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Congrats game-Highschool sweethearts-Round 8

round 8 finalround

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Posted 16 July 2012 - 06:20 PM

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Its been 25 years and your children are all married to wonderful people and you and your husband are celebrating your 40th anniversary!

Roll for each of your children:
S.O. Initials(roll twice for girl(F,M,) and 3 for boy(F,M,L) and then choose names(:
9. H

Number of children:
1) 4
4) 3

Age of children:
1) 7
2) 4
3) 3
4) 2
5) 8

Gender: Odd=boy and even=girl

Sib set theme:
1.Traditional names
2.Unique names
3. Nature names
4.Four letter names
5.Disney Names
6. Irish names
7.Unisex names
8. Names that start with same letter as DH
9.Names that start with same letter as DW
10. Word names.

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Posted 16 July 2012 - 07:49 PM

Mary Avril Evans [58]
Freshman at Manhatten Highschool
Dance Team

Vaughn Keenan Bell [60]
Junior at Manhatten Highschool
Student Government

Brown and Pink Wedding
Vanilla w/ Raspberry Cream Filling & Chocolate Frosting
Honeymooned in The Bahama's

Moved to a 2 Bedroom House in the Country
Vaughn Gets Becomes the Manager at Red Robin
Have B/G Twins- Gideon Arrow Bell [40] and Lavender Snow Bell [40]

Mary is a Lawyer and Vaughn is a Psychiatrist
Moved into a yellow two-story house with a spacious backyard.
Have G/G Twins- Pippa Kierra Bell [34] and Poppy Christia Bell [34]

Gideon has been Bullying other students, Grounded him for a week
Lavender started Coloring on the Walls and Everything Else, Given an Earlier Bedtime
Have a Boy- Harrison Parker Bell [31]
Car- Ford Fusion Hybrid

Adopt a Girl- Deirdre Mae Bell [25]
Adopted from Ireland
Gideon gets caught Smoking
Lavender becomes a parent to Jacoby Vaughn Bell [25]

Gideon Arrow Bell[40] and Harriet Grace Bell[38]

DS: Gregory Allen Bell [9]

DS: George Aaron Bell [7]

DD: Gemma Ariana Bell [3]
DD: Gianna Anne Bell [NB]

Lavender Snow Bell[40] and Ronan Henry Sylph[41]

DS: Navy Ronan Sylph [8]

Pippa Kierra Bell[34] and Adrian Heath Grimore[34]

DD: Charlotte Lorraine Grimore [1]

Poppy Christia Bell[34] and Allen Horatio Shore[36]

DS: Dean Cade Shore [9]

DD: Maya Lynn Shore [6]
DS: Mark Paul Shore [4]

DD: Lori Rose Shore [2]

DS: Lyle Dane Shore [1]

Harrison Parker Bell[31] and Willow Marie Bell[30]

DD: Summer Echo Bell [5]
DD: Autumn Grace Bell [5]

Deirdre Mae Bell[25] and Ethan Graydon Kymes[27]

DS: Keenan Niall Kymes [6]
DS: Kieran Flynn Kymes [3]

Jacoby Vaughn Bell[25] and Rosalia Winter Bell[23]

DS: River Pine Bell [7]
DD: Violet Aspen Bell [2]
DS: Sorrel Rain Bell [NB]

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Posted 16 July 2012 - 09:18 PM

1.Hazel Macy Wilkinson goes to San Diego High School. She is 16 years old and a Junior. She plays tennis for her school.
2. Grant Harley Richardson plays football and asked Hazel to homecoming by drawing on her driveway with chalk.
3. The remainder of the high school years Hazel and Grant date. Senior year they win Prom King and Queen and cutest couple. At graduation Grant gives and speech and at the end of the speech addresses Hazel and says "Will you marry me?" Hazel says yes. They plan out the most beautiful wedding themed with colors; yellow and orange and a vanilla cake with raspberry cream filling and chocolate frosting. They honeymoon in England.
4. Upon learning that Hazel was pregnant, the two decided to move to a new suburban two bedroom in a family friendly neighborhood.
5. Grant decides to look for a better job now that the baby is coming and he lands one as a Verizon sales associate.
6. Nine months later, Hazel and Grant become the parents of a baby boy, who they name Madden Wilder Richardson.
7. The couple both finish college and Hazel becomes a teacher and Grant becomes a business executive.
8. They decide to buy a house now that they plan to expand their family, they buy a blue rambler on ten acres of land.
9. When Madden is 6 years old, they become pregnant again. This time with twin boys. They welcome Damian Reed and Riley Flynn Richardson.
10. Three years after the twins were born, they decide to try for a fourth. They become pregnant with their first girl!
11. Now that Hazel is taking the kids around more places, Grant buys her a Chevy Traverse.
12. The Richardsons are so pleased to welcome their baby girl, Daisy Wren Richardson, especially her three brothers!
13. Six years after Daisy is born, she is begging for a sister, as she has three brothers. The Richardsons are unable to conceive so they decide to adopt a baby girl from China. They welcome their fifth child, Ling Xiao Chen Richardson!
14. Hazel and Grant now have 18 Richardson grandchildren!!

