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#1 Calla Lily

Calla Lily

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 02:04 PM

Would you advise against rhyming your children's names?

I've heard a lot of people say before not to do that, but I know people whose names do rhyme that don't really mind much.

My father in law and his brother were Harold and Gerald. Then my sister in law has twins named Anabel and Isabel, and has discussed using more "-bel" names for future daughters.

My best friend's sister has all sorts of rhyming names! 3 daughters: Hailey, Bailey, and Kailey. 2 sons: Logan and Rogan. She's mentioned loving the name Jailey if she has another girl (though she's not too happy the only boy name she can come up with is Hogan, lol! Guess that's one downside to the rhyming game).

Which has inspired my best friend. She has a girl named Miley. She and her husband have been discussing having more children soon and she wants names that rhyme with Miley. So far she's come up with Kiley, Riley, and Wiley. But when she's mentioned this to people, they tell her not to do it...that her children will resent her for having names that rhyme or something like that.

What does amuse me is a few people said she'd mix her kids' names up. Well, my parents mixed my name up with my siblings, and none of our names sound alike! :P

Do you know a lot of people (or any people!) with rhyming names?

What are they?

Would you advise against it?

Would you do it?

Curious here!

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 02:28 PM

Me and my sisters (and my neices) all have names ending in the -EE sound. However our first names don't necessarily rhyme.

Katie (Katherine) - me
Sally (Sara) - sister
Maddie (Madeline) - sister
Gracie (Sara Grace) - niece, Sally's daughter
Luci - niece, Maddie's daughter

I think Gracie & Luci both ending in the -CEE sound is a bit much, but they are cousins rather than siblings. I doubt I'd use any name ending in a -CEE sound for my kids, that would be TOO much.

I think rhyming isn't a huge deal unless the names are really similar: Hailey, Kailey & Bailey and Logan & Rogan is a bit much with only the first letter being different.

Personally I don't think I'd go with similar sounding/rhyming names for my kids. I just like variety.

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 03:30 PM

I really don't like rhyming names for my kids/other people's kids. I can see *maybe* doing a first name as Hailey for one child and Kailey as a middle for another. The closest I ever came for rhyming names was in a book I'm writing. My main character is named Grace, while the family was coming up with names for her newest sibling, I chose Valen Trace because I thought it fit the best, even though Grace and Trace rhyme. Later in the story his middle name is changed for a reason, half of it being I couldn't stand Trace and Grace rhyming....

So long story short, I don't really like rhyming names.

#4 Meghan<3


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Posted 04 June 2012 - 03:43 PM

I would not want my kids to have rhyming names. I understand if a sibset has similar endings or beginnings, but I think Bailey / Hailey, Riley / Kiley, etc. are all too similar. It would be very confusing, and I wouldn't want my kids to be teased for having super similar, matchy names.
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#5 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 04:12 PM

Im a bit obsessive about naming, and I dont want any similar sounds in any of the names!!! I personally wouldnt even do Carly and Camden, Aiden and McKayla, Nora and Caralyn, Hannah and Amelia, etc. I dont want them starting or ending in the same letter/sound as Carly and Camden and Hannah and Amelia do, i don't want similarities like Aiden and McKayla both have Ayy sounds and Nora and Caralyn having ahh sounds. But, i'm a tad of a nitpick.

On other peoples kids... Im much more lenient. Starting or ending in the same letter is cutesy, makes and fine sibset. I do have a problem in rhyming names though. I feel like it takes indivisuality out of them, in a way. I probably sound a tad silly, but I just feel like every child deserves to have their own name. Plus, though name confusion happens with any childs name (similar or not), I feel like its even harder to get it alike when their similar. Say little Edie runs out into the street while little sister Edie is going to do something you asked her to. You are scared and scream out 'Edie STOP!!!' and Edie is used to you mixing up names so ignores you and Evie is used to it to but ignores cause you did say Edie.. I feel like its easier to spit out the correct name in an emergency, because their name and being hurt is snapped right to attention. Idk, I always picture this situation. And I also know me personally would hate having a name similar to my siblings and would definitely insist on going by initials/middle name.

