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Posted 17 June 2011 - 06:52 PM

DW: Mirabelle “Mira” Paiden Beckham, 19
Grew up in France, Paris and Little Rock, Virginia with her Aunt and Uncle, Vivienne Matilda Beckham and Lev Charles Beckham.
Attended the University of Southern California
Majored in Communication & French
Dreams of becoming a Ambassador
Works for The Government as an Ambassador

DH: Averil “Ave” Bryon Safford, 20
Attended the University of Southern California
Majored in French & Spanish.
Minored in Italian
Wants to be a Language Teacher
Works for Le Valet, a boarding school for boys.

Met at a Café on campus called La Vita. Mira and Ave bumped into each other spilling Mira’s coffee and Ave insisted he had to buy her another. They ended up sitting and chatting for hours over coffee and muffins till the last worker told them they had to leave.
After 1 year, Ave proposed to Mira on her birthday in front of her family and friends.
After a sunset beach wedding in the Caribbean they settled down in renovated, a historical home in France.

Birth 1 - DD/DD: Aubrey Leah Safford & Adriana Sophia Safford - 11
Birth 2 - DS/DD: Bentley Jace Safford & Briana Hailey Safford - 9
Birth 3 - DS: Camden Isaac Safford. - 7
Birth 4 - DS/DD: Derek Vance Safford & Danielle Valerie Safford - 6
Adoption 1 - DAD: Eleanor Marguerite Safford - 3
Adoption 2 - DAS: Francois Jacques Safford - 1

Cat - Luna


DW: Violet Poet Brennan, 24
Grew up in Vermillion, South Dakota with her Grandparents, Juliet Roma Brennan and Omri Quentin Brennan and her Younger Brother, Milo Langston Brennan.
Attended NYU
Majored in Theatre
Dreams of becoming a Broadway Star
Works on Broadway, currently staring as Maria in West Side Story.

DH: Pagan Nash Schuyler, 23
Attended the NYU
Majored in Law
Wants to be a Lawyer
Works for Pennington Firms as a Partner.

Met at Work, both were taking a summer job at the local kids camp to raise their own founds up a bit and ended up co-working the arts and crafts center together.
After 3 years, Pagan proposed to Violet on Valentine's Day, the ring slipped into a box of chocolates.
After a Large, expensive, & flashy wedding at home in NYC, Pagan and Violet went on a honeymoon in Hawaii. Afterwards they moved back to NYC and bought a Victorian Style home.

Birth 1 - DD: Quilla Lucia Brennan - 8
Birth 2 - DS/DS: Flynn David Brennan & Kent Evan Brennan - 6
Adoption 1 - DS: Willis Solomon Brennan - 9 (adopted at 5)
Adoption 2 - DD: Rachel Bea Brennan - 4 (adopted at 2)
Adoption 3 - DS: Samson Erik Brennan - 7 Months (adopted as newborn)

Posted Image
(Violet and Pagan)

Posted Image
(The boys: Kent in Red, Flynn in Blue, Willis in Yellow and Samson in Green/Grey.)

Posted Image

Posted Image

The Family recently welcomed home a few new family members.
Posted Image
(Lila, Baron and Drizzle)

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Posted 25 July 2011 - 08:20 PM

DW: Ramona "Ramey" Pandora Faulkner, 19
Grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her father, Raphael George Faulkner and her two younger twin sisters, Pamela Hope Faulkner and Deborah Honor Faulkner. They are both Sixteen.
Attended Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.
Majored in Medicine
Dreams of becoming an Obstetrician
Works at Mount Sinai Hospital.

DH: Thurstan Nash Sherwood, 20
Attended Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.
Majored in Medicine
Dreams of becoming a Cardiologist.
Works at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Ramey and Thurstan met while both doing summer internships at a local Rhode Island Hospital. Having chatted at the hospital they set up a date and it was all sealed after that moonlit beach stroll. They dated for three years before Thurstan finally popped the question. Thurstan proposed on Valentine's Day, the ring slipped into a box of chocolates. They had a traditional wedding in a church with friends and family. They spent their Honeymoon on the beaches in Tahiti. They settled in a colonial house in the upper east side.

(Birth 1 - DS/DS: Heath Jeffery Sherwood & Clayton Gunter Sherwood)

Two years into their marriage Ramey and Thurstan found themselves expecting and nine months later on January 5th they welcomed Heath Jeffery Sherwood & Clayton Gunter Sherwood. Not surprised to see twins because multiples ran in Ramey's family.

(Birth 2 - DD/DD: Katelyn Willow Sherwood & Dakota Maple Sherwood)

When the boys were three years of age Ramey and Thurstan decided to try for another child and after a few short months of trying they found themselves pregnant for a second time and with twins again! So on February 18th they brought home Katelyn Willow Sherwood & Dakota Maple Sherwood

(Adoption 1 - DD: Mei Lixue Sherwood)

When Katelyn and Dakota turned five Thurstan was enlisted by the hospital for their overseas program to help with the Red Cross. While there he fell in love with the children there. So sweet even though they had such grim lives. One story that stole his heart was that of a three year old girl, Mei Lixue Chua, who lost both of her parents and her elder sister to a radicals group attack. After talking with Ramey, at the end of Thurstans allotted time in China Ramey left the kids with her father and went to China were her and Thurstan adopted Mei and had her last name changed then brought her home.

(Adoption 2 - DD & DS: Valerie Clementine Sherwood & Etienne Clement Sherwood)

A little after Mei's first birthday with her new family. Ramey got a letter from her sister Pamela who had ended up going to Culinary school in France and marrying a local and staying. The letter was shocking, Pamela and her husband Francois had both died in a tragic car accident. In their will they had left custody of their two children. Valerie Clementine Dubois & Etienne Clement Dubois who were three and one in that order. Knowing this is what her sister would have wanted They took the children in and adopted them, having their last names changed.

(Adoption 3 - DD/DS: Lorelei Elise Sherwood & Lukas Casper Sherwood)

Three years after taking in her sisters kids Thurstan was once again sent away to a different country. This time to Germany. As before Thurstan fell in love with the country and its culture and while working there a young teen mother came in, far into her pregnancy and gave birth three months early to twins whom she named Lorelei Elise Guttenberg and Lukas Casper Guttenberg. In poor condition the hospital kept her and the babies in for three months. During this time the girl fought with her family on what to do with the babies. Having talked to her parents she refused to keep the babies, thinking that it would be best for her children she asked Thurstan to take them in, saying how he had money and a wonderful family. After the mother pleading with him for a week Thurstan talked it over with Ramey and they accepted taking the babies as their own and adopting them.

