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Help Me Name My Nugget! <333

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Posted 23 September 2011 - 02:48 PM

I am currently 12 weeks & 5 days pregnant and I really want to figure out my Nugget's name already! I obviously don't know my baby's gender yet so, I want to pick out a boy name and a girl name. :)

Names On My List So Far...





Those are the names I've been considering, but I'd love more suggestions. Also, I would like some middle name suggestions. :)



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Posted 23 September 2011 - 03:09 PM


I like Jaxon and Zander from the boy's and Violet and Elise from the girl's. :)

Jaxon Henry
Jaxon Levi
Jaxon Michael
Jaxon Alexander
Jaxon Walker
Jaxon Lee
Jaxon David
Jaxon Cole

Zander Allen
Zander Mark
Zander James
Zander Henry
Zander Alec
Zander Luke
Zander Liam
Zander Thomas

Violet Joy
Violet Finley
Violet Rose
Violet Grace
Violet Elizabeth
Violet Reign
Violet Harper
Violet Chase

Elise Michelle
Elise Danielle
Elise Harper
Elise Taylor
Elise Nicole
Elise Mariah
Elise Catalina

Some more name suggestions you might like...
Isaac, Jett, Xavier, Wyatt, Wesley, Jamin, Brayson, Elliott
Selina, Bridget, Chloe, Emelyn, Emerald, Blakely, Jane, Annika

Good luck!!! :)

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Posted 23 September 2011 - 03:45 PM

Ooo! I'm helping a girl with names right now and I"M IN A NAMING MOOD! (your in luck! lol)

I love Jaxon and Zander off your list (I was thinking that even BEFORE I saw Catie's post! lol)

Here are a few name suggestions for them (I just used Jaxon for the first name, because I can't just do a list of names, I need a first name lol)! (I stink at girls names, so I'm not giving any :))

Jaxon Adam
Jaxon Atticus
Jaxon Archer
Jaxon Andrew
Jaxon Amadues
Jaxon Brent
Jaxon Benjamin
Jaxon Briley
Jaxon Bentley
Jaxon Brahams
Jaxon Brock
Jaxon Cameron
Jaxon Clay
Jaxon Cyrus
Jaxon Clint
Jaxon Darius
Jaxon Derek
Jaxon Deemus
Jaxon Devin
Jaxon Dalton
Jaxon Declan
Jaxon Deacan
Jaxon Dameon
Jaxon Dirk
Jaxon Elijah
Jaxon Elias
Jaxon Eric
Jaxon Elliott
Jaxon Edgar
Jaxon Edward
Jaxon Fredrick
Jaxon Franklin
Jaxon Flippe
Jaxon Foster
Jaxon Ferris
Jaxon Fletcher
Jaxon Grayson
Jaxon Grant
Jaxon Garrett
Jaxon Gray
Jaxon Garron
Jaxon Henry
Jaxon Hayes
Jaxon Heath
Jaxon Hunter
Jaxon Isaac
Jaxon Ivan
Jaxon Ian
Jaxon Israel
Jaxon James
Jaxon John
Jaxon Kyler
Jaxon Kyle
Jaxon Keifer
Jaxon Keller
Jaxon Levi
Jaxon Liam
Jaxon Leighton
Jaxon Landon
Jaxon Logan
Jaxon Marshall
Jaxon Mitchell
Jaxon Michael
Jaxon Matthew
Jaxon Morgan
Jaxon Mark
Jaxon Nathan
Jaxon Nathaniel
Jaxon Noah
Jaxon Oran
Jaxon Oliver
Jaxon Owen
Jaxon Patrick
Jaxon Peter
Jaxon Payse
Jaxon Quinn
Jaxon Quaid
Jaxon Ryder
Jaxon Ryker
Jaxon Remus
Jaxon Rome
Jaxon Ryland
Jaxon Ryan
Jaxon Silas
Jaxon Simon
Jaxon Simeon
Jaxon Steven
Jaxon Steller
Jaxon Toby
Jaxon Tobias
Jaxon Timothy
Jaxon Thomas
Jaxon Tryggs
Jaxon Tripp
Jaxon Trygve
Jaxon Taylor
Jaxon Uriah
Jaxon Ulric
Jaxon Vance
Jaxon Vincent
Jaxon Vince
Jaxon Valerey (Yes, for a boy)
Jaxon Wyatt
Jaxon Wesley
Jaxon Westley
Jaxon West
Jaxon Wes
Jaxon Walker
Jaxon William
Jaxon Winter
Jaxon Xavier
Jaxon Xander
Jaxon Xachary
Jaxon Yale
Jaxon Yosef
Jaxon Yosiah
Jaxon Zander
Jaxon Zane
Jaxon Zeben
Jaxon Zajax
Jaxon Zaren
Jaxon Zebidiah
Jaxon Zebedee
Jaxon Zebulon

