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List of names for baby!

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#1 Ariah Wilson

Ariah Wilson

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Posted 09 February 2012 - 03:06 PM


It's Ariah! Anyways, here is my list and I just want to know what you think and which names are you favorite! It'll pretty much be in my order from best to worst... but i like all of them! Some are old and classy, and others are more teen-momish so, it's really all different kinds of names

One last thing, I don't really care whether it's popular or not. I just want to be pretty. How it sounds. So when you judge the name, don't think about it in terms of popularness, judge on how it sounds! :)

Alright, here we go! ;)

Isabella "Bella" Kirsten (my fav right now!)
Sarah Dahlia (I like Sarah and Dahlia both)
Erin McKinley (Erin is one of my favorite names and McKinley is really unique and cooool!)
Joy Alexis (Alexis is one of my all time favorite names)
Charlotte Sage (oldish name)
Baylin Ruth (more teen-momish)
Hayden Gretta (eeek, love it)
Sonoma Rae (I found Sonoma on this website and I really like it)
Heidi Tinsley (Heidi is pronounced Haiti [like the country] my friend's mom is named this and is English and I loveeee it)
Zuri Serena (I like how it sounds together)
Althea Monroe (I saw Athena on this site and Althea is quite close, I like it! Monroe is a newish name and it's getting on me!)
Piper Katrina (I have like Piper ever since Pippa! Katrina is my great grandmas name)
Persephone Melissa (This has probably been my favorite for the longest, since I was like 8)
Posey Tina (came across this in a baby book)
Amanda Sondra (two classy oldish names that I adorrreee! I am not sure how they sound together)
Winifred "Winnie" Emma (I have always like Winnie, not sold on Winifred, Emma is really pretty [I don't care if it's popular] :) )
Esme Gracelyn (all I can say is cuuuute)
Maeve Odessa (I love Maeve and it's my neighbors name, I like Odessa with the nickname Odis!)
Andy Hana (Like it, not love it, found Andy on here!)

Boys: (don't have as many)

Trueman Alan (best boys name ever! Trueman is old but unique)
Jude Griffin (I have always liked Jude and Griffin goes well with it)
Benjamin Lane (I love Benjamin, but only Ben as the nickname, I like Lane soooo much)
Ashton Decker (A little more unique but I think Decker is quite cool)
Holden Carter (I love Holden, only problem it's my ex-boyfriends name. Carter has always been on my list.. ever since I made one :))
Eliot Blake (I love Blake, and Eliot is real cute. The only thing is, Eliot's my stepdads middle name, but that's not too much to worry about)
Conner Henry (old and classy, but I don't care about oldness, I only care about how it sounds, and imo, its sounds pretty good)
Maison Spencer (Maison is named after my grandfather Mitchell, I like Maison better because Mason doesn't seemed finish, not because of popularity, Spencer suits the name well and I really like the name)
Derek Rivers (I like that Derek is a little older and Rivers is unique. It's cute!!)
Michael Quin (Michael is a classic, one of the most popular names ever but you have to like it!! :) Quin is normally used on a girl, but I found it more cute on a boy :-/ Idk why!)
Adam Pagan (Adam is really cute and Dean, my boyfriend, likes it. This is the only name he has ever brought up. Pagan I found on this site and thought it was pretty interesting!)
Mark Nolan (Mark is just really simple and sounds sweet, Nolan is a name I have always liked... it sounds good with the name)
Cameron "Cam" Wesley (At first I really like Wesley for a girl [I still do] but I could find any good names with it. Cameron I only like on a boy and it suits Wesley well)

Thanks for your help!


#2 -Regan<3


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Posted 09 February 2012 - 03:35 PM

Isabella "Bella" Kirsten I like it but I think I like Kirsten Isabella more
Sarah Dahlia Very pretty =)
Erin McKinley I would love McKinley Erin, Erin McKinley is just ehhh.
Joy Alexis LOVE! Timeless, classic and pretty.
Charlotte Sage Also love, Charlotte is classic & and Sage is more modern, nice combo
Baylin Ruth I'm not into Baylin, just looks wrong to me and Ruth NMS at all.
Hayden Gretta Very cute!
Sonoma Rae NMS.
Heidi Tinsley If it's pronounced like Haiti your going to have issues with people saying it but it's cute!
Zuri Serena Too many Z and S sounds for me, I love Zuri tho. Zuri Gracelyn is adorable!
Althea Monroe Not a fan of Althea, although Thea is an adorable nickname. Monroe is a guilty pleasure of mine
Piper Katrina LOVE!
Persephone Melissa Cute but a little long,
Posey Tina Not a fan.
Amanda Sondra The two A's at the end clash. My FMIL is Amanda and she hated it when she was younger cause they said it's uh-MAN-DUH!
Winifred "Winnie" Emma Love Winnie, but I'm not a fan of Winifred.
Esme Gracelyn LOVE this one!
Maeve Odessa I like it.
Andy Hana Cute combo, but I'm just not a fan.