(Adoption 4 - DS: Lachlan Callum Sherwood)

Two years after his helping in Germany, Thurstan was sent to Scotland and deciding since it was summer break the whole family went. To help with her free time Ramey took up helping at a free clinic and one day near the end of their trip a woman was rushed in and gave birth to a little boy. The woman died and after trying to find the boys next of kin Ramey found none. Although after a day she found out that the mother had no family here and was not known well by the others having only come here a few months ago. The boy was to be sent to an Orphanage. Ramey's heart broke. So she went to her husband and after a long talk and a little persuasion of the female way in her part they adopted the baby and gave him a Scottish name. Lachlan Callum Sherwood.

(Adoption 5 - DD: Natasha Tanya Sherwood)

One year had passed since the family adopted Lachlan and things were going smooth. in fact Heath was so inspired by his families philanthropy he raised money in school to help with a Russian orphanage. He pen paled with the children and used his allowance to send toys for them at holidays. One day he turned to his parents and asked them for another sibling. Shocked by this they asked why and he told them of a little girl at the orphanage who needed surgery and couldn't get it because she was an orphan. The girl was only four years old. Listening to his sons rational plea as well as the fact that both couldn't help feel a need to help this poor child in need. So they adopted her and when to Russia. Natasha's surgery went perfectly and she hasn't had any injuries since.

The Sherwood's charity wasn't just for children but also for pets. They adopted four dogs and two cats. Pictured below.

Posted Image
(L to R: Abigail, Cherokee, Kitsune & Sirius)

Posted Image
(L to R: Sasha & Vladimir )

DH: Thurstan Nash Sherwood - 40
DW: Ramona "Ramey" Pandora Sherwood - 39
DS: Heath Jeffery Sherwood - 16
DS: Clayton Gunter Sherwood - 16
DD: Katelyn Willow Sherwood -13
DD: Dakota Maple Sherwood - 13
DAD: Mei Lixue Sherwood - 11
DAD: Valerie Clementine Sherwood - 10
DAS: Etienne Clement Sherwood - 7
DAD: Natasha Tanya Sherwood - 4
DAD: Lorelei Elise Sherwood - 3
DAS: Lukas Casper Sherwood - 3
DAS: Lachlan Callum Sherwood - 1

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Posted 26 July 2011 - 07:36 PM

DW: Juliet Persephone Mckenzie, 23
Grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona with her foster parents, Shia Benjamin & Caroline Victoria, and her brother, River Huxley.
She attended Arizona State University and majored in Criminology.
She wants to become an agent for the FBI.

DH: Giffard Tennyson Shwartz, 20
He is attending Arizona State University and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering.
He wants to become an Engineer.

Juliet and Giffard met in a cafe the summer before Giff's freshmen year at ASU.
Juliet is now an agent for the FBI and Giffard works as an Engineer.
Jules and Giff were together for 3 years before he finally asked Juliet to marry him.
They got engaged on Valentine's Day, Giff slipped the ring into a box of chocolates.
Their wedding was at a hotel with a party in the ballroom and for their honeymoon went to the Bahamas.
Once arriving home from their honeymoon they move into their brand new mansion.

A little over a year after getting married, to their surprise, Juliet gave birth to a son & a daughter.

Jeremiah Lucas and Arabella Rose

About two years later Juliet is pregnant again this time giving birth to two sons.

Archer James and Elijah Alexander

A little less than a year later, Giffard & Juliet welcome two more sons to the family.

Wyatt Zane and Ryker Adam

Two years later Giffard & Juliet are in the hospital once again welcoming their second daughter to the family.

Lyric Olivia

A few years later, their youngest child, Lyric, is now in Kindergarten.

So, during a case in Florida Juliet meets an infant boy who no longer had a family. After discussing it with
Giffard they decide to adopt him as a welcomed member to their family.

Declan Nicholas

On another case a year later, Juliet meets a 13 month old little girl who, like Declan, no longer had a family.
After discussing it with Giff, they adopt her.

Hermione Grace

About 6 months later, once again on another case, while at the hospital getting a few stitches Juliet
comes across the nursery and twin baby girls whose mother could not care for them.
Calling up Giffard right away they decide to adopt them.

Ainsley Paige and Izabelle Sophia

Three years later as Giff & Jules were on vacation with their children in England they come across an adoption
center and go in to see what it looked like and ended up seeing two little girls who got along greatly with their
other children and ended up adopting them.

Kadence Penelope and Waverly Eloise

A year later while on a trip alone in New York, Juliet & Giffard are introduced to little boy in need of a family.
They instantly fall in love with him and decide, for the last time, to adopt him and make him a part of their family.

Isaac Daniel

After years of the kids bugging them to get a family pet Juliet & Giffard finally give in and get them a cat.


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Posted 27 July 2011 - 10:07 PM

DW: Juliet Peyton Young, 23
Grew up in Melbourne, Australia with mum (Norah Elizabeth) dad (Jake Elliott)and older sister Lilah Verity.She is midway through her sports science degree at Monash University. Idealy she wants to become a sports psychologist for elite athletes

DH: Sayer Nash Scott, 24
He is at Swinburne University studying architecture. He wants to design sports complexes and art/entertainment venues as he also loves music!.

Juliet and Sayer met in a cafe while trying to catch the dying minutes of their teams massive grand final win.
After college Juliet went on to become the sports psychologist at the Australian Institute of sport specialising in gymnastics/diving. Sayer performs whenever he can in his band Sleet and has just finished designing the aquatic arena for the next Commonewalth Games .
After 5 yrs they got engaged.
It was xmas day and the ring was wrapped in a box under the tree.
Their wedding was small, intimate and person...perfect Their honeymoon was to the bahamas where they chilled and tanned!.
They now have a perfect suburban house in the trendy suburb of Prahan, 5 minutes from chapel st.

A yr after their honeymoon Juliet fell pregnant with their first children.

[bDS/DS: Hart Daniel West Mason][/b]

Pergnance 2 happened 12 months later.

DS/DD: Kase Tarak and Kaia Teneley

once again a yr later Juliet was pregnant again.

DD:Holly grier

Birth no4 and mor twins to add to the family.

DS/DS: Sonny Madden/ Lukas Dashiel

And birth no 5 is 10 months later

DS/DS: Kash Tallon/ Slate Blaze

three years later Juliet fell pregnant for the final time and had their third girl

DD: Breeah Kiarn

Their children were growing up some in university, most in highschool and only a few left int he house it was quiet and empty.