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Posted 23 September 2011 - 05:31 PM

I like:

Zander Lachlan
Zander Bailey
Zander Cameron
Zander Samuel
Zander Sage
Zander Cole
Zander Flynn
Zander Finn
Zander Quinton
Zander Robert
Zander Harrison
Zander Thomas
Zander Hayden
Zander Cartsen
Zander Trevor

Declan Owen
Declan Henry
Declan George
Declan Mason
Declan Xavier
Declan Oliver
Declan Peter
Declan Zachary
Declan Vance
Declan Hayes


Leighton Grace
Leighton Yvonne
Leighton Georgia
Leighton Odette
Leighton Victoria
Leighton Priss
Leighton Hannah
Leighton Amelia

Elise Annabel
Elise Ophelia
Elise Leighton
Elise Rebecca
Elise Tabitha
Elise Winifrd
Elise Quinn
Elise Anastasia
Elise Renee
Elise Delia

Olivia Kate
Olivia Jane
Olivia Georgina
Olivia Beth
Olivia Faye
Olivia Naomi
Olivia Caia
Olivia Marie

#5 D3sire


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Posted 25 September 2011 - 02:06 AM

I like Henry, Zander, Violet & Elise. Olivia is nice but rather popular, I prefer Livia or Liv. I like Finley but only on a boy. The others are not my style.

#6 Katie-Nana


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Posted 26 September 2011 - 01:25 PM

Walker - I like the name Walker. A friend of mine had a horse named Walker and it was the name my sister had picked if my neice Luci had been a boy. However I didn't think it sounded great with their last name. Walker is one of those surname turned given names that is difficult to pair with middle and last names. Plus I could imagine any parents of a Walker saying "Walker, walk. Don't run!!" :)
Jaxon - Okay. I like this name but not this spelling and it is VERY popular at the moment. I know at least three, maybe four people who have had little boys in the past few years and named them Jaxson, Jackson, or Jaxon. Jax is a cute nn though.
Colton - I like Colton a lot. Like Jaxon it is getting a bit popular but I like this name better than Jaxon so I don't mind so much. Colt is a cute nickname. Always makes me think of Colt from the 3 Ninjas movies. It is country but I like country names (How can I not living in GA) :)
Henry - Henry is such a cute name. It is one of many old fashioned names coming back in style. Emily Deschanel from the show BONES just named her son Henry. I think of your choices this is my favorite.
Zander - My best friend is planning on naming her little boy Zander (if she ever has one). She has always loved Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So she would kill me if I didn't say..."Zander is an awful name! Eck, ew, NO!" :)
Declan - I like this name in theory but I'm not a fan. I'm all about how a name sounds and Declan is just a bit too harsh for me...brings to mind being punched in the face (decked) or someone with serious Irish brogue.


Violet - LOVE :P Violet is classic and simply beautiful. Plus I love the nn Vi.
Finley - Not a huge fan of this on a girl.
Ireland - Not a huge fan of this on either gender.
Leighton - Okay. The only Leighton I've known personally was a guy though I know it is considered unisex I still always think of him. Plus I'm not really a fan of the name for either gender.
Elise - LOVE! This would be my second pick after Violet.
Olivia - Okay. Overused. I agree with D3sire...go with Livia or even Lyvia. Maybe Sylvia.

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Posted 29 September 2011 - 06:10 PM

I am currently 12 weeks & 5 days pregnant and I really want to figure out my Nugget's name already! I obviously don't know my baby's gender yet so, I want to pick out a boy name and a girl name. :o

Names On My List So Far...





Those are the names I've been considering, but I'd love more suggestions. Also, I would like some middle name suggestions. :P



Hi Lia,
You like names very similar to names that I like.

Some of the names that are similar on our lists are:

Colton(although would go with Kolton), Jaxon, and Declan.
And I really like the idea of Ryan for a middle name, my Hubby's name is Brian.
I like that it's similar but not the same. And like the way it. sounds with all 3 names.

Cullen Tyler
Parker Michael
Bryson Archer (my favorite)

Violet and Olivia (would go with Alivia though)
I like Alivia Madilyn.

A few other suggestions I have are
Alyssa Violet
Amelia Claire
Hailey Jade
I love love love Alaina Natalie, that's our 17 month old daughter's name.

Hope this helps :)

#8 Eaz88


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Posted 01 October 2011 - 07:34 PM

Good for Middle and First names:

Spencer and Tyler are both great unisex names but if you want a defined name I suggest Skye for an original girls name and Katelyn as a more traditional name. For boys I would use Jacob as a traditional name and for a more unique name I would say Andre.

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