya, Oliver, Quentin, Sophie, Ria, Warren and Belle.

#6 keladry12


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Posted 29 June 2017 - 11:20 PM

The Miner Family


DH: Owen Gadot Miner

DW: Fiona Kiersten Rich-Green


DD: Alice Betony Miner (24)

DS: Cable Dominic Miner (23)

DD: Eden Felicity Miner (20)

DS/DS: Galen Hart Miner/Isaac Jude Miner (16)

DS: Kane Luca Miner (13)

DS: Maxwell Nolan Miner (8)

DD: Orla Phoebe Miner (7)

DD/DS/DS: Quintessa Roselle Miner/Seth Tiernan Miner/Ulric Valiant Miner (4)

DD: Willa Xoe Miner (3)

DS: Yannick Zane Miner (nb)

#7 keladry12


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Posted 30 June 2017 - 10:28 AM

The Alexander Family


DS: Harris Patrick Alexander

DW: Madeline Kinsey Smith


DD: Aster Zora Alexander (22)

DD: Bryony Yasu Alexander (20)

DS: Cyan Ximo Alexander (19)

DD: Daisy Wren Alexander (12)

DD/DS: Elana Vivi Alexander/Forest Ulli Alexander (7)

DS/DS: Garrison Till Alexander/Harper Saul Alexander(6)

DD: Iris Ruth Alexander (4)

DS: Jasper Quay Alexander (2)

DS: Kale Pier Alexander (1)

DS/DD: Lock Otis Alexander/Magnolia Ness Alexander (nb)

#8 glitchinggecko


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Posted 01 July 2017 - 06:00 PM

Anthony 'Tony' Flint Whatley [40]
Isabelle 'Izzy' Polly Whatley [38]

Cassandra 'Cassie' Deanna Whatley [20]
Matthew 'Matt' Nicholas Whatley [20]
Angelica 'Angie' Beatrice Whatley [19]
Yasmine 'Yas' Zara Whatley [18]
Katherine 'Kate' Lucia Whatley [13]
Olivia 'Liv' Paige Whatley [11]
Sebastian 'Seb' Tobias Whatley [10]
Ulric 'Ric' Vincent Whatley [10]
Eleanor 'Ellie' Faye Whatley [8]
Willow 'Will' Xiomara Whatley [4]
Isaac 'Zack' James Whatley [3]
Gregory 'Greg' Harrison Whatley [1]
Quillan 'Quil' Robert Whatley [1]


Literally just swapped the genders for everything for this one...


Jason 'Jase' Raphael Austin [46]
Natasha 'Nat' Samantha Austin [41]

Leonardo 'Leo' Kyle Austin [20]
Thalia 'Tally' Stephanie Austin [20]
Benjamin 'Ben' Archer Austin [18]
Dexter 'Dex' Charles Austin [18]
Zachary 'Zach' York Austin [15]
Victoria 'Vic' Uma Austin [14]
Philip 'Phil' Owen Austin [13]
Frederick 'Freddie' Evan Austin [11]
Jessica 'Jess' Ivy Austin [10]
Rosalie 'Rosie' Quiana Austin [10]
Nicola 'Nicki' Margaret Austin [3]
Xander 'Xan' Weston Austin [3]
Holly 'Hol' Georgia Austin [1]

#9 Kristi18


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Posted 18 July 2017 - 09:30 PM

LN: Becker

DH: Zachary Steven
DW: Amy Rebecca


DS: Abel Zachariah (24)

DD: Brooklyn Yvonne (24)

DS: Christian Xander (22)

DS: Dillon Wyatt (19)

DD: Emma Vivienne (18)

DS: Ford Ulysses (16)

DS: Gage Thomas (16)

DD: Hattie Scarlet (12)

DD: Isla Rose (10)

DS: Jase Quinton (8)

DD: Khloe Paige (8)

DD: Laurel Olivia (5)

DD: Mia Nicole (4)


Zach and Amy Becker

Abel, Brooklyn, Christian, Dillon, Emma, Ford, Gage

Hattie, Isla, Jase, Khloe, Laurel and Mia

#10 Marvelous_Things


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Posted 19 July 2017 - 10:56 AM

The Donald Family

DH: Cormoran Daniel 
DW: Brienne Samantha 


DS: Zane Alexander [24]

DD: Yelena Brooke "Lena" [22]

DD: Xenia Catherine [20]

DS/DS: William Dominic "Liam" / Vincent Edward [19]

DS: Ulrich Fletcher[17]

DS: Thomas Gavin [13]

DD: Serena Helen [12]

DS: Roland Isaac [11]

DD: Quinn Juliet [8]

DD/DS: Penelope Kassandra "Penny" / Orlando Lucas [6]

DD: Natalie Maeve [5]


Cormoran and Brienne Donald

Zane, Lena, Xenia, Liam, Vincent, Ulrich, Thomas, Serena, Roland, Quinn, Penny, Orlando, and Natalie

#11 RainstreamofSpiritClan


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Posted 22 July 2017 - 02:36 AM

LN: Shore


DH: Jo Patrick Shore (48)
DW: Mary Kay Hope Shore (45)


DD: Zoe Ygraine Shore (24)

DD: Xenia Wren Shore (23)

DS/DD: Victor Uriah Shore  and Thalia Serena Shore (21)

DS: Riley Quinn Shore (18)

DD: Persephone Olivia Shore (16)

DS: Nicholas Mark Shore (15)

DD: Linnea Kaitlyn Shore  (9)

DS: Jacob Ian Shore (8)

DD: Hermione Grace Shore  (7)

DS: Felix Evan Shore (5)

DS/DD: Damien Curtis Shore and Bethan Alexandria Shore (1)



#12 hamilfanlinrules


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Posted 06 August 2017 - 02:56 PM

LN: Moore

DH: Harvey Benjamin

DW: Meredith Nellie


DS: Asa Bernard (22)

DS: Colton Daniel (22)

DD: Ellyssa Finley (19)

DD: Giavanna Haylee (17)

DS: Izaac Jaedan (15)

DD: Kinley Laeticia (13)

DS: Matteo Noah (11)

DD: Ocean Priya (9)

DD: Queenie Raylene (6)

DD: Serafina Tatum (6)

DS: Uriah Vincent (4)

DS: Walker Xavi (2)

DD: Yael Zaylee (NB)


#13 hidari11


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Posted 07 August 2017 - 04:40 AM

LN: Nowak

DH: Simon Bruce

DW: Phoebe Susan


DD: Amanda Bailey

DS: Christopher David

DD: Elizabeth Felicity

DS: Gregory Harry

DS: Isaac Jameson

DS: Karl Liam

DS: Michael Nathan

DS: Oliver Peter

DD: Quinn Roxanne

DD: Scarlett Tabitha

DD: Ursula Victoria

DD: Whitney Xenya

DS: Yan Zachary

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