However, every child is different and you cant predict if they'd like it or not. It just greatly bothers me personally <3

#6 Calla Lily

Calla Lily

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Posted 05 June 2012 - 04:05 PM

I'm pretty much obsessed with names and have been since I was a little girl. Perfect site for me to be on, right? I always felt weird for it. My mom and I bond over discussing celebrity baby names, or baby names at the daycare, names in birth announcements, ect. And every time I meet someone if they mention having siblings the first question I want to ask is "what are their names?" then I end up wanting to know their whole family's names. I never ask, because it seems to weird, but I always want to know! Then when I notice kids at the daycare have siblings, I always try to figure out what their names are...I feel weird, but that's how I am! So I figured I'd ask for those of you who don't mind sharing, what are some names in your family?! I'll give you mine, in case anyone out there is like me!

My name is Lily Dawn
My parents are Daisy Anne and Joey Thomas
My step mom is Jennifer "Jenn" Alice
My full siblings are: Noah David and Rose Eve
My step brother is Tyler James
My half sister is Brooke Natalie
Sister in Law is Stacy Lee
My husband is Derek Steven

Our children are: Violet Eden and Jasmine Grace and an unnamed unborn child!
Noah and Stacy's children: Buttercup Georgia "BC" and Lancelot "Lance" Nathanial
Rose's children: Camellia Kate and Jericho Giovanni
Maternal Side of the Family
Grandma: Marigold Ruth (sisters Petunia and Gardenia)
Grandpa:Isaac William
Aunt: Poppy June
Uncle (through marriage): Eugene "Gene" James
Cousins: Heather Jean, Alyssa Christine, and Eugene "EJ" James II

Heather's children: Jonquil June, Acacia May, and Phoenix Lincoln
EJ's son: Eugene "Jamie" James III

Paternal Side of the Family
Grandma: Bernadette "Bonnie"
Grandpa: David
Uncles: Jerry James and Paul Owen
Aunts (through marriage): Brianne Rachelle and Kelly Ann
Cousins: Lindy Leigh. Then Kasey Rae and Devin Andrew.

Kasey's children: Asher Ryan and Toby Lane.

#7 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 05 June 2012 - 04:20 PM

It seems like your family has a lot of flower names going on!

I don't know all of the middle names of people in my family, but I'll give it a good go.

Me: Hannah Margaret

Parents: Pamina Jane and Robert Leonard

Step-parents: Andrew Keith and Jane

Full siblings: Kimberleigh Jane

Half Siblings: Samantha Katherine and Oliver John O'Neil

Maternal Side of the Family

Grandma: Margaret

Grandpa: David

Aunts: Elizabeth and Catherine Cecilia

Uncles: James and Dave (by marriage)

Cousins: William, Samuel, Laura, Megan, Imogen Charlotte and Lewis Daniel

Paternal Side of the Family

Grandma: Margaret

Grandpa: Richard

Uncles: Mark and Steven

Aunts (by marriage): Janet and Helena *Lou*

Cousins: Christopher (half cousin), Chelsea, Thomas, Toby Mark James, William, Gemma Mary Margaret.

Grandmas: Maureen and Gwendolyn

Grandpas: Ernest and John

Aunts: Audrey, Susan, Linda, Wendy and Lydia (by marriage)

Uncles: John, David, James (by marriage), Paul (by marriage) and Roy (by marriage)

Cousins: Thomas, Sarah, Katherine May and Shaun

#8 Alexis!


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Posted 05 June 2012 - 05:42 PM

Alexis Brooke

Parents: Tammy Jean & Dylan Joseph

Step-parents: Clifford Wayne & Colleen

Full siblings: Amanda Taylor

Half Siblings: Austin Blake (mom) & Logan Warren (dad)

Maternal Side:

Grandma: Gloria Jean

(She's one of 16, 11 girls & 5 boys:)

(No order: Dorothy, Norma, Bonnie, Marlene, Linda, Gloria, Jo-Ann,

Debra, Diane, Denise, Beverly, Arthur, Robert, Leroy, Ronald & Dennis)

Grandpa: Kenneth

Aunts: Ginny (married to Clint) (half sister)

Uncles: David (Married to Shelly) & Brian (married to Lisa) (half brothers)

Cousins: Makenzie, Gavin Wayne, Bryson Kyle & Gwendalyn Gray

Paternal Side:

Grandma: Wanda

Grandpa: Joseph

Uncles: Michael (married to Nikki)

Aunts: Tiffany

Cousins: Rhianna, Joey & Chloe

Step-Paternal Side:

Grandma: Carolyn

Grandpa: Clifford

Uncles: None

Aunts: Lesa (married to Michael)

Cousins: John Michael & Haley Grace

I don't talk to my father & his wife, so I'm not really sure about her family.