On an anniversary trip to Russia Juliet and Sayer took a wrong turn and ended up at an child orphanage, depressed at what they saw they vowed to try to make a differenc and adopt two little twin girls 3 yrs old.

Anastasia Lilya/ Ksenia Viktorya

After going back 2 yrs later to take the girls on a trip to see their herratige and they decided to adopt just on more time.

Natalya Keesa

We cant forge to add Sparky the dog who each child grew up with.played with/cried with and cuddled.

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Posted 05 August 2011 - 12:32 AM

DW: Augusta Peyton Lawrence, 21
Grew up in Elkview, West Virginia with her parents, Shiloh Joseph Lawrence and Evelyn Talia Lawrence as well as her younger brother Rocco Vincent Lawrence, who is 19.
Attended Dartmouth University in Hanover, New Hampshire.
Majored in Communications and Political Science.
Dreams of being an international lawyer.
Works for the United Nations.

DH: Wystan Lowell Sutton, 24
Attended Dartmouth University in Hanover, New Hampshire.
Majored in Journalism.
Dreams of being an investigative journalist.
Works for The New York Times.

Wystan and Augusta met through their mutual friend, Dana Marion Lewis, Dana was a Poltical Science major which is how she and Augusta met and she went to the same High School as Wystan. They hit it off after that. Augusta and Wystan dated for three years before getting engaged. They got engaged On New Year's Eve, as the clock stroked midnight Wystan proposed. They had a small, intimate, & personal wedding. Augusta and Wystan had their honeymoon in London. Then they got their first home together in Albany, New York. They bought a nice, large Victorian home.

( Birth 1 - DS/DS: Eric Andrew Sutton& Riley Anthony Sutton)

Wystan and Augusta were shocked to find their honeymoon gallivanting lead to their first pregnancy and were even more shocked to find that they were having identical twins. After seven months they welcomed home little boys Eric and Riley.

(Birth 2 - DD: Meadow Florence Sutton)

A year after having the twins Augusta missed a birth control shot because she was taking care of the twins and a month later she found out she was once again pregnant and this time she welcomed home a little girl whom they named Meadow.

(Birth 3 - DS/DS: David Porter Sutton & Thomas Victor Sutton)

Two years after having Meadow Wystan and Augusta seeing their kids getting older both yearned to take care of a little baby. So they decided to try for another child and ended up having fraternal twin boys this time.

(Birth 4 - DS/DD: William Samuel Sutton & Lauren Penelope Sutton)

Four years after having David and Thomas, Augusta was on leave and with all her children now at school Augusta felt like her home was so empty so she went to Wystan and after some arguing and bartering they agreed to try ONE more time and welcomed home William and Lauren eight months later. A month after that Wystan went for a vasectomy.

(Birth 5 - DD/DD: Helen Clarissa Sutton & Faith Josephina Sutton)

A year after having William and Lauren, Wystan and Augusta had the shock of their life. Wystan's vasectomy had failed and they were pregnant again. After a long talk the two decided it wasn't right for them to abort and that what was two more so they waited and six months later they welcomed into the world Helen and Faith.

(Adoption 1 - DD: Lei Mulan Sutton)

Four years later Augusta was approved by the U.N to go and start working in other countries and she and the family ended up in China. While working on getting more child labor laws put in place and Augusta was so shocked by these children's plight so she, after talking with Wystan, decided to make a diffrence and the family adopted a little three year old girl named Lei Mulan Wang whom they later had last name changed to Sutton.

(Adoption 2 - DD: Minka Roza Sutton)

Two years had passed after the Sutton family adopted Lei and were once again uprooted but this time to Poland. Wystan was working on a report on child slave trade for different things such as labor to sex slaves when his lead led to the arrest of a large chain and the homes needed for a large group of kids. The family once again decided to help out those who were in need and took in a little five year old girl named Mika who didn't even have a middle or last name. She'd been lucky enough to not be involved in sex slavery but who worked as a kitchen slave. They gave her the middle name Roza and their last name.

(Adoption 3 - DD/DD: Shannon Erin Sutton & Aideen Fiona Sutton)

This time their stay only lasted for a year before the family was shipped to Ireland were Augusta was working in a case were a pregnant teen witness to an Irish Mob whose father was a member, her parents wanted her back. It did not end well, The girl was shot forcing her into labor which she did not survive leaving Augusta with a choice. Let the girls go to their grandparents or take them in. She did the right thing with Wystans approval and took in the girls. She gave them Irish names in honor of their heritage.

(Adoption 4 - DS: Carmine Roberto Sutton)

Two years following, the family now back home in the states got a shocking call. Wystans brother, Jonathan and his wife Mila who had met at Jonathans job as an English professor were shot and killed in a robbery. Orphaning their seven year old son Carmine. Following Jonathan and Mila's will Wystan and Augusta took custody of Carmine and helped him deal with his trauma.

(Adoption 5 - DD/DS: Kyra Isadora Sutton & Lysander Xanthus Sutton)

Three years and a high level crisis is going on in Greece sent to help calm issues there Augusta took the family to stay with her relatives there as well as to help them financially since they were suffering from the crisis. Augusta's cousin Alyssa Missa Carpuzi had fallen ill with cancer and was in too sick to attempt treatment so she asked Augusta to take in her year old twins, Kyra and Lysander so they would be able to go to America and live better. Augusta and Wystan agreed to Alyssa's final wishes and three months later after Alyssa's death they adopted the twins.

(Adoption 6 - DD: Colette Madeline Sutton)

a year later after an American living in France was caught raiding the bestial. Augusta was sent there by herself to be the man's lawyer, she found out a famous French con man, Jacques Moreau had abducted the man's wife and his four year old child. Augusta went to the CIA but it was too late the man had been sentenced to death but they did find his wife and child, hypothermic and starved they were rushed to the hospital. Their daughter survived but her mother passed away. With no family, the child had no home to go to. Augusta feeling responsible for the girl losing her family she took her in too make sure he was raised in a nice home with anything she could want.

After a year, The kids all talked about wanting some pets so the family took in three dogs, a fish, a frog, three parakeets and two cats.