The Richardsons
DH: Grant Harley (59)
DW: Hazel Macy (58)
DS: Madden Wilder (40)
DS/DS: Damian Reed & Riley Flynn (34)
DD: Daisy Wren (31)
DD: Ling Xiao Chen (25)

The Richardsons
DH: Madden Wilder (40)
DW: Regina Audriana (37)
DS: River West (6)
DD: Summer Willow(5)
DS/DD: Linden Stone & Ivy Dawn (4)

The Richardsons
DH: Damian Reed (34)
DW: Mona Scarlette (34)
DS: Jace Milo (7)
DS: Noah Gray (3)
DD: Kyra Sage (2)
DD: Wren Ever (1)

The Richardsons
DH: Riley Flynn (34)
DW: Amy Alexandria (35)
DS: Riley Flynn Jr. (8)
DS: Remington James (4)
DD: Rhiannon Zoey (2)

The Kinkirks
DH: Ryland Archer (31)
DW: Daisy Wren (31)
DD: Bethesda Jade (6)
DD: Alyssaleigh Kaye(1)

The Arlingtons
DH: Kendrick Knox (35)
DW: Ling Xiao Chen (25)
DD: Elizabeth Tao (7)
DS: Benjamin Sheng (6)
DD: Margaret Li (4)
DD: Sophia Wen (3)
DS: George Ming (nb)

Riley Jr. (8)
Jace (7)
Lizzy (7)
River (6)
Esdie (6)
Ben (6)
Summer (5)
Linden (4)
Ivy (4)
Remi (4)
Margie (4)
Noah (3)
Sophie (3)
Kyrie (2)
Rhia (2)
Wren (1)
Lyssie (1)
George (nb)

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Posted 17 July 2012 - 10:33 AM

The Harris Family

Penn Mateo
-Age: 59
-Job: Chemist

Sarah Marley
-Age: 58
-Job: Doctor
Victoria "Tori" Story
-Age: 40

Silas Graham Wallace
-Age: 42

Deacon Silas/Griffith Victor
-Age: 6

Imogen Sarah
-Age: 3

Seren Christia
-Age: 1

Octavia Anne
-Age nb
Tamsin Christia
-Age: 34

Samuel Ray Carlton
-Age: 30

Finn Jamison
-Age: 8

Jane Caroline
-Age: 7

Alex Joseph
-Age: nb
Alice Lux
-Age: 31

Eric Andrew Layton
-Age: 31

Kian Andrew
-Age: 4
Anarosa "Annie" Kaia
-Age: 25
-Adopted from: Mexico

Karson Edward Michaels
-Age: 25

River Matteo
-Age: 4

Raine Julia
-Age: 3

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Posted 17 July 2012 - 04:17 PM

The Russell Family

Grant, Persephone, Josie,

Nicki, Maisie, Carly, & Boden

25 years later...

LN: Russell

DW: Persephone Joss Moore (58)

DH: Grant Barnaby (58)

DD: Josephine Blue Russell "Josie" (40)

DD/DD: Nichola Tacy "Nicki" / Maisie Alivia (34)

DD: Caroline Petal "Carly" (31)

DS: Boden Viktor (25)


LN: King

DH: Austin Wyatt (43)

DW: Josephine Blue Russell "Josie" (40)

DD: Ariel Jasmine(9)

DD: Aurora Belle (1)

The King Family

Austin, Josie, Ariel, & Aurora


LN: Moore

DH: Ryan Walter (39)

DW: Nichola Tacy Russell "Nicki" (34)

DS: Nolan Thaddeus (9)

DD: Noelle Tiffany (3)

DD: Natalie Tara (0)

The Moore Family

Ryan, Nicki, Nolan, Noelle, & Natalie


LN: Knapp

DH: Kevin Bradley (35)

DW: Maisie Alivia Russell (34)

DS: Kyle Benjamin (9)

DS: Kameron Bentley (3)

DS: Kory Bowen (1)

The Knapp Family

Kevin, Maisie, Kyle, Kameron, & Kory


LN: Sherrer

DH: Abel Hanson (31)

DW: Caroline Petal Russell "Carly" (31)

DS: Aspen Jay (2)

The Sherrer Family

Abel, Carly, & Aspen


LN: Russell

DH: Boden Viktor (25)

DW: Willa Madeleine (25)

DS: Chase Bravery (6)

DD: Paige Indigo (5)

DS: August Clay (3)

The Russell Family

Boden, Willa, Chase, Paige, & August

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Posted 31 July 2012 - 11:12 AM

LN - Clark
DW - Katherine Enya [58]
DH - Seth Barnaby [59]
DS/DS - Gregory Ranger and Tobias Maverick [40]
DS/DD - Oliver Kai and Rhiannon Christia [34]
DS - Nicholas Jackson [31]
DS - Wesley Benjamin [25]

The Clark Family

Kat and Seth

Greg ~ Toby ~ Olly ~ Rhi ~ Nick ~ Wes

DH - Gregory Ranger [40]
DW - Georgia Rachel [37]
DS - Grayson Rhys [5]

The Clark Family

Greg and Georgie


DH - Tobias Maverick [40]
DW - Heather Grace [42]
DS - Aidan Sean [2]
DS - Cillian Murphy [0]

The Clark Family

Toby and Grace

Aidey ~ Lian

DH - Oliver Kai [34]
DW - Emily Gabriella [28]
DD - Amelia Claire [9]
DS - Sebastian Henry [5]
DS - Dexter Owen [4]
DD - Lucy Charlotte [1]

The Clark Family

Olly and Em

Amy ~ Seb ~ Dex ~ Luce

DW - Rhiannon Christia [34]
DH - Harrison Garrett Wilkes [32]
DS - Declan Connor [9]
DD - Caitlin Niamh [6]
DD - Mairead Saorise [3]
DS - Roan Seamus [1]

The Wilkes Family

Rhi and Harry

Dec ~ Cate ~ May ~ Ro

DH - Nicholas Jackson [31]
DH - Elliot Blake Harper [36]
DD - Jodie Skye [5]
DS - James Kai [3]

The Harper-Clark Family

Nick and Eli

Jodie ~ Jamie

DH - Wesley Benjamin [25]
DW - Sophia Samantha [34]
DS - Kyle Theodore [9]
DD - Rose Jessica[6]
DD - Jade Eleanor [2]

The Clark Family

Wes and Soph

Kyle ~ Rose ~ Jade

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Posted 12 August 2012 - 07:20 PM

