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10 characters in desperate need of names!!!

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 01:34 PM

Hi, my publisher is expecting a draft of an excerpt of my latest novel very soon and I haven't even got the characters names sorted yet. I will out down a description of each character and please think of a name that would best suit that character. Thank you in advance.

The story will be set in a high school enviroment so there are quiet a lot of characters and personalities.
I have 3 out of 4 of the main characters names-

The other main character is-
Main Character- bubbly, funny, can be shy, quiet and good, can be too scared to stick up for herself, can say bluntly offensive things without realising, you have to know her well to understand her properly, can be self concious and insecure, very friendly, doesn't like saying things that will upset people, hazel eyes and light brown hair, mostly up in a ponytail, has a full fringe. (possible names- Madi short for Madison, Charley short for Charlotte)

There are some other nameless characters-

Girl 1- Lexie's younger sister but they are in the same school year, Lexie being born in early September and her late August. She looks a lot like her sister but Lexie is evidently prettier, she is constantly being compared to her, and is always trying to grab attention, mostly by being bad. Dark brown hair, always tied up, side fringe, very small for her age, freckles, green eyes. (possible names- Skye or Brinley)

Girl 2- Dyes her hair, originally brown, now a mixture of blonde, ginger and brown, quite chubby with blue eyes, get's on with boys well although just as friends, knows everyone and is friendly with everyone. (possible names- Megan)

Girl 3- Can be bad just to show off, tends to follow a pack, dark hair, brown eyes, quite small. (possible names- Molly)

Girl 4- Popular with boys, not outstandingly pretty, can be bad, dyes hair blonde/brown considered cool. (possible names-Ashlyn or Alicia)

Girl 5- Often left out, tall, not thin, bubbly and giggly, says things no one else would say, dyes hair a dark redish colour, prettiness never really gets noticed. (possible name- Carmen)

Girl 6- very pretty, very short boyish dark hair, dark brown eyes, good style, nice smile, can be fiesty. (possible names- Maya)
Girl 7- Tall, athletic, thin, friends with 'girl 2' so knows a lot of people, friendly, hard working, nice person. (possible names- Zoe)

Girl 8- Not pretty, you either love her or hate her, can be bad, brown hair, brown eyes, skinny. (possible names- Paige)

Girl 9- Good girl, very pretty, goes unnoticed because she hangs around with quiet/shy people that don't really interact with other people. brown hair, brown eyes, tan, funny, bubbly. (Possible names- Jessie)

Thank you for any help given

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 09:19 PM

Alrighty, I'll give this a shot :wub:

The other main character: The first name that comes to mind is Cara, which is close to Charlotte/Charley & means 'dear one' or 'dear' in Latin. It can also be used as a short form of Caroline, should you need a more formal name.

Girl 1: Eliza or Lydia. Both are five letters long to match older sister Lexie, and both have a rarer letter in them, again to match Lexie - Z or Y. Eliza is particularly spunky and potentially bad-girl, while Lydia is the name of the character in Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice who caused her family all sorts of trouble.

Girl 2: To be honest, Megan seems a little too popular a name for this character. Try something sweeter, like Molly, Marianne, or even Rosie.

Girl 3: Oh, the irony :D I hadn't read Girl 3's description when I filled out Girl 2's suggestions XD The opposite applies here - maybe a popular name would suit a girl who's trying to fit in. Megan or Ashley if you want REALLY popular - Emma or Briana/Brianna would also work. Actually, Briana/Brianna might work really well.

Girl 4: Ashlyn might be considered a little 'weird'; the nickname Ash is currently also enjoying a rise as a boys' name/nickname in teen novels at the moment. There's also a semi-popular teen series called The Clique which has a mean, popular character named Alicia; so while there's a popular bad-girl image pre-attached to the name, there's a high risk of readers going, "Oh, this author copied that one." If you want an A-name though, Alexandra or Azalea might work.

Girl 5: The name Carmen was used in the breakout series The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants for a curvy, slightly broody loudmouth. Violet, however, invokes someone a little girlier, a little weirder, and in general someone who would be left out a little.

Girl 6: Again, there's a character similar to this one named Maia in another series. (Why are all the good ones always taken?!) She sounds like she's partly a tomboy, partly a normal girl. Harper, Spencer, Peyton & Rory are all fairly-accepted unisex names; Isla is pretty and individual.

Girl 7: Zoe sounds awesome B) Spelling variations, if you're interested, are Zooey & Zoey.

Girl 8: To most people, I think the name Paige would make them expect a super-pretty, super-popular cheerleader. Something like Harriet would make it obvious (nickname Hattie) that's she's probably not the hottest/prettiest, but Florence is more understated and has more personality (I think, at least), & neutral as to the love-hate relationships the character makes.

Girl 9: Thanks to the Twilight explosion, the names Jessica, Jess & Jessie will be forever etched in some people's minds as a gossipy, obnoxious chatterbox. Hannah gives off a popular-image, but spelling variation Hanna seems like a quieter and nicer girl. Maggie or Lucy/Lucie (which is a French version) also seem like pretty good girls.

Hope these helped ;) Good luck with your novel!! :P

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Posted 18 January 2012 - 03:33 PM

Main Character: Meggie or Erin. Those were the two names that popped into my head.

Girl 1: Talia and Tinsley come to my mind. They are very bubbly show-offy sort of names. Tinsley is a lot like Brinley also but Tinsley and Lexie suit a sibset better.

Girl 2: I would go with either Stephanie or Izzy. Both are pretty names. She seems popular, getting along with a lot of people and these names are slightly popular and are not too unique but are lovely names.

Girl 3: I would have said Lexie! O my! I would go with Sophie or a more unusual name of Mylee. Both are suiting the personality quite well.

Girl 4: For some reason I think of really teen momish names when that description appeared: So Jaylin, Braelyn, Britton, Bristol, Brooklyn, Ireland, Bree, Moriah, Perri and Cherish all popped up!

Girl 5: McKay! Definitely! This suits a pretty redhead!

Girl 6: Maya would work. Also Kendal or Sherlynn. Rowan also comes to mind.

Girl 7: Zoe is perfect :wub:

Girl 8: Gabby. Hands down, this was like a girl I know.

Girl 9: I would do Mila, Avery, or Becky... Jessie is to young, she would have started going by Jess or Jessica....

Hope this helps!

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