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Life By A Roll of the Dice

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Posted 19 November 2011 - 11:09 AM

3 Cats:
o Chloe
o Simba
o Shadow
Posted Image
Posted Image

 7 Horses:
o Ash
Posted Image

o Bolt
Posted Image

o Blackberry
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Posted 19 November 2011 - 11:10 AM

o Cooper
Posted Image

o Fox
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o Onyx
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o Wolf
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o Storm
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Posted 19 November 2011 - 11:12 AM

o Cooper
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o Fox
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o Onyx
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o Wolf
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o Storm
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Posted 19 November 2011 - 11:13 AM

 2 Bunnies:
o Vulcan
o Yuki
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 2 Chinchillas
o Cedric Diggory
o Harry Potter
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Posted 19 November 2011 - 12:04 PM

My name is Victoria Isabel Hendrix *Tori* and I am 21 years old.
I grew up in Albany, New York and was raised by my wonderful uncle, Levi Zachariah.
I lived together with my uncle and only brother.
My younger brother is named Henry Jack.

Today I work as an actress, and married to my wonderful husband Milo Nathaniel.
Milo is 25, which means he's 4 years older than me. Milo is a businessman and works in town.
We meet through a family member of mine, and it was like love at first sight.

Milo and I dated for a year before he proposed to me.
He proposed to me, when we were out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, and
this was my engagement ring:
My Diamant Ring

We had a very simple but yet romantic wedding.
The most extravagant this was my wedding dress
Wedding Dress

For our honeymoon we decided to go to Barbados, and it was one of our best vacations.
After our wedding we wanted to move and find a big house to start our family, so we decided
to stay in New York, because of our jobs.
We got our dream house
Dream House

Only a few weeks after moving into our house, we discovered my first pregnancy.
We were so excited to become parents. We were having a little girl, and were stoked to be welcoming a princess.
Alice Philippa *Ali* was our first beautiful baby and we were so happy to be getting our baby home.
When we had Alice I was 24 and Milo was 28.
Only two years after Alice's birth we had our 2nd baby, another girl Sophia Catherine *Soph*.
Alice & Sophia were our joy and happiness and we really wanted more kids.

Milo and I had always dreamt of having a big family so when the girls were 3 and 1 we had twin boys.
Jasper Rhys & Lewis Duncan were handsome little boys, but with 4 kids under 4 years old we had lots to do.

When Milo was 35, I was 31. The kids were 7, 5 & 4.
We felt like everything was running smoothly and decided to adopt. We wanted to help other kids so we got
to adopt 2 boys and a girl.
The boys were brothers and named William Jacob & Seth Elijah *Liam & Seth*. Liam & Seth were a year old and twins.
OUr little princess came from California, and was named Aurora Selene *Rori.* Aurora came from the same orphan and
was at the time 8 years old, a year older than Ali.
3 years after getting the kids we decided that the only thing missing was a pet.
We went out and bought a little chihuahua named Molly, the cutest little thing.

The Hendrix family

DH: Milo Nathaniel, 38 years old
DW: Victoria Isabel *Tori* 34 years old

DD: Aurora Selene *Rori* 11 years old
DD: Alice Philippa *Ali* 10 years old
DD: Sophia Catherine *Soph* 8 years old
DS/DS: Jasper Rhys & Lewis Duncan, 7 years old
DS/DS: William Jacob & Seth Elijah *Liam & Seth* 4 years old

Dog: Molly, 8 months old.

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Posted 19 August 2012 - 02:37 AM

Sophie Arabella Hayes [20]
- Born and Raised in Nashville, Tennessee
- Actress

Foster Parents- Jasper Orion Grey & Thea Calliope Grey

Siblings- Gideon Abel Hayes [21] and Ethan Tobias Hayes [27]

DH: Magnus Eli Kingsley [25]
- Artist

- Met through mutual friends, dated for two years
- Proposed July 4th, asked with fireworks
- Unconventional Wedding
- Engagement Ring
- Wedding Dress
- Honeymooned in Japan
- Settled in Tennessee
- Our House

Birth 1: G/G/G- Abigail Olivia, Lucy Florence and Charlotte Victoria
Birth 2: B/B/G- Christopher Paul, Michael James and Isabella Mae
Birth 3: B/G- Vincent Alexander and Penelope Faith
Birth 4: B/B/G- Benjamin Theodore, Nathaniel Simon and Cordelia Rose
Birth 5: B/B- Jonathan Samuel and Anthony Thomas