#9 xxThePumpkinQueenxx


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Posted 05 June 2012 - 06:30 PM

My mother was adopted, and I don't know all her biological siblings names. She has 7 siblings all together. One who is deceased. And my grandmother (the one who adopted my mother) has sooooo many relatives lol I'd be here FOREVER trying to name all of them! This is all the best of my knowledge :)

My name is Lauren Ashley
My parents are Christine Renee and James Lloyd, Jr.
My full siblings are: Rebecca Christine, James Calhoun. Clare Renee, Shane Austin
Brother in Law is Kenneth Allen (he goes by Jay)
My husband is Nicholas Ryan
In laws are : Sherry Lynn and Randolph Malone
My husband's siblings are Cory Dale, Lindsay Nicole, Kelsey Amber
Lindsay's son is Jayden Alden
Our children are: Aasyn Giovanni and Hayleigh Elisabeth

Maternal Side of the Family
Grandma: Shirley Faye
Grandma's siblings: Terry Wayne, Wille MacAuther, Winston Leldon, Jerome, Larry, Linda, Carolyn, Diane, Velista.
Grandpa: Albert Earl
Granpa's siblings: Mary Francis, Edna, Robert, Dot
Aunt: L'anette Michelle, Kasey Ann, Lisa, Becky
Uncles: Thomas, Charles and Richard.
Cousins: WAY too many to name. my Nani is the oldest of TEN...soo many names lol

Paternal Side of the Family
Grandma: Dorothy Jewel
Grandpa: James Lloyd, Sr.
Uncles: Leslie, Jim, and Glenn
Aunts (through marriage):Betsy, Kim, and Sharon
Cousins: Angela, Heather, Christopher, Will, Warren, Kate, Daniel, & Matthew

#10 The Future Mrs B

The Future Mrs B

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Posted 05 June 2012 - 06:38 PM

Me: Erin Elizabeth

Parents: Robert William II & Roxanna Dawn
Siblings: Cole Alexander (full), Katlyn Elyse (half), Rachael Snow (half), Joshua Cade (half), Lakota Apache (full)

Paternal Grandparents: Arlene Adele and Robert William
Paternal Aunt: Jennifer Lynn
Paternal Uncle (marriage): Christopher
Cousins: Sierra Mackenzie, Mason Christopher

Maternal Grandparents: Phyllis (No Middle Name) & Walter Anthony
Maternal Aunts: Sally Jo, Susan ?? and Julie ?? (Marriage)
Maternal Uncles: Walter Blake, Stephen James Sr, Richard (marriage) and Robert (marriage)
Maternal cousins: Amy, Jason, Summer Leigh, Chadwick Robert (Chad), Stephen James Jr, Misty Love, Brittany Morgan and Cody Blake.
Amy's Kids: Andrew (Andy) and Matthew (Matt)
Chad's kids: Bridge Allen and Sean Patrick
Stephen Jr's kid: Jordan Kelly
Summer's kids: Austin James and Kayleigh ??
Misty's Kids: Mason James and Payton McKinley.

#11 Jay.


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Posted 05 June 2012 - 06:56 PM

Yeah, your just like all of us :P

I've used pen names on here for my family, but they are seriously close to the real ones, so I'll give you those. Some of them I just change the spellings. :P

Jaesin Chase

Mom: Lydia Leigh

Dad: Robert Louis Jr. {That is his real name}
Half-Brother: Turner Robert
Siblings: Jeremiah Izak | Silas Dean | Tevis Lawson | Elise Margaret | Tyler James | Cassius Archer

Mom's Side
Grandpa: Gideon Melvin
Grandma: Marie Irene {real name}
Uncles: Donovan Robert | Kurtis Alexander
Aunts: Kathleen | Katrina Marie
Cousins: Alexandra {Jaymez} | Lana | Kamilla Marie | Keaten Levi | Daniel Luke Jr. | Kellyn Layton
2nd Cousins: Alexandra + Jaymez {3 boys} - Alden, Brady + Eli | Lana {1 boy} - Gavin | Kamilla {1 boy + 1 girl} - Brecken Mitchell + JaKayla Marilee

#12 Calla Lily

Calla Lily

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Posted 05 June 2012 - 07:22 PM

Jaesin...I have to say Marie Irene is really fun to say! :)

I really love looking at these ^_^ I didn't think to do my in-laws, though, so here we go!