Work in progress

DW: Celestia Everly Phillips- Anderson (59)
DH: West Finnian Anderson (59)

-DS: Trey Ocean (40)
--DW: MK (36)
---DS: nature names (4)

-DS: Cody True (40)
--DW: RW (42)
---DS: (6)
---DD: (3)

-DS: Zayden Pax (34)
--DW: EG (34)
---DS: (nb)

-DD: Emily Wren (31)
--DH: SRK (35)
---DD: (9)
---DD: (8)
---DD: (1)
---DS: (nb)

-DAS: Lukas Flynn (25)
--DW: BK (25)
---DD/DS: (6)

-DAD: Lena Skyla (25)
--DH: RRR (27)
---DS/DS/DD: (3)
---DD: (1)

Sib set theme:
1.Traditional names
2.Unique names
3. Nature names
4.Four letter names
5.Disney Names
6. Irish names
7.Unisex names
8. Names that start with same letter as DH
9.Names that start with same letter as DW
10. Word names.

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Posted 12 August 2012 - 11:12 PM

Posted Image

Day 9131: How my family has grown!

My children have now had their own babies : ) I'm proud of them and hope to be blissfully distracted by my grandchildren! This is how my family has grown:

Sophia Lark-----Sheridan Richard Keats

DS: Desmond Owen Keats (8)

DS: Cavan Adare Keats (7)

DD/DS: Eire Aisling Keats (Ay-ruh Ash-leeng)/ Riordan Aillen (Rear-duhn Al-ayn) (4)

Shane Reed Evans---- Amber Selena Evans (Disney themed)

DD: Aurora Faline Evans (9)

DS: Eric Sebastian Evans (7)

DS: Arthur Forrester Evans (4)

Alexander Nikko Evans---- Brianna Harley Evans (Nature themed)

DD: Isaura Kestrel Evans (9) (Iz-or-uh (soft air) kestrel- falcon/soft air kestrel)

DD: Marlin Nirvelli Evans (8) (Marlin-fish breed, Nirvelli-water child/marlin water child)

Vienna Jasmine ---- Garret Edwin Reagan (All G names : )

DS: Garret Vincent Reagan (7)

DS: Graham Kieran Reagan (4)

DS: Gabriel William Reagan (2)

DD: Gwyneth Edwina Reagan (NB)

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Posted 13 August 2012 - 09:11 AM

My name is Julia Sade Clark, but I go by my middle name. I am 17 and a Junior at Beverly Hills high. I joined my school's drama club and since I always get the lead I know I'll be a STAR one day. My boyfriend, Grant Keagan Russell is the best boy cheerleader ever. When I first saw him I found love at first sight. I didn't think he knew who I was because we were in COMPLETELY different social circles. Well I was wrong because he put a bunch of sticky notes on my locker saying, Homecoming? I immediately said YES!
A couple years later at our Senior Prom we were voted prom King and Queen and cutest couple. When he did his speech for prom king he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I started crying and said yes. For our wedding we had a black and white theme in honor of our prom's dress code with a red velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting and a cream cheese filling. Grant kept our honeymoon destination a secret until the flight attendant called "Now boarding for France" What a great way to start off our perfect marriage.
A few weeks after France I started feeling funny so Grant insisted I go to the doctor. Instead of having the normal stomach flu I found out I had to little buns in the oven. When I arrived home I realized our 1 bedroom apartment was not big enough for our new-found family. Since Grant and I are still in college, now both 19 years old, he decided he'd go job hunting so we could both pay for college, our girls, and our new 2 bedroom suburban house in a family friendly neighborhood. Grant finally got his new job shortly after we finished moving into our new house as a bread baker at a well known cafe. A few months later I had my beautiful Emma Cadence Russell and Charlotte Ever Russell.
Well, now Emma and Charlotte are six years old, man time really does fly! Grant and I have both finished college so now I am a chemist and he is a business executive. One day when I went to the doctor I told him I was feeling funny and he told me I has was pregnant with a baby boy and a bay girl! With that news Grant and I began house hunting and decided on an old grey house that is three stories and has a pool in it since our girls love to swim. After 9 months I had my babies, Dallas Flynn and Alice Brayden Russell.
It's been three years since Dallas and Alice were born making them three year olds and Charlotte and Em nine. Everything was going very smoothly so Grant and I decided to go for another child. The next month BAM! I was pregnant, but that wasn't the only thing that rocked our boat. Our nine year olds began to get themselves into a bit of trouble. Em our little daredevil began stealing things from her teacher and her classmates so we made her apologize to everyone and return anything she took. Then little Charlotte began to get a potty mouth after being told she couldn't have the nickname Charlie because it sounded to much like a boy name. For her punishment she had to go to time out each time she bad mouthed someone. After that didn't work we tried compromising with her nickname so she became Char. One day when I was eight months pregnant Grant surprised me with a Chevy Escalade so we could fit most of our family into the same car. A week after that, our newest addition, Timothy Dylan Russell arrived with a big welcome from his siblings and grandparents.
Timothy is now 6, Dallas and Alice are 9, and Char and Em are 15. After a family talk everyone wants a new addition to our Russell family. After trying for 3 months we find that I am not able to conceive. Grant and I decided we would adopt a little girl from Russia named Lidiya Marcel. For months we were getting the paperwork settled then one day Char called from the hospital. I answered and Char told me she was pregnant and having her baby boy at that moment. I was so mad but frightened for her so I rushed to the hospital. When I got there she was holding her son and her boyfriend standing over them in awe. I asked her the name and she said, "Mom meet your grandson, Joshua Bradley Richardson. I hope you don't mind me using my boyfriend's last name because he said he would stay around and be the father." I shook my head and stayed where I was. A few weeks later Lidiya arrived and we brought Em, Char, and the rest of the crew with us to the airport. I talked to Em about her grade being dropped from all A's to D's and E's. She said she had been busy lately with Lidiya and J.B. but she would get them back up soon. What a life I have!
It's my husband and my 40th anniverssary, that showed everyone from high school that high school sweethearts can last! Anyways now all my children are married and have kids :( Em got married to Garrett Kole Garfield and has 2 little girls Alex Madalyn Garfield and Max Adelaide Garfield that are ages 4 and 1. Char is married to Michael Ricardo Emerson. They are happily married and have a beautiful 6 year old boy, Mason Jett Emerson. Along with Joshua Bradley Richardson that is now 25. Dallas is now married to first and only girlfriend Whitney Rodriguez-Russell. They have a 1 year old boy Sawyer Teagan Russell, a 2 year old girl London Storm Russell, and a 3 year old boy Paxton Drew Russell. Alice is married to her second husband Michael Griffith Webber and they have 3 children a 7 year old Keely Simone Webber, a 3 year old Harvey Pim Webber, and a 2 year old Macy Jess Webber. Timothy is now married to Hanna Maroney-Russell with 5 children. Their eldest is their 9 year old boy Juniper Pike Russell, then there's Shale Dune Russell who is 8, Primrose Mesa Russell is their 7 year old and only girl, then last are their 3 year old twin boys Ash Sage and Bay Elm Russell. Lidiya is even married to Emory Mitchell Brown, a pediatrician. The have a one year old, William (Willie) Peter Brown, and their newborn Sarah Margaret Brown.