Posted Image

( L to R: Jeremiah, Rascal and Beau)

Posted Image

(L to R: Skittles and Cinnamon)

Posted Image

(Bloop the Goldfish)

Posted Image

(Trevor the Frog)

Posted Image

(L to R: Tweety, Barry and Fernando)

Family List

DH: Wystan Lowell Sutton - 48
DW: Augusta Peyton Sutton - 45
DS: Eric Andrew Sutton - 21
DS: Riley Anthony Sutton - 21
DD: Meadow Florence Sutton - 20
DS: David Porter Sutton - 18
DS: Thomas Victor Sutton - 18
DS: William Samuel Sutton - 14
DD: Lauren Penelope Sutton - 14
DD: Helen Clarissa Sutton - 13
DD: Faith Josephina Sutton - 13
DAD: Lei Mulan Sutton - 12
DAD: Minka Roza Sutton - 12
DAS: Carmine Roberto Sutton - 11
DAD: Shannon Erin Sutton - 6
DAD: Aideen Fiona Sutton - 6
DAD: Colette Madeline Sutton - 4
DAD: Kyra Isadora Sutton - 2
DAS: Lysander Xanthus Sutton - 2

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Posted 31 August 2011 - 03:48 PM

Hey everyone, I am Ophelia Persephone Dean, 24 of age. I lost my parents during a car accident when I was 5 years old. So my grandparents, Tobin Edward and Evelyn Adelaide, gave me a home and lots of love. I lived with them in Boston until I went of to college to study architecture. I just graduated from University of Illinois in Chicago. I always dreamed of becoming a well known architect and passionate professor. I was an intern at B&B Architects in Chicago. They said I can come back after college and start working for them as a full time architect. The job starts in a week and I am so excited about that.

During my first year in Chicago, I met my soon-to-be husband Jevon Crane Spalding who is 25. 1 year ago, he graduated from Columbia College in Chicago, majoring in journalism and minoring in photography. He is dreaming of becoming a bestselling author who inspires others to help less fortunate people around the world. Right after graduation he was hired by Tribune, working as multimedia journalist. He has to do all the little things for every story, I call that multitasking ;-).

Jev was working in a café where I usually got my coffee in the morning and met friends on the weekends, that was 5 years ago. It's been almost a year since he proposed. I gave a little roof top party for my 24th birthday, having invited my friends and grandparents. He was very nervous the whole day and after he popped the question, I knew why. :-) Of course I said yes.

It took us a long time to figure out what we want our wedding to be. We agreed on getting married the traditional way. We were looking for a romantic church and found it just outside of Chicago. Almost everyone of our families and friends are coming this weekend. But the most exciting thing about our wedding is the honeymoon. We quickly agreed on going to Greece, all the ancient architecture and spectacular sights for photographs made this decision very easy.


It's been 10 years since we got married and a lot of things happend during that time:
After working for 3 years for Tribune, Jev was transferred to Philadelphia. Moving was difficult because I was pregnant with our first daughter, Elaina Evelyn, who is now 8. Our twin boys, Julius Benjamin and Lucius Benedict, were born 2 years later, being 6 now. Because of our growing family we decided to buy a house, not just any house, we wanted to renovate a historical house. It turned out great. During that time, Jev came up with the idea of giving a child in need a new home. He was talking to a co-working who had adopted 2 little babies that were going to be in the system. I absolutely loved the idea. So we applied to be foster parents with the opportunity of adoption. Nathaniel Thomas joined our family, he is almost 4 now. Soon after, twins were on their way. It's been 2 and a half years, since Dorian Edward and Daphne Adelaide were born. We thought that our family was complete but a lady from social services called a few days ago and asked if we would give 2 precious little girls a loving home and we couldn't resists. We are excited of getting to know little Madelyn Rose and Rosalyn Mae. They are already one, so we have decided on keeping the names, they are gorgeous anyway!

I always say that a family isn't a family without at least one pet. But since we do not have that much time for a dog, we gave a little cat a home. We named him Sherlock, after Sherlock Holmes, and he has been a family member for 5 years.

(note: this was just a story, nothing true about it)

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Posted 31 August 2011 - 10:26 PM

My name is Evangeline Patience Bailey and I am 19 years old. I grew up in Marion, Iowa. I had foster parents named Ethan Joseph and Evelyn Charlotte. I have two brothers named Asher Mason and Levi Beckett. I am going to college at Princeton University and majoring in Elementary Education to become a 1st grade teacher. My husband's name is Pascoe Nash Shelley and he is 24 years old. He is going to Princeton University and majoring in the arts hoping to become an actor. We met when we worked together at a restaurant. During college, I worked as a waitress and Pascoe worked as a trainer. We dated for three years before we got engaged. Pascoe proposed on the anniversary of the day we met at the exact spot where we met. We had a small, intimate, personal wedding with very few guests. We went on a dream honeymoon in Italy. We choose to settle down in Los Angeles, California in a suburban house. We got pregnant 2 times. First, we had a baby girl named Sawyer Grace. We we had fraternal boy and girl twins named Christopher Nicholas, who we call Criss and Noah Faith. We adopted 4 times. First, we adopted a little girl named Carter Hope. Next we adopted a little boy named Micah James. After Micah, we adopted 2 sisters named Carson Joy and Shayne Eden. Lastly, we adopted two boys named Isaiah Samuel and Nathan Andrew, who we like to call Nate. After having and adopting many kids, we decided to adopt a puppy named Nutsy.


Posted Image


Posted Image

Sawyer Grace:

Posted Image

Christopher Nicholas nn. Criss and Noah Faith:

[image removed]

Carter Hope:

[image removed]

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Posted 31 August 2011 - 10:31 PM

Micah James:

Posted Image

Carson Joy and Shayne Eden:

[image removed]

Isaiah Samuel:

[image removed]

Nathan Andrew:

[image removed]


Posted Image

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Posted 01 September 2011 - 12:46 PM

DW: Evangeline "Eva" Persephone Fletcher, 19
Grew up in Hayden, Alabama with her mother, Norah Sydney Fletcher, and her two younger brothers. Asher Langston Fletcher and Wyatt Levi Fletcher.
Attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.
Majored in Biology.
Dreams of being a Geneticist
Works for The Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Human Genetic Research.

DH: Tace Dickinson Sylvester, 21
Attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.
Majored in Economics and Accounting.
Dreams of being an Accountant.
Works for Edelstein & Co. Accounting Firm.

Tace and Eva at an after party for the Lacrosse team where Tace was a varsity member. They had a great time and Tace asked Eva out and after some chasing on his side he won Eva's heart. They dated for three years before Tace proposed. Tace proposed on Christmas Day, with the ring wrapped in a box under the tree. Our wedding was large, expensive, & flashy. We had our honeymoon in the Caribbean. Then we settled down in Massachusetts. we bought a mansion knowing we both wanted a big family.