My hubby, Derek Steven.
His maternal grandparents: Miriam Helen and Garland William
His paternal grandparents: Ruby Janella and Nicholas Henry
His parents: Rhonda Lynn and Jeremy Wade
His brother: Ethan Travis, Landon Cody, Gabriel Ross, and Oliver Samuel
His sisters: Rachel Joanna and Melanie Christine
His sisters in law: Bridget Sawyer (Landon) and Meaghan Rylee (Oliver)
His brothers in law: Adam Glenn (Ethan), Jake Wilson (Rachel), and Christian Dorian (Melanie)

Bridget and Landon's kids: Dover Myles and Callum Cody
Meaghan and Oliver's kids: Galen Hooper and Layla Fiona
Rachel and Jake's kids: Anabel Leigh, Isabel Kay, and Richard Jake
Melanie and Christian's son: Holden John
Adam and Ethan's daughter (via surrogate!): Ava Hope

He also has an aunt on his father's side named Monica, who I almost forgot about! She's not married and doesn't have kids :)

And I think I got everyone on his side ^_^

#13 The Future Mrs B

The Future Mrs B

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Posted 05 June 2012 - 07:54 PM

I'll do what I can of Martin's family but there will be lots of gaps. His family's huge.

Martin Anthony

Parents: Alisha ?? And Chad Eric
Siblings: Clayton Charles (Clay), Leonardo Garrison (Leo), Franklin Dean (Frank/Frankie), Oscar Howland, Hazel Lucille (Lucy), Edith Jean (Edie)
Paternal Aunts/Uncle: Cody Evan, Brian ?, Jason(marriage) + 5 more siblings
Paternal Cousins: Ian, Jordan (boy), Logan (girl), Gabriella (Gabby), Abigail (Abby), Graham, Robert (Robby/Rob), Jadalyn (Jade), Jamison (Bub)

Maternal Grandpa: Anthony ? (I don't know his grandma's name)
Maternal Aunts/Uncles: Ned, Selena (Ned's wife), Annie & 3 others.
Maternal cousins: Hal, Stephen, Owen, Nina and a bajillion more whose names I can't remember.

#14 Calla Lily

Calla Lily

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Posted 06 June 2012 - 08:48 PM

Two new little girls started at the daycare today. The oldest is in my class, Miss Amira Anastasia. Her sister is in the one year old class, Midori Melisandre.

I think I fell in love with the name Amira. Oh gosh, I think it's the prettiest name ever! I like Midori, too...But Amira...gosh. I almost want to start writing something now just for the purpose of having a character named Amira. I think I might give the character a sister named Midori, since Amira and Midori sound so cute together!

WDYT of them? :)

#15 Jay.


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Posted 06 June 2012 - 09:54 PM

Amira is pretty, not feelin' Midori though....

#16 Anny


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Posted 07 June 2012 - 03:05 AM

Amira is beautiful. I read a book once with the main character Amira. And since then I really like it.
I am not a fan of Midori, but it fits to Amira.
I think Amira is an Arabic name, but I am not sure, so I guess Midori is as well.

Melisandre has an evil touch to me, since it is the name of a rather evil character in "Game of Thrones" :D

#17 PaperHeart


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Posted 07 June 2012 - 03:31 AM

Midori just makes me think of the alcoholic drink.

I'm not a fan of Amira, personally. I know a couple, all over 50.

It's just not my style.

I do like Mira though!

#18 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 07 June 2012 - 09:42 AM

Amira is okay, it makes me think of "a mirror" said in a Boston accent, not pronouncing the last R or something :P Thats literally exactly how I'd say "a mirror", ah-mee-rah. But I guess I can see how others find appeal to it. I think just Mira is nice, or even Amaya.