Adoption 1: Two Boys and Two Girls- Jacoby Lander and Finnigan Gray & Diana Pearl & Sybil Lorelie
Adoption 2: Three Girls- Delilah Ruby, Lilith Scarlett and Lolita Raven
Adoption 3: Two Boys- London Dexter and Sebastian Lennox
Adoption 4: Three Boys- Calvin Llewellyn, Horatio Cassius and Rupert Bartholomew
Adoption 5: Three Girls- Juliana Francesca, Theodora Clarissa and Edith Josephine

Dog- Male Pitbull named Bailey
Cat- Male and female named Leo and Sunny

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Posted 19 August 2012 - 04:32 PM

Alexandra Faith Murray (Journalist)

Albany, New York

Who raised you?

Norman Harold & Helen Irving Murray (Grandparents)

How many siblings do you have?
Louisa Mae Murray (sister)

What is DH's name?

Tristan Walker Tracey (College professor)

How do you meet DH? Roll the dice
Through a family member

How many months/years do you & DH date for?


How does DH propose?

During a rainstorm, with the power out

What kind of wedding do you have?
Simple wedding

What does your wedding dress look like? Roll the dice

Where do you go for your honeymoon?

Nowhere for now

Where do you & DH settle down after your wedding?


What does your & DH's house look like? Roll the dice

How many times do you get pregnant?


Phoebe Rose (15)

Jemima Tamsin/Samuel Tristan (13)

Benjamin Harry (12)

Alice Eugenie/Barnaby Hugh/Tarquin Lewis/Violet Lucy (9)

Tobias Emmett (4)

Helen Elizabeth (3)

How many times do you adopt?


Mateo Finnian (11), Calvin Angus (9) & Scarlett Evangeline (7)

Persephone Holly (6) & Mercy Faith (5)

Oscar Byron (6), Magnus Konrad (5) & Caspar Hiram (4)

Orion Mars (0)

Walker & Andie Tracey -

Phoebe, Jemima, Sam, Ben, Matty, Alice, Hugo, Tarquin, Violet, Calvin, Scarlett, Persie, Oscar, Mercy, Magnus, Caspar, Helen & Orion

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 10:53 PM

My name is Eloise Hope Powell and I'm a High School Biology teacher in Seattle, Washington. My twin brother Colin Graham and I were raised by our adoptive mothers Oriana Zera and Mika Roxana. I am 29, and my husband Jasper Elijah Pan is 30. We met through work when he was 27 and I was 26; Jasper's an editor and was at the high school to talk to kids about publishing. We started dating right away - I thought he was so funny and handsome and he claims that I must have enchanted him or something! Three years after we started dating he proposed to me at my favorite restaurant with a beautiful ruby engagement ring. We had a beautiful springtime backyard wedding where I wore a dress with lace sleeves. We honeymooned in Sweden and visited relatives of both of us. It was so cool. We decided to settle down back in Seattle in a large, old, red brick house.

(jump to future (: )

Jasper and I wanted to fill up our house, so...I had 18 children and we decided to adopt 8 more when the older kids started moving out!
DW: me! (54)
DH: Jasper (55)
DD/DD/DD/DD: Charlotte Augusta, Amelia Joan, Alice Matilda, Sophia Helen (25)
DS/DD/DD: Felix Alastair, Phoebe Juliet, Eleanor Louisa (23)
DS: Luca Piers (22)
DD/DD/DD: Beatrice Judith, Edith Elizabeth, Iris Ruby (20)
DS/DS/DS: Duncan Leo, Simon Caleb, Daniel William (18)
DS/DD/DS/DD: Henry August/Lydia Imogen/Martin Zachary/Hazel Cecilia (15)
DD/DD: Sadie Jezebel/Briony Scout (8)
DS: Rory Mateo (7)
DS: Atticus Horatio (5)
DS: Garrett Killian (5)
DD: Lilith Lolita (3)
DS/DD: Gideon Seth/Audrey Grace (1)

Stella, a Brittany Spaniel/Foxhound mix and Molly, a Corgi/Pointer mix

Oliver, an ocicat, Luna, an American Shorthair, and Pepper, a Bombay.