My Family

Julia Sade Clark- Russell (58)

Grant Keagan Russell (59)

Emma Cadence Russell-Garfield (40) Garrett Kole Garfield (41)

Alex Madalyn Garfield (4)

Max Adelaide Garfield (1)

Charlotte Ever Russell-Emerson (40) Michael Ricardo Emerson (42)

Mason Jett Emerson (6)

Joshua Bradley (J.B) Richardson (25) Eliza Hart-Richardson (25)

Katarina Nicole Richardson (2)

Adam Jacobs Richardson (NB)

Dallas Flynn Russell (34) Whitney Rodriguez- Russell (32)

Sawyer Teagan Russell (1)

London Storm Russell (2)

Paxton Drew Russell (3)

Alice Brayden Russell-Webber (34)A Michael Griffith Webber (34)

Keely Simone Webber (7)

Harvey Pim Webber (3)

Macy Jess Webber (2)

Timothy Dylan Russell (31) Hannah Maroney-Russell (29)

Juniper Pike Russell (9)

Shane Dune Russell (8)

Primrose Mesa Russell (7)

Ash Sage Russell& Bay Elm Russell (3)

Lidiya Marcel Russell-Brown (25) Emory Mitchell Brown (26)

William Peter Brown (1)

Sarah Margaret (NB)

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Posted 13 August 2012 - 11:00 PM

Hi. My name is Matilda Macy Lloyd. I go to Chicago High School, and I am a 15 year old Freshman there. I knew in elementary school that I wanted to be on the dance team there. I love dancing. I have danced since I was 3 years old. When I get out of college, I hope to be a professional dancer.

Two months into my school year, a boy named Cole Harley Davies caught my attention. He is a really cute boy in 9th grade, also, and I just can't stop thinking of him. The only problem is, is that we are in completely different social circles. I am kind of shy and he is totally popular. A few weeks pass by and I am almost certain that he thinks I am invisible, but to my surprise, he came up to me in the middle of class with a cake that said, "Homecoming?" Cole told me he made the cake, and I immediately said yes. I would have said yes anyway, but I was surprised he even did that for me. Before Homecoming, Cole told me he was part of the student government, and I was astonished.

The remainder of our high school years we date. In our Senior year, me and Cole win Prom King and Queen - and CUTEST couple! At graduation, Cole gives a speech, and at the end of the speech he says, "Will you marry me?" Even though most people say it's crazy because high school love never lasts, I know it's true and say yes immediately. We plan out the most beautiful wedding with black and white colors, and our wedding cake is Chocolate with strawberry cream filling and Chocolate frosting. We also have the most lovely Honeymoon in Australia to start off our perfect marriage.

A few months after our Honeymoon, I start feeling funny and go to the doctor. To my surprise, I learn that it wasn't the flu that was making me sick, it was the baby! I am so excited and can't wait! Upon getting home to my one bedroom apartment, I realize there really isn't enough space for a baby, and I soon find myself looking for a new house. Since my Husband and I are still going to College, Cole decides to get a better job than the one he has now (he becomes a nighttime cab driver), and soon enough we move into an old 3 bedroom house that is a little rundown, but is still very spacious, and we welcome a baby girl named Sophia Ever Davies, weighing in at 7 lbs, 22 ounces!

So, it's been 6 years since Sophia was born and me and my Husband have both graduated from College! I am working full time as an Architect, Cole as a Doctor, and we have really settled into being the perfect family. We have been looking into a buying a new house and deciding on a beige two story suburban house with a community playground in the neighborhood, and with all the stress of 6 year olds, new careers and house hunting, birth control gets forgotten about one day, and surprise! I am pregnant again! 9 months later, I give birth to twin girls, Maisie Brienna (6 lbs, 20 ounces) and Rhiannon Jaya (6 lbs, 18 ounces)

It's been 3 years since my last pregnancy and I have 9 and 3 year olds, and everything's going smooth. One night me and Cole get to talking, and we decide the house is getting a little too smooth, and I wanna shake things up by trying for another baby, and within the next month, BAM! I am pregnant! The pregnancy isn't the only thing that rocked the boat, though. Sophia has been causing some mischief, like lying a lot, and my smooth sailing is a thing of the past. We have a little talk with Sophia before I drop dead of a heart attack. Luckily, one day when I am feeling flustered, my Husband surprises me with a new Chevy Traverse! A little later that year, I welcome my fourth baby girl, Clara Amelie (named after I and Cole's grandmothers), prematurely, weighing in at 5 lbs, 19 ounces.

