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Need help with names for my current spare time, just for fun story

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Posted 22 February 2012 - 11:55 AM

Need some help with names, wont bore you with the story line, but I will give you details on the characters, I write for fun and that is all, just hoping I can get some name help with my characters.
Main characters
26, female, has three kids, and is pregnant with twins, she was born into a family of eight, and grew up in a Christian home, and she is very kind and passionate, and understanding. She is the best mom, whom is calm. She is married to her preacher husband, and has been for six years. I love old fashioned names, and was thinking about Carolina for her, what do you think, any suggestions. She is skinny, but most of the time pregnant, becuase she has three kids an dis pregnant with twins. She has shoudler length blonde hair but loves to do things with her hair, whether it is curling it or putting up. She has green eyes.

27, male, has three kids, with twins on the way, he is the oldest of three children, and grew up in a Christian home, he spent his twelve years of school in a private school for boys, but thanks his parents for sheltering him from the world. He is very straight to the pint but is compassionate with disciplining his kids, as well as the private school he is principle at. He is a preacher at an Assembly of God church, and lives on the church grounds, in a house the church has provided for him. He lives fourteen hours away from his family, as well as his wives family, but was called to the church, and needed the job. He is married and has been for six years, he loves his wife and is very romantic. He is strict but tries to be funny at times; although he doesnít succeed at being hilarious he does entertain kids, teenagers, and adult with his sarcasm and jokes. They laugh because it isnít funny, not because it is. He dies in the beginning of the story but still plays a big part throughout. I want a strong manly, biblical name for him, but nothing to common, because I like uncommon names. Need help with this one! He is average, but muscular, he has shirt brown hair, but combs it over like most preachers. He has big brown eyes.

5, female, daughter of main husband and wife, she is the oldest of three children, soon to be five, and she is caring, like her mother, and tries to stay in the background of her friends. She goes to kindergarten at the private school her father is the principle of, she is not bossy, but tends to hang around those who are bossy, maybe because she needs someone to follow. She is very obedient and tried to get her two sisters to follow, although it is hard to get a three year old and a one year old to concentrate and obey. She dies along with her father in a car crash in the beginning of the story and is only mentioned a few times throughout the story. I am not sure want I want her name to be, but I know I donít want something common. Need Help with this one! She is tall for a five year old, could pass for a eight year old, she is very tiny and flexible from being in gymnastics since she was three, she has long dirty blonde hair and green eyes.

3, female, daughter of main husband and wife, she is the middle child of the three children, soon to be five, and she is the wild child. She has very go go go personality, she is a daredevil. She is total opposite of her sisters, and her parents, she didnít receive any of their personality genes. She is very outspoken and rough, and doesnít care what people think, she is a spitting image of her father, except she doesnít have the patients like him. She is the one that connives the plans, and is always up to something. She is a typical three year old you doesnít listen and canít sit still. I want something mischievous that fits her personality perfectly. I need help with this one! She is extremely tiny for an average three year old, and has just started gymnastics, she has shoulder lenght brown hair, and has brown eyes.

17, female, teenager at the church the main husband and wife work at. After the death of main characters husband and daughter, the main female character looked to her church for support, and the main female character finds it there. the main female character starts working at the school, and with the teenagers, and then befriends this seventeen year old teenager. After three months of friendship, the seventeen year old teen finally gets the guts to tell everyone she is seventeen and four months pregnant. The main twenty six year old female is surprised but wants to help her through this difficult time of being a pregnant teen, and takes her into her household after her parents kick her out after finding out about her pregnancy. The main character female of course doesnít live on the church grounds but live near the church and encourages the pregnant teen to look to the church for support as did she when her husband and daughter died. The teenage girl lives with the main character throughout her pregnancy, but turns away from God in which wasnít a good idea. She barely ever came home, and was into drugs while she was pregnant, she went into early labor at seven months pregnant, and her baby was two pounds and two months premature, along with going through withdrawl from drugs. After four days in the hospital for child birth she skipped town and left the main character to take care of her son. The teenager was never seen again, and the main female character adopts her son as her own son. The teenager is very pretty but takes life for granted. She is into drugs and drinking, and doesnít care if the baby is hurt by it, she overdoses a few times, but is nursed back to health by the main female character, although she wants to neglect herself, the main female character encourages her to live her life to the fullest, not by doing drugs but by looking to God. I am not sure what kind of name I want for her I need help with this one! She is a little chunky at first, until she starts doing drugs, and start lising weight instead of gaining it during her pregnancy. After starting drugs she is anorexic and barely ever eats, which is why her baby was premature, along with doing drugs of course. She dies her hair dark auburn red, she has long hair and blue eyes.

That is all the characters I need help with, these are the main characters, whom have the personalities shown in the book, hopefully you can help me, any uggestions are welcome, what do you think of the story you got a taste of?
Cleverfool ;)

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 10:20 AM

DAD: First thing that came to mind was Asa. To me it is perfect!

MOM: Carol would fit her better I think. Simple, classic yet not boring.

DAUGHTER [5]: Uncommon but more than likely biblical? Um. I'm thinking something with a softer sound for her.
Ada(h) - Maybe too similar to Asa (if you go with that)
Ariel - I really like this one!
Shiloh - Great biblical choice that is modern as well.

DAUGHTER [3]: I'm thinking something with a harsh C/K, Q, V or X sounds in it would work. Or maybe a bit boyish?
Candace - also biblical
Jasper - biblical, boyish but still feminine enough for a girl.
Kiah/Kaia/Kyah - means little sister, pron. KI (like High) uh.
Victoria - again biblical

TEEN MOM: Something modern/common, teenish is what comes to mind...

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 11:43 AM

DAD: Gideon, Joel, Peter, Silas, Thaddeus *Thad, Titus

MOM: Carolina is good. Also like Caroline, Charlotte, Anna *Annie

DAUGHTER [5]: Bethany, Delilah, Dinah, Eden, Haven, Janna, Miriam, Naomi, Petra

DAUGHTER [3]: Caitlin, Eliza, Gracie, Isabel, Isabelle, Isabella, Josie, Leah, Moriah, Ruth, Ruthie, Tessa, Zoey

TEEN MOM: Carly, Daphne, Emily, Eryn, Gabriella (Gabby), Hailey, Julia, Kennedy, Lauren, Mackenzie, Presley, Rachel, Willow

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