So, Our Family:
Eloise Hope Powell and Jasper Elijah Pan
Charlotte, Mia, Alice, Sophie, Phoebe, Felix, Ella, Luca, Bea, Edith, Iris, Duncan, Simon, Daniel, Henry, Lydia, Martin, Hazel, Sadie, Briony, Rory, Atticus, Garrett, Lita, Gideon, and Audrey and our pets Oliver, Luna, Pepper, Stlla, and Molly

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Posted 21 August 2012 - 12:38 AM

DW: Felicia Arden Bertram nee Hughes


-Living in Los Angeles, California

-Raised by single mom: Nora Charlotte

- One younger brother: Harrison Jack

DH: Holden Jude Bertram


-Met at the coffee shop

-Dated for 7 months

-He proposed on the Eiffel Tower during a surprise getaway to Paris

-Had a beautiful beach wedding

-Honeymooned in Bahamas

DS/DS: Emmett Spencer & Luca Jasper

DD/DD/DD/DS: Pippa Rhiannon & Penelope Ruby & Amelia Margaret & Lennon Ellis

DS/DD: Elias Henry & Honora Evie

DD: Aurora Charlotte

DS/DS/DD/DD: Callum Finlay & Benjamin Theodore & Sophia Caroline & Victoria Elizabeth

DAS/DAS/DAD/DAD: Marcus Embry & Leo Orion & Maia Selene & Lucy Susannah

DAS/DAS: Maximus Cato & Anderson Sawyer

DAD: Aria Calliope

Holden & Felicia Bertram +

Emmett, Luca, Pippa, Nelly, Amelia, Lenny, Elias, Nora, Rory, Callum,

Ben, Sophia, Tori, Marcus, Leo, Maia, Lucy, Max, Anders, & Aria

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Posted 29 May 2013 - 03:27 AM

I am Joanna Madeleine Camarena (nee Green). I live in Portland, Oregon. I am 19 years old. I was raised by my single dad. His name is Maxwell Owen Green. He is literally the love of my life. After my mom died, he was all I had. We were always the best of friends. My dad and I had a special relationship because I wasn't a girly girl. I did guy stuff with him - we fished, played baseball, and I helped him fix stuff around the house. I was only 7 when my mom died. It was the saddest day ever. But me and my dad have stayed incredibly strong since then - especially my dad. I have one big brother, Zachary Gabriel Green (he's 31), but he is way older than me; he was in college when my mom died. We are not really close, considering our incredible age difference (I guess you could say my parents were never expecting me; I was a surprise, and my brother was the icing on a birthday cake - spoiled rotten), but he does send me and my dad birthday cards and gifts. But, still, he is the I-buy-love-with-very-nice-gifts-so-you-will-love-me type.

Right now, I am a Novelist, living from home - no, not with my dad, with my husband. I know, I'm young. He is 21 years old - only 2 years older, who cares? My hubby is Axel Ezra Camarena. Yeah, his grandfather immigrated from Tuscany, Italy. Axel is a Movie Director. We only knew each other for a year before we got married. We met through my job. Sure, I write books from home, but I needed an Editor. One afternoon, I met my future Editor at a Coffee Shop, and there I saw him - Axel. I fell in love with him right there. He had gorgeous blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes. We dated for only 2 months when he proposed. I said yes, of course! He proposed to me on a date. We took a long walk in the park, late that night. He got down on one knee, and I knew I wanted to be with him forever. Only 10 months later - on our 1st anniversary, we got married. We had a traditional church wedding. My engagement ring is a beautiful white gold ring. My wedding dress looked like this: Long, White, Elegant White Dress With Blue Sash. We end up going to Tuscany for our Honeymoon, since that is where is grandfather was from, and he had never been there. We bought a beautiful big, whitish-cream house in the countryside.

We aren't currently ready for children yet, but....

Uh oh. I just checked the calendar to see when I was supposed to get my period. It has been 4 days - no period. I am usually on time, and at the most I am two days late, but even then that is once in a blue moon for me. I also usually get heavy cramping, and bad mood swings. But I have had none of that. In fact, I have been overjoyed. It's like my brain is telling me that I am feeding for two, and I have just been overprotective of myself for the past couple days. This can only mean one thing....


I just took a pregnancy test. Actually, I got paranoid, and took 5. It is definite - I am pregnant. I just told my husband. He was literally jumping up and down. It's a good thing we have a huge house, because....


...God, I'm having triplets!! My dad called not too long ago. He was excited that he is going to be a grandfather for the first time (Zach has a girlfriend, but he's not serious yet). I'm not entirely sure how he is this happy when his 19-year-old daughter is pregnant with 3! Actually, he called before I went to the doctors to find out what I was having. So, he thinks I am only having one. Wait until he hears he is having two grandsons, and a granddaughter. He has always been fond of children, especially boys. I guess that is why he and I have a special relationship....what with my, you know, boyish habits *cough cough*.