Trueman Alan I prefer Truman, Truman Alan is adroble!
Jude Griffin Love it! Just be prepared for a lot of people saying "Hey Jude!" like the song.
Benjamin Lane- Cute cute cute.
Ashton Decker Doesn't flow well IMO, Decker, i'm just not a fan of.
Holden Carter LOVE! But if your with your baby's father I wouldn't name him Holden if it's your ex's names.
Eliot Blake Adorable! Love the nn Eli.
Conner Henry Sooo cute, great combo.
Maison Spencer Cute, just be prepared if you go somewhere everyone will think it's Mason. Also on another site I'm on a girl named her daughter Maison ;)
Derek Rivers Cute!
Michael Quin Cute, but I like Quinn with 2 Ns
Adam Pagan Adam is cute but Pagan is just not cute.
Mark Nolan Nolan Mark flows better, Mark Nolan sounds choppy.
Cameron "Cam" Wesley Adorable!

#3 Katie-Nana


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Posted 09 February 2012 - 03:52 PM

Hey Ariah, I've moved your topic to the Baby Name Advice section. You should receive more response here. I'll try and give my thoughts on each of your names later when I have more time. Though I do see many that I like! ;)

#4 Athena_P


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Posted 09 February 2012 - 10:20 PM

Yay! Name list! Alright, so I'm gonna give a little opinion on each name and suggest different things too, if that's okay! ;)

Isabella Kirsten "Bella"
I've fallen in love with the name Isabella recently. It's so beautiful. And Kirsten is pretty with it! Although I'm not too keen on the nickname, it's not my child, and I'll just call her Isabella in my head! :)
Isabella Riley, Isabella Maegan, Isabella Violet, Isabella Ruby, Isabella Sophie, Isabella Jasmine, Isabella Claire, Isabella Cheyenne

Sarah Dahlia
I'm not loving this one. I've never liked the name Sarah, and the fact that they both end in the same sound grates on me a little bit.
Sarah Nicole, Sarah June, Sarah Kimberly, Sarah Willow, Sarah Bailey, Sarah Peyton, Sarah Juliet

Erin McKinley
I love love love McKinley, it's just too adorable! Erin is okay, it's not my favorite, but paired with McKinley it sounds sweet.
Erin Vanessa, Erin McKenna, Erin Celeste, Erin Sophia, Erin Colleen, Erin Virginia

Joy Alexis
I'm not loving Joy, but Alexis is cute! Alexis Joy, or maybe even Alexandra/Alexa/Alexia Joy?
Joy Mackenzie, Joy Elisabeth, Joy Gabrielle, Joy Natalya, Joy Cassandra

Charlotte Sage
I love both names, but something about the flow is off. Maybe it's just my accent. But it is very pretty!
Charlotte Amelia, Charlotte Sydney, Charlotte Diana, Charlotte Clarise, Charlotte Presley

Baylin Ruth
I actually like Baylin kind of. It's a bit different. I'm not so sure with Ruth, though.
Baylin Tamara, Baylin Anastasia, Baylin Katarina, Baylin Marissa, Baylin Cassidy

Hayden Gretta
I like Hayden, but Gretta, I'm not a fan, and it's spelled a little weird. I prefer it with one T.
Hayden Penelope, Hayden Michelle, Hayden Alice, Hayden Julianna, Hayden Larissa, Hayden Savannah

Sonoma Rae
Very different. I'm not really a fan of Sonoma, but the combo is good!
Sonoma Belle, Sonoma Kailey, Sonoma Lorraine, Sonoma Deanne, Sonoma Teagan

Heidi Tinsley
I agree that nobody will pronounce it Haiti. I like the traditional pronunciation better anyway. I do like Tinsley, but paired with Heidi the two eee noises bother me.
Heidi Melissa, Heidi Kendall, Heidi Rebekah, Heidi Christina, Heidi Mariella