Chevy Traverse: http://www.traversef...s/rear_blue.jpg

It's been six years since my last pregnancy, and my daughters are 15, 9, & 6! (Photos below) Me and Cole try again for another baby, but sadly I find myself unable to conceive. I look into many options and decide an adoption from another country. I decide that I will give them a name that is from the country they are from. While my time is mostly dedicated to looking for my precious new addition to my family, Sophia gets into trouble. Her grades have dropped significantly these past few months. Me and my Husband end up adopting a baby girl from Ireland, and we name her Saiorse Tallulah.

Sophia Ever (newborn): http://i.istockimg.c...rn-baby-girl.jpg
Sophia (6): http://i.istockimg.c...g-in-a-park.jpg
Sophia (9): http://i.istockimg.c...-summer-day.jpg
Sophia (15): http://static8.depos...-green-eyes.jpg
Maisie Brienna and Rhiannon Jaya (newborn): http://farm3.static....90_c15791b219.jpg
Maisie (3): http://i.istockimg.c...rk-laughing.jpg
Rhiannon (3): http://i.istockimg.c...lips-in-shh.jpg
Maisie (9): http://i.istockimg.c...us-princess.jpg
Rhiannon (9): http://i.istockimg.c...utiful-girl.jpg
Clara Amelie (newborn): http://i.istockimg.c...n-baby-girl.jpg
Clara (6): http://stockfresh.co...on-the-park.jpg
Saiorse Tallulah (newborn): http://image.shutter...rl-48887980.jpg

It's been 25 years and my daughters are all married to wonderful men, and me and my husband are celebrating our 40th anniversary!!

Matilda Macy Davies (59) and Cole Harley Davies (59): http://i.istockimg.c...ple-smiling.jpg

The Silvermans

DD: Sophia Ever Silverman (40)
DH: Ethan Karl Silverman (41)


DD: Ariel Jasmine Silverman (7)


DD: Aurora Jane Silverman (6)


The Sorrentos

DD: Maisie Brienna Sorrento (34)
DH: Benjamin Raymond Sorrento (36)


DD: Alice Isabelle Sorrento (8)


DS: John Mickey Sorrento (3)


DS: Eric Peter Sorrento (NB)


The Gaines

DD: Rhiannon Jaya Gaines (34)
DH: Henry Mason Gaines (37)


DD: Ivy Meadow Gaines (5)


The Harpers

DD: Clara Amelie Harper (31)
DH: Eli Marcus Harper (32)


DS: Kyle Dylan Harper (3)


DD: Avery Peyton Harper (1)


DD: Bailey Rowan Harper (NB)


The Harrisons

DD: Saoirse Tallulah Harrison (26)
DH: Gavin Michael Harrison (26)


DS: River Ash & Jet Dune Harrison (7)


DD: Primrose Blossom Harrison (4)


DS: Forest Sage Harrison (2)


My beautiful grandchildren:

Alice Isabelle Sorrento (8)
Ariel Jasmine Silverman (7)
River Ash Harrison (7)
Jet Dune Harrison (7)
Aurora Jane Silverman (6)
Ivy Meadow Gaines (5)
Primrose Blossom Harrison (4)
Kyle Dylan Harper (3)
John Mickey Sorrento (3)
Forest Sage Harrison (2)
Avery Peyton Harper (1)
Bailey Rowan Harper (NB)
Eric Peter Sorrento (NB)

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Posted 14 August 2012 - 12:25 PM

DW: Elizabeth Pearl (Hughes) Bennett


DH: Grant Mateo Bennett


Grant and Lizzie Bennett

DS: Zane Maverick Bennett (40)

DW: Autumn Amber Bennett (40)

DD: Kaydin Mackenzie Bennett (25)

DD: Emma Annabel Bennett (8)

DD: Lily Rebekah Bennett (1)

Zane and Autumn Bennett; Kaydin, Emma and Lily

DD: Layla Teagan Bennett Grisham (34)

DH: Samuel Gregory Grisham (36)

DS: Alec Samuel Grisham (8)

DS: Luke Gregory Grisham (3)

DD: Kate Elizabeth Grisham (3)

DS: Jack Bennett Grisham (3)

DD: Eden Layla Grisham (2)

Sam and Layla Grisham; Alec, Luke, Kate, Jack and Eden

DD: Amelia Clover Bennett Rhodes (31)

DH: Ethan Garrett Rhodes (31)

DS: Easton Gage Rhodes (4)

Ethan and Mia Rhodes; Easton

DS: Tai William Bennett (26)

DW: Brooklyn Kennedy Bennett (26)

DD: Willow Brooks Bennett (9)

DD: Jasmine Rose Bennett (5)

DS: Reed Jasper Bennett (4)

Tai and Brooklyn Bennett; Willow, Jasmine and Reed

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Posted 15 August 2012 - 07:05 PM

Hazel Pearl Watson and Seth Matteo Walker

25 years later our family has grown significantly!