Well, I am in the hospital right now. My husband is laying on my chest, crying tears of joy. I thought it was silly at first, but he was just passed out 20 minutes ago, from watching the birthing process (three kids, and oh my gosh - all the blood, and you know, ughh). It was a nasty experience for me. But, I am holding my twin boys, and my dad is holding his granddaughter - third twin of the boys....well, triplet sister, why not? The boys look exactly like their father - they are actually identical, and my daughter is a spitting image of my father. So none of them look like me. Axel says our sons will look like me when they are older "They will be gracious when they are older - growing their dark brown, silky hair down past their shoulders, and be total momma's boys...".Yeah, sure, Axel. I'm sure that's exactly how it will be. I owe him $500 if he is right. Haha. Well, I have a bet of my own. If my daughter becomes a spitting image of me, and acts like her dad, Axel will owe me $700. Take that! Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that when we found out the sexes of the babies, Axel did some spring cleaning and went to the store and bought gallons of blue, green, purple, and pink paint. I am not kidding. He went nuts! I was suggesting the babies could all sleep together in one nursery, and have them gradually move into their own rooms as they got older. But, no, Axel insisted that they all needed their own rooms. Oh well. Fielder's choice. He is the money maker around the house, so I let it go.

We named the babies Ellis Lennon, Jude Micah, and Elizabeth Emma Camarena.


Not long after the triplets were born, my husband came home begging us to adopt three kids he was working with on one of his movies. I told him he was insane, and then I said no. Well, it turns out, these kids were neglected. And their parents never showed to pick them up. There were several calls made to their landline, and then their cells, which were conveniently shut off, and no one had any way of contacting them. Apparently, one of their neighbors called the police because the children were not being fed - they were hiding the food! I was guilt-stricken and sick to my stomach as to how somebody could do this to their kids. So I caved in, and a week later (that's how fast the process was!), we adopted the poor children. They were 2 boys and a girl. The oldest boy is named Louis Harvey (who is 9). He had a head full of messy, chestnut brown hair. The youngest boy is named Tyson Hogan (who is 6), who also had chestnut brown hair (but his is curly), and their baby sister is Morgan Persephone (who is 3). She has long platinum blonde hair.


With 6 children in the house, I seriously was having a mental breakdown. I just found out two days ago I was pregnant. I am not as excited as I hoped I would be. My husband was over the moon. He has always loved children more than me. He expands on to the house, going insane, by adding an extra 5 rooms. What is this? A boarding house? It very well could be.

9 months later, I give birth to a baby boy (he looks exactly like me!), that Axel and I name Oscar Roman Camarena. When my little boy came, I knew he was mine (well that's obvious), and I was way happier than I was before. I had talked to a counselor about this and he suggested that it is just very different when you are actually holding your baby son in your arms, versus him kicking you in the stomach for a good 6 months. I agreed.


I have not been getting much sleep. I've been in bed a lot, but not because of sleep. My husband and I had a passion that ignited inside of us, bigger than it ever was. It has been going on like this since baby Oscar was born. He's a year old now, and we found out he is going to have a baby brother. He is excited. I can tell. I am too, as well as my husband and our 6 other children.

I give birth to my son, who we name Hugh Rhys Camarena. He looks like my mother when she was a baby (there are pictures around my dad's house), however, Axel thinks Hugh looks like his granddad. Axel's father agreed with him. I guess I am blind.


I could tell this year was going to be a serious headache. Well, there are several babies coming into the picture, for one. I do not do good under pressure....especially stress. I do not talk to my brother anymore. My father called, furious at his son for knocking a girl up and getting her pregnant. No, Zach didn't break up with his girlfriend. He cheated on her - multiple times! She finally got her stuff and left him. My father is frazzled that his 36-year-old son is just having a baby, and out of wedlock! My brother isn't happy that much with it either. With his girlfriend gone, he's got that girl he knocked up living at his house (unwillingly), pregnant with their son, and doesn't work. My brother doesn't work either, but hey, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And those two even look alike! I hate to bag on him, but he has seriously become stupid, and detached from all reality. He doesn't realize the mess he has got himself and his unborn son into. I would hate to see his son grow up like him.

