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Posted 27 December 2017 - 10:28 AM

Matriarchy/First born


The Harkness Legacy


The First Generation


DW: Tess Matilda

DH: Keaton 'Keats' Lowell (nee Jones)


DS: Axel Winston

DD: India Lisbeth

DS: Otto Cyrus


Tess and Keats Harkness with Axel, India and Otto.


The Second Generation


DW: India Lisbeth

DH: Hector Vaughn (nee Duke)


DD: Althea 'Thea' Mirabelle

DD: Esmeralda 'Esme' Fleur

DS: Castiel 'Caz' Duke

DD: Ramona 'Romy' Astrid


​India and Hector Harkness with Thea, Esme, Caz and Romy.


The Third Generation


DW: Althea 'Thea' Mirabelle

DW: Crystal Sabina (nee Evans)


DD: Robin Camry


Thea and Crystal Harkness with Robin.


The Fourth Generation


DW: Robin Camry

DH: Jivan 'Van' Amir (nee Patel)


DS: Tariq Apollo

DS: Rahul Marco

DD: Danika 'Dani' Blue


Robin and Van Harkness with Tariq, Rahul and Dani.


The Fifth Generation


DW: Danika 'Dani' Blue


DS/DD: Lennox Killian/ Leila Katherine


Dani Harkness with Lennox and Leila.


The Sixth Generation


DW: Leila Katherine

DH: Rhodri Lawson (nee Cooper)


DD: Asha Jonquil 

DS: Owen David

DS: Rhys Arthur

DD: Jaya Carys

DD: Mira Primrose


Leila and Rhodri Harkness with Asha, Owen, Rhys, Jaya and Mira.


The Seventh Generation


DW: Asha Jonquil

DH: Jasper 'Jaz' Rhett (nee Myles)


DD: Henrietta 'Etta' Florence

DS: Edmund 'Teddy' Paris


Asha and Jaz Harkness with Etta and Teddy.


The Eighth Generation


DW: Henrietta 'Etta' Florence

DH: Nico Teague (nee Scott)


DD: Ursula 'Lulu' Sage

DD: Minerva 'Minna' Rose

DD: Celestia 'Elle' Willow

DS: Orlando 'Orlo' Ash


Etta and Nico Harkness with Lulu, Minna, Elle and Orlo.


The Ninth Generation


DW: Ursula 'Lulu' Sage

DH: Klaus Edison (nee Davies)


DD: Elodie Roxanne

DD: Sylvie Marianne


Lulu and Klaus Harkness with Elodie and Sylvie.


The Tenth Generation


DW: Elodie Roxanne

DW: Verity Madonna (nee Lewis)


DS: Drake Montgomery

DS/DS: Silas Harrison/ Hugh Sawyer

DD: Oona Katherine Spencer

DD: Mara Isabelle Taylor


Elodie and Verity Harkness with Drake, Silas, Hugh, Oona and Mara.

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Posted 03 January 2018 - 03:18 PM

Rules: Patriarchy & First Born


Generation I


Calvin Whitfield Hugh & Olivia Josephine Anne


Calvin Whitfield Hugh II

Felix Mitchell Clive

Simon Prescott Grant

Eugene Harrison Earl

Rufus Jameson Wade

Leon Lawrence Clark, Josephine Nora Maeve & Annelise Lillian Jane



Generation II


Calvin Whitfield Hugh II & Matilda Eloise


Matilda Eloise Jane

Calvin Whitfield Hugh III

Edgar Hamilton John

Benedict Franklin Grant

Celia Olive June & Violet Anna Jo



Generation III


Calvin Whitfield Hugh III & Helena Margaret Faye


Calvin Whitfield Hugh IV

Henry Martin Oliver



Generation IV


Calvin Whitfield Hugh IV & Cora Genevieve Elle


Cora Genevieve Elle & Calvin Whitfield Hugh V

Catherine Zelda Harriett

Cecilia Audrey Mae

Clive Edwin Leopold

Cedric Jameson Abner

Charlotte Georgina Isabelle



Generation V


Calvin Whitfield Hugh V & Penelope Jane Diana


Calvin Whitfield Hugh VI

Edwin Henry Mitchell

Penelope Cora Maeve

Jane Annelise Matilda

Simon Eugene Oliver

Diana Margaret Mae



Generation VI


Calvin Whitfield Hugh VI & Felicity Corinne Vera


Felicie Cora Violet

Calvin Whitfield Hugh VII



Generation VII


Calvin Whitfield Hugh VII & Annelise Opal Maeve


Calvin Whitfield Hugh VIII

Asher Otis Maximillian



Generation VIII


Calvin Whitfield Hugh VIII & Rosamund Blythe


Lillian Rosamund, Abigail Blythe, & Calvin Whitfield Hugh IX

Ivy Gwendolyn

Leo Willoughby

Daisy Josephine

Ada Estelle

Isaac Wilberforce & Samuel Wesley



Generation IX


Calvin Whitfield Hugh IX & Rhea Dorothy Anne


Rhea Dorothy Anne

Miriam Audrey Clara

Calvin Whitfield Hugh X

Henrietta Ivy Eleanor

Anastasia Frances Jane



Generation X


Calvin Whitfield Hugh X & Marianne Violet Jane


Mabel Nora June & Clementine Eloise Maeve 

Ophelia Isabel Grace  & Edith Georgia Lou

Arabella Felicie Jane

Calvin Whitfield Hugh XI

Sebastian Porter Luke

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