Zuri Serena
I think the Z and the S clash a little bit, but I love Serena!
Zuri Noelle, Zuri Kaitlyn, Zuri Annette, Zuri Natasha, Zuri Jasmine, Zuri Monique

Althea Monroe
Hey! Athena is me! :) I'm not really loving Althea, but I freakin adore Monroe!
Althea Catherine, Althea Cadence, Althea Courtney, Althea Willow, Althea Hope

Piper Katrina
I absolutely adore this one! Beautiful! Piper is on my list too... Piper Selene.
Piper Theresa, Piper Katrine, Piper Mackenzie, Piper Adrienne, Piper Olivia, Piper Anastasia

Persephone Melissa
Since Persephone is my daughter's middle name, I have no negative things to say, besides that there's a reason I used it as a middle name. Without a nickname, it's very long and hard for some people to say. Persey, Effie, or Sephie are some! Also, I suggest a shorter middle name to go with it.
Persephone Kay, Persephone Blaire, Persephone Kate, Persephone Grace, Persephone Jade, Persephone Dawn

Posey Tina
I like Posey, but with Tina something seems off.
Posey Alice, Posey Camille, Posey Abigail, Posey Nicolette, Posey Rhiannon, Posey Cassandra

Amanda Sondra
I'm not a fan of either name, and the a's bug me.
Amanda Hayley, Amanda Zoey, Amanda Chloe, Amanda Susan, Amanda Kennedy

Winifred Emma "Winnie"
I don't like Winifred, but I do adore the nickname Winnie! Other names that could be shortened to Winnie are Guinevere, Gwyneth, Winona, Edwina, or Winter.
Winifred Clare, Winifred Autumn, Winifred Ava, Winifred London, Winifred Ainsley, Winifred Hunter

Esme Gracelyn
I like this one! Neither name is exactly my style, but it's very pretty!
Esme Samantha, Esme Nicole, Esme Shaina, Esme Tristan, Esme Caroline, Esme Corinne

Maeve Odessa
LOVE it!!! Both names are super duper elegant.
Maeve Anastasia, Maeve Cassandra, Maeve Aubrianna, Maeve Liliana, Maeve Natalia

Andy Hana
I don't really like Andy as a full name. As a nickname, super cute. Names that could be Andy are Andrea, Cassandra, Miranda, or Alexandra.
Andy Charlotte, Andy Melissa, Andy Marisol, Andy Priscilla, Andy Jacqueline, Andy Justine

I don't have time to do the boy names right now, but I'll definitely get back to those ASAP!!

#5 -TebowTime-


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Posted 09 February 2012 - 10:37 PM

Here we go ;)

Isabella "Bella" Kirsten
I'm not so hot on Isabella, though I'm in love with Isabelle <3 The look, feel, everything! But Isabella is pretty too. I adore Kirsten <3
Isabella Marie | Isabella Grace | Isabella Hope | Isabella Yasmine | Isabella Persephone
Isabelle Ophelia | Isabelle Faye | Isabelle Sage | Isabelle Faith | Isabelle Grace

Sarah Dahlia
Sarah is such a pretty name! You just don't hear it anymore! Dahlia is really pretty! I prefer Delia/Adahlia, though its still gorgeous!
Sarah Kirsten | Sarah Joy | Sarah Marie | Sarah Faye | Sarah Anne

Erin McKinley
Adore Erin on a girl <3. McKinley? I prefer it on a boy, not really on a gril...
Erin Kayla | Erin Mackaela | Erin Grace | Erin Ruth | Erin Trinity/Trynadee

Joy Alexis
Joy is one of my all time favorite names! I adore it! I love Alexis <3
Joy Mackynzie | Joy Michelle | Joy Marie | Joy Isabella | Joy Vienna

Charlotte Sage
Charlotte is such a pretty name! So is Sage <3
Charlotte Grace | Charlotte Hope | Charlotte Willa | Charlotte Noella | Charlotte Jane

Baylin Ruth
I don't like Baylin, much prefer Bailey. Love Ruth!
Baylin Hope | Baylin Rachel | Baylin Lucy | Baylin Sienna | Baylin Sage
Bailey Joy | Bailey Hannah | Bailey Esther | Bailey Olivia | Bailey Elizabeth

