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Posted 04 August 2012 - 11:31 AM

LN: Waters

DH: Tobias Lennon
DW: Jocelyn Fraye

1: G/G/B- Rosalie Claire, Lauren Charlotte & Alistair James
2: G/B- Sophia Madeline & Oliver Henry
3: B/G- Alec Josiah & Emilia Beatrix
4: G/B- Lola Poppy & Jasper Wyatt
5: G- Tabitha Florence
6: B- Ocean Pike
7: B/B/G- Roman Kingston, Magnus Theo & Scarlett Matilda

1: G- Delilah Mae
2: B/G- Gideon Henry & Arabella Louisa
3: B/B/G- Rory Lance, River Jack & Abigail Rose
4: G- Morgan Bailey

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Posted 04 August 2012 - 11:54 AM

LN: O'Hara

DH: Noah Harrison {37}

DW: Vivienne Grace {37}

DS/DS: Garrett Carlisle & Emmett Jasper {17}

DS: Nathaniel Quentin {15}

DAD/DAD: Lydia Claire & Delilah Hope {14}

DS: Stefano Benedict {11}

DS: Hudson Wyatt {9}

DAD: Astrid Gwyneth {8}

DD: Rose Adelaide {6}

DAD: Violet Hazel {4}

DAS/DAS/DAS: Logan Harper, Hunter Jordan & Jackson Landon {Newborn}

Noah and Vivienne O'Hara; with Garrett, Emmett, Nathaniel, Lydia, Delilah, Stefano, Hudson, Astrid, Rose, Violet, Logan, Hunter & Jackson

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Posted 04 August 2012 - 09:02 PM


DH: Nicholas Aaron

DW: Avalon Maria

DS: Charles Peter

DS/DS: Vincent William/Henry Stuart

DS/DS/DS: Benedict Josiah/Micah Anton/Esmond Niall

DD:Ruby Lilac

DS/DS: Arthur Clyde/Frederick Leroy

DS/DD: Ulysess Ambrose/Eliza Lorraine

DS/DS: Cyrus Levi/George Oscar

DD/DS: Sylvia Gwen/Jack Wilfred

DD/DS: Taylor Paige/Sullivan Blake

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Posted 08 August 2012 - 08:26 PM

LN: Rogers
DH: Theo Isaac
DW: Caroline Grace
DD/DD- Leah Chelsea & Alice Rosalie
DD/DS- Elizabeth Jane & Ethan Simon
DD/DD/DS- Lucia Emmeline, Rosa Helene, & Micah Willem
DD/DD- Margot Chloe & Bridget Cora
DS- Frederick Walter
DS- Wilder Chance
DS/DS/DD- Luca Sullivan, Milo Sebastian & Annabel June
DS- Benjamin Luke
DS/DS- Henry Arthur & Phineas Emmett
DD- Abigail Gwyneth
DS- Logan Dylan
DD- Brooke Kenzie

So it's Theo & Caroline with... Leah, Alice, Libby, Ethan, Lucy, Rosa, Micah, Margot, Bridget, Freddie, Wil, Luca, Milo, Anna, Ben, Henry. Finn, Abby, Logan & Brooke.

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Posted 12 August 2012 - 06:43 AM

The Brooks Family

Brogan Elliott and Ramona Monet

Jacob Afton and Collin Aro {16}

Carson Roderick, Gideon Obediah and Eleanor Hope {15} - Adopted

Imogen Sophia, Charlotte Olivia and Owen George {14}

Sampson Josiah and Willoughby Edmond {12}

Bronte Cora and Margot Zoe {10}

Melody Joan and Rory Donna {9} - Adopted

Dorothy Yvonne and Theodore Newton {8}

Florence Josephine and Tobias Oscar {7} - Adopted

Sonnet Halcyon and Holiday Snow {6}

Violet Rose and Hugo Lennon {4}

Roxie Louise and Leo Amos {2}

Nora Cole and Aaron Cody {nb}

Brogan and Mona Brooks with Jake, Collin, Carson, Gideon, Ellie, Immy, Lottie, Owen, Sam, Will, Bronte, Margot, Melody, Rory, Dotty, Teddy, Florrie, Toby, Sonny, Holly, Violet, Hugo, Roxie, Leo, Nora and Aaron

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Posted 12 August 2012 - 01:08 PM

LN: Vaughn

DH: Amos Brennan {47}

DW: Rosalie Sofia {45}

DD/DD: Leah Chelsea & Claire Victoria {20}

DAD: Emma Frances {18}

DS: Ethan Laurent {17}

DAS: Caleb Emmett {16}

DD/DS: Sylvie Morgana & Alec Niall {15}

DD: Dara Justine {13}

DD: Olive Tabitha {12}

DS: Chance Wilder {11}

DD: Hazel Roscoe {10}

DS/DD: Kurt Levi & Roxie Amaryllis {9}

DAS/DAD: Luke Rory & Astrid Joan {7}

DD: Piper Reese {5}

DAD/DAD: Blair Harper & Bailey Paige {4}

DAS/DAS: Keegan Landry & Aiden Noel {2}

DAD: Avianna Eloise {1}

DAD: Violet Maisie {0}

Amos and Rosalie Vaughn; with Leah, Claire, Emma, Ethan, Caleb, Sylvie, Alec, Dara, Olive, Chance, Hazel, Kurt, Roxie, Luke, Astrid, Piper, Blair, Bailey, Keegan, Aiden, Avianna & Violet

