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Story CAF 8/8

Story CAF Round 8 Final Round

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Posted 01 December 2015 - 07:14 AM

Part 1 ~ Part 2~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7


Story CAF Part 8/8


It's been a long 28 years since you brought home your youngest children. You've had a full an amazing life and are honestly still up and running your day to day life now, [LI] has been retired for the past five years and working full time with you at both your restaurants, and you both honestly couldn't be happier, you've got oodles of grandchildren and your kids are all happily settled down and living fantastic lives -


Preform All the Tasks Below for Each Child and give them a mini story/paragraph with details of their life.



Please list your full family tree - also, make sure to include some furry family members of your choice!




Roll the dice for each child to get their personality.
1 or 12: Affectionate and Stubborn
2 or 11: Introverted and Dependable
3 or 10: Bossy and Sociable
4 or 9: Artistic and Impulsive
5 or 8: Anxious and Hardworking
6 or 7: Boring and Sympathetic

Roll the dice for each child to get their favorite childhood toy.
1: Blocks/Legos
2: Barbie/Action figure
3: Kitchen
4: Crayons/Markers/Paint
5: Doll House/Cars
6: Toy Instrument (which? guitar, drums, recorder, etc?)
7: Ball (what kind? bouncy, basket, soccer, etc?)
8: Stuffed animal (of what? dog, cat, bear, etc?)
9: Puzzle
10: Play-Doh
11: Board Game (which?)
12: Your choice.

Roll the dice for each child to get their favorite teenage interest.
1: Running
2: Tennis
3: Film
4: Football/Cheerleading
5: Computer Games
6: Basketball
7: Soccer
8: Photography
9: Bike Riding
10: Dance/Singing/Acting
11: Baseball/Softball
12: Your choice.

Roll the dice for each child to get their major in college/future career.
1: Majors in Nursing/Pre-med. Works as a(n) pediatric nurse/ER nurse/rehabilitation nurse/surgeon/doctor
2: Majors in Psychology. Works as a social worker/school psychologist/therapist.
3: Majors in English. Works as a(n) librarian/journalist/editor.
4: Majors in Criminal Justice. Works as a detective/police officer/body guard.
5: Majors in Education. Works as a college professor/tour guide/grade school teacher.
6: Doesn't go to college/drops out. Works as a singer/in the retail industry/in the military.
7: Majors in Communications. Works as a(n) reporter/public relations manager/actor.
8: Majors in Engineering. Works as a(n) civil engineer/architect/research scientist.
9: Majors in Political Science. Works as a lawyer/politician/FBI Agent.
10: Majors in Business. Works as a(n) accountant/financial planner/insurance agent.
11: Majors in Computer Science. Works as a computer programmer/software engineer/web developer.
12: Your choice.


**Roll for Sexuality on Children*



1. Bisexual

2. Straight

3. Straight

4. Homosexual

5. Straight

6. Homosexual

7. Straight

8. Bisexual

9. Straight

10. Your Choice


--if they are bisexual, roll for gender of current partner = odd-male even-female--



For each child roll the dice for their family life:
1, 2, 3, 6: Married
4: currently single

5: Engaged/Long Term Committed Relationship


(Give us some details on their Love Interest/Significant Other, their job, how they met what they look like, etc.)


Spouses/Partners Names: First & Middle Surname/Maiden-names

Roll again. If they aren't married you don't have to do this part, but you can if you want, they could be divorced and have children from that or a prior relationship, have a child of a one night stand, have single parent adopted, etc, up to you.

1, 4, 9, 11, 12: They have an even number of kids. You choose how many.
2, 6, 8, 10: They have an odd number of kids. You choose how many.
3, 5, 7: They have one set of large scale multiples, Triplets-


Roll for Each Grandchild's Gender:

1, 2, 3: Boy

4, 5, 6: Girl


Names and Ages of Grandchildren Are Up to You.



Hair Color:

(Roll for Grandchildren/SOs)


1. Blonde Hair - Father - Sperm Donor/Surrogate

2. Red Hair - Mother - Biological Parent

3. Brown Hair - Father - Sperm Donor/Surrogate

4. Black Hair - Mother - Biological Parent

5. Red Hair - Father - Sperm Donor/Surrogate

6. Your Pick - Mother - Biological Parent


Eye Color:

(Roll for Grandchildren/SOs)


1. Blue Eyes - Mother - Biological Parent

2. Green Eyes - Father - Sperm Donor/Surrogate

3. Hazel Eyes - Mother - Biological Parent

4. Brown Eyes - Father - Sperm Donor/Surrogate

5. Almond Eyes - Mother - Biological Parent

6. Hazel Eyes - Father - Sperm Donor/Surrogate



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Posted 02 December 2015 - 09:15 AM

Really happy you decided to finish this! I love these long storyline CaF's, and this has probably been my favourite. 




It's been a long 28 years since you brought home your youngest children. You've had a full an amazing life and are honestly still up and running your day to day life now, Jack has been retired for the past five years and working full time with you at both your restaurants, and you both honestly couldn't be happier, you've got oodles of grandchildren and your kids are all happily settled down and living fantastic lives.

JR was quite an introverted child, despite all his siblings. He was often found playing with his legos in early life, and became quite a film buff in his teens. He decided to major in criminal justice, and became a police officer. He met his partner, Milo, whilst at work and they've been engaged for 4 years now. Two years ago they adopted triplets who had been orphaned. The triplets are 8, Zack, Jake and Rach still have regular contact with their maternal grandparents.

Jackson 'JR' Ramsey Charles Hall [36]
Miles 'Milo' Adrian Bourne [35]

Isaac 'Zack' Noah Bourne-Hall [8]
Jacob 'Jake' Evan Bourne-Hall [8]
Rachel 'Rach' Charlotte Bourne-Hall [8]

Archer was a very sympathetic child, and often helped out with the younger children. He loved puzzles and computer games. He majored in psychology at college and met his partner, Ana, at the start of his fourth year. Ana discovered she was pregnant after they had only been together for a few months. Archer wanted to keep the baby, but Ana was unsure. Archer assured her he would prefer to be a single father than not be one at all, so Ana decided to give him full custody. Andy was born soon after Archer graduated, and he found a flat close to campus. Ana visited often, and after a few months she realised that she was prepared to be a mother. Alex was born the year after Ana graduated, and Archer found a job as a therapist. Amy followed three years later, and baby Al was born five years after that. Al is now three and they have no plans for more children. They were married last month with all the children involved in the ceremony. Andy and Alex shared best man duties, Amy was the bridesmaid and Al was the ring bearer.

