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Help with names for main characters

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Posted 14 December 2008 - 03:15 PM

Character 1- Male. Shaggy blond hair, chocolate brown eyes, about 5’8. Usually laid back, likes to joke and tease. Thinks things should be the way they are constantly, dislikes change greatly. He is often accusatory and assumes things. Brutally honest, judging, and to the point. Naturally concerned for people, and often pessimistic and sardonic.
Names: His nickname is Argon, which may or may not have absolutely anything to do with his name. Open to anything.

Character 2- Female. Short, strawberry blonde (more strawberry than blonde) hair just past her shoulders, hazel eyes, barely 5’. Perky, enthusiastic, and overwhelmingly friendly. Has unwavering faith and trust in people, no matter what. Believes whole heartedly that everyone deserves a second chance and no one is as bad as people may think. Acts childish at times and people feel the need to watch over her. Adventurous and sometimes lacks common sense. Always in the middle of some sort of accidental trouble.
Names: Was thinking Carly, but not sure if that fits. Open to any other suggestions.

Thanks so much!

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  • Interests:Well, obviously, I love names! They're so fun to look for and to search for the right name for the right character. I love writing, which is why I'm in constant search for a good name. I want to be an author one day, so my fingers are crossed. I also enjoy dance and hanging out with my friends.

Posted 14 December 2008 - 05:17 PM

Boy- Carson, Derek, Adam, Colton, Henry, Nathan, Vince, Tatum, Paul, Andre, Zane, Oliver,Tristan

Girl (Carly's cute but if you're not sure)- Alexa, Bethany, Bailey, Maggie, Paige, Paisley, Xiomara, Veronica, Emmalyne (pronounced line not lyn), Zoey, Ruby

Hope these help, and good luck!

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Posted 15 December 2008 - 12:38 PM

Character 1- Algernon :) Jude, Oliver, Sebastian, Finn, Louis, Will(liam), August, Julian, Simon, Rhys, Urban, Tristram, Dylan, Raphael 'Rafe', Noam, Giles.

Character 2 - Scarlet or Caroline, nn Carly. Sophie, Alexandra, Iris, Ruby, Linnéa, Imogen, Matilda, Freya, Josephine, Amelia, Poppy, Verity, Juniper, Kerensa, Magdalen.

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