(Birth 1 - DD/DD: Viola Tessa Sylvester & Bridget Marina Sylvester)

Not long after their marriage started Eva found out she was pregnant and Tace could not have been more excited. Then they were shocked to find out they were having fraternal twin girls. So after prepping one of the mant rooms in their mansion they welcomed home Viola Tessa Sylvester and Bridget Marina Sylvester.

(Birth 2 - DS: Everett Umber Sylvester)

Always wanting a big family, after two years Eva and Tace tried to conceive and quickly did. After nine months they welcomed home their first little boy. Everett Umber Sylvester. Sadly, the birth was rough and both Eva Everett almost died but they pulled through but sadly Eva was no longer going to be able to have children.

(Adoption 1 - DAS: Oliver Jacob Sylvester)

Another year had passed when Tace walked in on his new assistant Georgina crying, asking what was wrong Tace found out that her boyfriend had just dumped her when he found out she was pregnant and that Georgina didn't know what to do or how to tell her family. She was only nineteen. Tace told her it would be okay, she had lots of options and he was here for her and that she should take the rest of the day off and she had his cell phone if she needed help. At the dinner table Tace told Eva of what was going on, Eva felt so bad for her. Georgina was a nice girl who had big dreams of one day getting into law school and something like this could ruin her dreams. Eva brought up their want for a big family and her inability to have more children. So Tace talked to Georgina and she agreed this would be great for her and the baby. So five months later Tace and Eva adopted Georgina's baby and named him Olver Jacob Sylvester.

(Adoption 2 - DAS: Hudson Ryder Sylvester)

Two years had passed and Eva with her girls now going to school felt like her home was so quite with only two boys who both although full of energy just didn't need her as much. Eva yearned to have a baby in her arms. So after talking with Tace they decided they had the room and the love to adopt another child. They ended up going to England were they adopted a newborn boy who had the cutest blue eyes and the softest blonde peach fuzz hair atop his head. They named him Hudson Ryder Sylvester.

(Adoption 3 - DAD/DAD: Tallulah Indigo Sylvester & Piper Jade Sylvester)

Four years after adopting Hudson, with all the kids in school and with work slowly loosing interest to Eva she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom so she decided to quit her job with a good severance pay. Eva again felt like her nest was so empty so she approached Tace who agreed with her that he would love more kids and that there were so many children in need. So they looked into local adoption and found a teen mom a town over who was having twin girls. She wanted a closed adoption and Eva and Tace thought that would be best. So they adopted her newborn little girls. They named them Tallulah Indigo Sylvester and Piper Jade Sylvester.

(Adoption 4 - DAD & DAS: Margret Ismay Sylvester & Austin Camden Sylvester)

Two years after adopting Piper and Tallulah . The news story of a boom in children being given up due to families not being able to take care of them. Eva and Tace having heard of this went to their local adoption center who they worked with to get Piper and Tallulah and asked them if there was anything they could do. Donations and such. So they donate money but also talked to about adoption again and within a month they adopted siblings Margret who is four and her newborn brother Austin.

Family List
DH: Tace Dickinson Sylvester - 35
DW: Evangeline "Eva" Persephone Sylvester - 33
DD: Viola Tessa Sylvester - 11
DD: Bridget Marina Sylvester - 11
DS: Everett Umber Sylvester - 9
DAS: Oliver Jacob Sylvester - 8
DAS: Hudson Ryder Sylvester - 6
DAD: Margret Ismay Sylvester - 4
DAD: Tallulah Indigo Sylvester - 2
DAD: Piper Jade Sylvester - 2
DAS: Austin Camden Sylvester - Newborn

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Posted 02 September 2011 - 09:22 PM

DW: Pearl Paden Bryson, 19
Grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado with her father, Shai Quentin Bryson as well as her younger brother Rio Ambrose Bryson and her older sister Georgia Hope Bryson.
Attended Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts
Majored in Law
Wants to be a Lawyer
Works for Bryson and Peters Law Firm

DH: Durand Crane Sackville, 20
Grew up in Fort Thomas, Kentucky with his mother and father Michal Andrew Sackville and Caroline Talia Sackville. As well as his two older brothers, two younger brothers and his three younger sisters. Jacob Brandon Sackville, Anthony Carlo Sackville, Christopher Tyler Sackville, Orion Jackson Sackville, Emma Riley Sackville and twins Ashley Grace Sackville and Allison Faith Sackville.
Attended Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts
Majored in Medicine
Wants to be a Surgeon
Works for Laurel Dove Christian Hospital

Met at a charity fundraiser for breast cancer where they both were volunteering as waiters. They dated for six months before Durand proposed. He proposed on New Year's Eve, as the clock stroked midnight. Their wedding was large, expensive, & flashy. They then had their honeymoon in the Caribbean. They then settled down on Long Island, New York in a Mansion.

(Birth 1 - DD: Layla Zoe Sackville)

Less than a week into their honeymoon did Pearl and Durand found out they were expecting. Something that made them both excited because both of them wanted a big family like Durand grew up with. Excited beyond belief in five months they welcomed home Layla Zoe Sackville.

(Birth 2 - DS/DS: Elijah Carter Sackville & Gavin Parker Sackville)

On Laylas first birthday, Durand and Pearl were shocked to find they were pregnant it seemed you could get pregnant after recently having a baby even with the extra hormones. Even more shocked to find they were having twin boys!

(Birth 3 - DD/DD: Mia Alexandra Sackville & Valeria Sophie Sackville )

Another year later and wanting to have another child this time planned. Durand and Pearl soon got pregnant and welcomed home little girls Mia Alexandra Sackville and Valeria Sophie Sackville.

(Birth 4: DD/DS: Rachel Maya Sackville & Tyler Adrian Sackville)

Again less than a year later Durand and Pearl found themselves expecting twins and were so shocked and excited. They wanted a big family. Sure it was a little faster than expected but that was okay by them. Nine months later they welcomed Rachel Maya Sackville and Tyler Adrian Sackville.

(Adoption 1 - DS & DS: Oliver Blake Peters & Cole Tristan Peters)

Two years after having Rachel and Tyler, Durand and Pearl where out to dinner with Pearls business partner and best friend since college Alisha Sarah Peters and her husband Daniel Joseph Peters to celebrate a giant win that would greatly publicize their law firm. Pearl was recently pregnant as well and excited as ever. Alisha who had a four year old son Oliver and a one year old son Cole was considering trying to have another child soon. Then while driving home they were hit by a drunk driver. Daniel was killed on impact and Alisha died on the way to the hospital. Pearl miscarried and had to get a hysterectomy and could not have any more children. Having no siblings and being only children Alisha and Daniel left their kids to Pearl and Durand. Who took them in without a doubt since they loved them so already. The children then in part took their names.

