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Multiples CAF

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Posted 20 June 2011 - 03:11 PM

The Vinokur Family

DH: James Liam Vinokur
DW: Ella Faye Vinokur

Birth One - 5 Years.
DD: Anastasia Grace Vinokur
DD: Elisabeth Hope Vinokur
DD: Catharina Faith Vinokur
DS: Gabriel Quinn Vinokur
DS: William Noah Vinokur
DS: Samuel Reed Vinokur

Posted Image

(Pictured above from right to left: Ella, Anastasia, Elisabeth, Catharina, Gabriel, William, Samuel and James.)
[The picture was taken 8 Months ago at the start of the sextuplets ready for their first day of first grade]

Birth Two - 4 Months.
DD: Madison Olivia Vinokur
DD: Natalie Emma Vinokur
DS: Jacob Brian Vinokur

Posted Image

(Top: Madison. Left: Natalie and Right: Jacob)
[The Picture was taken three weeks ago at home with a professional.]

Posted Image
(This is Lady the familys new puppy, She's a cavalier king charles spaniel.)

Posted Image
(Lady isn't the only newly added family member. On the left is little boy, Felix and on the right is his sister Fiona)

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Posted 25 June 2011 - 03:55 PM

LN: Marshall
DH: Kristian Elias *Kris*
DW: Scarlett Rose *Scout*

Birth 1
DD: Amelia Grace *Mia*
DD: Beatrix Faith *Bea*
DD: Charlotte Rose *Lottie*
DD: Eleonore Lily *Ellie*
DD: Felicia Kate *Fliss*
DD: Henrietta Tess *Etta*

Birth 2
DS: Gabriel Ryan *Gabe*
DS: Matthew Logan *Matt*
DD: Ashley Nevaeh *Ash*

Birth 3
DD: Arabella Ruby *Bella*
DD: Arcelia Violet *Celia*
DD: Amberly Juno *Amber*
DS: Alexander Cruz *Alex*
DS: Archibald Zane *Archie*
DS: Artemas Jex *Art*

Kris and Scout Marshall w/ Mia, Bea, Lottie, Ellie, Fliss, Etta, Gabe, Matt, Ash, Bella, Celia, Amber, Alex, Archie and Art

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 09:26 AM

LN: Young
DH: Bentley Cole
DW: Ella Jasmyn

DS/DD/DS/DD/DS/DD/DS/DD: Lucas Cole/ Emma Paige/ Max Nathaniel/ Isabella Chloe/ Henri Spencer/ Sophie Juliet/ James Wyatt/ Ariana Zoe
DD/DD/DS/DS/DD/DD: Scarlett Harper/ Madelyn Eva/ Brody Mason/ Blake Joshua/ Savannah Riley/ Makayla Lily
DS/DD/DD: Asher Kane/ Alya Jade/ Arley Bryn
DD/DD/DD/DD: Sarah Lauren / Amelia Bree/ Louisa Harlow/ Charlotte Ruby

The Young Family

Ben and Ella

Luke, Emma, Max, Bella, Henri, Sophie, James, Ariana, Lettie, Maddi, Brody, Blake, Vanna, Kayla, Ash, Alya, Arley, Sarah, Mila, Loui, Lottie

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 01:05 PM

LN: Lowell

DH: Michael Thomas

DW: Sarah Jane

DS/DD: Nicholas Jack 'Nick' & Alexandra Claire 'Alexa'

DS/DD/DD/DS/DD/DS: William Henry 'Liam', Elizabeth Molly 'Libby', Abigail Sophie 'Abby', Matthew Adam 'Matt', Katherine Maria 'Katie' & Charles Eli 'Charlie'

DS/DD/DD/DS: Andrew Scott 'Drew', Annabel Norah 'Anna', Allison June 'Allie' & Anthony James 'Tony'

Mike & Sarah Lowell:

Nick, Alexa

Liam, Libby, Abby, Matt, Katie, Charlie

Drew, Anna, Allie, Tony

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 03:22 PM

LN: Smith
DH: Levi Andrew
DW: Delaney Caroline

DS/DS/DD: Christian Reed & Lucas Graham & Emma Sloane

DD/DS/DS/DD/DS: Amelia Scarlett & Tristan Blake & Grayson Cole & Natalie Savannah & Liam Wyatt

