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Posted 10 November 2013 - 02:43 PM

Surname: Bennett

DH: Kyle J.
DW: Bailey S.

Kyle and I met at the airport, where both of our families were flying to Australia. We ended up sitting next to eachother on the plane, and we talked the whole way there. We didn't want to part, but we had to. He and I saw eachother again at a club in Sydney a few days later. We exchanged numbers. After the trip, we started dating. After 3 years of dating, he proposes and I, of course, accept. We get married in London, and honeymoon in Dublin. 

About a year after you were married, you and your significant other had your first child! It was a...

First birth
Princess! (Girl)
This child is very well-behaved, and grows up to be an over-achiever and a straight-A student.
Isabella Amity

Two years later, you were expecting again! This time you and your significant other had a...

Second birth
Rockstar! (Boy)
This child grows up to be very musically gifted, and is quite a ham! He or she was born for the entertainment industry!
Cruz Embry

Right after your second child was born, you adopted two puppies (you choose the breed). They were 2 male pomskies. (Pomeranian + Huskey) 



The names have to be after characters from your favorite TV show or book!

Four years later, you found out that you were expecting twins! Your two older children were so excited to welcome the new little...

Third birth
Wild things! (G/G)
These two grow up to be party animals!
Kaena Phoebe

Chesney Araminta

Three years later, you decided to adopt a newborn locally. (You choose what he or she looks like). The newest addition to your brood is a...

Lovebug! (Girl)

Auden Marine

Two years later, you finish your lovely family with one more child! It's a...

Fourth birth
Sweetheart! (Girl)
This child grows up with a very sweet, tender disposition, and he or she loves the family pets.

Juliet Seraphina

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Posted 10 November 2013 - 10:13 PM

LN: Kline

DH: Derek Jameson {48}
DW: Chelsea Noelle {45}


DD: Amelia Adeline {21}

DS: Lennon Jacob {19}

DD/DD: Arwen Jessamy & Rheya Persephone {15}

DAS: Dylan Garrison {12}

DS: Redmond Oliver {10}


Dogs: Katniss "Kat" & Primrose "Prim"


Derek & Chelsea Kline w/ Mila, Len, AJ, Rhey, Dyl, & Red.

Derek and Chelsea met when Chelsea was moving into Derek's apartment complex. She was struggling with some furniture when he came to the rescue. Chelsea was currently in a relationship when someone else so Derek was placed in the friend zone. They became best friends and when Chelsea's boyfriend broke her heart Derek was there to pick up the pieces and put her back together. They dated for about a year and a half when Derek finally popped the question. He proposed to her in the middle of a wal-mart parking lot, which just so happened to be the place where they shared there first kiss. They were married 6 months later.

About a year after Derek and Chelsea were married, they had their first child! It was a... Princess! They named her Amelia Adeline. She was born at 4:15 am on August 27th with big blue eyes and dark curly hair. Amelia is very well behaved, and is a bit of an over-achiever as well as a straight-A student. She was awarded with a full ride to Princeton, where she is now in her senior year and will next be pursuing med school.

Two years after Mila was born, Chelsea was expecting again! This time they had a... Rockstar! They named him Lennon Jacob. He was born at 7:02 pm on January 3rd with big blue eyes and curly blonde hair. Len is very musically gifted, and is quite the ham! He was born for the entertainment industry! He's currently in an alternative-rock band with some of his buddies called Rewired and their future is looking bright.


Right after Len was born Chelsea and Derek decided to adopt two female german shepherds who were named Katniss and Primrose from Chelsea's favorite book The Hunger Games.


Four years later, Derek and Chelsea found out that they were expecting twins! Mila and Len were so excited to welcome the new little... Wild things! They named the twin girls, who were identical, Arwen Jessamy and Rheya Persephone. The girls were born at 2:05 and 2:07 am on May 5th with big blue eyes like their siblings and curly brown hair. AJ and Rhey are quite the party animals!

Three years after AJ and Rhey were born, Derek and Chelsea decide to adopt a newborn baby locally. He was born June 20th at noon with dark brown eyes and light brown hair. The newest addition to your brood is a... Monkey! He is named Dylan Garrison. Dyl is quite the adventurer, he is very outgoing and makes friends with everyone he meets.


Two years after Dyl was adopted, Derek and Chelsea finish their lovely family with one more child. It's a... Bubba! They named him Redmond Oliver. Red was born at 3:01 am on July 1st with big blue eyes and curly red hair. Red is very sweet with a tender disposition, he loves the family pets and wishes to one day work with sea animals as a marine biologist.