(Adoption 2 - DD/DS: Ava Madison Sackville & William Jax Sackville)

Having settled down now two years after the tragedy, Pearl got a call from Durands younger sister Allison who was startlingly distressed. She said at 17 she was pregnant and she didn't know who the father was. She got pregnant from a drunken hook up at another high schools big end of the year party. Even more she was having twins! She said she wasn't ready to have kids as well as she couldn't stand the idea of giving them away and never seeing them again and always wondering if they were okay. Pearl promised her it would be okay and that she would talk to Durand. And so she did, they both agreed they would love more kids as well as it would be best to keep the babies in the family. So five months later they adopted Ava Madison Sackville and William Jax Sackville.

(Adoption 3 - DD: Isabella Paige Sackville)

Two years after adopting Ava and William, Durand and Pearl decided that they could now welcome another child into their family from somewhere less fortunate and went to the Ukraine where they adopted a newborn little girl and named her Isabella Paige Sackville.

(Adoption 4 - DS: Hunter Wyatt Sackville)

Only a year after adopting Isabella, Pearl got a call from her friend Amelia who had recently adopted a little girl as well that her daughters mother was going to have another baby and that as much as she wanted to she couldn't take another child right now and thought of Pearl and Durand and thought they might be interested. They were and this time she had a little boy. They named him Hunter Wyatt Sackville.

(Adoption 5 - DS & DS: Brody Mason Sackville & Noah Jonathan Sackville)

Two years after adopting Hunter, Durand got a devastating call. His youngest brother Orion, a single father due to his wife's death giving birth to their second child, had a heart attack and died. The children were at the hospital with him a town over and could he please come over and get them. Durand rushed over there to be with the boys who had already lost so much. He found out he was listed as next of kin and took them home then to find out he and Pearl were the boys legal guardians. They of course took them in and hoped to give them a happier life then they had thus far.

(Adoption 6 - DD & DS: Jade Camilla Sackville & Duncan Christian Sackville)

Five years after the latest tragedy another tragedy struck. The Local Preschool had a huge fire while hosting a parents night leading to the death of fifteen parents leaving twenty-one children orphaned. Knowing that they had the money as well as the space. Pearl and Durand decided to adopt a sibling set who were three and just a few months. A girl named Jade Camilla and Duncan Christian Sackville.

Less than a year after getting Jade and Duncan, the local ASPCA held a giant adoption. Having a large home on a giant acreage with a farm house the family decided it was time to get some pets.

Posted Image
(L to R: Lucky, Florence, Coco, Milo & Duke)

Posted Image
(L to R: Crookshanks, Granger, Snowball, Maxine & Tiger)

Posted Image
(L to R: Cookie, Mimi, Daisy & Peter)

Posted Image
(L to R: Bonkers, Coraline, Bandit & Alfred)

Posted Image
(L to R: Knight, Ace & Queenie)

Family List
DH: Durand Crane Sackville - 37
DW: Pearl Payden Bryson - 36
DD: Layla Zoe Sackville - 17
DS: Elijah Carter Sackville - 16
DS: Gavin Parker Sackville - 16
DAS: Oliver Blake Sackville - 16
DD: Mia Alexandra Sackville - 15
DD: Valeria Sophie Sackville - 15
DD: Rachel Maya Sackville - 14
DS: Tyler Adrian Sackville - 14
DAS: Cole Tristan Sackville - 13
DAS: Brody Mason Sackville - 12
DAD: Ava Madison Sackville - 10
DAS: William Jax Sackville - 10
DAS: Noah Jonathan Sackville - 9
DAD: Isabella Paige Sackville - 8
DAS: Hunter Wyatt Sackville - 7
DAD: Jade Camilla Sackville - 3
DAS: Duncan Christian Sackville - Newborn

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Posted 02 September 2011 - 10:43 PM

Your name: Evangeline Prudence Dane

Age: 24

Where did you grow up? Santa Fe, New Mexico

Your parents/guardians: Mom & Dad
Tobin George and Evelyn Elizabeth

Your siblings: Only Child

Where are you going to college? University of New Mexico

What are you majoring in? Creative Writing

What are you aspiring to become? Writer

DH's name: Rayner Tennyson Scardsdale

His age: 25

Where is/did he going to college? University of New Mexico

What is/did he major in? Biology/Zoology

What is he aspiring to become? Veternarian

Where/how did you & DH meet? Roll the dice.
1. Through a mutual friend, Natasha (Evangeline's best friend & Rayner's Cousin)

After college, what is your occupation? Writer

His occupation? Veternarian

How long did you & DH date for before getting engaged? 6 months

How did DH propose? On the anniversary of the day you two met, at the exact same spot you met

Your wedding: Small, intimate, & personal

Your honeymoon: Greece

Where do you decide to settle down? Santa Fe

Your home: Colonial house

How many times do you get pregnant? 2

Pregnancy #1.
Boy/girl twins: Milo Rayner / Elula Belle

Pregnancy #2.
Boy/girl twins: Gideon Lucas / Aeliana Jade

How many times do you adopt? 4

Adoption #1. Two Children
Boy: Zayden Urijah
Girl: Paytin Imogen

Adoption #2.
Girl: Violet Marie

Adoption #3. 2 boys
Boy: Sawyer Timothy
Boy: Cason Wesley

Adoption #4. 2 girls
Girl: Stella Brielle
Girl: Laurel Kate

Cat: Tomas O'Malley

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Posted 19 September 2011 - 06:39 PM

Name: Evangeline Prudence Tatum (Edit: LOL I picked the same first and middle names as the person b4 me without trying)

Age: 21

Where did you grow up? Dayton, Ohio

Parents/Guardians: Aunt Vivienne Charlotte (Aunt Viv) and Uncle Nathaniel David (Uncle Nate)

Sibling(s): Sister-Camille Hope Tatum, who is a year older than me.

Where are you going to college? Dayton

What are you majoring in? Theatre

What are you aspiring to become? An actress

DH’s name: Rayner Byron Southwell

His age: 23

Where is/did he go to college? Dayton (same as me)

What is/did he major in? Law enforcement

What is he aspiring to become? A police officer, then a detective

Where/how did you and DH meet? Through a family member (Camille is in most of his college courses; she wants to be a cop as well.)

