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Family Tree CAF #4 - 7/10

Family Tree CAF #4 - 7/10 Family Tree CAF #4 Family Tree CAF 7/10 Mine Round 7

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Posted 01 March 2018 - 05:11 PM

The Nelson Family


DH: Niels Jack Nelson (74)

DW: Tamsin Aurelia Nelson (nee Woods) (71)


DS: Maximilian Stefano "Max" Nelson (49)

DD: Evelyn Theodora "Evie" Nelson (48)

DD: Octavia Beatrix "Via" Nelson (47)

DD: Adelina Hermione "Addie" Nelson (45)

DD/DS: Felicity Minerva "Lissie" Nelson / Malachi Olivier "Kai" Nelson  (44)

DS: Lennox Brody "Nox" Nelson (39) (adopted from Scotland)


Niels and Tamsin Nelson

Max, Evie, Via, Addie, Lissie, Kai, and Nox




The Nelson Family


DH: Maximilian Stefano "Max" Nelson (49)

DW: Serena Annabeth Nelson (nee Remington) (49)


DD: Danica Mariah "Dani" Nelson (26)

DD: Rebecca Gwen "Becca" Nelson (22)

DD: Anastasia Rose "Anya" Nelson (19)

DS: Kendrick Adam Nelson (16)

DS: Vincent Dante Nelson (13)

DS: Desmond Milo Nelson (12)

DS: Reuben Link Nelson (10)


Max and Serena Nelson

Dani, Becca, Anya, Kendrick, Vincent, Desmond, and Reuben




The Nelson-Jepsen Family


DW: Danica Mariah "Dani" Nelson-Jepsen (26)

DW: Claudine Briar Nelson-Jepsen (27)


DAS: Taniel Corbin Nelson-Jepson (6) (adopted from Armenia)

DAD: Raquel Luna Nelson-Jepson (2) (adopted from Haiti)


Dani and Claudine Nelson-Jepsen

Taniel and Raquel




The Nelson-O'Shaughnessy Family


DGF: Rebecca Gwen "Becca" Nelson (22)

DBF: Declan Everett O'Shaughnessy (23) (long-term)


DD: Helena Tamsin O'Shaughnessy (3)


Becca Nelson and Declan O'Shaughnessy





The Nelson Family


DD: Anastasia Rose "Anya" Nelson (19) (single)


Anya Nelson




The Crowsteel Family


DW: Evelyn Theodora "Evie" Crowsteel (nee Nelson) (48)

DH: Dominic James Crowsteel (50)


DD/DD: Amelia Sheridan "Mia" Crowsteel / Aurora Tiernan "Rory" Crowsteel (24)

DD: Eisley Julianna Crowsteel (16)

DD: Magda Rowan Crowsteel (14)

DS/DS: Cassius Jett Crowsteel / Atticus Seth Crowsteel (12)


Evie and Dominic Crowsteel

Mia, Rory, Eisley, Magda, Cassius, and Atticus




The Harrington Family


DW: Amelia Sheridan "Mia" Harrington (nee Crowsteel) (24)

DH Alexander James "Alex" Harrington (24)


DD: Violetta Josephine "Lettie" Harrington (5)

DD: Gabriella Hermione "Bree" Harrington (2)


Mia  and Alex Harrington

Lettie and Bree




The Compton Family


DW: Aurora Tiernan "Rory" Compton (nee Crowsteel) (24)

DH: Cedric Llewellyn Compton (27)


DS/DS: Dylan Asher Compton / Ian Dashiell Compton (6)

DS: Gavin Fletcher Compton (4)

DD: Freya Jessamine Compton (2)

DS: Callum Noah Compton (1)


Rory and Cedric Compton

Dylan, Ian, Gavin, Freya, and Callum




The Nelson Family


DW: Octavia Beatrix "Via" Nelson (47)

exDH: Atticus William Bennett (father of Tristan, Patrick, Sterling, and Erik) 


DS: Tristan Oliver Bennett (23)

DS: Patrick Callum Bennett (21)

DS: Sterling Malcolm Bennett (19)

DS: Erik Graham Bennett (17)


Via Nelson 

Tristan, Patrick, Sterling, and Erik




The Bennett Family


DH: Tristan Oliver Bennett (23)

DW: Zelda Saskia Bennett (nee Clayton) (24)


DS: Calder William Bennett (5)

DS: Crispin Jakob Bennett (1) 


Tristan and Zelda Bennett

Calder and Crispin




The Bennett-Earhart Family


DBF: Patrick Callum Bennett (21)

DGF: Annalise Jordan Earhart (19) (long-term)


Patrick Bennett and Annalise Earhart




The Bennett-Sheffield Family


DBF: Sterling Malcolm Bennett (19)