In other news, Axel and I are adopting twin boys (whose parents were killed in a car accident) from his grandfather's home country. We change their names because their names were too hard to pronounce. The boys are 6 years old. The older twin is named Fletcher Carter, and the younger twin is Aidyn Tidus. The boys have dark skin and black hair. Very cute.

I am also pregnant. Yeah. I am keeping the gender a secret. Well, it's not just a secret to everybody else, but me also. We only have one room left available, but Axel already has contractors coming out to expand the house even bigger. Our neighbors think we're nuts! Axel doesn't care, but I know we're insane. Since I want to keep the gender a surprise (much to Axel's dismay), Axel goes to Home Depot and buys a mix of yellows and beiges.

At the end of the year, I give birth to a baby boy that we name Theodore Jacob Camarena. He is so cute with his dusty blonde hair and grey eyes (my father's eyes). He actually looks like both me and Axel.


Nothing serious has gone on the past couple years. It is obvious we have a brood and they grow up too quickly, but we were just trying to get everybody settled in what with the recent changes. Me and my husband have been using serious protection, because if we keep it up like dogs and cats, well.....we'll be like dogs and cats, with multiple litters of puppies....and kittens. Well that has happened anyway. We already have 11 children.

One day, me and my husband got too excited and forgot the protection. Here I am pregnant for the 5th time. Yippy. I've been a little anxious (I guess my uterus is tired), so I want to find out the gender of the baby. I am kind of hoping for a little girl (what with all the dirt and trucks around the house, but hey, I was like that for awhile, haha), but I will be ecstatic no matter what. I find out from the doctor that I am having twin boys. I smile, as there clearly is a man factory roaming around - and yet more to come!

I give birth to twin boys that we name Samuel Edward and Felix Luca Camarena. They both have my dark brown hair, but daddy's bright blue eyes. I am excited, as well as Axel. He puts the boys in one room this time, and paints it a mild-mid baby blue.


I found out that late last year my cousin's children were orphaned when she died suddenly of a massive heart attack. I didn't even know that she had a congenital heart defect. I am sincerely upset, and my husband consoles me when he reads out her will (she obviously knew about it, but didn't tell anyone). Apparently, her children were willed out to me when she would die. I hadn't even known this, but I am glad she did because she was a single mom anyway. I was always worried about where her kids would go if something happened to her. She's the daughter of my dad's brother (who died very young), and she had no one other than her kids. She has three - two boys and a girl. The oldest is her daughter, Melody Cadence Green (who has her mom's last name because she had a dead-beat dad), who is 13 years old. She has long, dark blonde hair and brown eyes. The youngest two are her sons, Declan Liam O'Connell (he and his little brother are actually half-siblings of Melody), who is 10 years old and has the mouth of a sailor, and Byron Ezekiel O'Connell, who is 4 years old, and throws temper tantrums very often. God, I feel sorry for their mom. Declan has his mom's dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Byron strangely has very dark brown hair (almost black) and his mom's blue eyes , and his mom's boyfriend at the time had red hair. I am concerned that Byron is from yet another man, but other than his hair, he looks very much like his brother Declan.

So, we got the adoption papers, early this year, and were hooked up with my late cousin's children in no time. Meanwhile, I am pregnant. Surprise, surpise. I am anxious to know the sex of my child, so my husband and children come with me to the doctors'. I am pregnant with another set of boys (much to my girls' dismay, but oh well), whom we (me, my husband and kids) already picked out the names for. Their names will be Tobias Archibald (to honor my late grandfather) and Spencer Josiah.

I give birth to Toby and Spence, 6 weeks early. They are gorgeous little tykes, who are a spitting image of their daddy. Thankfully, they are very healthy (and so is my uterus!).


Just a couple of years ago, I was blessed with my last children Toby and Spence (well, biological anyway). My adopted cousin, Melody, really wants another little girl in our house to play with. She is 15. Really? I am not having any more children. What with my string of boys, if I did get preggo, more than likely it would be another boy. She would be really disappointed. Even though she loves her family, she is a girly girl at heart. Honestly, I can't blame her because her two little brothers are a pain in the neck.

My husband has always been the type of person to want to fulfill people's wishes - especially children. That is one of the million reasons I love him like crazy. He suggests that we adopt twin girls from the local orphanage. With 15 children in the house already, honestly, two more kids wouldn't do any damage (that's an understatement).

The girls are named Alabama Haydée and Lorelei Calypso. We decided to keep the names because they are just too precious, and they are perfect on two little blonde princesses.