After college, what is your occupation? An actress (In between jobs, I plan to be a stay-at-home mother)

His occupation? A police officer

How long did you & DH date for before getting engaged? 2 years

How did DH propose? On Christmas Day, with the ring wrapped in a box under the tree.

Your Wedding: A beautiful backyard wedding with lots of plants and nature.

Your Honeymoon: Greece

Where do you decide to settle down? Dayton, where we both grew up.

Your home: Suburban house

How many times do you get pregnant? 6

Pregnancy #1: DS: Matthias Ayden

Pregnancy #2: DD: Briar Calypso

Pregnancy #3: DS: Everett Fayne

Pregnancy #4: DS: Luca Taylor

Pregnancy #5: DS/DS: Nico Marcellus/Paxton Leroy

Pregnancy #6: DS: Adrian Kayle

How many times do you adopt? 2

Adoption #1: DAD: Calliope Whit

Adoption #2: DAS: Jamey Murtagh

Pet (male cat): Remus

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Posted 03 March 2014 - 02:26 PM

I am Juliet Prudence Beckham Salisbury.


My uncle is Malachi Charles Beckham.

My aunt is Violet Sydney Beckham.


I have one brother, Asher Vincent Langston Beckham.

I have one sister, Cecily Hope Beckham.


I am married to Thurston Nash Salisbury.


We have twin boys. Ezra Nicholas Salisbury and Nehemiah Daniel Salisbury.


We have another boy. Uriah Kevin Salisbury.


We have our first girl. Astrid Amelia Salisbury.


We have another girl. Elowen Story Salisbury.


We have another girl. Evangeline Pearl Salisbury.


We adopt a girl. Ingrid Lark Salisbury.


We adopt a boy. Thomas Eli Salisbury.


We adopt two boys. Benjamin Olaf Salisbury and Ezekiel Crew Salisbury.


We adopt a boy. Seth Callahan Salisbury.


We adopt a girl. Claret Isabel Salisbury.

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Posted 03 March 2014 - 03:28 PM

My name is Beatrice Pandora Carlisle. I am 22 years old and I grew up in a small town in Ohio under the custody of my grandparents, Margo Adelaide and Nathaniel George "Nate". I have two sisters, Mae Constance [19] and Camille Hope [17]. I am going to college in my hometown, majoring in psychology and criminal justice, and am aspiring to become a social worker.


My husband's name is Thurston Hugo Stark, and he is 21 years old. Though we were from the same town, he went to college in Boston, majored in filmmaking and is aspiring to become a director. We met through my sister Mae, since while going to college he is working at the same restaurant that she works at.


After college, I become a social worker and Thurston becomes an assistant director for a senior director named Andrew Reams. Because of his work, he travels a lot.


Thurston and I got engaged only a year after we met. He proposed on New Year's Eve right as the clock struck midnight. Not long after, we had a traditional church wedding with friends & family and honeymooned in the Caribbean.


We end up settling down (or as much as Thurston's job allows) in a Colonial house back where we both grew up. 


I get pregnant only once, but we get two for the price of one with twin boys! We decide to name them Thomas James and Peter Jack "PJ".


 We do adopt twice, though. First we adopt a little boy named Hugo Lysander who is a year older than the boys, who are three years old when we adopt him. Two years after Hugo, we foster and then adopt a pair of siblings with Irish heritage, a boy named Ciaran Alexander and a girl named Caitlin Maeve. Ciaran is three years old and deaf when we adopt him and Caitlin is a year old. 


Beatrice [30] & Thurston Stark [29]


Hugo [6], Thomas [5], PJ [5], Ciaran [3], & Caitlin [1]

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Posted 04 March 2014 - 05:04 AM

My name is April Penelope Van Zandt, and I'm 19. I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, with my grandparents, Lev Benjamin and Margo Victoria, and older brother, Rocco Vincent. I just moved to the UK because I'm starting University here. I'm going to Lancaster University, and I'm studying architecture because I want to be an architect.


It's been two years since I started Uni, and things have taken a surprising leap! I met my fiance Pagan Giovanni Sikes, during the first week of Uni. He was studying in the campus cafe, and I accidentally tripped over him. He was 23 and in his last year of studying. He was doing English literature, because he wanted to be a teacher. We hit it off, but stayed friends for the first three months or so, and then we started dating. Well it's now been two years (I'm 21 and he's 25), and he recently proposed to me! We live together in a small flat near the uni, and on Christmas day he proposed by wrapping the ring and putting it under the tree. I said yes, of course, and we're so excited to plan the wedding.


Well it's been another year, and the wedding was gorgeous. It was large, expensive, and flashy, but we all enjoyed it so, so much. My grandparents and brother flew over for it, and they all decided to stay here! Pagan and I honeymooned in France, which was incredibly romantic, and on our return we immediately started house hunting. We bought a four bedroom Victorian house in Leicester, and my grandparents and older brother bought houses in the same area. Pagan got a job at the local primary school, so his dreams of being a teacher have been realise! I'm an architect's assistant for now, but someday hope to be a real architect. I have some more exciting news; Pagan and I are going to be parents! We're having twins, and they're due early next year. We're ecstatic, and can't wait for them to arrive!


The twins are here! Easton Giovanni Lev and Celeste Rocco Victoria arrived at 8:15 on the 5th of January, and they are adorable. Easton has my blue eyes and Pagan's red hair, and Essie has Pagan's brown eyes and my blonde hair. My grandparents are loving being great-grandparents, and my brother is a great uncle. Now that the twins are two months old, Pagan and I are getting into a better routine with them, and things are going pretty smoothly. The pregnancy was very difficult for me though, so Pagan and I have decided that we're not going to have any more biological babies; instead we've decided to adopt, when the twins are a little older of course.


The twins are four now, and doing great! Pagan and I just adopted our first babies: Beckett Jacques and Dashiell Jean are newborn twins from France, and we love them to pieces.  Easton and Essie are great big siblings, they love holding the babies, and Essie has become a little mummy to them. We're so glad we decided to expand our family, and plan to adopt more in the future.


