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Multiples CAF

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#1 Alexx


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Posted 15 June 2011 - 02:28 PM

LN: You Choose
DH: You Choose
DW: You Choose


How Many Births?
1. 3
2. 6
3. 4
4. Your Choice (no higher than 6)
5. 2
6. 5

What Do You Have? (roll for each birth)
1. Sextuplets
2. Octuplets
3. Twins
4. Triplets
5. Quads
6. Quints
7. Quints
8. Octuplets
9. Twins
10. Triplets
11. Sextuplets
12. Quads

What are their genders? (roll for each child)
1. Boy
2. Your Choice
3. Girl
4. Boy
5. Girl
6. Your Choice

Birth 1: Boy FN Boy MN Girl FN Girl MN
Birth 2: Boy&Girl FN&MN
Birth 3: Boy FN Girl FN Boy MN Girl MN
Birth 4: Boy FN Girl FN MN: Your Choice
Birth 5: Boy FN Girl FN Boy&Girl MN
Birth 6: Your Choice

#2 Eva Phoenix

Eva Phoenix

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Posted 15 June 2011 - 03:38 PM

LN: Jordan

DH: Marcus Neil
DW: Claudia Evelyn

Birth 1 (22)
Charlotte Miranda
Henri Malcolm
Alice Margaret

Birth 2 (16)
Stella Zoe
Matthew Owen *Matt*
William Lucas *Will*
Lucy Amelia
Rachel Lillian
Natalie Sophia

Birth 3 (11)
Aaron Bruno
Abram Miles
Astrid Cassandra
Ayelet Willow
Alexa Mireille
Austen Raoul
Azalea Juliet
Annabel Nora

Birth 4 (8)
Victoria Judith
Nicholas Edgar *Nick*
Elizabeth Dorothea *Lizzie*
Jasper Thomas
Lionel Victor
Stephen Arthur *Steve*

Birth 5 (5)
Rebecca Fleur *Becky*
Sarah Maeve
Claire Wren
Nathaniel Max *Nate*

Birth 6 (2)
Eric Theodore
Leon Joseph
Esther Penelope
Samuel John *Sam*
Tara Meredith

Marcus and Claudia Jordan, and their 32 kids: Charlotte, Henri, Alice, Stella, Matt, Will, Lucy, Rachel, Natalie, Aaron, Abram, Astrid, Ayelet, Alexa, Austen, Azalea, Annabel, Victoria, Nick, Lizzie, Jasper, Lionel, Steve, Becky, Sarah, Claire, Nate, Eric, Leon, Esther, Sam, and Tara.

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Posted 15 June 2011 - 03:51 PM

LN: Chilcoat

DH: Jeremy Thomas
DW: Katie Danielle

Birth One
DS: Lucas Graham
DD: Alexandra Kate
DS: Nicolas Walker
DD: Amelia Hope

Birth Two
DD: Abigail Faith
DD: Elizabeth Autumn
DS: Andrew Cooper
DS: Nathan Parker
DD: Madeline Grace
DS: William Brody

Birth Three
DD: Allison Juliet
DD: Amanda Jane

Jeremy and Katie Chilcoat; Luke, Lexi, Nick, Mia, Abby, Lizzie, Drew, Nate, Maddie, Will, Allie and Amy

#4 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 15 June 2011 - 03:55 PM

LN: Jenkins
DH: Jesse Thor
DW: Lucy Amelia

10 - Virginia Brooke *Ginny* / Nicolas Clay *Nico* / Margriet Claire *Maggie* / Anastasia Eve *Annie* / Alexander Finn *Lex* / Christian Gus *Ian*
Posted Image
Maggie, Annie, and Ginny
Posted Image
Lex, Nico, and Ian

#5 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 15 June 2011 - 03:56 PM

6 - Caroline Isabella *Carly* / Benjamin Michael *Jamie* / Madelyn Sophia *Maddie* / Jacob Daniel *Coby* / Abigail Emma *Abby* / Thomas Gabriel *Massy* / Natalie Olivia *Talie* / Matthew Samuel *Hewie*
Posted Image
Carly and Talie
Posted Image
Maddie and Abby
Posted Image
Jamie and Coby
Posted Image
Massy and Hewie

