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CAF with name lists

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 01:40 AM

Roll the dice: http://www.bgfl.org/...hs/dice/ten.htm
LN: Porter, Blake, James, Hudson, O'Hara Grey
Roll for numbers of births.
Roll for each birth:
1. Single
2. Single
3. Single
4. Twins
5. Twins
6. Twins
7. Single
8. Triplets
9. Triplets
10. Quadruplets
Even-girl. Odd-boy.
Roll for each person's list. Roll twice-first for first name, second for middle.
1. http://nameberry.com...at-Arent-Boring
2. http://nameberry.com.../Old-Lady-Names
3. http://nameberry.com.../26/Roman-Names
4. http://nameberry.com...That-End-With-A
5. http://nameberry.com...Names-for-Girls
6. http://nameberry.com...-You-Might-Love
7. http://nameberry.com...-Princess-Names
8. http://nameberry.com...rname-Favorites
9. http://nameberry.com...9/Heroine-Names
10. http://nameberry.com...-You-Might-Love

1. http://nameberry.com...352/Angel-Names
2. http://nameberry.com...21/Prince-Names
3. http://nameberry.com...-Names-for-Boys
4. http://nameberry.com...-You-Might-Love
5. http://nameberry.com.../Cool-Guy-Names
6. http://nameberry.com...at-Start-With-L
7. http://nameberry.com.../X-Factor-Names
8. http://nameberry.com...nted-Baby-Names
9. http://nameberry.com...at-Start-With-Z
10. http://nameberry.com...ster-Baby-Names

You can write stories about your family and put a pictures about it.

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 02:01 AM

LN: Hudson

DH: Maxwell Harry (25)

DW: Hannah Opal (25)

DS: Kyler Leopold (3)

DD/DD/DD/DS: Thea Miriam, Georgia Calista, Agata Evelyn & Paxton Cyrus (NB)


The quadruplets:

Posted Image


Posted Image

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 06:53 AM

LN: James

DH: Timothy Allan (29)

DW: Elizabeth Ruth (28)

DS/DD/DS: Lucas Gabriel, Anneliese Abigail & Felix Barnaby (7)

DD: Evangeline Leah (3)

DD/DD: Henrietta Savannah & Eleanor Harper (1)


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Posted 12 September 2012 - 08:30 AM

LN: Hudson

DH: Roman Lucas

DW: Nora Kathleen

Birth One

DS: Levi Christian

DS: Titus Alexander

Birth Two

DD: Julia Harper

Roman and Nora Hudson; Levi, Titus and Julia

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 09:55 AM

The James Family!

DH: Gabriel Alexander "Alec" James [39]

DW: Charlotte "Lottie" Marie James (nee Grey) [38]

DS: Magnus "Mags" Zane James [19]

DS: Lucas "Luca" Kyler James [13]

DS/DD/DD/DS: Michael Greyson James, Cordelia "Delia" Eve James, Ava Florence "Fleur" James & Wyatt Horatio James [7]

Posted Image

Alec and Lottie on their wedding day! They'd been dating since high school and decided to get married almost immediately afterward. Immediately Lottie became pregnant and within a year of being married they had their first child, a son. Alec got a job right out of high school by joining the military and deciding to make a career out of it, while he insisted that Lottie be a stay at home mom with their children.

Posted Image

Magnus is the oldest of 6 children and so grew up with lots of babies/small children in the house at all times. He kind of misses when it was just him and his parents or just him and his brother but he loves the Quads too, he just wishes they didn't get so sticky and dirty and then want to hug him! He's going off to college in a few months to study Aviation. His parents call him Mags for short but the other children, especially the Quads, call him Maggie since they had trouble saying Magnus.

Posted Image

Luca is the second oldest and still in Middle School. He loves to play basketball and hopes one day to play for his future college, he loves his younger siblings and often walks them to and from school instead of hanging out with his friend after school. He's very good in class and often get help from "Maggie" when he's having a hard time with his homework.

Posted Image

Michael, Delia, Fleur and Wyatt are the youngest of the 6 children and are very attentive in everything they do and never skip out on an opportunity to learn something new about their favorite past times.

Michael loves computers and often spends time with "Maggie" when he's doing an Avionics project for school since he has to use a special computer program, with which Michael is fascinated.