Well, it's been ten years, and I'm sorry I didn't write sooner! Our house is now incredibly full; we've adopted a further four times since we last spoke. Easton and Essie are now 14, and are typical teenagers, although they're still so sweet with the younger ones. Beck and Dash are ten, can you believe it?! They're so loving and kind. Our next adoption was another set of twins; Robin Bekele and Rosalie Gabra. They're eight now, and such jokers; they love making people laugh. Then we adopted Persephone Myfanwy, who is six. Penny is a darling, she loves to read, and we often find her curled up in a corner with a book in her hands. Our next adoption was another set of twins, Caleb Angus and Elliott Fergus. Cale and Eli are three, and they love running around. We just signed them up for some gymnastics classes so that they can run off some of their energy. Our latest adoption is newborn Anastasia Evgeniya. She's the sweetest baby, and all of the older children adore her. We're sure now that our family is complete, and don't plan to adopt any more in the future.



April Penelope Van Zandt Sikes (37) and Pagan Giovanni Sikes (40)

Easton Giovanni Lev Sikes and Celeste Rocco Victoria Sikes (14)

Beckett Jacques Sikes and Dashiell Jean Sikes (10)

Robin Bekele Sikes and Rosalie Gabra Sikes (8)

Persephone Myfanwy Sikes (6)

Caleb Angus Sikes and Elliott Fergus Sikes (3)

Anastasia Evgeniya Sikes (nb)


April and Pagan Sikes with Easton, Essie, Beck, Dash, Robin, Rosie, Penny, Cale, Eli, and Ana

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Posted 17 March 2014 - 02:54 PM

Evangeline Peyton Marley {23}

Grew up: Phoenix, Arizona

Lived with: Mom (Scarlett Matilda)

Brother: Asher Riley {18}

College: NYU

Major: Chemistry

Dream job: Toxicologist


Rayner Tennyson Somerville {23}

College: NYU

Major: Anthropology

Dream job: Anthropologist


Angel and Ray met at the job they're borth interning at.


After college, Angel and Ray both get their dream jobs as a Toxicologist and Anthropologist, respectively.


Angel and Ray date for 4 years before becoming engaged. Ray proposed on New Years' Eve, when the clock struck midnight.


Angel and Ray decide to honeymoon in Athens, Greece.


After the honeymoon, they settle down in a Suburban house.


They have 13 children and 1 cat.


The Somerville Family


DW: Evangeline Peyton {39}

DH: Rayner Tennyson {39}


DD: Lily Rose {12}

DS/DD: Oscar Brennan/Danielle Anna {10}

DD/DD: Charlotte Grace/Isabelle Jordan {9}

DD/DD: Renee Marie/Sarah McKenzie {8}

DS/DD: Zachary Andrew/Veronica Erin {6}

DAS: Daniel Vladimir {5}

DAD: Penelope Noelle {2}

DAD/DAD: Maisie Lynn/Carly Teagan {1}


Cat: Midnight {male, 2}


Angel & Ray;

Lily, Oscar, Dani, Charlie, Belle, Renee, Sarah, Zack, Ronnie, Danny, Penny, Maisie, and Carls + Midnight


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Posted 17 March 2014 - 02:55 PM

Evangeline Peyton Marley {23}

Grew up: Phoenix, Arizona

Lived with: Mom (Scarlett Matilda)

Brother: Asher Riley {18}

College: NYU

Major: Chemistry

Dream job: Toxicologist


Rayner Tennyson Somerville {23}

College: NYU

Major: Anthropology

Dream job: Anthropologist


Angel and Ray met at the job they're borth interning at.


After college, Angel and Ray both get their dream jobs as a Toxicologist and Anthropologist, respectively.


Angel and Ray date for 4 years before becoming engaged. Ray proposed on New Years' Eve, when the clock struck midnight.


Angel and Ray decide to honeymoon in Athens, Greece.


After the honeymoon, they settle down in a Suburban house.


They have 13 children and 1 cat.


The Somerville Family


DW: Evangeline Peyton {39}

DH: Rayner Tennyson {39}


DD: Lily Rose {12}

DS/DD: Oscar Brennan/Danielle Anna {10}

DD/DD: Charlotte Grace/Isabelle Jordan {9}

DD/DD: Renee Marie/Sarah McKenzie {8}

DS/DD: Zachary Andrew/Veronica Erin {6}

DAS: Daniel Vladimir {5}

DAD: Penelope Noelle {2}

DAD/DAD: Maisie Lynn/Carly Teagan {1}


Cat: Midnight {male, 2}


Angel & Ray;

Lily, Oscar, Dani, Charlie, Belle, Renee, Sarah, Zack, Ronnie, Danny, Penny, Maisie, and Carls + Midnight


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Posted 18 March 2014 - 10:04 PM

My name is Avery Marie Silas

I am 21 years old.

I grew up in Rhode Island with my grandparents.  They are named Alfred "Al" James and Mabel "Bell" Elisabeth.

I attend Columbia university to study English and become an Editor.



Dh is Sebastian Wayne Carter.

He is 22 years old. 

He went to college at Columbia and majored in Political Science to become a  Environmental engineer.


We met when I was Editing a story on one of his Environmental studies so we met through work.

After college I edit novels instead of magazines and he works for the government poly sci. group.

We knew each other for 4 years before we got engaged.

He proposed on Valentines day by slipping the ring in a box of chocolates.

Wedding was outdoors in a wooded area, and by a river.  It was a small wedding but we all danced under the stars all night.

We go on a honeymoon to see the French country side.

We settle down in Rhode Island.

We move into a large Victorian home.


I get pregnant five times.


I have a little boy and we decide to name him Evan Henry.  Evan has blonde hair and blue eyes just like me and Sebastian.


Next I have twin boys.  We name them Noah Seth and Jonas Jasper.  They both have blonde hair but Noah has brown eyes and Jonas has green eyes.


Third I have a boy.  We name him Toby Ryan.  He has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.


After that I have a boy.  We name him Levi James.  He has blonde hair and hazel eyes.


Finally I have twin girls.  We name them Violet Marie and Ruby Evangeline.  They are fraternal but still both have blonde hair and blue eyes.





We decide to adopt three times.


We adopt two boys.  One is three and one is seven.  They are named James Chase and Joshua Chad.


We adopt Two more boys.  One is six and one is five.  They are named Maxwell Alexander and Matthew Austin.


We adopt two more children, and they are both boys.  One is nine and one is six.  They are named Emerson Daniel and Edmund David.





9- Emerson Daniel

9- Joshua Chad

8- Evan Henry

7- Maxwell Alexander

7- Noah Seth and Jonas Jasper

6- Matthew Austin

6- Toby Ryan

6- Edmund David

5- Levi James

5- James Chase

4- Violet Marie and Ruby Evangeline



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