Hayden Gretta
Hayden isn't my style for a girl... Adore it on a boy <3 Gretta is such an adorable name! Love it! Maybe Gretta as a first name? or Hannah instead of Hayden?
Hayden Brianne | Hayden Lucy | Hayden Louise | Hayden Jessica | Hayden Victoria
Hannah Michelle | Hannah Coralie | Hannah Rose | Hannah Faith | Hannah Kaye
Gretta Isabelle | Gretta Penelope | Gretta Denise | Gretta Piper | Gretta Marie

Sonoma Rae

Heidi Tinsley (Heidi is pronounced Haiti [like the country] my friend's mom is named this and is English and I loveeee it)
Zuri Serena (I like how it sounds together)
Althea Monroe (I saw Athena on this site and Althea is quite close, I like it! Monroe is a newish name and it's getting on me!)
Piper Katrina (I have like Piper ever since Pippa! Katrina is my great grandmas name)
Persephone Melissa (This has probably been my favorite for the longest, since I was like 8)
Posey Tina (came across this in a baby book)
Amanda Sondra (two classy oldish names that I adorrreee! I am not sure how they sound together)
Winifred "Winnie" Emma (I have always like Winnie, not sold on Winifred, Emma is really pretty [I don't care if it's popular] )
Esme Gracelyn (all I can say is cuuuute)
Maeve Odessa (I love Maeve and it's my neighbors name, I like Odessa with the nickname Odis!)
Andy Hana (Like it, not love it, found Andy on here!)

I'll finish this a bit later!

#6 PaperHeart


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Posted 10 February 2012 - 12:18 AM


My favourites of your combinations are ♥-
Isabella Kirsten
Charlotte Sage
Joy Alexis
Piper Katrina
Winifred Emma
Maeve Odessa

Jude Griffin
Benjamin Lane
Eliot Blake
Mark Nolan

But as far as individual names go, I love these too, just not in their respective combos:
Sarah, Dahlia, Ruth, Serena, Althea, Monroe and Esme.
Trueman, Cater, Henry, Spencer, Derek, Michael, Quinn, Adam and Wesley.


Isabella Kirsten-
I actually much prefer Isobel over Isabella. There's something more grown up and classy about it I've found. Isobel Kirsten is lovely IMHO. BUT, it does have a bit too much "Twilight" in it, considering the actress who plays Bella in the movie is Kristen Stewart. But if that doesn't bother you, then go for it! ♥
Sarah Dahlia-
What bothers me about this combination is that both end in this "uh" sound. Personally I try and avoid names that end in the same sound because it tends to throw the flow off. I would have done Sarah Maeve {♥ Love this one}, Sarah Kirsten, Sarah Winifred or Sarah Alexis using your combos. But I would love to pair it with a more elegant name like Genevieve, Penelope, Rosalind, Therese, Noelle, Gwendolen, Eloise, Julianne, Delilah, Madeleine etc.
Joy Alexis-
What about Joy Alexandra? I can see it aging better than Alexis {though I love the name, I would pair it with something more.. "old Fashioned" I guess you'd call it}.
Heidi Tinsley-
Heidi is pretty adorable, but Tinsley isn't for me. {Makes me think of the Tin Man from "The Wizard of Oz" for some reason?...} Also, the fact that both names end with the same sound bothers me. I'm not sure what you meant about it being prn. Haiti.. but I prn. it "Hi-dee", though I've heard alternatives like "Hay-dee" etc.
Personally, I might do Heidi Lucille, Heidi Olivia, Heidi Annette, Heidi Emilia, Heidi Victoria, Heidi Rose?...
Zuri Serena-
Mm, Zuri's not my kind of name whatsoever, but Serena is adorable. If you like Zuri though, what about these: Zara, Suri, Luna, Mira, Naya, Briar, Cora, ISla, Drew, Cleo, Zinnia, Harper, Lillia, True, Sloane, Juno, Waverly, Topaz, Maya, Lila, Sheridan, Callie, Iris, Gia, Rory, Leilani, Wynn, Viola, Stella, Rome, Kaia, Ava, Lore, Seraphina, Mina, Bria, Lark or Elle?
Althea Monroe-
You've taken two of my guilty pleasures and meshed them together. ♥ I found Althea when I was looking for a longer name for the nickname Thea. Monroe was a recent one, but I love it. Not sure how I feel about the two together, though. It's a great combo, I'll give you that, but I'm not sure if both names are too "out-there"? I don't really know how to explain this. Either way, it has great flow and I really like it.
Persephone Melissa-
To me, the flow is off and I'm not a fan of both names together. I would use Persephone as a middle name only and might pair it with something short and sweet.. i.e Anna Persephone, Lily Persephone {Even though I dislike both ending in the same sound}, Ella Persephone, Isla Persephone, Jade Persephone etc.
Amanda Sondra-
I have nothing against Amanda, but it seems a little dated to me. Sondra I dislike. It bugs me that both end in "a" and the harsh "d" sounds in both names. I would pair Amanda with something either short and sweet, or slightly more elegant i.e Amanda Iris, Amanda Paige, Amanda Lois, Amanda Kate OR Amanda Guinevere, Amanda Harriet, Amanda Laurel, Amanda Victoire, Amanda Georgette or what have you.
Esme Gracelyn-
The only think I dislike in this name is the "Lyn" at the end of Grace ♥ I adore both Esme & Grace.. but Gracelyn is a "pet peeve" of sorts for me. I have Esme Caroline on my list. So, what do you think about Esme Carolyn? Still a "Lyn" name, but one that's a little more known?
Winifred Emma-
I don't know if it's just me, but Winifred has always been just a guilty pleasure. I love it, but at the same time, I'm not sure if I'd put it with all those names that are TOO old-fashioned. As much as I love Winnie/Wynn etc. I'm just not sure if it's too dated. I really like this combination though, but I'd personally switch it around to Emma Winifred, simply because I wouldn't be brave enough to use Winifred as a first name. HOWEVER, that being said, Winifred Emma looks nicer and has more spark and elegance to me...
Andy Hana-
At first, I read this too fast and it came out as "Indiana". I love both Andy/Andie & Hana {though I prefer Hannah}, but not together. I would go with a longer name that has the nn Andy {Also, I prefer Andi or Andie for a girl} like Alexandria, Miranda, Cassandra, Andrea, Amanda, Alexandra etc.