Archibald 'Archer' James Hall [34]
Anastasia 'Ana' Faith Hall [32]

Anderson 'Andy' Joel Hall [13]
Alexander 'Alex' Jensen Hall [11]
Amelia 'Amy' Faye Hall [8]
Alastair 'Al' Justin Hall [3]

Luke was an artistic child, and frequently ended up in trouble for his 'artwork' on the walls! Luckily he preferred crayons, so it was rarely permanent. He took up running in high-school, and made the track team. He introduced his girlfriend to the family when he was 15, and she was suprisingly two years older than him. A few months later, they told us she was pregnant. It was quite a shock to realise that Luke was going to be a father at 16, but he assured us, and his girlfriend that he wanted to take responsibility for his child. Child, soon became, children, as we found out their were twins. Sadly, things didn't quite go to plan, and their mother passed away after hemorrhaging whilst giving birth. Since then, Luke has raised Ben and Meg on his own. We helped him out until he finished high-school, and then Luke got a job in a mail-room at a local business. When the twins turned 5, and he was 21, he decided to go to college to earn his degree. Four years later, he had a degree in business, and started work as a trainee accountant.

Lucas 'Luke' Marcus Theon Hall [32]

Benjamin 'Ben' Marcus Hall [16]
Megan 'Meg' Bethany Hall [16]

Leo was a very sociable child. In fact, he rarely shut up! We enrolled him into karate as a toddler so he could expend some energy and when at home he was either practicing his moves, or running around playing cars. As a teen he calmed down significantly and joined the drama club. He was the lead in the school musical in his senior year, but wasn't interested enough to take his singing or acting further. Instead, he studied computer science at college, and became a programmer. A year after graduating, he met Tilly in a coffee shop, and they hit it off straight away. They were married just over a year later, and welcomed a daughter, Em. Soph followed four years later, and Harry arrived last year.

Leon 'Leo' Maximus Thor Hall [32]
Matilda 'Tilly' Charlotte Hall [30]

Emma 'Em' Margaret Hall [7]
Sophie 'Soph' Madeleine Hall [3]
Henry 'Harry' Maximus Hall [1]

Maggie was a very strong willed and impulsive child. Her favourite board game was hungry hippos, and no one could beat her! At high-school she joined the basketball team and was very competitive in that too. She majored in political science in college, and shocked us all when she announced she'd been recruited by the FBI. She met her partner, Vick, at the gym, and they've been engaged for 8 years. Four years ago, Maggie was put onto a child abuse case, and year old quadruplets were seized by the state. Facing being split up in care, Maggie and Vick offered to foster them until a family could be found to keep them together. Three years later, and still no closer to finding them a permanent family, Maggie and Vick adopted the children themselves, and Bea, Seb, Eve and Dom became Richardson-Hall's.

Margot 'Maggie' Acacia Imogen Hall [31]
Victoria 'Vick' Holly Richardson [33]

Beatrice 'Bea' Azalea Richardson-Hall [5]
Sebastian 'Seb' Oak Richardson-Hall [5]
Evelyn 'Eve' Zinnea Richardson-Hall [5]
Dominic 'Dom' Basil Richardson-Hall [5]

Gia vaguely remembered her birth parents so she was a very affectionate child, and loved cooking us meals in her toy kitchen. She took up tennis in her teens, although prefered more academic pursuits. She majored in English at college, and became an editor for the local paper when she graduated. She received an offer to work for the New York Times a few years four years ago, and now works in the city. She met her husband Teddy at work, who was a single father with full custody of his son, Phil. Missing her nieces and nephews back home. she offered to babysit Phil, and she and Teddy soon started dating. They were married three years ago, and now have two boys of their own, Thom, who is two, and Nick is three months.

Georgia 'Gia' Lena Mirosława Wilkinson [31]
Theodore 'Teddy' Kai Wilkinson [33]

Philip 'Phil' Theodore Hall [5]
Thomas 'Thom' Kai Hall [2]
Nicholas 'Nick' George Hall [0]

Sam was a very sociable child, and obsessed with football throughout his childhood and teens. He was the quarterback for the high-school team, and received several scholarship offers. Diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, he struggled a lot with school work though, and decided not to go to college. Instead, he joined the military at 18. In December of 2010, he suprised us a week before Christmas with some unexpected leave. He brought with him his boyfriend of 3 years, Will, who was also in the military. We were very shocked, but very understanding of why he had kept his sexuality a secret. Will proposed to Sam on Christmas morning, and they decided to marry on their next week of leave. Two years ago, they adopted triplets Lucy, Lily and Gray, and Will decided to leave the military to be a stay-at-home dad.

Samuel 'Sam' Jakub Stanisław Morley-Hall [29]
William 'Will' Fox Morley-Hall [34]

Lucinda 'Lucy' Mariska Morley-Hall [2]
Lillian 'Lily' Saskia Morley-Hall [2]
Graham 'Gray' Stanisław Morley-Hall [2]

Finn was an artistic child like big brother Luke, but thankfully kept his talents to the Play Doh medium. He branched out to photography as a teen, and decided to study engineering at college. He applied for a job straight out of college as a graphical artist for an architectural company, and was interviewed by the head of HR, who also happened to be the CEO's daughter. Cat was very impressed with his portfolio, and upon showing her father, Finn was immediately hired as a trainee architect. Finn asked Cat out on a date a few months after he was hired, but she declined, citing it would be inappropriate. At the Christmas party that year, they had a drunken one night stand in the office, and Cat discovered she was pregnant. With so many nieces and nephews, Finn was very comfortable around children, and although shocked, had no negative feelings about the pregnancy. Abby was born six months later, and for two years Finn and Cat happily shared joint custody as good friends. Another drunken one night stand at another Christmas party led to another pregnancy, and Cat finally admitted that Finn's feelings were reciprocated. They moved in together a few months before Con was born, and were married six months later.