Delia loves to spend time outdoors and in her garden, she often has her daddy out there with her though to be on the look out for "icky crawly things". She has already grown a few prize winning flowers and vegetables in her garden.

Fleur is the exact opposite of her sister, she prefers to stay inside with her mother and read, cook or tend the family with her. Everyone knows that she will make a great wife and mother someday.

Wyatt is the wild card of the family and prefers to watch his shows all day with include CSI and Cold Case, despite his parents concerns for the content, he does well and it never seems to bother him and he insists that he wants to become a detective.

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 10:40 AM

LN- Porter

DH: Kingston Michael

DW: Addison Delilah

DS: Alexander Levi

DS/DS/DD/DD: Nicolas Zachary, Dexter James, Harper Savannah & Claudia Eve

DS/DD/DS: Felix Konstantinos, Louisa Calliope & Jackson Magnus

DS/DS: Samuel Roman & Gabriel Zephyr

DS/DD/DS: Wyatt Theo, Rosalia Thea & Xander Leo

Alexander as a toddler

Posted Image

Nicolas, Dexter, Harper and Claudia as toddlers

Posted Image

Felix, Louisa and Jackson as babies

Posted Image

Samuel and Gabriel as newborns

Posted Image

Wyatt, Rosalia and Xander as newborns

Posted Image

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 02:49 PM

LN: Hudson

DH: Max Alexander

DW: Danielle Cecilia

DD/DS: Vivian Paige "Vivi"/Zachary Jack "Zack"

DD/DD/DD: Cassia Evangeline "Cassie", Elizabeth Hannah "Ellie", Samantha Claudia "Sammy"

DD: Isabelle Constance "Izzy"

Max & Danielle Hudson with Vivi, Zack, Cassie, Ellie, Sammy, & Izzy

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 03:08 PM

LN: O'Hara

DH: Roland Benjamin {28}

DW: Sierra Elizabeth {28}

DS/DD/DD/DS: Gabriel Kyler, Evangeline Ruth, Delilah Juliet & Marcus Zane {5}

Roland and Sierra O'Hara; with Gabriel, Evangeline, Delilah & Marcus

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 03:41 PM

LN: Porter

DH: Russell Dean {25}

DW: Jeanette Elena {25}

DD: Lydia Eve {1}

Russell and Jeanette Porter; with Lydia

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 04:13 PM

LN: Hudson

DH: William Andrew {39}

DW: Alexandra Dianne {36}

DS: Kingston Xavier {18}

DS/DS: Greyson Luke & Zachary Miles {16}

DS: Roman Lysander {12}

DD/DS/DS: Taylor Prudence, Hunter Teagan & Jackson Ryder {10}

DS: Wyatt Blaise {4}

DD: Penelope Harper {2}

DD: Morgan Valentina {0}

William and Alexandra Hudson; with Kingston, Greyson, Zachary, Roman, Taylor, Hunter, Jackson, Wyatt, Penelope & Morgan

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 04:33 PM

LN: Grey
DH: Hudson Lucas [47]
DW: Amelia Selah [46]

DD: Eliza Blair [17]

DD/DD/DS: Leah Adeline & Nora Arwen & Asher Maddox [15]

DS/DS: Levi Christian & Marcus Zane [12]

DS: Kyler Zion [9]

DD: Harlow Penelope [8]

DD/DD/DS: Evangeline Savannah & Elena Sophia & Leo Gabriel 5]

DS/DS/DD/DS: Luca Justus & Cael Alexander & Finley Isabelle & Cruz Teagan [1]

Hudson & Amelia Grey +

Eliza, Leah, Nora, Asher, Levi, Marcus, Kyler, Harlow, Evie, Elena, Leo, Luca, Cael, Finley, & Cruz

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 05:52 PM

LN: Porter

DH: Hudson Maxwell

DW: Courtney Elena

DS: Hudson Maxwell Jr.