Trueman Alan -
I really like Trueman, but I would use it in the middle name spot. As for Trueman Alan, I don't like how it flows. Both names are two syllables long and end in "an" which throws it off for me. I would pair it with these from your list; Trueman Jude {nn TJ is adorable!}, Trueman Decker, Adam Trueman, Derek Trueman, Blake Trueman, Spencer Trueman and Henry Trueman.
Ashton Decker-
Not sure how I feel about this combination. Decker is interesting, unsure if I like it IMHO. I'll have to think on it and come back! -blush-
Holden Carter-
Both names are very strong, but I don't know if I like them together. I would personally pair each with a slightly softer name i.e Noah Carter, Evan Carter, Owen Carter, Rhys Carter, Seth Carter, Peter Holden, Max Holden, Jude Holden, Caleb Holden, Liam Holden etc.
Conner Henry-
I think Henry Conner {♥} would actually sound and flow better, but that's IMO.
Maison Spencer-
To me, Mason actually looks better than Maison. Maison just looks like you've tried to make it more interesting and shoved an "i" where it wasn't before. I love both names, regardless, but unsure of them together because of the persistant "s" sounds in them both. I would have loved Jude Spencer or Adam Spencer and Mason Blake or Mason Eliot.
Derek Rivers-
I love love love Derek ♥ As for Rivers, I'm still unsure about it.
Michael Quin-
I like Quin on a boy actually, but I prefer it as a nickname for the full name Quentin. Either way, it's adorable. Dislike the flow of it with Michael though. Both have this harsh "C" sound going on... what about Nolan/Henry Quin or Carter/Adam Michael?
Adam Pagan-
LOVE Adam, dislike Pagan. And now you mention it, I also ADORE your boyfriend's name. Dean is so handsome!
Cameron Wesley-
I like Wesley, but Cameron is a bit blah for me. Prefer it on a girl where it seems a bit more edgy. This combo is nice, but not as "interesting" as your other pairs.

Reading back on what I wrote, I might appear a little bit "Anal-retentive"... sorry, I don't mean to be. ♥

Anyhow, good luck!

