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Names needed for an Epic Family Story

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Posted 26 November 2008 - 07:39 AM

My idea for a story was episodic about the bonds of the brothers and sisters of one particular (and large) family. How through everything they never forget who they are and how they're all connected and nothing separates them. Set in present day. Now... I know this is a lot of people... but think of it as episodic like Seventh Heaven or something...

The characters:

The Father- “A” Hasn't always been involved in his children's lives. Though he's trying to develop a bond with them his long standing absence puts a lot of strain on their relationship and he fears he's never going to be able to repair the damage. Though he raised his oldest son he was absent in the lives of his next five children (all with :( for a good deal of their lives. Leaving when they were nine, three, three, one, and not quite born. Finally deciding to come back into their lives eleven years later. Debonair, suave, intelligent. Though he's never discussed his past with his children they all agree that he was probably pretty popular in school as a boy. He's a businessman helping to pilot a software corporation that keeps him on the road. Has been married three times. Mid fifties. Brown eyes. Muscular. In great shape. Graying dark hair.

The Mother- “B” Raised six kids on her own for nine years before she met her second husband and finally married him. Strong willed. She's emotionally unavailable a lot of the time but loves her kids with a passion. Very strict. Passionate. She wasn't popular in school but didn't do too badly for being unnoticed. She doesn't take time to socialize even now, prefers quiet time at home. Has a degree in botany that she hasn't ever used. Currently owns and runs a diner and works as a librarian when she's not at the restaurant. Young to mid fifties. Deep brown hair. Probably dyes it but nobody in the family is sure about it. Not as toned or athletic as the father but not full figured by any means. Blue eyes.

Step Father- “C” Married to and younger than B. Average family man. Met and married his first wife out of high school. Two children with her. He's a dedicated father to his children and his step children alike. All of them have a habit of calling him “dad” though some of them refuse to call their own father by anything other than his first name. Warm, understanding, honest, and open. He's always willing to sit down and listen to the kids side of things and makes time for everyone. He works at a law firm doing civil suits. He makes good enough money but doesn't make ample amounts of excess cash. Light brown hair. Green eyes. Square jaw. Tall.

Step Mother- “D” Second and Fourth wife of A. Married A after only one date while both were living in Mexico for the year. Had a son with him within the first year they were together. The whole marriage was kept a secret from almost everyone in both families. Neither one admitting to much of the whole affair and only saying that the son was a blessing when asked about him. Early forties. Blond. Brown eyes. Works as a flight attendant. Remarried A on Valentine's day of 2008.

Step Mother- “E” Third wife of A met and developed a slow friendship with “A” when he was at a conference in Barcelona. Born and raised in Kentucky she moved back to the united states a couple years after befriending “A” eventually the two married and had a daughter together. Worked as a travel agent until she was killed in an accident with a drunk driver on her way home from work in 2007.

Son- “F” Son of A and B. Born shortly after his parents were married. He's the oldest by two years. When his father and mother divorced he was the only of the children to go on and live with his father. Though they didn't have the best relationship he never regretted it. Met the love of his life at a party on his twenty-second birthday. Nine months later she died in childbirth. Finished college with the help of his father and step mother. Now is a dedicated single father working as a museum curator. Currently single. Tall, dark hair, 30 years old. Brown eyes.

Son's Son- “G” F's son. Eight years old. Gray eyes. Brown hair. Pale complexion. Smart. Lanky. Plays basketball. Does pretty well in school. Best friends with a girl. Is supposed to wear glasses but hardly ever does.

Daughter- “H” Oldest girl child of A and B. Finished college with a degree in fine arts. Works as an artist here and there trying to sell pieces and make a name for herself. Puts in full time hours at her mother's diner to pay the bills while waiting for her next sale. Got pregnant and married at sixteen. Artistic. Social. Still married. Has a son. Currently pregnant. Twenty-eight years old. Brown hair, blue eyes. Average height. Looks exactly like her mother but younger.