DD/DS: Aria Violet & Asher Cruz

DS/DD/DS/DD: Henry Sawyer & Adelaide Kate & Jasper Price & Charlotte Rosalie

DS/DS/DD: Benjamin Gray & Nathaniel Jude & Elizabeth Sage

DD/DS/DD/DD/DS/DS: Emerson Grace & Easton Alexander & Addison Harper & Leighton Sophia & Harrison Lane & Carson Matthew

Levi & Laney Smith+

Christian, Luke, Emma, Amelia, Tristan, Grayson, Natalie,

Liam, Aria, Asher, Henry, Addy, Jasper, Charlie ,Ben, Nate,

Libby, Emerson, Easton, Addison, Leighton, Harrison, & Carson

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 04:54 PM

LN: Golden

DH: Jacob Andrew "Jake"
DW: Lily Nicole

DS/DS/DD/DS/DD: Gabriel Harrison "Gabe"/Lucas Nathaniel "Luke"/Zaria Isabel/Alexander Nicholas "Alex"/Leila Tess
DD/DD: Addison Lucy "Addie"/Maya Elizabeth
DS/DD/DD/DD/DS/DD: Asher William "Ash"/Ayla Charlotte "Ayli"/Anniston Daisy "Annie"/Ainsley Nora/Alistair Henry/Auden Genevieve
DS/DD/DD/DS: Jasper Aaron/Emma Caroline/Sophia Jane "Sophie"/Adrian Matthew

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 06:10 PM

LN: Levine

DH: Adam Noah

DW: Callie Rose

Posted Image

1. DD/DD/DS: Juliana Claire, Charlotte Chloe, & William Christian

Posted Image

2. DS/DS/DD/DD: Nicholas Aaron, Benjamin Andrew, Emily Ava, & Sarah Alexis

Posted Image

The Levine Family

Adam & Callie

Juliana, Charlotte, Will, Nick, Ben, Emily, & Sarah

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Posted 10 December 2012 - 11:29 AM

LN: Gold
DH: Ronan Peter
DW: Riley Samantha
DD/DD: Alexia Rose (Lex) and Emma Daisy
DS/DD/DS/DS: Ryan Samuel, Arianna Harper (Ari) Brandon Carter, Colton Blake
DD/DD/DD/DS/DS: Amy Patience, Audrey Bronte, Allison Ivy (Ali), Alexander Ned (Alex), Albert Jex (Al)
DD/DS: Elizabeth Jade (Liza) and Jasper Benjamin
DD/DD/DD/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS: Alice Snow, Victoria Bree (Tori), Olivia Doe, Sophia Pearl (Sophie), Katherine Lark (Kat), Zachary Ray (Zach), Matthew Knox, James Poe
DS/DS/DS/DD/DD: Noah Henry, Andrew Curtis (Drew), Beckett Logan (Beck), Naomi Leah, Miranda Kay

The Gold’s

Ronan and Riley

Lex, Emma, Ryan, Ari, Brandon, Colton, Amy, Audrey, Ali, Alex, Al, Liza, Jasper, Alice, Tori, Olivia, Sophie, Kat, Zach, Matthew, James, Noah, Drew, Beck, Naomi, Miranda

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Posted 29 December 2013 - 01:24 PM

G/G: Lily Sophia & Astrid Helena
G/G/G/G: Charlotte Amelia, Lydia Violet, Morgan Samantha, & Chloe Autumn
G/G/B/G: Ambrosia Gena, Anastasia Cindy, Augustus Ivan, & Annika Julie
G/G/G/G: Alice Niamh, Edith Una, Louisa Roisin, & Beatrice Sorcha
G/B/G/B/G/B: Claire March, Theodore Knox, Anne Sage, Patrick Kai, Rose Maeve, Henry James

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Posted 20 January 2017 - 10:11 PM

LN: Stewart (nee Murphy)