#7 Katie-Nana


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Posted 10 February 2012 - 10:21 AM

Isabella "Bella" Kirsten - Nice combination, but not my favorite from your list.
Sarah Dahlia - I like this name but since both names end in the -uh sound and are two syllables the flow could be better. What about Sarah Delilah? Though I do like Dahlia a lot.
Erin McKinley - I like Erin McKinley. Erin is feminine yet strong and Mckinley goes great with it.
Joy Alexis - This name sounds nice but it is a bit blah to me.
Charlotte Sage - I like both of these names but not in combination. The Char & Sa sounds are a bit too similar.
Baylin Ruth - I very much dislike Baylin. I'm not a fan of adding -lyn/lin to various sounds to make new names. Bailey is okay but the Bay sound is vary boyish to me, it brings to mind names like Baylor & Bane. I do like Ruth in the middle name spot.
Hayden Gretta - The overall combo sounds nice but its not my favorite of your name choices.
Sonoma Rae - Sonoma Rea has a great sound to it but I can't really put my finger on why I don't like Sonoma.
Heidi Tinsley - I think most people would pron. this HI dee rather than HAY dee. I think HAY dee is a cute name though. Maybe you could spell it Haidi, Haydie or Hadi...I actually know of a baby girl named Tinsley, it was a family name and I think it is adorable. HAY dee Tinsley is a nice combo.
Zuri Serena - I'm not a huge fan of Zuri, especially with the new Iphone named Suri (sp?).
Althea Monroe - I LOVE the name Althea :) I think Monroe goes great with it and it bring Althea into the 21st century. Great choice!
Piper Katrina - I think Katrina Piper would flow better. But I can't help thinking of Hurricane Katrina every time I hear this name.
Persephone Melissa - I really like the name Persephone and the nn Percy makes this more wareable. However the overall combination is a bit long with both names being 3+ syllables. I would pair Persephone with a short 1 or 2 syllable name.
Posey Tina - I'm not a fan of either name. What about Prairie or Poppy?
Amanda Sondra - Sondra is okay but I'm not a huge fan of Amanda. It was a bit overused in the 80s.
Winifred "Winnie" Emma - I LOVE Winifred nn Wynn or Winnie! I think Winifred Emma or Winifred Emilia would be gorgeous! If you aren't sure about Winifred what about Windolyn/Wendolyn, its like Gwendolyn without the G. Windland is another name I've come across.
Esme Gracelyn - I like both of these names but they just aren't working together for me.
Maeve Odessa - This name is lovely. It flows nicely and the style of the two names complement each other well. I think Odess would be a cute nn.
Andy Hana - I LOVE the name Andy/Andie on a girl. Not sure about the middle name Hana paired with it. What about Andy Melissa, Andy Monroe, or Andy Piper?

Boys: (don't have as many)

Trueman Alan - I think Trueman/Truman is a great name, I also really like Truitt/Truett. I'm not sure about pairing it with Alan though, since both names end in -an. What about Trueman Allard or Trueman
Jude Griffin - LOVE!
Benjamin Lane - Sounds like a keeper!
Ashton Decker - I like Decker in the middle name spot but I'm not a huge fan of Ashton.
Holden Carter - Great combination.
Eliot Blake - I think Elliot/Eliot is a great name, LOVE IT! I think Lio "Leo" would make a cute nn.
Conner Henry - I like both names but something about this combo is off. Henry Connor maybe?
Maison Spencer - I think Maison Spencer sounds great! I'm not too sure about the spelling but it works.
Derek Rivers - I'm not a huge fan of Derek but this combination is nice.
Michael Quin - Quinn is one of those names that is truly unisex. I think Michael Quin is a great choice.
Adam Pagan - I'm can't say I like the name Pagan. What about Payton?
Mark Nolan - Nice combo, but not my favorite from your list.
Cameron "Cam" Wesley - I really like both of these names and they go great together. Good choice!

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 01:34 AM

My favorites are
Isabella "Bella" Kirsten
Joy Alexis
Sonoma Rae
Althea Monroe
Posey Tina ----- Posey is cute, but it doesn't sound nice with Tina at all what about Posey Katina or Josephine (nn Posey) Tina
Winifred "Winnie" Emma
Esme Gracelyn
Maeve Odessa


Trueman Alan ---- wow, this is great!
Jude Griffin ---- love love love!
Eliot Blake
Derek Rivers
Michael Quin
Adam Pagan ---- Love Adam not sure about pagan, it does sound nice together but Pagan is an odd word to use as a name
Mark Nolan

Hope that helps!