Finnigan 'Finn' Kacper Jarosław Hall [28]
Catriona 'Cat' Amber Hall [40]

Abigail 'Abby' Katherine Hall [6]
Connor 'Con' Frederick Hall [3]

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Posted 02 December 2015 - 05:08 PM

DW: Delilah Clove Benedict nee Thierfelder

Blonde hair Green eyes

DH: Cooper Thorne Benedict

Red hair brown eyes

DD1: Thea Joyce Soyer Benedict 38

Red hair Hazel eyes

DS1: Edmund Cole Jackson Benedict "Eddy"  35

Blonde hair Hazel eyes

DS2/DS3: Arthur Magnus Nero Benedict "Arty" and Atticus Theon Marius Benedict "Att" 33

Blonde hair brown eyes and Red hair green eyes

DD2: Margot Dove Connelly Benedict "Maggie" 31

Red Hair and Green Eyes

DD3/DD4: Sloane Jade Oriana Benedict and Skye Ruth Amaryllis Benedict 28

Black Hair Brown eyes and Blonde Hair Hazel Eyes 

Venus-Golden Retriever

Nova-Australian Shepherd 



It's been a long 28 years since you brought home your youngest children. You've had a full an amazing life and are honestly still up and running your day to day life now, Cooper has been retired for the past five years and working full time with you at both your restaurants, and you both honestly couldn't be happier, you've got oodles of grandchildren and your kids are all happily settled down and living fantastic lives -


Thea and Bay Gibson with Oli and Lara

Thea was always a very affectionate child and loved spending time with her younger siblings, as a child her favorite toy was a stuffed dog she called Lola which she passed on to her little sister Maggie when Sloane and Skye were adopted. As a teenager she started to enjoy participating in sports especially softball and the whole family loved coming to her games and being her cheering section. She majored in Political Science in college were she met Basil, they date through school but Thea refused to consider marriage until they were both finished with Graduate school. Thea is now a Lawyer and Basil is an FBI agent, Thea loved her childhood but remembered how hectic their house was with so many children and preferred to keep their family small, they now have two children Oliver and Lara.


DD1: Thea Joyce Soyer Benedict 38 (Red hair Hazel Eyes)

DH: Basil Reid Gibson "Bay" 39 (Black Hair hazel eyes)


DS:  Oliver Dean Gibson "Oli" 13 (Red hair Hazel eyes)

DD: Lara Therese Gibson 10 (Black Hair Hazel eyes)

Tucker-Border Collie


Eddy and Savannah Benedict with Liesel, Elliot, Mati, and, Felix

Ever since Eddy got his guitar from his Aunt Sadie it was his favorite toy and rarely left his hand, his love for music spread to singing as he got older and he used to spend hours rehearsing and writing music. After high school Eddy Majored in computer science and got a job as a computer programmer. He is now married to his former high school sweetheart Savannah and she keeps him grounded as most of the family is sure he wouldn't have made it through college without her as he tends to be impulsive and act rashly. Savannah keeps him rational but still encouraged him to follow his passion through music so Eddy kept his band together and they play most Friday nights and weekends. Eddy and Savannah have four kids and he sees a lot of himself in is oldest Liesel who likes to help him write music and comes to rehearsals with him.


DS1: Edmund Cole Jackson Benedict "Eddy"35 (Blonde Hair Hazel eyes)

DW: Savannah Melody (Nash) 34 (Black hair Hazel Eyes)


DD1: Liesel June 9 (Black Hair Hazel Eyes)

DS1: Elliot Carter 7 (Blonde hair Hazel Eyes)

DD2: Matilda Louise "Mati" 5 (Black hair Hazel Eyes)

DS2: Felix Henry 2 (Black hair Hazel Eyes)


Arty and Tori Benedict with Davie, Holly, Jack, and Whit

Arty was always a sweet child though he tended to be quite and nervous around new people. He's always been intelligent even as a child his favorite toys were puzzles and he loved to be challenged. As a teenage her fell in love with Photography and when he went to college decided to try to combine his creative and intelligent sides by majoring in engineering. He is now an Architectural Engineer and is married to Tori an artist from the town where he went to college.  Arty loved having a big family and now has four kids, three boys and one little girl.


DS2: Arthur Magnus Nero Benedict "Arty" 33 (Blonde hair brown eyes )

DW: Victoria Hazel (Lawson) "Tori" 33 (Blonde hair Hazel eyes)


DS1/DD1:  Davis Arthur "Davie" 7 (Blonde hair  Hazel eyes)/Hollis Delilah "Holly" 7 (Blonde hair Brown eyes)

DS2: Jackson Cooper "Jack" 5 (Blonde hair Hazel eyes)

DS3: Whitman Shane "Whit" 4 (Blonde hair Hazel eyes)

Mush- Golden Retriever/Husky mix


Att and Holly Benedict with Leo and Jake

Att carried playdoh with him every where as a child and always loved to make gifts for people from it never wanting to flatten it back up. He had a great talent for Tennis as an adolescent and continued playing through college his favorite Partner is his Wife Holly whom he met practicing at a local tennis court. Att is now a history teacher at the local high school though he is considering moving to a private school so that his sons won't have to worry about their father being a teacher when they reach high school. 


DS3: Atticus Theon Marius Benedict "Att" 33 (Red hair green eyes)

DW: Holly Scarlett (Weston) 34 (Blonde hair Green Eyes)


DS1: Leo Thorne 4 (Blonde hair Green Eyes)

DS2: Jake Weston 3 months (Red hair Green Eyes)


Maggie and Jack Glover with Billy

Maggie has always been very shy and quiet,when Sloane and Sky were adopted her big sister Thea gifted her with her favorite stuffed dog to welcome her into being a big sister. She treasured that stuffed dog. Maggie took that role very seriously and from the moment Sloane and Skye were brought home they were her babies she watched over them constantly and taught them everything she learned once she started school. As she grew up she started to run track and often enjoyed long runs around the neighborhood as they gave her  private alone time. Maggie Majored in Business in college and now works as a financial planner, she was married straight out of College to Dylan Harper who she met while he was on leave from the military. Shortly after their Marriage Maggie became pregnant with their Daughter Willa, Dylan was home for her birth but was deployed again and unfortunately killed over seas before Willa had turned 1. Maggie is now engaged to Jack Glover whom she has been dating for three years, he was her best friend through her childhood and they came back into contact as Maggie needed a friend after becoming a widow and a single mother. Billy loves Jack and can't wait for him to be a part of their family.


