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Unique Congrats Game (Round 2)

Round 2

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Posted 10 July 2012 - 07:13 PM

Rules- Simply Roll the Dice :P

Stories, Details, Explanations and Pictures are welcomed and encouraged (though not required)!!! I would love to see the masterpieces you guys can come up with!!!

It's been 6 months and you have been having a lot of fun with your family and friends lately! Your out late, you don't always wake up at home, and you often wake up with headaches as reminders to the previous night's activities. Soon, after many months of partying, something happens that will change your life forever.

What is the event:
1) A One-Night Stand (You know them)
3) A One-Night Stand (Don't Know Them)
4) You and your SO take it to the next level
5) You Choose
6) You Hook Up With Your Siblings SO

The you realize that you (or that your SO) are pregnant.

Does it result in:
1) One Baby
2) Twins
3) One Baby
4) Triplets
5) One Baby
6) Twins

Roll for each Baby: Odd is a Boy and Even is a girl

If the Baby/Babies are a Boy: First Name Middle Name, Last Name- Yours (Or other parents/SO's)

If the Baby/Babies are a Girl: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name- Yours (Or other parents/SO's)

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Posted 10 July 2012 - 07:24 PM

Once apon a time two hippys fell in love had a baby and decided to name her Verity Serena Kristic. That baby is me, lucky for me once I hit school age everybody started calling me Vera, which I'll admit I enjoy a little more than my parents idea of a Unique powerful name for there little Curly haired blondie with hazel eyes who was gonna change the world or something. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and live her to this day. Its almost always rainy here, except in the summer sometimes. Thats why I got a job a Hollister, A trendy clothing store thats beach themed. It adds a little sunshine to my day and the discount on clothes is cool too. Im currently going to school also to become a lawyer and I just celebrated my 21st birthday!

So its been 6th months since my 21st birthday and now that I can drink well, Ive been partying quite a bit with my friends and family. Well all the partying has deferentially caught up with me; Im pregnant. It all happened one night when I got a little too drunk with my best friend Carson Jonathan Xavier. we woke up the next day compleatly in shock considering we had always just been friends, but after that night we decided that maybe there was something more. Well now Im sure theres something more, except that something more isn't sparks or love.. Its a baby. Luckily for my case I wasn't one of those College students who ended up with twins or triplets. Im just pregnant with one, and believe me I can already tell thats going to be hard as it is. Then one day at a checkup they tell me its a girl! I was so excited and Carsons been here to support me! Soon enough my beautiful Cruise Evangeline Xavier is born and she is the most perfect thing ever.

Our family- Carson&Vera

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Posted 10 July 2012 - 08:42 PM

Posted Image

See that picture? That’s my son. Just one of the millions of photos of mom and dad will take of their little “Jazzy”. Don’t worry, we didn’t really name him Jazzy, it’s Jasper. Jasper Newt Reid. I wasn’t on board with Newt, just for the record. Emily picked it (after her dad). Who’s Emily? My ex-girlfriend. You see, I’m only 16. I was parting one night and we uh, made a mistake. Mom and dad weren’t too happy their only son messed up so bad, but they weren’t going to kick out their only son. Emily though, didn’t want the baby. I know I was barely 16 at the time (I still am only 16) but I just knew I wanted that baby as soon as I saw it on the ultrasound. My mom and dad supported me, he was their grandbaby. Once Jasper was born I got full parental rights, Emily didn’t want anything to do with him. She and her family moved and I haven’t heard from her since. Now 3 months later, I’m a junior in high-school with a 3 month old baby boy. Mom and dad watch him while I’m at school. It’s hard being a dad, but I wouldn’t give up my son for the world.

Magnus *Zach* Zachary Reid *16*

Jasper Newt Reid *3m*

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Posted 10 July 2012 - 10:11 PM

Posted Image

Magnus Zachariah Kingston (36) lives in Perth, Australia where he works as a Lawyer. He is Tall with Curly Brown Hair and Brown eyes. His hair tends to give him trouble in keeping neat and since he has a job where appearances mean a lot, he keeps it short so that it looks nice at all times. He is very fun loving, despite the seriousness of his job. Magnus knows when he can have fun and when he must be serious and many people joke that there a is "Cool Magnus" and a "Work Magnus".

