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Newest Guilty Pleasure List! Thoughts?

names combos guilty pleasure

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#1 BabyNameRater


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Posted 15 June 2012 - 06:45 AM

I've updated my GP List! (finally) I've been meaning to do it for awhile. I've always loved a lot of these names but lately I've been in love and obsessed with the names Louise/Louisa, Florence, Arabella and to a lesser extent, Sophie and Constance. I'm also loving Todd, River and Jensen right now! Most of these names I've come up with for the Baby Name Games and ended up loving them and a few variants! Honestly I could see myself using a few of these in real life but others I would definitely not, I just love their sound. Some of these names I even used to dislike for various reasons but I've found them growing on me! I would love to hear some of your thoughts!

Caia Mae-

Samantha Rose-

Sophia/Sophie Rose-

Arabella Florence-

Seraphina Italia-

Nova-Mae ???-

Charlotte Louisa/Louise-

Arabella Louise/Louisa-

Charlotte Florence-

Gwendolyn Celeste and Genevieve Corrine (For twins only)-

Louisa Constance

Constance Louise-

Michael James-

Joshua Easton-

Michael River-

Harrison River-

Henry Nathaniel-

Elijah Easton-

Samuel Jensen-

Benjamin Todd-

(Sorry for the long list! :P)

#2 brittany111


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Posted 15 June 2012 - 07:54 AM

Caia Mae- Love it, personally i perfer Kaia. It does seem a litle short, but i still love it

Samantha Rose-Nice classic name! i really like Samantha, Rose is nms but i think the combo is darling

Sophia/Sophie Rose- I perfer Sophie Rose i think its very nice on young and old

Arabella Florence-NMS, especially Florence. it seems a little long tooi like Arabella Mae r Sophie Florence.

Seraphina Italia-Seraphina is nms, Ive never heard of Italia, i had a little girl come through called Italy Skye the other day which i actually thought was nice

Nova-Mae- I realy like Mae, esp this spelling, Nova nms.

Charlotte Louisa/Louise- i like Louisa more, but i think teamed with Charlotte, Louise fits better

Arabella Louise/Louisa-Once again id have to say Louise since Arabella ends in A.

Charlotte Florence- Love Charlotte, I really like Sophie Charlotte, Louisa Charlotte and Charlotte Mae

Gwendolyn Celeste and Genevieve Corrine (For twins only)-NMS

Louisa Constance, nice and classic

Constance Louise- i perfer it reversed :)

Michael James- Strong, Classic boys name

Joshua Easton-LOVE LOVE LOVE

Michael River- i like it, i also like Easton River!

Harrison River- very cute Harry!

Henry Nathaniel-nice and love the ballance of short and long names

Elijah Easton- nice combo, id probaby perfer it reversed just cause i love Easton so much

Samuel Jensen-its growing on me!

Benjamin Todd- Todd is nms but i love benjamin and i think it looks like a great combo :)

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#3 Katie-Nana


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Posted 15 June 2012 - 02:50 PM

So how does a name end up on your guilty pleasures list? Because I think a lot of your names are very wearable :)

Of your boys names, I LOVE Henry Nathaniel, Samuel Jensen, & Harrison River, though I think I'd prefer River Harrison myself.

Of your girls names, I Love Arabella Florence, Gwendolyn Celeste & Genevieve Corrine, though I think Genevieve Claire would flow a bit better.
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#4 BabyNameRater


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Posted 15 June 2012 - 04:43 PM

They end up there because I either know someone really close to me who has one or both parts of the name, my fiance doesn't like them, or they flow well....but sound horrible with the surname! :P I have 18 cousins who I see A LOT of and 5 siblings so names like Samantha, Henry, Arabella, Charlotte, Rose, Mae, Michael, James, Nathaniel , Elijah and Benjamin are all basically off limits unless we want major confusion going on! Hahaha. We're pushing it with Jonathan and Dawn as it is right now! ^_^ All the other are either too out there for me to use like Seraphina Italia and Jean-Paul Marcello, or my fiance doesn't like them like Celeste, Constance or Gwendolyn <_<

But thanks for the thoughts ladies!! I'm actually really liking Gwendolyn Claire and Genevieve Celeste now!!!

#5 Meghan<3


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Posted 16 June 2012 - 09:12 AM

Caia Mae - This is a very nice combo. Caia may be mispronounced / misspelled though.
Samantha Rose - Very classic and pretty.
Sophia/Sophie Rose - Popular / common, but still lovely. I prefer Sophia Rose.
Arabella Florence - Not my style, but very pretty!
Seraphina Italia - I don't think these two flow very well together. The "-uh" sound at the end of Seraphina clashes a bit with the ""ih-" sound at the start of Italia. Plus, they both end in the "-uh" sound, so the combo sounds a bit repetitive.
Nova-Mae - I'm not crazy about Nova; I personally prefer Nora.
Charlotte Louisa/Louise - Nice. I like Charlotte Louise better.
Arabella Louise/Louisa - I like Arabella Louise best... though I think I like Arabella Florence better!
Charlotte Florence - Lovely.
Gwendolyn Celeste and Genevieve Corrine - I think they could work even with siblings that aren't twins! I like the suggestion of Gwendolyn Claire & Genevieve Celeste.
Louisa Constance - I'm not crazy about Constance, but Louisa is pretty.
Constance Louise - Not my favorite, but nice flow.

Michael James - Very classic and handsome.
Joshua Easton - Handsome!
Michael River - I'm not crazy about River, but still a nice combo.
Harrison River - Handsome!
Henry Nathaniel - Handsome!
Elijah Easton - I'm typically not a fan of alliterative names. It's okay though.
Samuel Jensen - Handsome!
Benjamin Todd - Handsome!

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