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Posted 15 December 2013 - 11:05 PM

LN: Noble
DH: Henry Theodore
DW: Clara Sophronia

DS: Arthur Felix
DD: Story Elena
Puppies: Rumple & Charming
DS/DS: Sullivan Otis & Maximus Otto
DD: Zora Sailor
DS: Cato Julian

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Posted 16 December 2013 - 01:01 PM

Surname: Saint

DH: Carson Thomas
DW: Senna Prudence [Lancaster]


DD: Amelia Evangeline {12} here

DD: Mercy Gwen {10}

DS/DD: Amsterdam Noble / Arwen Jessamy {5}

DS: Tennyson Crew {3}

DS: Sage Oliver {1}

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Posted 28 January 2014 - 01:44 PM

Helena Olive and Richard James Swith met at college in the introductory lecture for their English class. They became fast friends, but both had committed relationships and a lack of feelings for the other. Over time their relationships ended, and both sought the other for comfort. It was one of these nights when everything changed, and the two started dating. Two years later Richard proposed at the planetarium, asking Lena out using the stars. Of course she said YES!, and the two married in a small ceremony later in the year.


About a year after they were married Lena and Richard had their first child! Their little prince was named William Jasper, and is now eighteen. He's very well behaved and graduated as valedictorian with straight As.

Two years later, they were expecting again! They welcomed another little boy; a rockstar they named Cassius Richard. Cassius is now 16, and plays a lot of instruments. He hopes to become a musician, and play in a famous band.

Right after Cassius was born, the Swiths adopted two Jack Russell puppies. They were brothers named Fiyero and Boq.

Four years later, Lena and Richard found out that they were expecting twins! The two older children were so excited to welcome the new little ones, Cyrus Japeth and Evanna Jessamy. The twins are now 12, and are real party animals!

Three years later, Lena and Richard decided to adopt a newborn locally. The newest addition to the brood is a little lovebug named Maya Scout. Maya is now 9, and is such a loving child.


Two years later, Lena and Richard finish their lovely family with one more child! It's a boy, and Lena and Richard name him Rainer Julian. Now 7, Rainer has such a tender disposition, and he loves the dogs.



The Swith Family

Richard James and Helena Olive

William Jasper (18)

Cassius Richard (16)

Cyrus Japeth and Evanna Jessamy (12)

Maya Scout (9)

Rainer Julian (7)



Fiyero (16)

Boq (16)



Richard and Lena Swith with Will, Cassius, Cyrus, Anna, Maya, and Rainer, and Fiyero and Boq the dogs

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 03:00 PM

Hi, my name's Rachel Hartman. I met my husband Josh because he's my friend Anna's brother and she brought him by the restaurant where I work as a waitress one day. Josh and I totally hit it off, and we dated for four years before marrying when I was twenty-four and he was twenty-six. 


About a year after we married, Josh and I had our first child, a little prince who we named Jasper Atticus. Jasper was always well-behaved, right from the start.


Two years later, we find out that I'm expecting again, and when Jasper is a little over two years old, we have a little boy named Sage William. His interest, shown from early on, is music. Very shortly after Sage was born, we adopted twin puppies from our local animal shelter. They were labrador-pitbull mix and the sweetest little guys ever. Josh and I named one Felix and let Jasper name the other Georgie. 


Four years passed, and our little family of four (and four-legged friends) was doing really nicely when I discovered I was pregnant again. It didn't take long to find out that we had not one, but two babies on the way. Jasper and Sage were both super excited, and when our crazy little rascals Chase Magnus and Cody Phineas came, they were ecstatic.


Three years later, our house full of boys is hectic but Josh and I love it and so do our sons. When we hear about a tragic story about one of our own neighbors getting in a car accident and both parents of a newborn dying, I convinced Josh to take in an addition to our brood. Our little lovebug Maya Marine was the first little girl to join the family, and all the boys were very caring for her from the beginning.


Two years later, I find out that our crazy little loving family is going to make room for one more, and Josh and I assure each other that this will be the last. Another sweet little boy is brought into our family, and we name him Alden Oliver.



LN: Hartman


DH: Joshua Michael "Josh" [36]

DW: Rachel Elizabeth [38]


DS: Jasper Atticus [11]

DS: Sage William [9]

DS: Chase Magnus & Cody Phineas [5]

ADD: Maya Marine [2]

DS: Alden Oliver [nb]



Dogs: Felix & Georgie

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