Cecilia Esther (40) and her wife Bryony Wren Winslow have five children:

DD: Linnea Sage Winslow (8)
DD: Rosemary Lark Walker (4)
DS: Reed Rowan Weinslow (3)
DD: Stella Rue Walker (2)
DS: Sorin Birch Winslow NB

Iris Tacy (34) and her husband Anders Kai Eliasson have two children

DD: Caitlin Eileen Eliasson (8)
DS: Nolan Kane Eliasson (7)

Jasper Dylan (31) and his wife Ronja Willow McKinley have five children

DS/DS: Leif Aspen Walker/Bjorn Barclay Walker (9)
DD: Solveig Helen Walker (7)
DS: Oliver Florian Walker (4)
DD: Luna Elanor Walker (1)

Simon Henry (28) and his wife Meredith Roslyn Kincaid have five children

DS: Gideon Hugo Walker (9)
DD: Merida Alice Walker (5)
DD: Amelia Belle Walker (3)
DS: Thomas Sebastian Walker (2)
DD: Audrey Violet Walker (1)

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Posted 16 August 2012 - 10:17 AM

{61} Julia Pearl Kelly

High School Teacher

Lives in Chicago, Illinois

Born: November 3, 1995

{61} Charles Finian Bell

Patisserie Chef and Owner

Lives in Chicago, Illinois

Born: September 16, 1995

{41} Lydia Ever Bell

Born: June 9, 2015

{35} Damian Kai Bell

Born: January 23, 2022

{31} Emilie Arwen Bell

Born: September 27, 2025

{25} Ivy Claudia Bell

Born: February 21, 2032


25 years later...

{41} Lydia Ever & Riley Keith Elmwood {43}

{8} Evan Riley

{6} Luca James

{1} Maya Lillian // Bryn Olivia

{0} Kate Vivienne


{35} Damian Kai & Shannon Bridget Bell {35}

{1} Willow Rose

{0} Sahara Fleur


{31} Emilie Arwen & Samuel Gage Berkeley {34}

{7} Dylan Alexander

{6} Sawyer Nicolas

{4} Rowan Delilah

{1} Bailey Isabel


{25} Ivy Claudia & Aaron Blake Gregory {26}

{2} Eliana Snow


Charlie & Julia

Lydia (& Riley); Damian (& Shannon); Emilie (& Sam); Ivy (& Aaron)

Evan, Luca, Maya, Bryn, Kate; Willow, Sahara; Dylan, Sawyer, Rowan, Bailey; Ellie

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 07:08 PM

Me:Caroline Presley (nee Thomas) Evans
High school:Maui High School
Join football
Him:Seth Racer Evans
Tennis team
Old job:Manager at Red Robin
New job:1st grade teacher
Wedding colors:red and black
Cake:Chocolate with milk chocolate filling and dark chocolate frosting
New house:Gorgeous 2 bedroom cramped house with tiny rooms
DD:Isabel Snow(nee Evans)Greene
SO:Matthew William Greene
DGD:Rose Emma
DGD:Lily Hope
DGD:Sage Lisa
DD:Jane Cadence(nee Evans)
SO:Michael Mitchell Masterson
DGS:Adam Colin
Grades dropped significantly
DS:Shane Kai Evans
SO:Aria Rebecca Evans(nee Thomas)
DGD:Sophia Kaitlyn
DGS:Samuel Kevin
DGD:Samantha Kasey
DD:Emma Olive(nee Evans) Ritcher
SO:Robert Albert Ritcher
DGD:Jamie Zoe
DGS:Steven Bryce
DGD:Journey Amari
Isabel developed a potty mouth and Jane started stealing things from students and her teacher
Punishment:1 week of grounding
New car:Honda Odyssey
ADS from China:Aidan Lucas
SO:Giana River Evans(nee Hunter)
DGD:Madison Autumn
Well, it's been 40 years since Seth and I(Caroline) got married! Also, all of our children have kids so, they gave us a big party for us to enjoy. It's just amazing how this turned out!

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Posted 15 November 2012 - 02:33 PM

It’s been 25 years and our children are all married to wonderful people and Mark and I are celebrating our 40th anniversary!

LN: Williams

DW: Sarah Dylan (Fisher) (59)
DH: Mark Harley (59)

DD: Elizabeth Ever (40)
DS/DS: Jake Reed & Riley James (34)
DD: Caroline Clover (31)
DAS: Nicholas Marco (25)

Elizabeth Ever (Williams) & Michael Seth Ryan
DD/DD: Anna Margaret & Julia Katherine (5)
DS/DS: Thomas William & Daniel Joseph (3)
DS: Peter Daniel (2)

Jake Reed Williams & Willow Eve
DD: Brooke Laurel (5)

Riley James Williams & Bethany Kelly
DD: Sara Jane (8)
DD: Emma Kate (nb)

Caroline Clover (Williams) & Kody Ethan Boyd
DS: Zander Cato (1)
DD: Primrose Tamsin (nb)

Nicholas Marco Williams & Sophie Rebecca
DD: Rachel Marie (8)
DD: Grace Charlotte (7)
DD: Vivian Louise (3)
DS: Henry John (nb)

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 01:36 PM

LN: Marshall

DH: Tate Finian

DW: Elizabeth Nirvana "Libby"

DD/DD: Emma Bliss & Isabel Story [40]

DS/DS: Beau Gray & Taj Reed [34]

DS: Levi Jordan [31]

DAS/DAD: Nicolai Lucas & Alina Scarlett [25]


LN: Evans

DH: Gregory Erick [42]

DW: Emma Bliss [40]

DD: Cambria Rochelle [7]

DD: Callista Niamh [2]

DS: Sayer Luca [nb]


LN: Michaels

DH: William Ethan [39]

DW: Isabel Story [40]

DD: Tierney Aislinn[2]

DS: Kieran Patrick [1]


LN: Marshall

DH: Beau Gray [34]

DW: Gabrielle Rosalie [30]

DD: Ella Kate [3]


LN: Marshall

DH: Taj Reed [34]

DW: Katherine Madison [33]

DS; Thatcher Ryan [6]

DD: Taryn Rachel [nb]


LN: Marshall

DH: Levi Jordan [31]

DW: Hallie Beth [29]

DS: Maverick Seven [8]

DS: Chance Wilder [7]

DD: Aria Blue [6]

DS: Pike Justice [4]

