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Posted 27 December 2017 - 10:28 AM

Matriarchy/First born


The Harkness Legacy


The First Generation


DW: Tess Matilda

DH: Keaton 'Keats' Lowell (nee Jones)


DS: Axel Winston

DD: India Lisbeth

DS: Otto Cyrus


Tess and Keats Harkness with Axel, India and Otto.


The Second Generation


DW: India Lisbeth

DH: Hector Vaughn (nee Duke)


DD: Althea 'Thea' Mirabelle

DD: Esmeralda 'Esme' Fleur

DS: Castiel 'Caz' Duke

DD: Ramona 'Romy' Astrid


​India and Hector Harkness with Thea, Esme, Caz and Romy.


The Third Generation


DW: Althea 'Thea' Mirabelle

DW: Crystal Sabina (nee Evans)


DD: Robin Camry


Thea and Crystal Harkness with Robin.


The Fourth Generation


DW: Robin Camry

DH: Jivan 'Van' Amir (nee Patel)


DS: Tariq Apollo

DS: Rahul Marco

DD: Danika 'Dani' Blue


Robin and Van Harkness with Tariq, Rahul and Dani.


The Fifth Generation


DW: Danika 'Dani' Blue


DS/DD: Lennox Killian/ Leila Katherine


Dani Harkness with Lennox and Leila.


The Sixth Generation


DW: Leila Katherine

DH: Rhodri Lawson (nee Cooper)


DD: Asha Jonquil 

DS: Owen David

DS: Rhys Arthur

DD: Jaya Carys

DD: Mira Primrose


Leila and Rhodri Harkness with Asha, Owen, Rhys, Jaya and Mira.


The Seventh Generation


DW: Asha Jonquil

DH: Jasper 'Jaz' Rhett (nee Myles)


DD: Henrietta 'Etta' Florence

DS: Edmund 'Teddy' Paris


Asha and Jaz Harkness with Etta and Teddy.


The Eighth Generation


DW: Henrietta 'Etta' Florence

DH: Nico Teague (nee Scott)


DD: Ursula 'Lulu' Sage

DD: Minerva 'Minna' Rose

DD: Celestia 'Elle' Willow

DS: Orlando 'Orlo' Ash


Etta and Nico Harkness with Lulu, Minna, Elle and Orlo.


The Ninth Generation


DW: Ursula 'Lulu' Sage

DH: Klaus Edison (nee Davies)


DD: Elodie Roxanne

DD: Sylvie Marianne


Lulu and Klaus Harkness with Elodie and Sylvie.


The Tenth Generation


DW: Elodie Roxanne

DW: Verity Madonna (nee Lewis)


DS: Drake Montgomery

DS/DS: Silas Harrison/ Hugh Sawyer

DD: Oona Katherine Spencer

DD: Mara Isabelle Taylor


Elodie and Verity Harkness with Drake, Silas, Hugh, Oona and Mara.

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Posted 03 January 2018 - 03:18 PM