DS/DS/DS/DS: Gabriel Brayden, Felix Cael, Xavier Jackson, & Michael Greyson

DD: Georgia Taylor

DD/DD/DS/DS: Camilla Eve, Harlow Savannah, Christian Zane, & Lachlan Marcus

DS/DD: Brogan West & Imogen Maya

DD: Nora Paige

The Porter Family

Hudson & Courtney

Max, Gabe, Felix, Xavier, Michael, Georgia

Cami, Harlow, Chris, Lachlan, Brogan, Ginny, & Nora

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Posted 13 September 2012 - 12:44 AM


DH: Felix Michael (55)
DW:Priscilla Beatrice (51)

DS/DD:Kai Alexander & Harper Anastasia (30)

DD:Amelia Addison (24)

DD/DD/DD: Anneliese Elizabeth & Genevieve Priscilla & Beatrix Susannah (23)

DD/DS/DD:Cora Blair & Gabriel Zachariah & Ava Gwenevere (20)

DD: Valentina Eve (17)

DS/DS: Dexter Finn & Leon Felix (13)

DD/DD/DD: Delilah Adelaide & Ivy Blake & Fiona Lilith (11)

DD/DS:Estella Juliet & Michael Greyson (7)

DS/DD:Phoenix Miles & Edith Anais (6)

DD/DS: Etta Grace & West Sebastian (5)

I always wanted to be a mom. I wasn't opposed to being a working woman, but once I met my lovely husband, Felix, a doctor, we knew we wanted a lot of kids.

Amelia Addison (24)

Posted Image

Beatrix Susannah (23)

Posted Image

Valentina Eve (17)

Posted Image

Michael Greyson (7)

Posted Image

Edith Anais (6)

Posted Image

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Posted 13 September 2012 - 05:55 AM

LN: Grey

DH: Kemuel Moses (36)

DW: Thea Briar Rose (34)

DD: Emma Genevieve (12)


Posted Image

I love my husband Kemuel, he is perfect.

Posted Image

This is my daughter Emma. She loves reading and writing. When she was 9, she promoted her first book of kids' stories.

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Posted 13 September 2012 - 01:29 PM

LN: James-Blake

DH: Dante Bryan {32}

DH: Cash Julian {32}

DAD: Isabelle Estella {7}

DAS: Felix Kingston {4}

Dante and Cash James-Blake; with Isabelle & Felix

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Posted 13 September 2012 - 01:57 PM

LN: Grey

DH: Cody Turner {29}

DW: Ava Jaqueline {29}

DS/DS: Lucas Jackson & Leon Teagan {6}

DD: Elizabeth Addison {2}

DD: Valentina Patience {0}

Cody and Ava Grey; with Lucas, Leon, Elizabeth & Valentina

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Posted 13 September 2012 - 06:32 PM

The Grey Family!

DH: Magnus Alexander

DW: Delilah Paige

DS: Kingston Levi

DS/DD: Samuel Roman & Emma Cassandra

DD: Claudia Harper

Magnus and Delilah

Posted Image


Posted Image

Samuel and Emma

Posted Image


Posted Image

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Posted 15 September 2012 - 09:47 PM

LN: Blake

DH: Alexander Shane
DW: Mia Katherine

DD/DS/DS/DS: Courtney Fiona / Jackson Levi / Henri William / Sebastian Luca
DS/DS: Christian Alexander / Carlos Richard

The Blake Family
Alexander, Mia, Courtney, Jackson, Henri, Sebastian, Christian, and Carlos

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Posted 18 September 2012 - 06:25 PM

The Porter Clan

{38} George Glenn & Annika Lucy {37}

{12} Augustus Milo // Dexter Pheonix

{9} Tabitha Edie

{7} Cordelia Paige

{6} Evangeline Aurora // Zachariah Duke

{3} Gabriel Knox // Naomi Theodora // Lochlan Atticus

{0} Frederik Blaise

George & Annie

Gus, Dex, Tab, Dee, Evie, Zac, Gabe, Naomi, Lochlan, Fred


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Posted 19 September 2012 - 07:35 PM

LN: Grey
DH: Theodore Daniel
DW: Saskia Eleonor
1. Girl - Elena Evangeline
2. B/G - Chasen Barnaby and Chloe Adeline
3. Girl - Addison Vivian
4. B/B/G - Maxwell Cato, Zane Lachlan, and Livia Harlow
5. B/G - Kyler Jackson and Serena Cassandra
6. Girl - Finley Cordelia
7. B/G - Ty Bryson and Fallon Eliza
8. G/B - Bronte Olive and Lincoln Gabriel
9. G/G - Anastasia Iris and Galilee Carson

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