Posted Image
Magnus often indulged in carnal pleasures a little to much on his weekends off and since he was having such a lull in cases due to the crime drop he found himself out on the town more and more often. Soon enough he woke up next to a beautiful woman, thing was, he had no idea who she was. He left his number though, just in case she wanted to hook up again another time. A month later she called him, saying she was pregnant. Magnus knew that the woman frequented parties and arranged for a DNA test. The results came in and confirmed that he was the father of the child. The woman wanted nothing to do with Magnus or the baby and so 8 months later, Magnus arrived when she went into labor, expecting a to take home a son. He left the hospital with his son Jasper Rush Kingston......and his daughter Bluebell Seraphina Kingston on June 24th. Though Magnus never thought he would become a parent, he loves his children and spoils them endlessly.

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Posted 10 July 2012 - 10:13 PM


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Posted 10 July 2012 - 11:23 PM

Selah Ruby Moore

Posted Image

My name is Selah Ruby Moore. I am 21 years old and currently living in Tennessee. I come from a large, military family with four older brothers and two younger sisters. My childhood was that of a typical army brat, moving from base to base. However, that didn't stop me from going into the military myself. I have been in the Air Force since I graduated high school and currently serve as an Airman. I love being a pilot and getting the opportunity to fly; I can't imagine myself doing anything else. Many people are shocked to learn I am a pilot, mainly because I look like I belong on the cover a magazine--thanks to my dark black hair and piercing green eyes--rather than in a cockpit.

*6 Months Later*

It seems like my life has been spiraling out of control lately. I have complied more drunken nights in the last few months, than I can recall having throughout my entire life. Although things have been a little chaotic, I have been having the time of my life with my friends and family. However, that all came to an abrupt end the night of my cousin's wedding. It seemed liked a typical wedding reception with old people dancing, kids running around, and way, way too much alcohol being consumed. I didn't realize how terrible things really were until I woke up the next morning with the world's worst hangover and even worse, I was laying next to my sister's boyfriend! We attempted to cover the whole situation and deny it ever happened until two months later, I realized I was pregnant...with triplets! Once the news was revealed, he went running for the hills and my sister still refuses to talk to me. But, that didn't change the fact that I was expecting not one, but three, new bundles of joy. 6 months after the ordeal, I welcomed two girls and a baby boy:

DD/DD/DS: Cruise Seraphina, California Yael "Cali", and Judah Denzel

Posted Image

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Posted 11 July 2012 - 12:16 AM

Well, it's been six months, and my fiancee and I have finally gotten married! She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and we must have been drunk when we picked out her name because we named her Gypsy Seraphina, but hey, it was better than the other names we picked out when we hit the bottle.

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Posted 11 July 2012 - 01:14 AM

Me: Caius *Cai* Zahir Jones {21} - New York, USA;Nanny;Tall;Wavy red hair;Blue eyes

Her: Jessica *Jess* Louise Miller {20} - New York, USA;Student;Medium height;Straight blonde hair;Brown eyes

Twin one: Reignbow *Reign* Seraphina Jones {nb} - New York, USA;Straight red hair;Brown eyes

Twin two: Chester Lebron Jones {nb} - New York, USA;Wavy blonde hair;Blue eyes

Cai and Jess with Reign and Chester

Cai hooks up with his brother's girlfriend. Kale and Jess break up after Kale discovers that Cai hooked up with her. Cai and Jess start to become close as they've both lost someone very close to them. They realize that she's pregnant, and it's twins. They give birth to the twins and decide to start dating, to see if they can make it work for their babies.

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Posted 11 July 2012 - 08:47 AM

Maximus 'Max' Zane Miller [16]

Student Australia

Tall Wavy Blonde Hair Hazel Eyes

Posted Image

Has one night stand with ex-girlfriend

She becomes pregnant

Dexter 'Dex' Rush Miller [0]

Posted Image

#10 Guest_Rainbow-Eyes_*

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Posted 11 July 2012 - 11:08 AM

Posted Image

Name: Lydia Willow Bishop (21)
Appearance- Short (5'3") with Straight Red Hair and Hazel Eyes
Country: England
Occupation: A Nanny

My name is Lydia and I live in London, England. I graduated highschool at third in my class and I have been a nanny for the children down the street since I was 16 and I love it and the children to pieces! I watch over three children, Ethan who is 5, Abigail who is 3 and Madelyn who is 2 months old. I often do charity work for various organizations in my free time as well as taking the children to the park or ice cream shop in summer. I am the youngest of four children and I live in the house my parents left me when I was 18 with my sister Rachel Mae Bishop who works as a secretary for Law Firm that our older brothers, Michael Ian Bishop and Eric James Bishop, own together.