DBF: Philip Benedict Sheffield (19) (long-term)


Sterling Bennett and Philip Sheffield 




The Holden Family


DW: Adelina Hermione "Addie" Holden (nee Nelson) (45)

DH: Lorcan Jasper Holden (46) 


DD: Margaret Yvaine "Maisie" Holden (20)

DD: Milena Caroline "Lena" Holden (19)

DS: Micah Frederick Holden (18)

DS: Marius Donovan Holden (17)

DD: Maeve Cecilia Holden (14)

DD: Marlowe Genevieve Holden (12)

DS/DS: Matteo Ethan Holden / Miles Tanner Holden (11)


Addie and Lorcan Holden

Maisie, Lena, Micah, Marius, Maeve, Marlowe, Matteo, and Miles




The Holden-Evans Family


DGF: Margaret Yvaine "Maisie" Holden (20) (bisexual)

DBF: Griffin Markus Evans (21) (long-term)


Maisie Holden and Griffin Evans




The Holden-Montgomery Family


DGF: Milena Caroline "Lena" Holden (19)

DBF: Hawthorne Emmanuel "Thorne" Montgomery (19) (short-term)


Lena Holden and Thorne Montgomery




The Holden-Mason Family


DBF: Micah Frederick Holden (18) (bisexual)

DGF: Hilary Emilia Mason (19) (long-term)


Micah Holden and Hilary Mason




The Birch Family


DW: Felicity Minerva "Lissie" Birch (nee Nelson) (44)

DH: Calder Ronan Birch (44) 


DD: Julia Rosemary "Lia" Birch (26)

DS: Gideon Baxter Birch (24)

DD: Lydia Alouette Birch (14)


Lissie and Calder Birch

Lia, Gideon, and Lydia




The Elliot Family


DW: Julia Rosemary "Lia" Elliot (nee Birch) (26)

DH: Tristan Milo Elliot (28)

exBF: Dominic Parker "Nic" Ashford 


DS: Finn Wilder Elliot (2)

DS: Stefan Peter Elliot (1)


Lia and Tristan Elliot

Finn and Stefan




The Birch-Sensabaugh Family


DBF: Gideon Baxter Birch (24)

DBF: Gabin Asher Sensabaugh (24) (long-term)


DAD: Frederica Elisabeth "Rica" Birch-Sensabaugh (3) (adopted from Germany)

DAS: Conan Dempsey Birch-Sensabaugh (2) (adopted from Ireland)

DAD: Delphina Avril "Della" Birch-Sensabaugh(nb) (adopted from France)


Gideon Birch and Gabin Sensabaugh

Rica, Conan, and Della




The Nelson Family


DH: Malachi Olivier "Kai" Nelson  (44)

DW: Violet Ariadne Nelson (nee Hendrix) (44)


DS: Flynn Johano Nelson (25) 

DD: Camelia Ivy Nelson (18)

DD: Cressida Maris Nelson (10)


Kai and Violet Nelson

Flynn, Camelia, and Cressida



The Nelson-Stordalen Family


DBF: Flynn Johano Nelson (25) (bisexual)

DBF: Leonidas Azariah "Leo" Stordalen (27) (long-term)


DAS: Silas Anton Nelson-Stordalen (1) (adopted from China)


Flynn Nelson and Leo Stordalen





The Nelson-Stefaniak Family


DGF: Camelia Ivy Nelson (18)

DBF: Paxton Job Stefaniak (19) (long-term)


Camelia Nelson and Paxton Stefaniak 




The Nelson Family


DH: Lennox Brody "Nox" Nelson (39)

DW: Lily Abigail Nelson (nee Saxon) (40)


DD: Elodie Delphine Nelson (21)

DS/DS: Ian Matthias Nelson / Everett Tiberius Nelson (18)

DD: Flora Anneliese Nelson (15)

DD: Mathilde Sabrina Nelson (13)

DD/DD: Coraline Fiona Nelson / Sylvie Elinor Nelson (12)


Nox and Lily Nelson

Elodie, Ian, Everett, Flora, Mathilde, Coraline, and Sylvie




The Nelson-Beecham Family


DGF: Elodie Delphine Nelson (21)

DBF: Jericho Oliver Beecham (23) (long-term)


Elodie Nelson and Jericho Beecham




The Nelson-Penning Family


DBF: Ian Matthias Nelson (18) (bisexual)

DGF: Madeleine Sophia "Maddie" Penning (18) (long-term)


Ian Nelson and Maddie Penning




The Nelson-Emerson Family


DBF: Everett Tiberius Nelson (18)

DGF: Cressida Rosalie Emerson (19) (long-term)


Everett Nelson and Cressida Emerson 

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