#6 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 15 June 2011 - 03:56 PM

4 - Aldo Zane / Alba Story
Posted Image
1 - Augustus Alan *Augie* / Lionel Bruce *Lyle* / Philippa Carol *Pippa* / Leopold David *Leo* / Eleanor Elizabeth *Nora* / Beatrice Flora *Bea*
Posted Image
Lyle, Augie, and Leo
Posted Image
Bea, Nora, and Pippa

Jesse and Lucy w/ Ginny, Nico, Maggie, Annie, Lex, Ian, Carly, Jamie, Maddie, Coby, Abby, Massy, Talie, Hewie, Aldo, Alba, Augie, Lyle, Pippa, Leo, Nora, and Bea

#7 InstantDreams


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Posted 15 June 2011 - 04:45 PM

LN: Hunter
DH: John Francis "Jack"
DW: Elizabeth Mary "Bess"
- Charlotte Mabel, Victoria Juliet, Alexander Leo, Josephine Chloe
- Luke Andrew, Max William, James Christian, Henry Thomas
- Aubrey Frederick, Arabella Sidony, Arthur Julian
- Katherine Maeve, Philip Sage, Margaret Wren, Theodore Flynn, Nicholas Blue
- Beatrice Helena, Alfred David, Edward Francis, Patrick George, Amelia Clare, Louis Richard, Mary Sophia

Jack & Bess
Lolly, Tora, Alex, and Posy
Luke, Max, James, and Henry
Aubrey, Bella, and Arthur
Kate, Pip, Maisie, Theo, and Nick
Bea, Alfred, Edward, Patrick, Amy, Louis, and Molly.

#8 Acantha


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Posted 15 June 2011 - 06:27 PM

LN: Knight
DH: Conner Sebastien
DW: Willow Jean

DS/DS/DS/DS/DS/DD/DD/DD: Alexander Hugh/William Hayden/Frederic Harrison/Nicolas Hudson/Phillip Henry/Josephine Helena/Charlotte Hope
DD/DD/DD/DS/DS: Julia Destiny/Jessica Serenity/Jasmine Trinity/Jacob Gavin /James Adrian
DS/DS/DS/DS/DS/DD/DD/DD: Arthur William/Addison Leonardo/Ashton Enzo/ Anthony Jameson/ Albert Ronan/Amelia Ivy/Abigail Jade
DS/DS/DS/DD: Rupert John/Jasper Luke/Stephen Paul/ Eleanor Rose
DS/DD: Nathaniel Gray/Katherine Lark
DD/DD/DS/DS: Madeleine Marie/Sophia Sage/Theodore Tobias/ Benjamin Bradley

Conner & Willow Knight w/ Alex, Liam, Fred, Nic, Pip, Josie, Charlie, Julie, Jess, Jazz, Jake, Jaimy, Art, Addison, Ashton, Tony, Al, Mia, Gail, Bert, Jasper, Stephen, Ellie, Nate, Kathy, Maddie, Sophie, Theo & Ben

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Posted 15 June 2011 - 07:11 PM

DH: Nolan Andrew
DW: Cadence Rose

DS/DD/DS/DD: Alexander Cole / Isabella Eve / William Reed / Amelia Brooke (Alex/Bella/Liam/Mia)
DD/DD/DS/DS/DS: Avery Paige / Ella Madison / Ethan Daniel / Mason Carter / Connor Jackson
DD/DD/DS/DS/DD/DS: Anniston Bryn / Ariel Cassidy / Asher Kane / Austin Cruz / Aubrey Willow / August Denver

Nolan and Cadence with; Alex, Bella, Liam, Mia, Avery, Ella, Ethan, Mason, Connor, Anniston, Ariel, Asher, Austin, Aubrey, and August.

#10 Hannah


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    AND, I of course love thinking of baby names even though that is a VERY far in the future thing for me because I'm still young!

Posted 15 June 2011 - 07:33 PM

LN: Adams
DH: James Nicolas William
DW: Mary Louise

DD/DD/DS/DS/DD/DD: Amelia Brooke/ Charlotte Josephine/ Nicolas Hunter "Nico"/ William Spencer "Will"/ Leila Violet/ Victoria Grace
DD/DS/DS: Audrey Claire/ Gavin Caleb/ Aidan Joseph
DD/DD: Anastasia Mercy "Ana"/ Aria Patience
DD/DS: Eleanor Sophia "Nora"/ Henry Jasper
DD/DS/DS/DD: Lucy Fleur/ Jack Gray/ George Beck/ Kate Wren