DD2: Margot Dove Connelly Benedict "Maggie" 31 (Red Hair and Green Eyes)

DF: Jack Rowan Glover 29 (Red hair green eyes)


DD: Willa Robin "Billy" Harper 6 (Red Hair Green Eyes)


Sloane and Archie Finch with Chase, Colt, and Ry

Sloane is Bossy and Sociable, as a child she loved painting and when she got a little older she rode her bike everywhere.Majors in Business. Works as a(n) accountant/financial planner/insurance agent.

Sloane was always a bossy child and liked to take the lead when playing with her sisters. Sloane, Maggie, and Skye were always very close and Sloane was always the most outgoing tending to speak for her more introverted siblings. As a child she loved painting and art class above everything but as her older sister began to take runs around the neighborhood Sloane decided she should be able to get around too and took to riding her bike. Soon this became quite a pattern for her and she rode it everywhere all the time. In college she majored in business and now works as an insurance agent married to Archer Finch who was introduced to her by a friend they now have three children. 


DD3: Sloane Jade Oriana Benedict 28 (Black Hair Brown eyes )

DH: Archer Reid Finch "Archie" 30 (Brown Hair green eyes)


DS1/DS2: Chase Harrison 3 (Black hair Brown eyes)/ Colton Peter "Colt" (Brown hair brown eyes)

DS3: Ryder Logan "Ry" 6 months (Black hair green eyes)


Skye and Mel Hawthorne-Benedict

Skye adored her big brother Eddy as a child and he took her under his wing teaching her everything he knew about music, while Eddy's passion was the guitar Skye found her love in the drums and as a child used to play along to Eddy's songs on her toy drums.  Skye never found it particularly necessary to be outspoken when she was young as she figured Skye was load enough for the both of them. As an adolescent Skye began escaping the noise of their home in her room and discovered a passion for video games  that has lasted for years.she met her Fiance Mel at a convention and they've been together for 5 years. When Eddy decided to start the band up again after he finished college he knew he needed a talented drummer he could depend on, now Eddy and Skye play together nearly every week. When Skye went to  college she majored in Communications and is now  in charge of PR for the band, 


DD4: Skye Ruth Amaryllis Benedict 28 (Blonde Hair Hazel Eyes) 

DF: Melony Faith Hawthorne "Mel" 27 (Brown Hair Blue eyes)


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Posted 10 January 2016 - 11:37 PM

Your name is Piper Sage Chamberlin, you have black hair and hazel eyes and you're 24 years old. You're an up and coming pastry chef in one of NYC's hottest restaurants - Le Cirque. You have graduated at the top of your class at Le Cordon Bleu in France and nothing has ever gotten in the way of your dream to become a world wide known name in the pastry circuit. Not family, not friends and most certainly not love. You have no time for any of those as they're all distractions towards your life goal.


One night while you're at work your head chef tells you that a patron wishes to speak to you out in the dining room. You tell him you're too busy, but he insists you go out and speak to this customer as it is very urgent. You sigh and throw your apron to him before walking out of the kitchen and over to a table where you see one of the most attractive looking persons you have ever seen. They have blue eyes and blonde hair and are dressed to the nines in designer fashion. You do not recognize them and figure they are some prissy rich heir. As you walk over, a forced pleasant smile on your face the last thing you expect is the cockiest of grins on their face before they point blank inform you of just how terrible they think your dessert is.


You're stunned. No one has ever spoken to you like this or challenged your cooking skills. You retort back and cause a scene in front of the whole room, demanding that they take back their comment and who did they even think they were to insult you in such a way! He simply smiles vivaciously and informs you that they are Christopher Nash Grenon. You're stunned, they're the newest food critic for the New York Times. You demand that they try something else that this must have been a fluke. They only laugh and walk out. You're infuriated and storm back into the kitchen. 


Once you get home you research more about Chris and find out everything he loves and hates and it turns out the fennel panna cotta would have never worked as the critic despises anise. You also find out that they are one of the cities hottest bachelors, they're 24 years old.  You work tirelessly for hours to create three perfect desserts based on his favorite flavors - chocolate, pomegranate and Aztec chocolate, and caramel.  You use all your contacts and find out where he lives and at three am that very same night you show up at their apartment.


You knock on his door until they answer and make your demand - that they try your new desserts before they send in their review of your restaurant. At first they are reluctant, but they notice the spark in your eyes and let you in. You watch them devour your desserts in silence before they ask you to leave. You ask what he thought, but they refuse to tell you and say that you will find out in next week's paper. You go home feeling worried.


You spend the next week on edge - worried about the paper, but also thankful your boss did not fire you for your altercation in the dining room. When the day finally comes you come into work and are greeted with applause and a giant mash of hugs from your colleagues. The review was spectacular and the highlight of it your desserts. Chris goes into detail after detail and you get flustered as you read the copy of the paper shoved into your hand - you feel your heart flutter and your knees go weak. You only come back to the world when you're told you have a phone call for you and its from Chris!


You pick up and they do the one thing you never expected them to do... Ask you out on a date! You're stunned into silence for a few moments, but you do say yes and agree to meet him at their apartment on your next day off. Suddenly, the prospect of love does not seem so frivolous after all.


You have been seeing Chris for only a year, but it has been a whirlwind romance from your very first date! On said date he showed up to Le Cirque to pick you up from work and he even brought you white lilies. From there he took you out to do a very upscale date; it was to a little hole in the wall with fantastic food and you two had a fantastic time. You had so much in common - we both love kids, have a great sense of humor, and love to travel. After your date he takes you for a walk through Central Park and the two of you discuss your desires, hopes and dreams together. His love of writing and food and your own wish to one day open your own restaurant one day. The next thing you notice and the sun is coming up, you two have spent all night out in the park just talking. Since then you take every one of your days off and spend it with Chris. As much as you have worried in the past that having a relationship might do damage to your career you find that since you started seeing Chris your palate had become better and you're working harder than before to strive for your dreams because now you have someone to share it with and that someone appreciates your drive and passion.


Your relationship moves fast in that first year and you honestly have no idea how you have lived your life without Chris as a part of it. On the morning of your one year anniversary, Chris wakes you up with breakfast in bed featuring the three flavors of the desserts you fed to him the night you first met - chocolate, pomegranate and Aztec chocolate, and caramel. Then you notice a box on the breakfast tray and open it up to to reveal an engagement ring! It is a beautiful Vintage Engagement Ring. You say yes without any hesitation and cannot believe how excited you are to be engaged to Chris. However your realize you have so much to do! It takes you and Chris a whole year in and of itself to plan the wedding, but by the time it's done you know it is perfect, the wedding you have always dreamed of.