Oops! There was a bit of a mix-up at the orphanage. We found out that the girls are not twins at all! They are from a set of quads! Axel and I were furious, because we were told there were two, not four! And now the girls will be separated from the other two! We were also confused on how they got separated from their other siblings. It turns out that all the girls are put together, and all the boys are put together. Speaking of 'put together,' if you put two and two together, yup, you guessed it! The other two babies were boys! Melody wasn't the least bit impressed because of the boys, but she will just have to get over it, because we are not separating the quads. We have too many multiples. We know we could never do that to them. The boys are named Atlas Orion and Hopper Sawyer.

The babies were newborns, and it took a long 2 months for the adoption papers to go through. The four musketeers were all identical! They are so adorable. So, we go home with our last four little ones, Alabama, Lorelei, Atlas, and Hopper. We all agreed that they definitely had weird name combinations, but they were too cute to change them!


A lot has happened in the past couple years. No, I didn't have any more children. I would think it would be a crime to have more children than the Duggar family.

But, we did get pets. Two of my boys wanted snakes (much to my dismay), and I let them get some. I knew their father wouldn't care. Ellis and Jude share a two-month old male Rat snake named Oreo (seriously? I guess it's because theirs is black and white). Jude also has another, a Puget Sound Garter Snake, also a male, named Blackjack. He is 2 years old.

All the girls wanted a dog. We adopted a female German Shephard, who is only 6 weeks old. We named her Bella. She is very sweet and mellow, but makes for a great guard dog! Considering the size of our house, I will not lie, people have tried to break in. Pretty scary.

Also, four of my adopted kids have left home! Louis got married to a lovely girl, named Ava, and they have a two year old son named Jagger Sebastian. Tyson also has a very pretty girlfriend, named Alyssa, and they have settled into a big home. They plan to marry soon and start a family. Also, my cousin's daughter, Melody, moved out to get a degree in college. She was doing so well, up until she met a jerk of a boyfriend named Caleb, who thinks he's hot stuff. Plus, he got her pregnant about a year ago, and the social worker came to take the boy away because he wasn't being taken care of (Melody was too focused on school, rather than her son). My oldest son Ellis, according to him, there are rumors circulating around that Melody is pregnant again. I hope the poor child is okay, and that the rumors aren't true. Jude, the younger boy of my set of triplets, just impregnated a girl. Man, this family is becoming a mess. Jude tells me he is having twin boys, but I think he is just saying that because he really doesn't want a daughter. Who knows, though?

Moving away from the immediate fam, my brother (I don't consider him immediate family anymore; I'm sorry) and his little boy (well he is not little anymore, he is 11) have moved out of the house they were living in and into a bigger home in the city. Considering my brother's age (he's 47), I doubt he's having any more children. So, why the big house? Who knows? I never understood my brother.

My dad is doing well. He's 69! One year away from the big 7-0! He's getting up there, but he is very healthy and keeps himself occupied during the day. Considering he is retired, he doesn't work, obviously. He likes to work out, read, watch TV, hang out with his friends to play Bingo, and walk his dog, Sparky. He also loves hanging out with me, my husband and children. Other than talking to Zach every now and then, he doesn't really see him anymore. How sad.

Well, I am 35. So I will be 40 in only 5 years. My husband is 37. He's not far, but he hates me reminding him, haha.

Well, I appreciate you reading my story! I know that was long, but it was 16 years of my life. ;)

The Green Family

DF: Maxwell Owen {53}

DS: Zachary Gabriel {31}

DD: Joanna Madeleine {19}

Max; Zach & Joanna


The Camarena Family

DW: Joanna Madeleine (nee Green) {35}

DH: Axel Ezra {37}

DAS: Louis Harvey {24}

DAS: Tyson Hogan {21}

DCD: Melody Cadence Green-Camarena {20}

DAD: Morgan Persephone {18}

DAS/DAS: Fletcher Carter/Aidyn Tidus {17}

DCS: Declan Liam O'Connell-Camarena {17}

DS/DS/DD: Ellis Lennon/Jude Micah/Elizabeth Emma {16}

DS: Oscar Roman {13}

DS: Hugh Rhys {12}

DS: Theodore Jacob {11}

DCS: Byron Ezekiel O'Connell-Camarena {11}

DS/DS: Samuel Edward/Felix Luca {8}

DS/DS: Tobias Archibald/Spencer Josiah {7}

DAD/DAD/DAS/DAS: Alabama Haydée/Lorelei Calypso/Atlas Orion/Hopper Sawyer {5}

DP: Blackjack {snake, male, 2}

DP: Oreo {snake, male, 2 mos.}

DP: Bella {dog, female, 6 weeks}

Joanna & Axel;