James and Mary Adams with
Amelia, Charlotte, Nico, Will, Leila, Victoria, Audrey, Gavin, Aidan, Ana, Aria, Nora, Henry, Lucy, Jack, George, and Kate

#11 alaskayoung


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Posted 15 June 2011 - 07:36 PM

The Carlson Family
Amy Willoe & Jacen Thomas-34

- Maud Audrey
- Maryam Brooke
- Marie Clementine
- Marius Dashiell
- Max Elias

- Lucy Faith
- Liam Gavin
- Levi Henry
- Leah Isabella

- Amari Jameson
- Aldo Kenyon
- Adrian Leo
- Addison Maria
- April Norah

- Edward Orion
- Elizabeth Penelope

- Jean Quinn
- Jack Reese
- Jill Sage
- Julian True
- James Uri

Quints-3 months
- Sienna Verity
- Samson West
- Summer Xanthe
- Sawyer York
- Salem Zane

#12 lifesaboutmusic


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Posted 15 June 2011 - 08:36 PM

LN: Vickers

DH: Shane Patrick
DW: Sarah Emily

B/G/B/B/G: Samuel Cole, Juliana Claire, Nicolas Clay, William Christian, & Lily Caroline
B/B/G/B/G/B/B/G: Daniel John, Ryan James, Molly Jasmine, Evan Joshua, Ava Jocelyn, Connor Joseph, Tyler Jacob, & Brooke Jessica
G/G/B/B/B/B/G/G: Avery Samantha, Alexa Bryn, Adam Craig, Aaron Scott, Andrew Kane, Alec Bryce, Annabel Georgia, & Autumn Ruby
G/B: Elizabeth Megan & Thomas Matthew
G/B: Rebecca Maeve & Robert Flynn

The Vickers Family
Shane & Sarah
Sam, Juliana, Nic, Will,Lily, Dan, Ryan, Molly, Evan, Ava, Connor, Ty, Brooke
Avery, Alexa, Adam, Aaron, Drew, Alec, Annabel, Autumn, Libby, Thomas, Becca, & Rob

#13 Beka


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Posted 16 June 2011 - 01:13 PM

LN: King

DH: Jordan Michael
DW: Elizabeth Caroline “Eli”

DS/DS/DS/DS/DD/DD/DD/DS: Lucas Patrick "Luke"/Theo Philip/Nikolai Malcolm "Niko"/Gabriel Harrison "Gabe"/Anastasia Lily "Anya"/Juliana Arden "Julie"/Emma Kate/ Max Gregory

DS/DD/DS/DS/DD: Liam Austin/Bella Paige/Jack Hunter/Colton Blake "Colt" /Alexa Grace

DD/DD/DD: Alana Jade "Lana"/Avalon Lucia "Ava"/Ayla Savannah

DD/DS/DD/DD/DS: Sophia Rose "Sophie"/Henry Calvin/Amelia Raine "Amy"/Victoria Rex "Tori"/Geoffrey Charles "Geo"

DS/DD: David Kai/Mary Pearl

Jordan & Eli: Luke, Theo, Niko, Gabe, Anya, Julie, Emma, Max, Liam, Bella, Jack, Colt, Alexa Grace, Lana, Ava, Ayla, Sophie, Henry, Amy, Tori, Geo, David, and Mary

#14 Puppylover12397


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Posted 16 June 2011 - 03:04 PM

The Harrison Family

DH: Vance Liam Harrison - 42
DW: Lila Anne Harrison - 37

Birth One - 15
DD: Victoria Zoe Harrison
DD: Charlotte Willa Harrison
DD: Elisabeth Sasha Harrison
DD: Felicia Tessa Harrison

Birth Two - 10
DS: Jacob Brian Harrison
DS: Michael Jaxon Harrison
DD: Isabella Rachel Harrison
DD: Sophia Paige Harrison
DS: William Max Harrison

Birth Three - 5
DS: Asher Kane Harrison
DD: Alexandra Lucia Harrison
DD: Antoinette Ivy Harrison

Birth Four - 3
DD: Helen Allison Harrison
DS: Thomas Colin Harrison

Birth Five - Newborn
DD: Rebecca Gray Harrison
DD: Olivia Doe Harrison


The Robinson Family

DH: Daniel Ryan Robinson - 39
DW: Jane Andrea Robinson - 37

Birth One - 13
DS: Gabriel Wyatt Robinson
DS: Nicolas Theo Robinson

Birth Two - 10
DS: Brandon Xavier Robinson
DS: Connor Zachary Robinson
DD: Jessica Savannah Robinson
DD: Sarah Valeria Robinson