Posted Image
Jasper, Belle and Tobias

A few months later the children moved away and the main source of joy in my life was gone. I began to drink heavily and party almost every night. I often woke up in places that weren't my house and next to people who I had no recognition of. I knew it would eventually catch up to me but I didn't care at the time, I just wanted to party and feel happy. Finally I woke up on the other side of town with a stranger. Feeling a bit more ashamed than usual, I left without waking him and with no way to contact him. It was about a month after that incident that I realized I was two weeks late. Panicking, I bought test after test and they all came up positive. I was pregnant. At my first ultrasound, when thought the biggest surprise was over with, the doctor told me I was expecting Triplets!! So 8 months later I delivered three little miracles, Jasper Keanu Bishop, Bluebell "Belle" Evangeline Bishop and Tobias Rush Bishop

#11 Puppylover12397


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Posted 11 July 2012 - 01:03 PM

Posted Image

Cassius Zander Smythe (16) lives in Vancouver, Canada where he's a high school junior. He is Tall with Wavy Blonde Hair and Green Eyes. His hair tends to be kept at ease and untamed He is very much out there as well as just a fun guy, he hits it off with a lot of people at school and is rather much a part of the popular crowd. He plays a couple different sports and does top in his classes working hius butt off to stay up top.

Posted Image

Cassius often indulged in carnal pleasures a little to much on his weekends and at all of the high school parties going on. So, Cassius found himself out on the town more and more often. Soon enough he ended up sleeping with one of the cheerleaders when they were both rather drunk. It was awkward the next morning and so we just sort of seperated and figured we'd put it behind of us. A month later however, she called him, saying she was pregnant.Cassius knew that the cheerleader was a bit of a party girls o he told his parents and they arranged for a DNA test. The results came in and confirmed that Cassius was the father of the child. The girl's parents were relgious and didn't want to terminate the baby but, refused to let her keep it and wanted ot adopt the baby to some family. Cassius refused to let his child go to some random family so his family talked to them and they would keep the baby but, the girl's family was moving and didn't want anything to do with it. He welcomed a little baby boy, then they left Cassius with his son whom he named. Atticus Keanu Smythe. Cassius never thought he would become a so soon parent, he loves his son though and spoils him endlessly.

#12 The Future Mrs B

The Future Mrs B

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Posted 11 July 2012 - 02:26 PM

Hey, it's me Becca Bruce popping in for a quick little update. About six months after graduation I started acting a little wild. I was free to do what I wanted and wanted everyone to know it. At one of these parties I had been going to I wound up having a one night stand with someone I didn't know. Not only that but I got pregnant in the process. So introducing my son, Josiah Arensio Bruce.
The Bruce Family
Rebekah Cassidy Bruce (Becca)
-Age: 18

Posted Image

Josiah Arensio Bruce (Joe)
-Age: nb

(I couldn't find a pic younger that looked how I wanted)
Posted Image

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Posted 11 July 2012 - 05:00 PM

Me: Phoebe Violet Jones "Sarah" (19, Straight Red Hair, Hazel Eyes)

DS: Jasper Keanu Jones (Newborn)


Round 1 - Sarah Jones is a 19 year old New York resident, and popular Nanny. She and her mother moved to New York when she was just 6 and they have lived there ever since. She was born Phoebe Violet Jones, but is called Sarah. Her father changed the name on her birth certificate, but left Sarah and her mom alone when he figured out he had to be responsible for someone other than himself. She plans on legally changing her name, but hasn't found the time to do it yet. She got her job as a Nanny six years ago, and has since then, worked up to the Top 3 Nannies in New York.

Round 2 - Its been 6 months, and Sarah has been a bit of a partier lately. One night, something happened that changed her life forver. She had a one night stand with her best friend Dexter Maverick Michaels and got pregnant with a baby boy. She names him Jasper Keanu Jones. After he finds out Sarah is pregnant, Dexter never speaks to Sarah again.

Posted Image

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Posted 12 July 2012 - 05:41 PM

Prt 1:Hey! I'm Abitha Juliet Grey. But please..call me Abby( I can't believe my parents stuck me with the name Abitha, I mean honestly!). I live in New York. I'm still a teenager. 15 years old but I act older(my mom says not really). I'm a student. Love History,hate Math. Now on to what I look like. I'm tall(5'10" oh yeah) with wavy red hair and blue eyes.