You've both been so busy picking the theme and colors and choosing all the goes into a wedding but you think you may finally have it down, even if it is a little mismatched since everyone wanted something different! You had your dress picked out from the minute he proposed, a beautiful Vintage Wedding Dress. Chris wanted a French Rose, Orange, & Pink color theme and you both wanted daffodils for the flower arrangements! Chris picks out the most handsome suit - Red and White Suit. The bridesmaids had the most beautiful Light Blue Dresses and the Groomsmen looked dashing in Steel Grey Suits. Everyone wanted the wedding to be a large affair in a small church. You knew that there was no way that anyone, but yourself was going to make your wedding cake and so you worked tirelessly on it until you had a wonderful Traditional Wedding Cake.

Finally the day came and Chris and you were married! Your head chef - Sirio Maccioni -  insisted he cook the meal for you both and it was spectacular and was focused on chocolate, pomegranate and Aztec chocolate, and caramel. The meal was divine! Your father walked you down the isle and Chris' best man even cried as you said your vows! The guests were surprised at how the wedding turned out with so many different styles but everyone agreed that it fit perfectly! There were lots of pictures taken! As the day came to a close everyone went to take a well deserved rest.


The very next day, Chris and you left on your honeymoon to Barcelona.  You both spent two weeks there having a blast - you tried all the local food, went to the Boqueria market, visited a Cava Vineyard, took a few dance classes, and just toured the area.


It has been two years since you and Chris married and went off on your extravagant honeymoon together. You have been living together in his apartment ever since your return back into the city, but recently the two of you have been considering moving out of the city and onto Long Island so that you could start a family there. You know this means both you and Chris will need to commute to work from now on, but both of you want your future children to grow up with a backyard and in a community instead of in a city like Chris had and did not enjoy.


You two visit some different areas on the island and finally decided on Syosset. You both take some more time and absolutely fall in love with one home, House #4, it is gorgeous and another reason you and Chris love it is because it's spacious, has a beautiful view, and a nice modern layout. It is a little out of your price range, but you and Chris decide that it is a worthy investment. Chris and yourself made a bid and it is accepted the next day, it turns out that the previous owners are going through a divorce and want to get everything settled quickly, so within a month you and Chris are able to purchase the home and even move into it!


Now, that you have a home of your own and not an apartment, both you and Chris have always wanted pets and decide that now is the time to make a move on it and get a pet! You both settle on Cat, but there is one problem. You cannot agree on a breed! You would like a maine coon and Chris would like munchkin. You both try and make a choice, convince your spouse as they try to convince you that your pick is better. Finally, you both come to unanimous agreement - you'll get both!


It takes you another month to find a reputable breeder for each breed, but the good thing is they have only a medium sized waiting list, but each are currently expecting half a dozen litters in the next two months and they should just be able to fill the waiting list and have two or three kittens available still meaning you can get one despite the short notice. The time comes sooner rather than later and your kittens are born only three days apart and you end up with little ones of the same gender - female. You decide to name them in a matching theme - List #6. You both are so excited and spend most of your time when you're not at work playing or codling Meadow (maine coon) and Clover (munchkin). 


It's a good thing that you both got Meadow and Clover because they've been great experience! So much so that you and Chris decide to maybe its time to have your first baby. You begin to try for a baby. It takes six months, but you fall pregnant and you and Chris could not be more thrilled! As the pregnancy progresses you and Chris find out that you're expecting a baby boy. After you and Chris spend weeks setting up the perfect nursery for your little one and it looks absolutely stunning - Nursery #6.


The time finally arrives and your baby is born. The pregnancy was rough as tasting food for work wasn't the same but the natural unmedicated birth went smoothly.


Your baby is perfect with ten fingers and ten toes and healthy as a horse. You cannot believe that you and Chris are going to have such an amazing little person in your life. They're the cutest baby in the world -not that you're biased or anything- and have black hair and hazel eyes. You and Chris have had a lot of time to think about it and decide to give the baby Cooper as a first name. You and Chris had a much harder time picking a middle name for your little one - Chris wanted to name them after a famous writer, but you wanted to name them for a famous chef. In the end, you two decided to give your baby two middle names, double the honor and inspiration. Cooper Anthony Michael Grenon was what you decide and as soon as you look at your baby, you know that this is the name for them. You and Chris are absolutely in love with your little one.


It has been two years since you and Chris welcomed Cooper. Things have been going well and both you and Chris have been recently promoted in your jobs - the only problem is, you're not very happy at work anymore. You're tired of working for someone else's vision and want to orchestrate your own dreams and desires for all things culinary. You decide to talk to Chris about it and they support you full on your passion and drive, offering to help you as much as they can. You speak with your employer - Sirio and while they are sad to see you go, they understand and implore you for your drive and promise to assist you as you are one of their favorite protege's. They lead you to possible investors, people to talk to for advice and assistance in garnering the location and products you need. It helps that just last year you won a ICAP Award so people know who you are and trust that you have a lot of potential in the industry.


It takes you the rest of the year, but you draw up a plan, get proper investors and save up enough of your own money to finally buy a place. You even have a name picked out - Haca and it will feature a simple and light French menu and be more about the pastries and desserts than anything else. You've even invented two special desserts for the menu, one for Chris and one for Cooper and it is made of their favorite flavor, pumpkin (Chris) and mint chocolate chip (Cooper). Haca is in Syosset and you're a little more than thrilled to have a much shorter commute to work than when you worked at Le Cirque in the city.


It has been a full three years now since you and Chris welcomed Cooper and you feel it might be time to give them another sibling. You begin to try for a baby. It takes a lot less time and only after two months, but you fall pregnant and you and Chris could not be more excited. You explain to Cooper that they're going to become a big brother and they are feeling upset and you're concerned by their reaction.


As the pregnancy progresses you and Chris find out that you're expecting a baby girl, you inform Cooper of the baby's gender and they are jealous. Due to Cooper's reaction you and Chris decide to let them help out with the nursery and let them pick a theme of patterns. After that you all assemble what you need to make the nursery for the new baby. It takes weeks setting it up, but the nursery comes out just as planned - Nursery #3 - and Cooper is now very excited about the baby.


The time finally arrives and your second baby is born. This pregnancy went a lot smoother followed by another smooth natural unmedicated birth.