DD: Cadence Lark [2]


LN: Marshall

DH: Nicolai Lucas [25]

DW: Sienna Michelle [26]

DS: Flynn Oliver [9]

DD: Aurora Jasmine [4]


LN: Burke

DH: Andrew Elijah [28]

DW: Alina Scarlett [25]

DS/DD/DD: Asa Miller & Addison Harper & Amelia Ruby [6]

DS/DD: Asher Christian & Aubrey Emerson [4]

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 04:40 AM

The Watson Family

DH: James Clancy Watson {57}

DW: Elizabeth Dinah Watson {57}

DS: Landry Chance Watson {40}

DD: Isla Grayson Watson {34}

DS: Joel Finley Watson {31}

DAD: Kinley Grace Watson {25}


The Watson Family

DH: Landry Chance Watson {40}

DW: Heather Gwenyth Watson {39}

DD: Charlotte Anne Watson {9}

DS: Thomas Henry Watson {6}

DS/DD: Jonathan Andrew Watson & Juliana Elizabeth Watson {3}


The Buchanan Family

DH: Alistair Elijah Buchanan {34}

DW: Isla Grayson Buchanan {34}

DD: Isabelle Genevieve Buchanan {8}

DD: Imogen Gabrielle Buchanan {5}

DD/DS: Iris Greogianna Buchanan & Isaac Gregory Buchanan {0}


The Watson Family

DH: Joel Finley Watson {31}

DW: Melissa Adalyn Watson {33}

DS: Jude Cael Watson {2}

DS/DS: Ezra Dean Watson & Evan Dale Watson {0}


The Reese Family

DH: William Michael Reese {27}

DW: Kinley Grace Reese {25}

DD: Willow Aspen Reese {4}

DS: Jett Falcon Reese {1}

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 07:57 AM

~*~First Generation~*~

The Anderson Family

DH: Henry Ellington Anderson {58}

DW: Tallulah Rosie Anderson {58}

DS: Jesse Wilder Anderson {40}

DD/DD: Layla Alivia Anderson & Lydia Brienna Anderson {34}

DS: Harrison Cooper Anderson {31}

DAS: Sebastian Finn Anderson {25}


~*~Second Generation~*~

The Anderson Family

DH: Jesse Wilder Anderson {40}

DW: Kayla Emilie Anderson {38}

DS: Jesse Wilder Anderson Jr. {25}

DS: Emerson Reese Anderson {9}

DD/DS: Harper Alexis Anderson & Hayden Avery Anderson {7}

DS: Skyler Quinn Anderson {5}


The Guillory Family

DH: Edward Mason Guillory {34}

DW: Layla Alivia Guillory {34}

DD: Morgan Casey Guillory {6}


The Karter Family

DH: Sawyer Brendon Karter {36}

DW: Lydia Brienna Karter {34}

DD: Belle Paige Karter {8}

DD: Jasmine Lea Karter {3}

DD/DD: Aurora Mary Karter & Arielle Jodi Karter {1}


The Anderson Family

DH: Harrison Cooper Anderson {31}

DW: Gabrielle Rebecca Anderson {32}

DS/DS: Holden Connor Anderson & Hollis Cameron Anderson {7}

DS: Hunter Carson Anderson {3}

DS: Heath Caleb Anderson {0}


The Anderson-Smythe Family

DH: Sebastian Finn Anderson -Smythe {25}

DH: Emmett Archer Anderson-Smythe {25}

DAS/DAS/DAD: Louis Alexander Anderson-Smythe, Nathaniel Martin Anderson-Smythe & Victoria Kate Anderson-Smythe {5}

DAD: Madeline Rose Anderson-Smythe {2}

DAS: Theodore James Anderson-Smythe {0}


~*~ Third Generation~*~

The Anderson Family

DH: Jesse Wilder Anderson Jr. {25}

DH: Rayne Katherine Anderson {27}

DD: Jade Willow Anderson {4}

DS: Jesse Wilder Anderson III {2}

DS/DS: Jackson Wyatt Anderson & Jordan Wesley Anderson {0}

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 01:29 PM

Two months in my school year, a boy, Grant Barnaby Lewis, catches my eye and I can’t stop thinking about him. The problem is that we are in totally different social circles. I am in tennis and he is a cheerleader. A few weeks pass by and I am sure he thinks I am invisible, but to my surprise he asks me to homecoming during the morning announcements! I can’t wait for the big night!
Grant and I date all of senior year. Our senior year we win Prom King and Queen and cutest couple. At graduation my boyfriend gives a speech and at the end of it address me and says “Will you marry me?” Most people say I am crazy, but I say yes immediately. We plan out a beautiful wedding with a red and black theme, a chocolate cake with strawberry cream filling and chocolate frosting and we have a lovely honeymoon in England.
A few months after our honeymoon, I start to feel funny so I go to the doctor. To my surprise I am pregnant! We are so excited! We realize we need more space so we look for a new house, a 2 bedroom in the country. We are still in college, but luckily Grant got a better job as a nighttime cab driver, which makes it a bit easier. Right after we move in, our baby son joins us! We name him Nick Ocean Stewart-Lewis.
It has been six years since we had our son and Grant and I have both graduated from college! We both have new jobs and feel very comfortable. Grant is a forensic scientist and I am an architect. We decide to buy a new house, a nice green house with a lovely garden and a beautiful interior. Along with all of the stress of a six year old, new jobs and house hunting, surprise I’m pregnant! I am having a girl, Bryony Christia Stewart-Lewis.
It has been 3 years since I had my little girl. One night Grant and I decide things are a bit stagnant and want another child. Unfortunately Nick seems to be acting out though by being a terror to our babysitters. I hope my strong talk with him fixes things. To make me feel better, Grant buys me a new car, a Ford Flex! I gave birth to a baby girl, Mary Christabel Stewart-Lewis.
It has been 6 years since I had my youngest. My children are 15, 9 and 6. Grant and I want another child, but have trouble conceiving. We decide to adopt from another country. We get a little girl from Ireland named Saoirse Niamh Stewart-Lewis. Right when everything seems to be going right, our son Nick begins smoking cigarettes.
It has been 25 years and all of my children are married with wonderful spouses. My husband and I are celebrating our 40th anniversary!