Rules: Patriarchy & First Born


Generation I


Calvin Whitfield Hugh & Olivia Josephine Anne


Calvin Whitfield Hugh II

Felix Mitchell Clive

Simon Prescott Grant

Eugene Harrison Earl

Rufus Jameson Wade

Leon Lawrence Clark, Josephine Nora Maeve & Annelise Lillian Jane



Generation II


Calvin Whitfield Hugh II & Matilda Eloise


Matilda Eloise Jane

Calvin Whitfield Hugh III

Edgar Hamilton John

Benedict Franklin Grant

Celia Olive June & Violet Anna Jo



Generation III


Calvin Whitfield Hugh III & Helena Margaret Faye


Calvin Whitfield Hugh IV

Henry Martin Oliver



Generation IV


Calvin Whitfield Hugh IV & Cora Genevieve Elle


Cora Genevieve Elle & Calvin Whitfield Hugh V

Catherine Zelda Harriett

Cecilia Audrey Mae

Clive Edwin Leopold

Cedric Jameson Abner

Charlotte Georgina Isabelle



Generation V


Calvin Whitfield Hugh V & Penelope Jane Diana


Calvin Whitfield Hugh VI

Edwin Henry Mitchell

Penelope Cora Maeve

Jane Annelise Matilda

Simon Eugene Oliver

Diana Margaret Mae



Generation VI


Calvin Whitfield Hugh VI & Felicity Corinne Vera


Felicie Cora Violet

Calvin Whitfield Hugh VII



Generation VII


Calvin Whitfield Hugh VII & Annelise Opal Maeve


Calvin Whitfield Hugh VIII

Asher Otis Maximillian



Generation VIII


Calvin Whitfield Hugh VIII & Rosamund Blythe


Lillian Rosamund, Abigail Blythe, & Calvin Whitfield Hugh IX

Ivy Gwendolyn

Leo Willoughby

Daisy Josephine

Ada Estelle

Isaac Wilberforce & Samuel Wesley



Generation IX


Calvin Whitfield Hugh IX & Rhea Dorothy Anne


Rhea Dorothy Anne

Miriam Audrey Clara

Calvin Whitfield Hugh X

Henrietta Ivy Eleanor

Anastasia Frances Jane



Generation X


Calvin Whitfield Hugh X & Marianne Violet Jane


Mabel Nora June & Clementine Eloise Maeve 

Ophelia Isabel Grace  & Edith Georgia Lou

Arabella Felicie Jane

Calvin Whitfield Hugh XI

Sebastian Porter Luke

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Posted 11 May 2018 - 06:51 AM

Generation One


Dh: Cosmo George Llewellyn

Dw: Fleur Eloise Llewellyn


Dd: Annabel Rose Llewellyn

Ds: Samuel George Llewellyn

Ds/Ds/Ds: William Cosmo Llewellyn/Thomas Archer Llewellyn/Robert Theodore Llewellyn