Louis, Ty, Melody, Morgan, Fletcher, Aidyn, Declan, Ellis, Jude, Lizzy, Oscar, Hugh, Ted, Byron, Sam, Felix, Toby, Spence, Ali, Lorelei, Atlas, and Hopper + Blackjack, Oreo, & Bella


The Green Family

DF: Zachary Gabriel Green {47}

DM: Bianca Selene Hughes {35}

DS: Embry Karl Green {11}

Zach; Em


The Camarena Family

DH: Louis Harvey {24}

DW: Ava June {24}

DS: Jagger Sebastian {2}

Louis & Ava;



The Camarena Family

DBF: Tyson Hogan {21}

DGF: Alyssa Jacquelyn {20}

Ty & Aly


The Green-Camarena Family

DM: Melody Cadence {20}

DF: Caleb Duke {21}

DS: Aidan Ronan {1}

DS: Tanner Fletcher {unborn son}

Mel; Tanner


The Camarena Family

DF: Jude Micah {16}

DS/DS: Slater Pilot/Ryu Daxter {unborn twin sons}

Jude; Slate & Ry

I hope this was descriptive enough. I tried to give it some rough humor, maybe you noticed. Haha. Sorry it was so long. My imagination can take me to incredible places, and sometimes it is hard to stop. lol.

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Posted 29 May 2013 - 03:27 PM

My name is Amalia Clementine Murphy. I am 28 years old. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was raised by my single grandma, Millicent Ivy. I have a big brother and a big sister, Matthias Xavier and Francesca Rafaella. I am a high school teacher. My husband is Samson Hunter Gatewood. He is a policeman. I met him when he was 21years old on the beach. We dated for 7 years until he proposed to me on the 4th of July by writing "Will you marry me?" In the fireworks.

We opted for a traditional church wedding. My ring was absolutely beautiful with a big pink gem in the middle. My dress was long and white with ruffles and folds at the bottom. We then went on a lovely honeymoon to Venice until we finally settled down in Quebec, Canada. Our house is nice and spacious with a big grassy garden and big glass windows. I had 4 births.

B/G/B/G: Jonathan Thomas/Imogen Freya/Lachlan Fergus/Matilda Beatrice
G: Caroline Phoebe
G/G: Juliet Stella/Sophia Josephine
B/G: Jasper Owen/Catherine Louisa

I adopted 5 times.

B: Konrad Damon
B/G: Deacon Banner/Cerelia Lilith
G/G: Cleo Desiree/Cassandra Selene
B: Aidyn Tidus
B/G: Lawrence Jacob/Sonatina Lark

Amalia and Samson with
Jonathan, Imogen, Lachlan, Matilda, Caroline, Juliet, Sophia, Jasper, Catherine, Konrad, Deacon, Cerelia, Cleo, Cassandra, Aidyn, Lawrence, Sonatina

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Posted 30 May 2013 - 09:26 AM

Claire Charlotte Collins (Allen)

- Raised by my Aunt & Uncle, Lydia and Asher Gray, and their kids, my cousins; Twins Piper Ann and Poppy Elizabeth and their brother Ranger James.
- Two big brothers: Jared Levi and Ethan Caleb Allen
- Married to Sawyer Elijah Collins
- We live here: http://www.billcaid....JPEG/img-11.jpg

DS/DS/DS: Oliver Josiah / Silas Benjamin / Nathaniel Peter {11}
DS/DS/DD: Nicholas Micah / Jeremaiah Thomas / Nora Ruby {9}
DS/DS: Rhys Jacob / Piers Sebastian {6}
DD/DD/DD: Annabel Cordelia / Clara Violet / Jessamy Isobel {4}
DS/DD: Henry Jude / Juliet Alice {2}

DS: Carter Seth {16}
DS: Deacon Connor {15}
DD: Helena Caroline {13}
DS: Anderson Fletcher {12}
DS/DD: Sullivan William / Elizabeth Aspen {8}
DS: Chandler Flynn {7}
DS/DS/DD: Finnegan Brady / Ezra Stephen / Briar-Rose Evangeline {3}

-Male Rabbit named Echo
-Female Rabbit named Pebbles
-Baby Rabbits: Dimples, Frappucino, Tagg, Crusher, and Little Caesar

Sawyer and Claire Collins; Carter, Deacon, Helena, Andy, Oliver, Silas, Nate, Nick, Jeremiah, Nora, Sullivan, Beth, Chandler, Rhys, Piers, Annabel, Clara, Jessa, Finn, Ezra, Briar-Rose, Henry, and Juliet Collins; Echo, Pebbles, Dimples, Frapp, Tagg, Crusher, and Little Caesar.