DW: Cornelia Nelly Stewart-Lewis (59)
DH: Grant Barnaby Lewis (59)
DS: Nick Ocean Stoldis (40)
DD: Bryony Christia Edward (34)
DD: Mary Christabel Abbate (31)
DAD: Saoirse Niamh Ricci (25)

DH: Nick Ocean Stoldis (40)
DW: Samantha Rowan Stoldis (37)
DS: Sean Richard Stoldis (5)
DS/DS: Seth Rowan Stoldis / Spencer Ross Stoldis (3)
DD: Sylvia Ruby Stoldis (nb)

DW: Bryony Christia Edward (34)
DH: Evan Walter Edward (38)
DD: Brynn Christiana Edward (8)
DD: Belle Cassie Edward (6)
DS: Brandon Christopher Edward (4)
DS: Brady Cole Edward (3)

DW: Mary Christabel Abbate (31)
DH: Sterling Kennedy Abbate (26)
DD: Noire Amaris Abbate (9)
DS: Jonathan Staerling Abbate (8)
DD: Hazel Meqhana Abbate (6)
DD: Anan Helia Abbate (3)

DW: Saoirse Niamh Ricci (25)
DH: Matthew Agustin Ricci (26)
DS/DS: Winter Gray Ricci / Ocean Jack Ricci (9)
DD: Nancy Magnolia Ricci (5)
DS: Dean Harry Ricci (4)

Nick Ocean Stoldis (40)

Posted Image

Sylvia Ruby Stoldis (nb)

Posted Image

Brony Christia Edward (34)

Posted Image

Brynn Christiana Edward (8)

Posted Image

Mary Christabel Abbate (31)

Posted Image

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 02:13 PM

e "Katie" Mariah Miller-WIlliams

Manhattan High School

17 year old senior

Dance Team


Him: Tate Murphy Williams

Manhattan High School

17 year old senior

Student Government

Forensic Scientist

Homecoming: A bunch of stickynotes on my door saying "Homecoming?"


The remainder of your high school years you guys date. You're senior year you win Prom King and Queen and cutest couple. At graduation your Girlfriend/Boyfriend gives and speech and at the end of the speech addresses you and says "Will you marry me?" Even though most people say your crazy because highschool love never lasts, you know its true and say yes immediately. You guys plan out the most beautiful wedding and have the most lovely honeymoon to start off your perfect marriage.

Wedding Colors: Red & Orange

Wedding Cake Flavor: pink champagne with raspberry cream filling and white chocolate buttercream frosting

Honeymoon: England


A few months after your honeymoon you start feeling a little funny and go to the doctor.
To your surprise you learn that it wasn't the flu that was making you feel sick, it was a baby!
Your so excited and can't wait! Upon getting home to your one bedroom apartment you realize, there really isn't enough space for a baby and you find your self soon looking for a new house, Since your husband and you are still going to College, He decides to get a better Job than the one he has now and soon enough you guys move into your new house and your bundle of joy arrives!

House: Small house in average neighborhood

New Job: chef at French restaraunt

Daughter: Victoria "Tori" Cadence Williams


House: A blue one story house in the country with 10 acres


Shane Gray Williams

Brady Beck Williams

Wyatt Reed Williams


Its been 3 years since your last pregnancy and you have 9 and 3 year olds and everythings going smooth. One night you and your SO get to talking and you decide the house is getting a little too smooth and you wanna shake things up by trying for another baby and within the next month BAM your pregnant! The pregnancy isn't the only thing that rocked the boat though, the 9 year olds have been causing some mischief and your smooth sailing has is a thing of the past. Luckily one day when your feeling flustered your husband surprises you with a new car!

Andrew "Drew" Carter Williams

Mischief: Being a terror for the babysitter

Punishment: 1 week grounded

New Car: Ford Fusion Hybrid


Its been 6 years since your last pregnancy, your children are 15,9 & 6! You and your SO try again for another baby but sadley, you find yourself unable to conceive. You look into many options and decide on adoption from another country, you decide that you will give them a name that is from the country they are adopted. While your time is mostly dedicated to looking for your precious new addition to your family, your 15 year old gets into some trouble.

Country: China

Auden Casper Williams

Trouble: Substance abuse


Its been 25 years and your children are all married to wonderful people and you and your husband are celebrating your 40th anniversary!

Victoria "Tori" Cadence Williams-Ericson >> Grayson George Ericson

Hannah Clare Ericson {6}

Maeve Alanna Ericson {1}


Shane Gray Williams >> Karlie Rae Williams

Kayden Ryan Williams{7}

Kamden Rogue Williams{4}

Kelsey Raine Williams{2}

Kimberlie Rebecca Williams{1}


Brady Beck Williams >> Sarah Winchell Williams

Alexis "Lexi" Taylor Williams {9}

Parker Drew Williams {1}

Micah Brady Williams {nb}

Brett Morgan {nb}


Wyatt Reed Williams >> Samantha Ellora Williams

Regan Storm {2}

Charlie Gray {2}


Andrew "Drew" Carter Williams>> Arabella Elaine Williams

Dakota Ellery Williams {9}

Payton Phoenix Williams {9}

Hayden Drew Williams {6}

Harley Dylan Williams {6}

Harper Dana Wililams {6}


Auden Casper Williams>>Whitney Emmaline Williams

Bailey Sawyer Williams {2}

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