Your baby is perfect with ten fingers and ten toes and healthy as a horse. You cannot believe that you and Chris are going to have such an amazing little person in your life. They have blonde hair and hazel eyes. You and Chris have had a lot of time to think about it and decide to give the baby Amber as first name. You and Chris remember how much of a stress it was picking the middle name for Cooper and decide earlier in the pregnancy so you actually flipped a coin and you go with Chris' choice. You and Chris are happy with the name as when you look down at your button nosed newborn, it feels right to call them Amber Dylan Grenon.


The moment finally comes when you introduce Cooper to Amber and despite all prior reactions you worry for a second that something might go wrong, but thankfully Cooper is all wide eyed wonder and glee when looking to Amber. They ask to hold Amber and Chris helps them become situated and to hold the baby and the four of you sit together as a family and you feel entirely blessed.  You only hope the future holds things as bright as they are now in the days to come.


It has been two years since you and Chris have welcomed Amber into your home. As many people say, it has been a lot harder with two than with one, but you expected it and honestly both you and Chris love being parents even more than you love anything else you have ever done and you can only imagine how your 24 year old self would have felt back then if you told them that. They probably would have laughed at you.


Haca has been very good and you have never not had a fully booked Thursday-Sunday since it opened and just last month Chris got promoted to senior food critic and editor at The New York Times. The influx of money has been helpful in living in Long Island which is quite the expensive town. You've even been able to add quite a chunk of money to the college funds you have set up for Cooper and Amber. As you and Chris have been doing so well, not to mention you feel like the house is a little empty with Cooper starting kindergarten - you and Chris have decided to expand your family with another little one.


However, you experience a little trouble and when you attempt to conceive and so you visit your doctor and they recommend you try a round of fertility treatment injects since it seems your cycle is a little off. You and Chris do as your doctor advises and three months later you find out you're pregnant with multiples! - triplets. You feel a little overwhelmed, but are more excited than you are nervous as you and Chris want to have a large family. 


As the pregnancy progresses you and Chris find out that you're expecting two boys and a girl. You inform Cooper and Amber about the gender of their expected little siblings. Cooper wanted all boys and Amber didn't care either way.  You both were thankful neither were upset. You decide that the babies will share a room for the first year or two to make it easier on you and Chris for late night feedings, changing and other things. You set up a beautiful nursery for them - Mixed Nursery. While fixing up a room for the new babies you decide it would be maybe a good idea and re-do the other bedrooms in the house. You don't want to make Cooper and Amber feel left out so you let them each pick out themes for their rooms - Micky Mouse Bedroom and Red Room. You and Chris also redo your room to fit your tastes Traditional . You then decided not to leave out anyone so you, Cooper, and Amber redid a little area by the stairs for Meadow and Clover - Cat area. You, Chris and your children have a very fun time fixing up the house.


The time finally arrives and your babies are born. Chris was there while my parents watched Cooper and Amber.


As you look at your babies and hold them for the first time you feel a tug in your heartstrings. You love them so much already and you could not imagine your life without each and every one of them. You and Chris named them with a coordinating theme since they were multiples and picked out the names that begin with L: Leo, Lincoln, and Luna. Leo has blonde hair and hazel eyes, Lincoln has black hair and hazel eyes, and Luna has blonde hair and blue eyes.


Chris graduated from NYU with a minor in Classical Civilizations and has been in love with history since he was a small child. When you were expecting this time he asked if you would be alright letting him pick the babies middle names from some of his favorites he has run into in stories/research/history. You ask him to run the names by you and you have to admit that there is a sort of charm to them and decide you will use them. Their full names are Leo Felix Augustus Grenon, Lincoln Cyrus Horatio Grenon, and Luna Juno Felicia Grenon.


As you watch Cooper and Amber  smile, make faces and wave fingers at their little siblings while they sleep in their hospital bassinets. You just know that your children will be close and be able to rely on one another which is what you have always wished for as you were not close with your siblings until after the birth of Cooper. Though you know the coming months with multiple newborns/infants will be stressful you relish the challenge as you know the benefits will far outweigh the sleepless nights and hectic days.


It has been a little under a year since you and Chris welcomed your multiples into your home and while it's been hectic, you and Chris would not have life any other way. Things have been good at work as well. Chris has just sent off their first book - The Voice In My Mouth - to the publish and it has been approved and will be coming out for publication very soon. Then on your end, you recently appeared on IronChef America on the Food Network, and it's increased business at Haca by tenfold. Unfortunately, a big wrench has been thrown into your life despite all the good news.....You are pregnant.


You're totally shocked, you thought the two of you were being more careful, after all your multiples aren't even a year old and have another three months before they turn a year old. While you and Chris want to have a big family, this seems a little quick in succession after you have had your multiples just under a year ago! While the news is disconcerting, you and Chris still feel that you want to have this baby in your life and though it delays for plans you had concerned your career - opening a second location - you don't have as much trepidation about it. You find the thought shocking for a moment because you know that before your life with Chris anything that could have delayed your career would have been devastating to your life.


As the pregnancy progresses you and Chris find out that you're expecting a girl. This pregnancy, while unexpected, is still a gift in your eyes and the eyes of your family. In fact, your dad (Victor William Chamberlin) sets up a magnificent baby shower and it was a total surprise to both you and Chris. It makes you feel a lot more at ease knowing how much familial support you and Chris have at this stage in your life. While it may make you wait longer for your career, you are at so much peace with it, with your new baby. The next three months breeze by and its time for you the multiples birthday party, it has a Three Peas In A Pod theme. Everyone plays tons of games and has a wonderful time, though, Leo got into a little trouble for running off on his own but everything else ran rather smoothly. 


After that, the time came and you and Chris set up a beautiful nursery for the baby - Unisex Nursery. It looks fantastic and you joke with Chris that after decorating all these nurseries maybe you missed your true calling as an interior designer. You both laugh as you each know that if you were not working in a kitchen, cooking and baking you would lose your mind. It brings a smile to your face knowing how much Chris truly does understand you and you rub your hand against your pregnant belly. You remark how compared to your previous pregnancies this pregnancy seems to be a little smoother, less morning sickness, late night cravings and back pain.