Daughter's Husband- “I” Married to H and father of J. Works as a football coach and economics teacher at the local high school. Met and married H while they were both still high school student's themselves. Both supported each other and went back to school. Three inches shorter than H. Blond. Blue eyes. Twenty-eight.

Daughter's Son- “J” Born when both of his parents were sixteen. Currently twelve years old. Shy, hard working at everything he does school excluded. Loves spending time with his dad. Plays football though he doesn't socialize with his team mates. A bit spoiled and used to getting everything he wants even though his parents couldn't provide him with much when he was a younger child. Tends to fight a bit with his mother and has been known to go days without talking to either of his parents when he was angry with them. Short for his age. Blond. Blue eyes. Heavy set though not chubby build. Looks like a young Vince Vaughn.

Step Daughter- “K” C's eldest child from his first marriage. A bit overwhelmed by her step family even though she loves them. Has been called uptight and is when she's in public. She's very laid back at home, almost two separate people. Works as an editor at a magazine. She loves the rush of deadlines and appreciates the both social and antisocial aspect of the job. Has dabbled into journalism a few times and has a degree in that area. Twenty-six. Married in summer of 2007 to a man she'd been dating almost two years but had only introduced to the family four months before the wedding. Slender build. Tall for a woman. Strawberry to dirty blond curly hair depending on the lighting and time of the year. Very brown eyes. Exotic looking almost.

Step Daughter's Husband- “L” Seems nice. Works as a children's television writer. Wears a lot of green. The family doesn't know much about him. Thirty-three. Same exact height as K. Dirty blond hair he keeps trimmed short. Hazel eyes.

Daughter- “M” Daughter of A and B. Married in May of 2008 to her twin's ex boyfriend in a snap decision while her finance was out of the country visiting family. In college currently studying for a licensure to teach orchestra in the grade school level. Announced to the family that she was pregnant (and still unmarried) in December of 2007. Though they both deny it it's obvious her husband isn't her daughter's father. Twenty-two. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Slightly on the short side. 111 lbs soaking wet.

Daughter's Husband- “N” Married to M in May of 2008. Though he knows that the daughter isn't his and couldn't be he claims it's absolutely not an issue. Dated N's twin sister for four years before they broke up. Everyone in both families expected him to marry into this family. Eventually he did, saying he hadn't realized it but he'd been in love with M the whole time. About a foot taller than M. Blond hair. Green eyes. Muscular build. One day older than M and her twin. In college studying biology. Not sure what he's going to do with it yet.

Daughter's Daughter- “O” Infant. Born on the second of July in 2008. Very obviously Hispanic or half anyway. Full lips. Deep complexion. Black-brown hair. Brown eyes. Looks like a cross between Angelia Jolie and Carlos Mancia.

Daughter- “P” Twin sister of M. Daughter of A and B. Dated N for almost four years starting in the sixth grade and ending at the mid point of tenth grade. Everyone in her family loved N! Decided to end the relationship with him when she met her husband, Q, and realized that there was a difference between comfort and actually feeling something for a particular person. Started dating Q early in her senior year of high school after two years of “friendship” with him. They married a couple of months after graduating high school. Their first children (twins) were born almost exactly thirteen months after they were married. Twenty-two. Looks exactly like her M. Currently in college seeking a degree in history and anthropology. Wants to work as a museum curator.

Daughter's husband- “Q” Though he's two years older than her married P right after she graduated high school. Has a daughter with another woman who is four years older than his children with P. Tall, lanky, full dirty blond hair. Works at a trucking company and is only home with the family from late Sunday evening until very early Friday morning. Twenty-four.

Daughter's step Daughter- “R” Six years old. Long blond hair matching her father's. Green eyes. Looks like a young Emily Proctor. Very loud and a little spoiled.