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Posted 14 August 2012 - 08:55 PM

LN: Turner

DH: Roger Mitchell
DW: Allison Paige

Birth 1. DD/DD: Alice Renesmee & Leah Kate
Birth 2. DS: William Xavier
Adoption 1. DD/DD/DS: Lucy Abigale, Ella Grace, & Houston Lee
Birth 3. DS/DD: Micah Sampson & Rosa Helene
Birth 4. DS/DS: Owen Jasper & Griffin Wyatt
Birth 5. DD: Ada Rose
Birth 6. DS: Chance Ranger
Adoption 2. DS: Theodore Sebastian
Birth 7. DS/DD: Luca Ray & June Clementine
Birth 8. DD/DD/DD: Brigitta Rosie, Sarah Emily, & Sky Adelaide
Birth 9. DS/DS/DS: Eli Jude, Brady Austin, & Morgan Chance

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Posted 14 August 2012 - 11:24 PM

The Connor Family

DH: Owen Isaac
DW: Jessica Marie

Owen Isaac, Jr./Calvin Lee
Alice Rebekah
Olivia Charlotte/Eva Jane
Phoebe Nora/Tobias Emmett
Tessa Beatrix/Micah Niall
Thomas Levi/Ruby Iris
Tabatha Edith
Amy Joan
Sullivan Ryan
Wilder Chance
Noel Brooke
Scarlett Millie/Violet Piper
Henry Jackson/Felix Arthur
Truly Winifred
Judd Gray/Miles Harry/Finn Morgan

Owen & Jess Connor - Isaac, Calvin, Alice, Charlie, Eva, Phoebe, Toby, Tessa, Micah, Thomas, Ruby, Tabatha, Amy, Sully, Wilder, Noel, Scarlett, Vi, Jack, Arthur, Winnie, Judd, Milo & Finn

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Posted 08 October 2012 - 03:40 PM


{41}DH: Oliver Mitchell

{40}DW: Avery Pippa

{20}DD/DD: Leah Charlotte // Sasha Kate

{16}DS/DD: Nathaniel Dylan // Eloise Victoria

{14}DD: Emmeline Tessa

{12}DD: Arden Ruby

{11}DS: Theodore Henry

{10}DD/DD: Amelia Josephine // Susannah Daisy

{5}DS/DS: Caleb Arthur // Leo Edmund

{4}DS: River Luke

Avery Pippa Gorman met Oliver Mitchell Emerlo in high school when they were assigned to be lab partners. They were best friends for three years but when Prom rolled around, Oliver finally admitted to Avery that he was in love with her. Not to be outdone, Avery spilled her secret affections as well.

They dated for two years and everything went fine, until they were surprised with a pregnancy and even more so when they were told it was twins. It was a rollercoaster but ten years and seven kids later, Avery and Oliver were still going strong. However their desire for more children could not be satisfied. So they turned to adoption.

When Theo was seven years old, Avery and Oliver brought home six year old twins Amelia and Susannah along with their baby brother River. The family immediately welcomed the new arrivals. The Emerlo's next application for adoption took a little longer, but finally, six months ago, they welcomed four year old twins Caleb and Leo.



Oliver + Avery

Leah, Sasha, Nate, Ellie, Emma, Arden, Theo, Amy, Suzie, Cal, Leo and River

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Posted 02 November 2012 - 11:23 AM

The Bennets.

DH Oliver Judd

DW Marianne Clare

DD Rosalie Jane

DS Simon Oliver

DD Annika Sylvie

DS Thomas Noah

DS Vincent Henry

ADS/ADD Maxwell Isaac / Lydia Eleanor

Oliver and Marianne Bennet.

Rose, Simon, Annie, Tommy, Vince, Max and Lydia.

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Posted 22 May 2013 - 02:26 PM

LN: Fuller

DH: Trevor Garrett

DW: Gabrielle Marie

DS/DS: Edward Jacob/Seth Carlisle

DAD: Lorraine Hannah

DD/DD/DD: Evianna Brigitte/Lauren Ava/Victoria Jane

DS: Micah Sampson

DAD: Hazel Olivia

DAS: River John

DD: Arden Leah

DAS: Grayson Parker

DS/DS: Randall Clyde/Theodore Harry

DD: Aria Cadence

DAD/DAS: Brooke Rylan/Keegan Keir

Trev & Gabby;

Eddie, Seth, Raine, Anna, Wren, Tori, Micah, Hazel, River, Arden, Gray, Randy, Teddy, Aria, Brooke, and Keegan

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