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Need a couple of names!!

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#1 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 23 December 2011 - 10:41 AM

Okay! So, my main characters family has empty slots on the boys names :) Here is what I've got for them:
Ethan Duval [20]
Alison Ruth Duval [18]
Juliann Sarah Duval [14]
Clara Naomi Duval [11]

What I need to complete this family is a name for the father, mother, and the boys! There will be one more boy thats older than Alison and Ethan. But, I'm totally unsure about the name Ethan here... Do you think it fits? Alison, Juliann, Clara, and Ethan? I almost feel like its awkward... all the middle names for the kiddo's will be biblical, as are the girls. I'm not sure if I want biblical names for the first names as well on boys, or something else. I just want names that flow well with the ones I've got!

For the boys, I'm really unsure of where to look and all :/ I don't want any of the boys names to start with an A, J, or C. Seeing as Alison, Juliann, and Clara already have those letters and I want the sibset to be perfect :) I have thought about Eli/Elijah, Zachary, or Isaiah, but I think Eli/Elijah or Isaiah would definitely be moreso middle names. Maybe Zachary, I don't know...

For the parents, I have thought about maybe Martin for the dad. No idea on the mum.

I'm welcome to any idea's anyone has! You can even feel free to give suggestions towards girls names, because Alison is the only one set in stone. I thought Alison and Clara sounded really nice together, and Juliann was the only name I found that seemed to match it. But yeah..

In a nutshell:
- Name for mom
- Name for dad
- Name for oldest brother
- Name for second oldest [currently "Ethan"]

Also, if you want me to give a more detailed description of the characters, just ask and I will! <3

Thanks times a million for any help! <3

#2 Katie-Nana


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Posted 30 December 2011 - 01:15 PM

I think Zachary sounds okay as a first name...Zachary Duval, Zach Duval not so much. Ethan Zachary sounds nice. I think Ethan sounds okay with Alison, Juliann & Clara. Hm. What about...

Second Brother...
Ryan Zachary Duval
Bradley Ethan/Stephan Duval
Michael Peter Duval
Jeremy Stephan Duval

Eldest Brother...
Trent(on) Isaac Duval
Garrett Samuel Duval
William "Will" Zachary Duval
Nicholas Gabriel Duval

Martin Henry Duval
Martin Stanley Duval

Lisa Renee Duval
Rebecca Catherine Duval
Katherine "Kitty" Ellen Duval

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