Daughter's twins- “SB” and “SG”. Boy and a Girl (hence b and g). Two years old. Opposites in every way though they look very similar. Both have brown hair and green eyes. Same height. SG is potty trained. SB is working on it. Uh, both talk relatively well for their ages and are considered on track in intelligence.

Step Son- “T” K's younger brother. C's son from a previous marriage. One year younger than M and P. Wasn't happy about his dad's marriage for a while after he met and married B. Outgoing. A little crude. Sarcastic. Funny. Similar in personality to Friends' Chandler Bing. Twenty one. Exotic looking like his sister. Six ' two “. Currently single.

Son- “U” Second son of A and B. Two years younger than twins M and P and one year younger than T. Had a brief affair with a high school teacher his sophomore year and then agreed that they would wait for one another until he graduated. Proposed to her on his eighteenth birthday and the two are still waiting for both of their families to approve before they go ahead with the wedding though they'd like to have it in April of 09. Currently excelling at his job as a Real Estate Broker after doubling up on courses and getting his license to impress upon his parents that he was responsible and reliable enough to make adult decisions about who he married. Has always been resentful of his father for leaving when he was a small child and hasn't spoken to him to this day. Average height for a male. On the thin side. Brown hair, brown eyes. Pale. Wears glasses for the most part. Never was popular or athletic in school though he did and still does practice motocross racing for fun. Twenty.

Son's Finance- “V” Ten years older than U. Thirty. High school math teacher. The family doesn't really like her but her feelings for U seem sincere enough.

Son- “W” Son of A and B. One year younger than U. Nineteen. Freshmen in college but undecided on what he should be studying. Has a similar resentment to his father that his brother does though he's not as resolved and has made an attempt at getting to know him on a few occasions. Currently single. More solid build. Looks just like his father though is about an inch shorter and quite a bit younger. Athletic in school. Easily the most socially adept of all of A and B's children. A bit of a player with women but never careless.

Son- “X” A's son with D. Currently fifteen years old. Is a little less inclined to get to know and spend time with his half siblings (other than Y) because he's a bit mad at his father for the weird relationship he had with him and his mother for a lot of his life. Likes to play video games. Doesn't have an after school job but does well in classes. Spends most of his time at home but does go out from time to time to hang out with his friends though nobody really knows what they're up to. Though he tends to withdraw from the large family liking things simple and small has admitted on a couple of occasions that he's glad to finally be getting to know his brothers and sisters. Had no idea he had any siblings other than Y for the first thirteen years of his life. His other siblings likewise didn't know he existed. Has been said that he looks exactly like F when F was that age.

Daughter- “Y” A's daughter with his late wife E. She was the only child in A's life that he managed to get things right with. Had/has a pretty good relationship with her father. Eleven years old. Though she's always known she had older siblings out there she didn't spend much time with any of them other than X for a long time because of A's lack of involvement with them. Met her siblings for the first time when she was three years old but didn't start getting to know them until a few years later. Looks just like her mother with long curly auburn hair, hazel eyes, and a mole just above her lips on the right side. She's not fond of school. A big reader. And socializes like an average eleven year old. Is also probably the most spoiled of all of the children.

Son- “Z” First child of B and C. Born not long after they were married. Thirteen years old and in the tenth grade. Considered a “genius” by academic standards though he doesn't feel any smarter than his brothers and sisters. Has a select couple of friends including one girl who his family all swear he's going to marry one day. Driven to excel in school. Dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Wants to grow up to work with aircrafts though he hasn't decided what he wants to do with them yet—perhaps something with NASA.

Daughter- “ZZ” Second child of B and C and last family member I have to depict. Born when B and C had a complex over the twins being in high school and wanted another little baby. Currently seven years old. Quiet, the family favorite, not as spoiled as one would think. Interested in things like clothes, fashion, and artistic things like drawing. Loves to use the computer even though she's only now starting to understand all of the things she can do with it.