As the end of the pregnancy draws nearer and nearer, you start to notice Cooper is acting out more and more, just last night they stole Lincoln's stuffed lion and shredded it to bits with a pair of safety scissors, thankfully being a parent to 5 you make sure to have a bin of backups in your closet for their favorite stuffies, after giving Lincoln a new stuffed animal you and Chris had a stern talking to with them that night and Cooper seemed apologetic, but just today you received a phone call that they pulled the fire alarm while at school and are being suspended for a full week. You drive to the school and pick them up, feeling terribly embarrassed as you load them into the car. However, it does not stop there, when you leave them alone for one second to make lunch, you come back to find Luna crying and covered in blue paint with Cooper's hands covered in paint as well. You're frazzled, you put Cooper in timeout, but they seem gleeful.


You're at your wits end so you call your dad, Victor and they suggest maybe instead of just simply admonishing Cooper you try talking to them more about why they are doing what they're doing at the next instance if there happens to be one - of course there is one. At the end of the night right before bed, they pull on Amber's hair and make them cry. You separate the pair and have Chris comfort Amber while you sit Cooper down and try and talk to them, at first you get nothing, but finally, they break down in tears and hug you, asking you not to be mad and that they just want your attention and are worried that with so many younger siblings you and Chris will not want them anymore or love them. It breaks your heart. You promise Cooper that that will never, ever happen that you will love them no matter how many other siblings that they have. You promise them this and make an agreement that once a month you and Chris will pick a day just to be for the three of you. The first one will be in two weeks, after they are done being punished for their bad behavior and as long as they continue to behave from now on. It goes smoothly and you all end up having your first Mommy, Daddy and Cooper Day enjoying your time at the bowling alley. It's Cooper's first time and he loves learning a new activity.


Thank goodness that that is put behind you because just one week after that day you go into labor a week and a half early! The time finally arrives and your baby comes after a full twenty-three hours of grueling and intense, not to mention painful, labor. Chris was there as always with my parents watching the kids again. It was a rough unmedicated birth, the roughest yet.


As you look at your baby and hold her for the first time you feel a tug in your heartstrings. She has black hair and blue eyes. You love her so much and surprise or not, you just know this little one was meant to be a part of your family. You name them Ruby Snow Valentina Grenon and it fits her perfectly.


The ordeal of a near full day laboring has tuckered both you and Chris out and as you lay together on the hospital bed watching Cooper holding your new baby while Amber kisses the baby's head and Leo, Lincoln and Luna watch on with wide eyes while Chris' parents keep watchful eye on their beloved grandchild, the pair of you feel exhausted and end up falling asleep feeling more blissful then you ever have in your entire life watching your beloved children.


It has been a little under two years since you and Chris welcomed your youngest child into your home and while they were a surprise and unplanned, you would not change a thing about your life because having them in it just seems as the world was meant to be. Things have been good at work as well. Chris' book, The Voice In My Mouth, was a roaring success and spent  three whole months on the top twenty of the New York Times Best Seller List and Chris has even been considering writing a second book about their experience between their time working in restaurants in their youth verse the world of being a food critic and how they both are similar yet differ. Then on your end, you've opened your second restaurant location, Balanced Meal, its a little less high brow then your first restaurant and focuses on being somewhere that is young child friendly while still offering elegant and delicious food for parents of young children who typically never get to eat at these kinds of locations due to the stigma of having small children in restaurants. It's been a huge success concept wise appeared with its duel menu of kids favorites and then aged up versions of the dishes for the parents. In addition you've recently  had both of your restaurants featured on  No Reservations, a famous cooking show! It was nerve-wracking but, a lot of fun and it's increased business at both locations, not to mention the notoriety, you've moved up from contestant to part-time judge and have been featured on Guy's Grocery Games multiple times as a judge and couldn't be more thankful.


Things have been good, in fact they really can't be better. Your kids are all thriving and seem to have miraculous hobbies and passions galore which has both you and Chris tickled pink, glad to see your own fervor and passionate spirits have been passed to your kids.
Cooper is into hockey. Like any sport, it requires a lot of practice but he's a natural.
Amber is into reading. She just recently learned to read and always has a book in her hand.
Leo is into drums. He has a mini children's drum set and it's definitely his favorite toy.
Lincoln is into computer games. Sometimes we let him play games on the computer and that's his favorite place to be, he especially likes Minecraft.
Luna is into magic. She is constantly trying to learn new tricks to show the family.
Ruby is into piano. Like her brother Leo, she has a children's instrument that she's obsessed with but, hers is the piano.


In fact with everyone so to and fro, you kind of miss having a little one around, but you consider your age and worry pregnancy now might not be the best of things despite your desire for more children, you decide not to bring it up to Chris and just go about your business when one day you meet a couple, Logan Douglas and Scarlett Monroe Galla (nee Avita), dining at Balanced Meal with their kids; Olivia Monroe, Felix Ryan, Knox Flynn, and Magnolia "Maggie" Faith; and compliment them on just how well-behaved and cute their kids happen to be, you start talking with them, discussing both your own children, career and life as well as theirs and find out that in fact they adopted their youngest child from Cambodia. They talk to you about how fulfilling adoption has been in their life and much they adore their youngest child, you send them a free dessert in the end, exchange numbers and plan to set up a play date with your children.


You end up going home and researching a bit about adoption, nothing much comes of it at first, but one day a few weeks later, Chris notices you on a site and asks you about it and you admit to them that the idea of adoption has been intriguing you since you met Logan, Scarlett, Olivia, Felix, Knox, and Maggie who have been over a few times for playdates and then once or twice for dinner in the past few weeks and becoming quick friends of yours.


You and Chris go over the pros and cons of adoption and adding on to your family.

Pros: You get to expand the family more without the risks of another pregnancy, you're giving a home to a kid who needs one, and you're financially stable enough to do it compared to years ago when first starting a family.
Cons: You do miss pregnancy and would love to be able to carry another child and you worry if 7 kids will be too much to handle with busy, growing careers.


In the end though, you decide that you do want to peruse adoption as you'd like to provide a loving, caring and financially secure home to a child in need and you know you have the room in your heart just gaping for another child to love and care for and cannot think of a better way to fill that space.


After some discussion you and Chris decide on a domestic adoption for your own adoption, because there are plenty of local kids who need homes as well.


You and Chris contact an agency and once you meet with them, you have to go over a few choices regarding your application, getting a home visit and having some check ups and the likes, you express some preferences to them afterwards. We decide to go for a closed adoption because we just aren't comfortable with an open one but are prepared to be open with our child when they are older. After your discussion you find out it'll probably take anywhere between two to four years for your adoption to process, and that's still just a maybe. Thus, you, Chris and the kids continue on with life feeling some excitement and waiting on your hopefully coming family members.


