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Name Their Babies

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Posted 17 November 2017 - 03:11 PM

I'm going to give the names of a couple. I'll give some preferences that the couple have and you'll decide based on such! Preferences will include things like how many children each partner would like and naming ideals.  


The Briggs Family

Matthew Cameron and Noelle Elizabeth (maiden name Baxter) 

- Matt and Noelle would both prefer to have two or three children. 

- Matt has his heart set on naming a daughter Eden, after a favorite game of his. 

- Noelle would love to honor a family member in her childrens names, whether it be her mother

Constance Michelle, her father Zaire Trevin, her sister Lily Skye, or her brother Jacob Ignatius. 

- Matt tends to lean towards names that link to video games he enjoys. 



The Hodges Family

Mason Allen and Zoe Claire (maiden name Huffman) 

- Mason loves the idea of a large family. 

- Zoe leans more towards a smaller family but may compromise, depending on whether

she conceives twins (which run in her family)

- Mason would like to honor him and Zoe through their childrens names but Zoe insists

their first names be non honoring. 

- Zoe tends to like names that have a lot of vowels.



The Gates-Proctor Family 

Ethan Jay and Dylan Alexander 

- Ethan and Dylan will be using a surrigote, which is pricey, therefor want few children. 

- They prefer names that translate well into another language (your choice). 

- They both are very into (your choice on the type of) movies and wouldn't mind names inspired by them. 

- They definitely want to avoid names that are already used in their immediate families, including: their mothers

Lisa Marie and Hannah Joyce; their fathers Adrian John and Daniel Martin; their sisters Jenny Cate, Kelsie Faith,

and Natalie Marina; and a brother Bretton Felix. 


The Kerr Family 

Rory Aiden and Gemma Charlotte (maiden name Murphy)

- Rory and Gemma will "go with the flow" on how many children feel right. (so any number you chose) 

- Gemma would love to use her maiden name in one of their childrens names. Rory doesn't love it but

*might* give in. 

- Rory would love to honor his Irish heritage while Gemma would love an English name. They are both

fairly opened to compromise here. 

- It's very important to them that the names they chose sound good with their surname, Kerr. (Tricky!) 



The Ritter Family

Emerson Reese and Brooklyn Anne (maiden name Harrington) 

- Emerson and Brooklyn are opened to however many kids feels right in the moment. 

- They both are a fan of unisex names. 

- Brooklyn prefers names with no nicknames while Emerson sort of prefers them. They

are having difficulty with this compromise. 



The Dodson Family 

Cooper Samuel and Juliet Aida (maiden name Grey)

- Cooper and Jet would love a medium sized family.  

- Jet loves names with unexpected/ unconventional nicknames. 

- While they don't have to be unusual, the names do need to have a potential nickname. 



The Nichols Family 

Ava Louise and Catherine Martha (maiden name Hawkins) 

- Ava and Cate would love to have a lot of children. 

- They like the idea of multiple middle names but it isn't required. 

- They like the idea of a theme, whether it be subtle or obvious. 




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Posted 17 November 2017 - 05:24 PM

The Briggs Family

dh: Matthew Cameron

dw: Noelle Elizabeth (Baxter)

dd/dd: Lara Michelle & Skye Eden

ds: Jacob Nathan

Matty and Noelle Briggs with Lara, Skye, and Jake.


The Hodges Family

dh: Mason Allen

dw: Zoe Claire (Huffman)

ds: Elijah Mason

dd: Arizona Clare

Mason and Zoe Hodges with Eli and Arizona.


The Gates-Proctor Family

dh: Ethan Jay

dh: Dylan Alexander

dd: Sonja Holly

Ethan and Dylan Gates-Proctor with Sonja.


The Kerr Family

dh: Rory Aiden

dw: Gemme Charlotte (Murphy)

ds: Lachlan Murphy

ds: Killian Seamus

dd: Sorcha Fallon

Rory and Gemma Kerr with Lachlan, Killian, and Sorcha.


The Ritter Family 

dh: Emerson Reese

dw: Brooklyn Anne (Harrington)

ds: Sawyer August

dd: Avery Sasha

ds/ds: Parker Lincoln / Carter Finley

Emerson and Brook Ritter with Soi, Avery, Park, and Carter.



The Dodson Family

dh: Cooper Samuel

dw: Juliet Aida (Grey)

dd: Imperia Jubilee

dd: Desdemona Sharon

ds: Rochester Abram

Cooper and Juliet Dodson with Perie, Mona, and Rocky.



The Nichols Family

dw: Ava Louise

dw: Catherine Martha (Hawkins)

ds: Keaton Justice Benno

dd: Heather Afternoon Jennica

ds/ds: Weston Timber Hendrix / Easton Wilder Micah

dd: Celeste Pixie Sarita

Ava and Cat Nichols with Keaton, Heather, Weston, Easton, and Celeste.

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Posted 17 November 2017 - 08:24 PM

This is a really fun idea!


The Briggs Family


DH: Matthew Cameron Briggs

DW: Noelle Elizabeth [Baxter] Briggs


DD: Eden Constance Briggs

DD: Lara Skye Briggs


Matthew & Noelle Briggs with Eden & Lara



The Hodges Family


DH: Mason Allen Hodges

DW: Zoe Claire [Huffman] Hodges


DS: Elias Mason "Eli" Hodges

DD: Odessa Claire "Essie" Hodges

DS/DS: Isaac Allen Hodges & Adrian Zachary Hodges 


Mason & Zoe Hodges with Eli, Essie, Isaac, & Adrian



The Gates-Proctor Family


DH: Ethan Jay Gates-Proctor

DH: Dylan Alexander Gates-Proctor


DS: Sebastian Xavier Gates-Proctor


Ethan & Dylan Gates-Proctor with Sebastian



The Kerr Family


DH: Rory Aiden Kerr

DW: Gemma Charlotte [Murphy] Kerr


DS: Noah Gabriel Kerr 

DS: Colin Andrew Kerr

DS: Hayden Murphy Kerr


Rory & Gemma Kerr with Noah, Colin, and Hayden



The Ritter Family


DH: Emerson Reese Ritter

DW: Brooklyn Anne [Harrington] Ritter


DS: Bailey Anderson Ritter

DD: Jamie Robin Ritter


Emerson & Brooklyn Ritter with Bailey & Jamie



The Dodson Family


DH: Cooper Samuel Dodson

DW: Juliet Aida [Grey] "Jet" Dodson


DD: Katherine Leigh "Kit" Dodson

DS: Jonathan Carter "Jace" Dodson

DD: Charlotte Eve "Lottie" Dodson


Cooper & Juliet Dodson with Kit, Jace, & Lottie



The Nichols Family


DW: Ava Louise Nichols

DW: Catherine Martha [Hawkins] "Cate" Nichols


DS: Bennett Arthur Nichols

D: Dorian Alexander Nichols

D: Emilia Violet Nichols

D: Faye Penelope Nichols

D: Graham Thomas Nichols


Ava & Cate Nicholas with Bennett, Dorian, Emilia, Faye, and Graham

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