Other things I need- Surnames for each separate family unit. A and all of A's children. C. D and E. I, L, N, Q, and V. And any other people who'd have a different last or maiden name I didn't think of. Thanks.

So, I know this is a horribly long list but it's really not too bad to understand once you've got the basic relationships between everyone figured out. I really don't think it'll all be too hectic at all either. Each chapter or short story involving this family with be it's own simple part of the story. It'll focus on a certain family member or couple there of and will essentially tell the story of the bond that all of these kids have with one another even though there are so many of them. I guess I could also use title ideas for the story as a whole though I'm thinking about going with "Brothers and Sisters" we'll see though. I have this really large family tree with bios attached to it all spread out across my desk here but nobody has any names... it's tragic.

I'd love any help you guys have to offer when it comes to naming them or any ideas based on plot some plots I can use for them. Please don't tell me there are too many people here. I can make it work. Thanks so much.

Thank you again,


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Posted 22 December 2008 - 02:09 PM

Christopher, Ryan, or maybe Stewert
Last name: Berube(pro. ber-uuu-be) or Clarke

"A" Children:
"F"-Gavin, Michael*, or Bradley
"H"-Katelyn/Kaitlyn, Kaelyn, or Andie/Andrea
"M"-Brynn/Brynna, Willow, Vivian, Tessa, Natalie, or Ainsley
"P"-Camille, Delaney/Lainey, Cara, Isabelle, or Nicole

Benjamin, Tyler, or Gage

Kiley, Joanna, or Ann

Elizabeth, Tess, Taylor, or Katie

Thomas, Matthew, Jacob, or Kenny

Daniel, Riley, Nathaniel or Aaron

Daniel, Kyle/Kyler, or Timothy

Samuel, Jacob, or Parker

Lexy, Remy, or Livy(Olivia)

I Hope I helped!

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Posted 28 December 2008 - 04:04 PM

The characters:

The Father- “A” Aurther Stephon or Adrien Jaques
The Mother- “B” Bella Lynette or Beth Kate

Step Father- “C” Collin Anthony or Costen Jonathan

Step Mother- “D” Delany Kath or Danielle Daisy

Step Mother- “E” Evelyn Marie or Elizabeth Mary

Son- “F” Fredrick John or Finley Brodric

Son's Son- “G” Gregory Aiden or Geofrey Allan
Daughter- “H” Heather Amanda or Hailey Jen

Daughter's Husband- “I” Ian Gregory/Geofrey or Ike Allan/Aiden

Daughter's Son- “J” Josh Julien or Jonathan Vance
Step Daughter- “K” Kathrine Julia or Kellie Jane
Step Daughter's Husband- “L” Laurence Joseph or Lance Laden

Daughter- “M” Molly Marilyn or Melissa Marie
Daughter's Husband- “N” Nicholas Andrew or Nate Ryan
Daughter's Daughter- “O” Olivia Adelene or Oralie Janea (or-uh-lee Juh-nay)
Daughter- “P” Patricia Paula or Patti Princi
Daughter's husband- “Q” Quinten Roger or Quigley Croquet

Daughter's step Daughter- “R” Rachelle Princi or Rabekah Cher
Daughter's twins- “SB” and “SG”. SB: Samuel Brian or Santos Burton
SG: Sarah Gen or Sadie Geanna/Gianna

Step Son- “T” Teegan Thomas or Thomas Robert
Son- “U” Ulysses Rhys or Uuliam Ryne (William/you-lee-um Rin)
Son's Finance- “V” Vanessa Bethany or Victoria Liza

Son- “W” Warren Thomas or Will Thomas

Son- “X” Xavier Jordyn or Xander John

Daughter- “Y” Yvonne Rae or Yva (eva) Rae
Son- “Z” Zeb Jason or Zaire Jason

Daughter- “ZZ” Zoey Zofia or Zahara Zayley

Boy, was that hard. I REALLY hope I did it rite! Please post a comment on one of my topics if you pick any of my names! THanks!


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