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Posted 31 May 2013 - 08:37 PM

My name is Zaria Isabel Perry-True. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was raised by my single dad, Zachary Jacob. We are very close and I have always been a daddy's girl. My mother ran off with another man when I was two and left us with our father, so I don't remember her much. We got along just fine anyway. I have two older sisters named Celestia Madeline (22) & Juliet Charlotte (21). We are all very close although we do occasionally argue as all siblings do.

I am 18 years old, working as a model for clothing companies and magazines. I am happily married to my wonderful husband Romeo Oliver True. Even though we are young I think I made the right decision as there is no one else I'd rather be with.

Romeo was 18 when I met him and he currently works as a businessman. I met Romeo through my sister. They were school friends and she had invited him to a party at our house. I was in the kitchen at one point that night faffing around with some food and drinks when he came in with an empty glass intending to refill it. He had lovely curly brown locks and gentle blue eyes I noticed as we got chatting. We spent the night getting to know each other and eventually were meeting up more and more, before he shyly asked me on a date a few months later. We had dated for three years before he proposed to me on Valentine's Day, in Rome, next to a fountain. He had timidly fallen to one knee, quickly fishing a small box out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. I had looked into his loving blue eyes and knew he was the one.

We wanted to get married straight away, but my dad wasn't thrilled with the news and told me he wanted me to finish my A Levels beforehand. Finally a year later we had a lovely royal wedding which was better than I could of ever imagined. My engagement ring was gorgeous rose gold with a beautiful clear gem in the middle. My wedding dress was a stunning strapless white gown with diamante studded around the neckline and folded pleats on the skirt. My sisters both insisted on paying for it which was very touching. We went to Santorini, a beautiful Greek island, for our honeymoon. After our wedding we settled down back in Pittsburgh where we both grew up. We brought a huge luxury house.

It's now been a year and a half since we got married. I adore my husband and home and life can't seem to get any more perfect. However the only thing troubling me is how sick and tired I have been feeling lately. If it continues I'll have to go to my doctor to see what is causing it!

It's been five months since my trip to the doctors. It was revealed I was pregnant! Romeo and I were shocked as we hadn't planned it nor had we skipped using protection. Anyhow we were very excited to welcome a baby into our lives. A scan showed us we are having a little girl!

It's been ten months. We have since had our baby and named our little bundle of joy Aurora Phoebe. She has thick dark brown hair and blue eyes like her daddy. Romeo has enjoyed being a father so much and spends as much time as possible with our little daughter. He belonged to a big family and has recently approached me asking if we could adopt children and give them a loving home. I was unsure at first but then agreed. We headed to an adoption agency and did what was needed. After it took six weeks to be matched to a lovely pregnant woman who wanted her children to be given a better life as she was too busy to spend much time with them. She already had a two year old girl and another girl on the way.

It's been eleven months and our two adopted daughters, Selene Aphrodite & Luna Persephone are healthy and happy. Romeo and
I recently discovered I am expecting again! This time it's a boy! We are very excited.

Another year has passed and we are the proud parents of Roman Zachary. His middle name was to honour my father, the man that that has always been there for me. He loves being a grandfather.

Two years later I find out I am pregnant once more! This time with boy/girl twins. We name them Micah Emmett & Sabrina Hazel.

It's been another two years and our big family is getting another little edition. We find out we are expecting another little girl! Romeo and I decide 7 children will be enough and this will be our last child. We named our youngest baby girl Penelope Mae.

Our family:
Zaria Isabel Perry-True {27}
Romeo Oliver True {30}
Aurora Phoebe True {6}
Selene Aphrodite True {8}
Luna Persephone True {6}
Roman Zachary True {5}
Micah Emmett True {2}
Sabrina Hazel True {2}
Penelope Rose True {NB}

Haha this wasn't meant to be so long :blink: This is what my insomniac brain has come up with in the middle of the night ;)

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