Midori... all alcohol to me. I dislike it as much as Chardonnay or Champagne on a kid :( Just not suitable for a child and makes the parent sound like an alcoholic to name their kid after an alcohol... :mellow:

#19 Calla Lily

Calla Lily

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Posted 07 June 2012 - 02:56 PM

When we got back from visiting my sister and the new baby at the hospital, we decided to pop in The Last Song. It got to the part where some girl named Blaze says her real name is Galadriel, from LotR, and it made me think of my niece and the story behind how she got her name.

(Am I crazy for thinking it's cool to have a strange name from a book character? I'd love to have a great nickname and go "Yeah, well THIS is my birth name -_-" But I've on and off had issues with how bland my name is :P)

Anyway, when my sister in law got pregnant for the first time my brother had to broach the subject of possibly using a flower name for a girl. Noah doesn't hate our tradition, and actually liked the idea of continuing it, but he also didn't want to make Stacy feel like she couldn't use a name she wanted for her child. Stacy was well aware of our naming traditions, and was very nice about the whole thing, and agreed so long as she could find a name she loved.

She thought about it for a while then eventually came to Noah with the idea of Buttercup. They both love the movie The Princess Bride. She also mentioned Buttercup being her favorite Power Puff Girl and loving the flower and the song "Build Me Up, Buttercup", but I have a feeling that anything after TPB were just convenient excuses to back up the name she really wanted. She didn't need to do that, though. She had him at Princess Bride. I think she had a few other "reasons" to use the name, but those were the ones I remembered.

Stacy and Noah were both madly in love with the name, but not everyone else was. A lot of family members thought it was nuts for a while. I was iffy with it, Rose was iffy with it, Tyler and Brooke were iffy with it, our dad and step mom were...Seeing as my mom once wanted to name be Gladiola, she didn't see much of an issue with it. My Gramma Marigold didn't think it was too bad, either, but she has sisters named Petunia and Gardenia and one of them had a daughter named Sunflower aka Sunny. Strange flower names were nothing to her. My cousin Heather had a daughter named Jonquil, so she wasn't much bothered by it, either.

Well my dad has this thing where he's convinced he is right about everything, his opinion is the only one that matters, what he says goes, ect, so he tried hard to talk them out of the name. I wasn't fond of Buttercup, but even I thought he was going a bit far with it. Stacy and Noah seemed crushed by it. Then a lot of our paternal family members would call or email them like "You seriously wanted to name your child that?!" I was visitng them when Aunt Kelly posted some nasty ranting status on FB about people naming their kids dumb things, pointing out how bad it was when celebrities did it, but normal people really didn't need to do it, or something like that. Stacy just flat out bawled, saying how tired she was of people being so mean, that she wasn't trying to torture her daughter by giving her that name, only that she really, truly loved the name.

So Rose, Brooke, and I did our best to help cheer them up, enlising our mother and grandmother and cousins to come help convince them to follow their heart. When Stacy finally gave birth, they waited a few days before naming her. They seemed really upset at the idea of looking for baby names, very reluctant to even discuss the subject. We didn't hear anything for a while about the baby name. They brought the baby home and only when I called to check up on things, eventually flat out asking them if they had picked a name, that Stacy nervously said that her name was Buttercup Georgia Theard. They refused to tell a lot of people for about a month and a half, brushing off the question which made my dad mad. Daddy complained a lot about how they shouldn't be so upset just because he didn't like their silly name and that he was sure that whatever name they had chosen would be fine.

Needless to say, he was none too pleased to learn that her name ended up being Buttercup.

He got over it. Eventually. I think.

Anyway, I was thrilled that they had chosen the name they loved. While I wasn't sure about it in general, you could see how much they really liked it. It meant something to them, which was the important thing. The girl is their child. But I was excited for them and it's hard imagining that little girl as anything else! I do have to admit she dressed up like the Power Puff Girl for Halloween last year...It was pretty great!

Anyway, I'm a bit more lenient with "odd" baby names these days. more than other people. But I see a lot of strange names come through the daycare I work at! I had to get used to them eventually.

...Besides. At least Buttercup is better than Galadriel :)

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