DH: Horatio Mitchell Stewart
DW: Fiona Quinn Stewart (nee Murphy)

DD/DS/DD/DS/DD: Felicia Paige Stewart, Gabriel 'Gabe' Jonas Stewart, Amelia Claire Stewart, Felix Owen Stewart, and Beatrix 'Trixie Rose Stewart [7]
DS/DD: Logan Matthew Stewart and Penelope Grace Stewart [5]
DD/DS/DD/DD/DS/DS: Arizona Daisy Stewart, Ace Milo Stewart, Annika 'Annie' Juno Stewart, Antigone Marie Stewart, Anchor Emmett Stewart, and Alistair Scout Stewart [4]
DD/DD/DS/DD: Elizabeth 'Eliza' Monroe Stewart, Matilda Fallon Stewart, Jasper Cameron Stewart and Judith 'Judy' Kennedy Stewart [2]
DS/DS/DS: Julian Knox Stewart, Peter Reed Stewart, and Leo Flynn Stewart [1]
DS/DD/DS: Wyatt Sawyer Stewart, Lux Meredith Stewart, and Tate Parker Stewart [nb]


Horatio and Fiona with Felicia, Gabe, Amelia, Felix, Trixie, Logan, Penelope, Arizona, Ace, Annie, Antigone, Anchor, Alistair, Eliza, Matilda, Jasper, Judy, Julian, Peter, Leo, Wyatt, Lux, and Tate

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Posted 21 January 2017 - 11:21 PM

LN: Cotton
DH: Oliver James Cotton
DW: Maria Jane Cotton
Birth One - Quads
DD: Amelia Charlotte Cotton
DS: Lucas Henry Cotton
DD: Eleonore Josephine Cotton
DS: Samuel Nicolas Cotton
Birth Two - Quints
DD: Aurora Harper Cotton "Rory"
DS: Atticus Benjamin Cotton
DD: Emily Adeline Cotton
DD: Sophia Abigail Cotton
DD: Olivia Isla Cotton
Birth Three - Quads
DS: Jameson Denver Cotton (Boys FN link doesn't work, so I used MN link for both names.)
DD: Alyssa Diane Cotton
DD: Allison Juliet Cotton
DS: Dashiell John Cotton "Dash"
Birth 4 - Triplets
DD: Catherine Delilah Cotton
DD: Matilda Rosalie Cotton "Tillie"
DS: William Charles Cotton
Birth Five - Quads
DS: Matthew Jude Cotton
DS: David Knox Cotton
DS: Andrew Gray Cotton
DD: Victoria Pearl Cotton
Birth Six - Quints
DD: Verona Elise Cotton
DD: Safiyah Genesis Cotton
DD: Brenna Rose Cotton
DS: Zachary Elijah Cotton
DS: Evander Blake Cotton

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Posted 22 January 2017 - 12:47 PM

 (Boys FN link doesn't work, so I used MN link for both names.)


I re-read the link when it happened to me. It was just typed a little off.
It's the same as girls, just for boys.
A names.

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Posted 22 January 2017 - 04:54 PM

The McIntyre Family

DH: Isaac Matthew McIntyre
DW: Leia Elizabeth McIntyre

Birth One (Octuplets):

Anastasia Margaret "Anya" 

Amelia Claire "Mia"  

Josephine Eliza "Josie"

William Dominic "Liam"

Frederik Alastair "Freddie"

Alexander Jonas "Alec"

Victoria Lily "Tori"

James Malcolm "Jamie"



Birth Two (Sextuplets):

Declan Levi

Lydia Evangeline

Atticus Benjamin

Elodie Violet

Henry Sebastian

Audrey Grace


Birth Three (Sextuplets)

 Alaric Dashiell

Asher Crispin

Ambrose Raymond

Adelina Juliet "Addie"

Aoife Gwenyth

Annika Charlotte



Isaac and Leia McIntyre

Anya, Mia, Josie, Liam, Freddie, Alec, Tori, Jamie, Declan, Lydia, Atticus, Elodie, Henry, Audrey, Alaric, Asher, Ambrose, Addie, and Annika


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