Birth Three - 5
DS: Adam Leo Robinson
DS: Andrew Ronan Robinson
DD: Annabelle Patricia Robinson
DS: Adrian Miles Robinson

Birth Four - 2
DS: Edward Yale Robinson
DD: Dorothea Natalie Robinson
DS: Fredrick Ulrich Robinson
DS: Henry Quinton Robinson
DD: Margret Laura Robinson
DS: Lionel Oliver Robinson


The Corwin Family

DH: Jared Dylan Corwin - 36
DW: Rachel Ellen Corwin - 36

Birth One - 11
DS: Richard Aidan Corwin
DD: Juliana Brooke Corwin
DD: Louise Clara Corwin

Birth Two - 7
DD: Madison Gabrielle Corwin
DD: Kylie Emily Corwin
DS: Noah Daniel Corwin
DD: Isabella Hailey Corwin

Birth Three - 2
DS: Aaron Ivan Corwin
DS: Ashton James Corwin
DS: Arthur Kane Corwin

#15 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 16 June 2011 - 05:38 PM

LN: Duffy
DH: Ty Christopher
DW: Alyssa Rose

15 - Gabriel Dominic *Gabe* / Samuel Duncan *Sam* / Isadora Daisy *Izzy* / Lucas Dashiell *Luke* / Talullah Dorothea *Talie*
Posted Image
Posted Image
10 - Hayden Brian / Tristan Eric / Payton Jessica / Mackenzie Rachel *Kenzie* / Zoe Paige
Posted Image
Posted Image

#16 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 16 June 2011 - 05:40 PM

6 - Abram Cruz / Alice Chiara
Posted Image
4 - Cecily Catherine *CC* / Frances Agatha *Frankie* / Charles Augustus *Charlie* / Frederick Ernest *Ricky* / John Humphrey / Elizabeth Maud *Beth* / Sarah Helen / William Leopold *Will*
Posted Image
CC and Frankie
Posted Image
Beth and Sarah

#17 ReadeAlexandra


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Posted 16 June 2011 - 05:40 PM

Posted Image
Will and John
Posted Image
Charlie and Ricky
2 - Lucy Belle / Theodore Beck *Teddy* / Henry Bay
Posted Image

Ty and Alyssa w/ Gabe, Sam, Izzy, Luke, Talie, Hayden, Tristan, Payton, Kenzie, Zoe, Abram, Alice, CC, Frankie, Charlie, Ricky, John, Beth Sarah, Will, Lucy, Teddy, and Henry

#18 Elena Mae

Elena Mae

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Posted 17 June 2011 - 01:22 PM

LN: Selling

DH: Robin James
DW: Annabelle Primrose

DS/DS/DS/DD: Samuel Isaiah / Lucas Ezra / Oscar Elias / Henrietta Grace
DS/DD/DD/DS/DD: Benjamin Noah / Lillian Avery / Autumn Melonie / Jeremiah Dylan / Hope Samantha
DS/DS/DD/DD: Etienne Lee / Aaron James / Abigail Lucia / Alvina Rosemary
DS/DD/DS/DS/DD: Lionel Elijah / Cecily Jade / Stephen Malachi / Henry Ezekiel / Amelia Catherine

Robin and Anna with Sam, Luca, Os, Henna, Ben, Lillie, Autumn, Jem, Hope, Etta, Aaron, Abbie, Alva, Lion, Ce-Ce, Stephen, Harry, Lia

#19 Fez


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Posted 19 June 2011 - 08:18 PM

LN: Beckett
DH: James Alexander
DW: Catherine Elise

DS/DD/DS: James Andrew / Elisabeth Julia / Alexander Nathan
DD/DS: Lucy Katherine / Daniel Jacob

James and Cathy
Jay, Lizzie, Alec, Lucy and Dan

#20 Alexis!


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Posted 20 June 2011 - 08:58 AM

The Fletcher Family

Posted Image

[24] Rowan Matthew & Lena Catherine [22]

Posted Image

[1] Eloise Madeleine & Joanna Charlotte

Posted Image

[0] Mason Michael & Noah Christopher

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