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Posted 23 February 2012 - 09:59 AM

So I came up with this family of vampire hunters for a CAF in the Baby Name Games section ->Click Click Click CAF!.

Here is the story...

LN: Van Helsing

DH: Rorric Mikhail
DW: Phillipa Romana

B/G: Nickolas Leopold / Georgina Daphne
B/G: Anatole Sebastian / Tatiana Cecilie
B/B/G: Dimitrios Kristoffer / Maxmilian Xavier / Katarina Viktorie
G: Alexandrea Artemis

The Van Helsing's are direct decendants of Abraham Van Helsing, the arch-enemy of Count Dracula. Abraham passed on the secrets of the vampire and his decendents today still fight to keep the world safe from the undead. Rorric van Helsing is the head of the family and the strong no-nonsense leader. He uses his military background to keep his troops (aka Children) in line. Phillipa was born into a family of acrobats and grew up around the circus. She trained as a tight rope walker and learned to juggle knives at a rather young age. She and Rorric met when he saved her from a vampire. They became inseperable and decided to get married and start a family.

Nickolas & Georgina were born less than a year later. Nickolas takes after his father and where Georgina is more like her mother. Both are veterans when it comes to hunting vampires. Georgina's weapon of choice is the sword, where Nickolas prefers a more hand-to-hand approach with the stake. Even when he is fighting, Nickolas is the joker of the family and can always be counted on to lighten the mood, Georgina, probably as a consiquence of having a jocular twin, is more stoic.

When Nickolas & Georgina were three years old they became big sibs to another set of twins...Anatole & Tatiana. Even when they were very young, one could see that both Anatole and Tatiana had inherited their mother's poise and grace. When they were older, Phillipa decided to introduce acrobatic to their training. As a result, both Anatole and Tatiana have a fighting style that is completely different from their father's and other siblings. Their movements are fluid, seemless and almost dancelike and when they fight side by side, no opponent can best them.

Four years after Anatole and Tatiana were born, Phillipa gave birth to triplets, Dimitrios, Maxmilian & Katarina. Dimitrios, thanks to his father's training, is the perfect solider. He idolizes his father and obeys his command unquestioningly. Katarina is an eager fighter with a need to prove herself which leads her to be reckless at times. Ultimately both Dimitrios and Katarina wish to please their father, Maxmilian is another story. Though neither will admit it both Rorric and Maxmilian are very much alike. Both are stubborn as hell and refuse to see the world through anyone's eyes but their own. Maxmilian, a free spirit, has no urge to be the obident soldier, a fact that has Rorric and Maxmilian at each other's throats on a regular basis.

After the triplets were born, Phillipa and Rorric decided that seven children was quite enough...both were rather surprised seven years later, when Phillipa discovered she was once again expecting. This time she gave birth to a single daughter who they named Alexandrea. Alexandrea, now 13, has yet to complete her training and join her father's so-called army. She spends her time learning hand to hand combat with her eldest brother Nickolas, crossing swords with Georgina and weapons training from her father and brother Dimitrios. Though Alexandrea lacks the natural grace of Anatole & Tatiana, the eagerness of Katarina, Dimitrios's duty and Nickolas's joy of the fight, she has something that they do not...a strategic and observant mind which will become the family's greatest asset.

My issue (WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP) is trying to make this into a viable story. Normally I wouldn't have so many multiples in the same family. But having begun the story like that the multiples thing is kind of integrated into the story and personalities of the siblings.

My first thought is to break up Nickolas & Georgina with Nickolas being older and Georgina being the second eldest. My next thought is either to keep Anatole & Tatiana as twins, since they are so similar. Or just merge their characters into one sister...Tatiana. I really want to keep Maxmilian and Dimitrios twins since their different personalities bounce off each other, but since triplets are a bit much I'm thinking I'll just make Katarina a few years younger. Which leaves Alexandrea still being the much younger sister.

So my main question is...Is TWO sets of twins TOO much?
I'd hate to loose Anatole's character...but I could possibly make him a husband/boyfriend for Tatiana.

OR...I could merge Georgina & Tatiana's character's and keep Anatole!

So please vote!

DS: Nickolas Leopold
DD: Georgina Daphne
DS/DD: Anatole Sebastian / Tatiana Cecilie
DS/DS: Dimitrios Kristoffer / Maxmilian Xavier
DD: Katarina Viktorie
DD: Alexandrea Artemis


DS: Nickolas Leopold
DD: Georgina Daphne
DD: Tatiana Cecilie
DS/DS: Dimitrios Kristoffer / Maxmilian Xavier
DD: Katarina Viktorie
DD: Alexandrea Artemis


DS: Nickolas Leopold
DD: Georgina Daphne -or- Tatiana Cecilie (kind of leaning toward Tatiana)
DS: Anatole Sebastian
DS/DS: Dimitrios Kristoffer / Maxmilian Xavier
DD: Katarina Viktorie
DD: Alexandrea Artemis


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