Prt 2: Well hey guys, it's me again, Abby. Been about 6 months and I've been gong with friends alot. I stay out late and wake up with headaches all the time.Soon after months of partying an event happens that changes my life. I was stupid and had a one night stand with my guy friend Jonathan Daniel Brighton. Jon and I were both drunk and well it just happened. A couple months later I realized that I'd been missing my monthlies so I took a pregnancy test and sure enough it was positive. Then if a teenage pregnancy sn't bad enough the doctor finds it's three babies! I name the babies Gypsy Evangeline Grey, Tobias Rush Grey(Toby) and Felix Kanye Grey

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Posted 14 July 2012 - 03:40 AM

Marcus Zeke Davies (21)

So it’s been 6 months and I decide it’s time to take things to the next level with my girlfriend Ali (Alison Scarlet Hughes) on the eve of our big talk we conceive a baby! 9 moths later we welcome Judah Rush Davies

Marc and Ali


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Posted 16 July 2012 - 12:45 AM

Hi, my name is Cyrus Zade Santos. I am a 16 year old high school student in New York City. I am tall with wavy blonde hair and green eyes. I am on my high school's football team and even have some scholarship offers that I am looking into.

It's been 6 months and I have been having so much fun with my friends and family! I'm always out late, spend the night at other people's houses, and usually wake up with a headache. A couple months ago, I had a one night stand with my long time friend, Emily Claire Diaz. It resulted in something that would forever change my life! She told me that she was pregnant, with twins! We argued a lot about whether adoption was for us or not. We decided to just keep the babies. Several months later she gave birth to two beautiful babies! A boy named Josiah Lebron Santos and a girl named Porsche Angelina Santos.

#17 Meghan<3


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Posted 16 July 2012 - 10:34 AM

My name is Cato Zubin Simmons. I am 27 and I live in New York. I am an engineer. I am tall, 6'4". I have wavy red hair and blue eyes. One night, after partying, I hooked up with my brother's girlfriend, Nicole Ramirez. We both felt terrible about what happened the next day, but my Nicole found out she was pregnant! She gave birth to twin boys named Dexter Kanye and Josiah Lebron "Joey".

#18 Starbucks137


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Posted 16 July 2012 - 01:10 PM

Hello, I'm Cornelia Avery McCoy, but you can call me Ellie. I am 16years old and live in New York City with my mom and younger sister Rebekah (14) in an apartment. I am a High School Student and attend George Washington High School in Manhattan. I am tall-ish, standing above most of my friends at 5'10". I have blonde hair that is naturally wavy (though I straighten it a lot), and green eyes.

6 months has passed since our last chat. A lot has happened. First, I turned 16! If I could, I would drive, but we don't have a car, so I take the subway everywhere. I don't really know if I'll ever learn to drive, but Mom says that when we visit Uncle John and Aunt Deborah in the summer, I can try to drive.
I have some very exciting/scary news! I have a son! My mom went out to see a show with her friends one night, and my boyfriend (of the time) came over. Well, one thing led to another, and now I have a beautiful baby boy named Tobias Rush. I call him Toby. When my boyfriend found out I was pregnant, he left me, and we haven't spoken since.

Here is a picture of me:
Posted Image

Here is a picture of Toby:
Posted Image

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Posted 17 July 2012 - 12:59 PM

Name: Felix Zane Deferiet
Home state: New York, USA
Age: 15
Occupation: Student
Appearance: Tall, Wavy Blonde Hair, Green Eyes

It's been 6 months and you have been having a lot of fun with your family and friends lately! Your out late, you don't always wake up at home, and you often wake up with headaches as reminders to the previous night's activities. Soon, after many months of partying, something happens that will change your life forever.

One night you hook up with a girl from school. It was just a fling and you don't have any intention of calling her. Instead, a few months later she calls you. It really shouldn't be a surprise since you didn't use protection, but you're shocked when she tells you she's pregnant.

Baby Mama: Laila Margret McBryar
Age: 16
Home State: New York, USA
Occupation: Student
Appearance: Medium height, curly red hair, brown eyes

Despite your immaturity, you are a nice guy and want to be there for your child. You even are there to support Laila when she tells her parents. Although neither of your parents are thrilled, they are supportive and Laila decides to keep the baby. A few months later you are overjoyed when Laila tells you its a boy! Time seems to fly with school, doctor's appointments and baby planning keeping you busy. What seems like only a short time later, your son enters the world...

Son: Otto Dougray McBryar

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Posted 18 July 2012 - 08:08 AM

My Name: Cornelia Gwen Montague

My Country/State: Australia

My Age: 21

My Occupation: A Store Clerk

My Appearance: Tall, Curly Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
It's been 6 months and I have been having a lot of fun with my family and friends lately! I’m out late, I don't always wake up at home, and I often wake up with headaches as reminders to the previous night's activities. Soon, after many months of partying, something happens that will change my life forever.

What is the event: A One-Night Stand (Don't Know Them)

Then I realised that I was pregnant.

Triplets (G/B/B): Gypsy Evangeline/Otto Thelonious/Atticus Newt

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