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 07:16 AM

Isabella "Bella" Kirsten - Pretty. I find Isabel/Isobel nicer and I think it would age better, but Isabella is nice too. My only reservation with this is the use of Kirsten as a middle name. It's a nice name but very close to Kristen. The actress who plays Bella in Twilight is called Kristen so it makes the combo a bit Twilight-fanatic-sounding. I know it's a bit of a tenuous link, but I noticed and just thought I'd point it out to you.
Sarah Dahlia - Lovely. It would be lovely to see Sarah used on a baby as it's getting less popular, and Dahlia is beautiful
Erin McKinley Erin is nice, I like short sweet and simple names. I don't like McKinley at all though, it's really trendy. Also, it's not at all unique- I hear it mentioned ALL the time on various baby name boards and it's rising in popularity over the last few years.
Joy Alexis - I'd love to see Joy used. I think it's so such a sweet and happy name. Alexis is nice and goes well with Joy.
Charlotte Sage - I don't really think Charlotte is old, it's just a classic and I think it's lovely. Sage makes it a bit more unusual and fresh which i like.
Baylin Ruth I don't like Baylin at all. It looks like someone misspelled Bailey. Also the N on the end makes it look quite masculine. Ruth is nice.
Hayden Gretta I love Greta, but the second T looks a bit strange and is unnecessary really. Hayden is all boy to me - I don't really see how anyone can think it's feminine.
Sonoma Rae - Sonoma is a bit too much for me.
Heidi Tinsley - I don't really see how Heidi should be pronounced like Haiti. Firstly, it would have the sound "hate" in it which isn't very nice. Also, everyone would say it the more common way (HY-dee). If you want it pronounced like Haiti, I'd spell it Haiti. Tinsley is made up and insubstantial sounding to me.
Zuri Serena -Zuri isn't my favourite but Serena is nice and the combo flows nicely all together
Althea Monroe - I think Athena is nicer than Althea, but Althea is fine. Monroe is really not my style.
Piper Katrina - Very nice and it's nice to honour your grandma. I think Pippa Katrina is even better though.
Persephone Melissa - Persephone is gorgeous, but I feel it might be hard to pull off in real life. I would go for a shorter simple middle name to balance it out a bit, maybe Persephone Eve or Persephone Ruth?
Posey Tina - Too short and nicknamey for me. Posey Katrina sounds more complete and would honour your grandma again.
Amanda Sondra - I agree that they don't quite sound right together, I think it's because they end in the same sound. They're both quite dated names so I might pair one with a more classic or modern middle name. e.g. Amanda Winifred, Amanda Tinsley, Amanda Sage
Winifred "Winnie" Emma - You could just use Winnie on it's own if you don't like Winifred. I personally think Winifred Emma is wonderful!
Esme Gracelyn - Esme is pretty and underused. Gracelyn is kind of trendy though and I don't think the Lyn really adds anything. Esme Grace would be fine.
Maeve Odessa - This is lovely!
Andy Hana - Too short and nicknamey for me. I prefer Andy for a boy, but for a girl I think it needs a full name like Andrea and then Andy as a nickname. Hana spelled Hannah looks more complete to me.

Boys: (don't have as many)

Trueman Alan - A bit old fashioned. Truman/Trueman is quite nice but Alan is really dated. I'd put Truman with a different middle name
Jude Griffin - Nice flow. I like Jude too and I agree that Griffin sounds good
Benjamin Lane - Love Benjamin and Ben. Lane is not my style but it fits quite well here
Ashton Decker - Ashton is OK, but I really dislike Decker sorry.
Holden Carter - Holden is OK, but I would personally avoid using an ex's name. Carter is also fine. I think putting them together is too much surname though. I would choose one and pair it with a more classic name e.g. Henry Carter, Holden Derek, Michael Carter
Eliot Blake- Nice. I prefer the spelling Elliot but Eliot is OK too.
Conner Henry - Sounds good, i really like Henry. Connor is nicer spelled this way in my opinion, the E looks strange.
Maison Spencer I understand why you prefer Maison but Mason is SO popular that I feel people would always get Maison wrong, and spell it Mason.
Derek Rivers -Fine
Michael Quin - Michael is lovely. I think Quinn is used about equally for both genders, so it's fine for a boy. I would spell it with 2 Ns though, it looks more complete. If you're worried about it being a girls name, you could use Quentin or Quinton or Finn
Adam Pagan - Adam is really lovely, probably my favourite from your list. I would definitely avoid Pagan though, especially if you live in a religious area. It has some negative connotations. Also I'm not sure if Adam Pagan flows very well.
Mark Nolan - Nice
Cameron "Cam" Wesley - I'm glad you put Wesley for a boy, I don't like it for a girl at all. Cameron Wesley flows really well!

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