Ds: Peter Lewis Llewellyn


Cosmo & Fleur Llewellyn; with Annabel, Samuel, William, Thomas, Robert, & Peter



Generation Two


Dh: Peter Lewis Llewellyn

Dw: Alice Juliette Llewellyn


Ds: Sky Peter Llewellyn

Dd: Elsa Juliette Llewellyn

Dd/Ds: Hope Elizabeth Llewellyn/Oliver Lewis Llewellyn

Ds: Chase Matthew Llewellyn

Ds: Levi Cooper Llewellyn


Peter & Alice Llewellyn; with Sky, Elsa, Hope, Oliver, Chase, & Levi



Generation Three


Dh: Levi Cooper Llewellyn

Dw: Judith Rose Llewellyn


Ds: Atlas Warwick Llewellyn


Levi & Judith Llewellyn; with Atlas



Generation Four


Dh: Atlas Warwick Llewellyn

Dw: Katelyn Abigail Llewellyn


Ds: Noah Emmett Llewellyn

Ds: River Garrett Llewellyn

Dd: Lucy Katelyn Llewellyn


Atlas & Katelyn Llewellyn; with Noah, River, & Lucy



Generation Five


Dw: Lucy Katelyn Llewellyn

Dh: Charlie Isaac Llewellyn


Ds: Milton Shaun Llewellyn

Ds: Denver Solomon Llewellyn

Ds: Israel Shepherd Llewellyn


Lucy & Charlie Llewellyn; with Milton, Denver, & Israel



Generation Six


Dh: Denver Solomon Llewellyn

Dw: Isabella Jane Llewellyn


Dd: Sunday Rose Llewellyn

Dd: Nahla Jane Llewellyn

Dd: True Georgina Llewellyn


Denver & Isabella Llewellyn; with Sunday, Nahla, & True



Generation Seven


Dw: Nahla Jane Llewellyn

Dh: Easton Harper Llewellyn


Ds: Victor Easton Llewellyn

Ds: Zachary Harper Llewellyn


Nahla & Easton Llewellyn; with Victor & Zachary



Generation Eight


Dh: Zachary Harper Llewellyn

Dw: Trinity Desdemona Llewellyn


Ds: Hugo Harper Llewellyn

Ds: George Zachary Llewellyn

Ds: Simon Arthur Llewellyn

Ds: James Henry Llewellyn

Ds: Michael Charles Llewellyn


Zachary & Trinity Llewellyn; with Hugo, George, Simon, James, & Michael



Generation Nine


Dh: James Henry Llewellyn

Dw: Josephine Emma Llewellyn


Ds: Jeremiah Henry Llewellyn

Dd: Jessica Emily Llewellyn

Dd: Johannah Mae Llewellyn

Dd: Jennifer Wren Llewellyn

Dd: Jasmine Elise Llewellyn


James & Josephine Llewellyn; with Jeremiah, Jessica, Johannah, Jennifer, & Jasmine



The Llewellyn Family


Dw: Jessica Emily Llewellyn

Dh: Ulysses Nicodemus Llewellyn


Dd: Ophelia Emily Llewellyn


Jessica & Ulysses Llewellyn; with Ophelia


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Posted 12 May 2018 - 02:01 PM

Patriarchy/First Born


Generation One:


William James & Adelaide Renee Johnson

DD: Isla Noelle Johnson

DS: James William Johnson

DS: Sawyer Tristan Johnson

DD: Claire Adelaide Johnson

DD: Elizabeth Mae Johnson

DS/DS: Isaac Allen/Oliver Elias Johnson


William & Adelaide

Isla, James, Sawyer, Claire, Elizabeth, Isaac, Oliver


Generation Two:


James William & Gianna Rae Johnson

DS: Liam Robert Johnson

DS/DS: Holden James/Declan William Johnson

DD/DS/DS: Emerson Claire/Parker Andrew/Blake Maverick Johnson

DS: Spencer Jacob Johnson

DD: Adelyn Rae Johnson

DD/DS: Sierra Nicole/Camden Eric Johnson


James & Gianna

Liam, Holden, Declan, Emerson, Parker, Blake, Spencer, Adelyn, Sierra, Camden


Generation Three:


Liam Robert & Isabel Alena Johnson

DS: Killian Robert Johnson

DS: Emmett Lewis Johnson

DS: Jameson Philip Johnson

DS/DD: Holton Jeffrey/Brinley Fae Johnson


Liam & Isabel

Killian, Emmett, Jameson, Holton, Brinley


Generation Four:


Killian Robert & Arielle Marie Johnson

DS: Maxon Killian Johnson

DS/DS/DS: Beckett Leon/Griffin Bradley/Knox Israel Johnson

DD/DD/DS: Vivienne Delaney/Tessa Rosalie/Jasper Grant Johnson

DD: Aria Cecilia Johnson

DD: Eloise Genevieve Johnson


Killian & Arielle

Maxon, Beckett, Griffin, Knox, Vivienne, Tessa, Jasper, Aria, Eloise


Generation Five:


Maxon Killian & Paige Anastasia Johnson

DD: Lyla Margaret Johnson

DS: Truett Kingston Johnson


Maxon & Paige

Lyla, Truett


Generation Six:


Truett Kingston & Athena Rose Johnson

DD: Zoey Eleanor Johnson

DS/DD/DD: Christopher Levi/Talia Brooklyn/Victoria Elizabeth

DS: Sebastian Truett Johnson

DS: Henry James Johnson


Truett & Athena

Zoey, Christopher, Talia, Victoria, Sebastian, Henry


Generation Seven:


Christopher Levi & Scarlett Evelyn Johnson

DS: William Vaughn Johnson

DS: Maddax Reign Johnson

DD: Elleson Arianna Johnson

DS: Alaric Lyle Johnson

DS: Holton Alistair Johnson

DD: Blaire Nala Johnson


Christopher & Scarlett

William, Maddax, Elleson, Alaric, Holton, Blaire


Generation Eight:


William Vaughn & Kiera Natasha Johnson

DS: Dane William Johnson

DS: Boone James Johnson


William & Kiera

Dane, Boone


Generation Nine:


Dane William & Layla Claire Johnson

DD: Claire Royal Johnson

DD: Cadence Amora Johnson

DS/DS: Lachlan Christopher/Brecken Lee


Dane & Layla

Claire, Cadence, Lachlan, Brecken


Generation Ten:


Lachlan Christopher & Roselyn Joelle Johnson

DS: Callum Christopher

DD: Cameron Emelia Johnson

DD: Leighton Skye Johnson


Lachlan & Roselyn

Callum, Cameron, Leighton

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Posted 14 May 2018 - 12:48 AM

Succession: First-born (of either gender)


Special Note: Due to the succession laws chosen, the eldest child will retain their familial surname even if they are female, and their children will be given that surname rather than their father's.


I have also decided that the original patriarch will be honored in some form in every first-born child's name.


The Lineage of the Ravenlakes

Royal Family of the Kingdom of Rezenia



Generation 1


DH: Nicholas Alexander James Ravenlake

DW: Anastasia Victoria Rose (Sinclair) Ravenlake


DD: Emarintha Alexandra Jade Ravenlake

DD: Cassandra Anastasia Grace Ravenlake

DS: Alistair Victor Cole Ravenlake

DD: Isabella Maria Nicole Ravenlake



Generation 2


DW: Emarintha Alexandra Jade Ravenlake

DH: Aric Jasper Tristan Ellis


DS: Arthur Nicholas Charles Ravenlake

DS: Oliver Tristan John Ravenlake



Generation 3


DH: Arthur Nicholas Charles Ravenlake

DW: Esther Elizabeth (Clark) Ravenlake


DS: Gareth Alexander Clark Ravenlake



Generation 4


DH: Gareth Alexander Clark Ravenlake

DW: Lynneth Ariana Claire (Collingsworth) Ravenlake


DS: Emrys Kieran James Ravenlake

DS: Ian Elijah Cayden Ravenlake

DS: Liam Evander Seth Ravenlake

DD: Miri Jasmine Belle Ravenlake

DS: Luca Eleazar Jace Ravenlake



Generation 5


DH: Emrys Kieran James Ravenlake

DW: Isolde Mariella Violet (Oakland) Ravenlake


DD/DD: Bethan Ariana Nicole Ravenlake and Branwen Alexandria Noelle Ravenlake

DS/DS: Merlin Andrew John Ravenlake and Marek Ambrose Jude Ravenlake

DS/DS/DD: Gregor Alwyn Hunter Ravenlake, Gavin Aric Hector Ravenlake, and Guinevere Azalea Hope Ravenlake



Generation 6


DW: Bethan​ Ariana Rose Ravenlake

DH: Michael Jackson Levi Kensington


DS: Micah Nicholas Uriah Ravenlake



Generation 7


DH: Micah Nicholas Uriah Ravenlake

DW: Brenna Sophia Rain (Smithson) Ravenlake


DS: Menelaus Orion James Ravenlake

DS: Ajax Cedar Apollo Ravenlake



Generation 8


DH: Menelaus Orion James Ravenlake

DW: Alina Hannah Rosemary (Linden) Ravenlake 


DS: Perseus Alexander Valor Ravenlake



Generation 9


DH: Perseus Alexander Valor Ravenlake

DW: Jasmine Holly (Curtis) Ravenlake


DD: Linden Alexandria May Ravenlake



Generation 10


DW: Linden Alexandria May Ravenlake

DH: Alaric Connor Magnus Zachariah Drake


DS: Nicholas Aaron Drake Ravenlake

DS: Ezra Jared Leon Ravenlake

DS: Caspian Jonathan Kyle Ravenlake

DS/DD: Lucian Simon Paul Ravenlake and Aurora Abigail Rose Ravenlake

DS/DD: Phoenix Noah Declan Ravenlake and Wren Miriam Aisling Ravenlake

DD: Lyric Rebekah Winter Ravenlake

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