It's only a year later though, three years since youngest child was born, that you get a call, you're a little shocked by how soon it is but, you've been matched with a perspective child! You and Chris are shocked, but more than a little excited by it and are soon provided with a dossier of details.


You've been picked by a young teen who has found herself unexpectedly pregnant. She's actually already six months along and expecting a little boy. Her first family choice ended up not working out as they changed their minds on wanting a closed adoption and wanted the other one instead which did not work for her. Thankfully, she found you guys and believe you will be a good fit for her baby. The three of you get along well, and share a few common interests such as photography, hockey, and comedy which makes her feel more comfortable with the situation and soon enough you have everything signed and prepped and in just three months you'll be bringing home a new bundle of joy!


During the first month after you find out you set to work, including your kids of course, to setting up rooms for your coming family member.
Cooper's room, Amber's room, Leo&Lincoln's room, Luna&Ruby's room, and Rylan's room


Finally the time comes and your baby is  born and you honestly cannot believe it. You've chosen the name for your child and feel that it fits perfectly. His name is Rylan William Neo Grenon and he has blonde hair and hazel eyes and once you bring them home you have a small welcome party, just you, your kids, both your and Chris' parents and siblings come and meet their newest relative, seeing yourself surrounded by your family, from your newest addition to your parents you feel your heart swells and you know now that your family is complete, and a sense of peace comes over you as you realize that somehow you truly did manage to have it all. An amazing fulfilling career and a family full of so much light and love. You couldn't be happier.


It's been a long 28 years since you brought home your youngest children. You've had a full an amazing life and are honestly still up and running your day to day life now, Chris has been retired for the past five years and working full time with you at both your restaurants, and you both honestly couldn't be happier, you've got oodles of grandchildren and your kids are all happily settled down and living fantastic lives.

Cooper is bossy and sociable. His favorite childhood toy was puzzles. He's interested in running. He majored in political science and now works as a FBI agent. He's homosexual and married to Robin "Robbie" Colt Dixon who has red hair and almond eyes. They have one child; a 6 year old daughter named Penelope Sage Dixon who has red hair (from Robbie) and brown eyes (from the surrogate).

Amber is boring and sympathetic. Her favorite childhood toy was puzzles. She's interested in soccer. She majored in political science and now works as a lawyer. She's straight and engaged to Adrian Oakley Pratt who has blonde hair and blue eyes. They have three children; a 5 year old daughter named Lola Jean Pratt who has blonde hair and hazel eyes, a 3 year old son named Maddox Allen Pratt who has blonde hair and hazel eyes, and a newborn daughter named Natalie Claire Pratt who has blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Leo is anxious and hardworking. His favorite childhood toy was drums. He's into football. He majored in English and now works as an editor. He's straight and married to Temperance Odette (nee Baxter) who has blonde hair and hazel eyes. They had four children; a 12 year old son named Alastair Dean Grenon who has blonde hair and hazel eyes, a 7 year old son named Asher Daniel Grenon who has blonde hair and hazel eyes, a 4 year old daughter named Annabelle "Anna" Delaney Grenon who has blonde hair and hazel eyes, and a 1 year old son named August "Gus" David Grenon who has blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Lincoln is artistic and impulsive. His favorite childhood toy was Play-Doh. He's into building things. He majored in criminal justice and now works as a detective. He's straight and married to Aurora "Rory" Violet (nee Wilson) who has red hair and hazel eyes. They have five children; a 10 year old daughter named Lucy Rose Grenon who has red hair and hazel eyes, a 8 year old daughter named Evelyn "Evie" Jane Grenon who has black hair and hazel eyes, a 6 year old daughter named Margaret "Maggie" Anne Grenon who has black hair and hazel eyes, a 4 year old daughter named Amelia Wren Grenon who has black hair and hazel eyes, and a 3 year old son named Theodore "Theo" Harvey Grenon who has red hair and hazel eyes.

Luna is affectionate and stubborn. Her favorite childhood toy was puzzles. She's into softball. She majored in communications and now works as a reporter. She's straight and married to Roman Blaze Johnson who has red hair and almond eyes. They have two children; a 4 year old daughter named Daisy Mae Johnson who has blonde hair and almond eyes and a newborn son named Wyatt Ray Johnson who has blonde hair and almond eyes.

Ruby is boring and sympathetic. Her favorite childhood toy was puzzles. She's into piano. She majored in biology and now works as a biologist. She's bisexual and married to Lux Waverly Ellis-Grenon who has brown hair and hazel eyes. They have a set of 3 year old quints; 3 girls and 2 boys named (in birth order) Jordyn Belle Ellis-Grenon, Parker Chase Ellis-Grenon, Josie "Jojo" Joy Ellis-Grenon, Juliette Whitney Ellis-Grenon, and Peyton Elliot Ellis-Grenon. Jordyn has red hair (from the sperm donor) and blue eyes (from Ruby), Parker has red hair and green eyes (from the sperm donor), Jojo has black hair and blue eyes (from Ruby), Juliette has red hair and green eyes (from the sperm donor), and Peyton has black hair and blue eyes (from Ruby).

Rylan is artistic and impulsive. His favorite childhood toy was Play-Doh. He's into computer games. He majored in English and now works as a journalist. He's homosexual and married to Talon Scout Grenon-Dudley who has brown hair and brown eyes. They have three adopted children from Sweden; a 5 year old daughter named Felicia Ellen Grenon-Dudley who has brown hair and almond eyes, a 3 year old son named Hugo Vincent Grenon-Dudley who has brown hair and almond eyes, and a 2 year old son named Noah Axel Grenon-Dudley who has blonde hair and blue eyes.



Piper and Chris with Cooper, Amber, Leo, Lincoln, Luna, Ruby, Rylan

and furbabies Clover and Meadow


Cooper and Robbie with Penelope

Amber and Adrian with Lola, Maddox, and Natalie

Leo and Temperance with Alastair, Asher, Anna, and Gus

Lincoln and Rory with Lucy, Evie, Maggie, Amelia, and Theo

Luna and Roman with Daisy and Wyatt

Ruby and Lux with Jordyn, Parker, Jojo, Juliette, and Peyton


Rylan and Talon with Felicia, Hugo, and Noah

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