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Virtue Names

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Posted 16 February 2009 - 04:17 PM

I've been writing a lot of new topics lately, but this one is for my friend, not me =) So she's writing a story about a girl who has 12 siblings and her mom is expecting another. All of them have virtue names. Her dad actually died when she was nine, but her mom just keeps going to that clinic place (can't think of what its called at the moment) to get pregnant again (even though she truly can't afford the amount of kids she has). Her mom had always been strange, kinda out there, but when the dad died she pretty much cracked. The kids (in the end) end up being put in foster care. (IDK anymore about it) Here are the kids:
*Gracious-nn Grace. She's the oldest sibling, 17 years old. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Very quite. Does what she has to do without question, nothing more, nothing less.
*Charisma-nn Carrie or Ris. 16 years old.She's actually not charismatic at all. She has brown hair and blue eyes, like her mom. She is a lot like Grace, but she does get a little grouchy about taking care of her younger siblings.
Serenity-nn Suri/Seri (pronounced Sur-ee). The main charictor. 15 years old. She's twin sister to Rebel. She's definetelt serene, loves water, ocean animals, and plam trees and whatnot. Long blonde hair and stunning green eyes, just like her dad.
Rebel-nn Rebby or Jake (his mn. not sure which to use). 15 years old. He can get rebelious, but usually only when he has a reason for it. Blonde hair and green eyes (just like Suri. Very green)
*Destiny-nn Dessa. 13 years old. She's pretty outgoing. Brown hair and blue eyes. Likes to try and be difficult for unknown reasons.
*Faith-10 years old. Brown hair and blue eyes. Looks up to Dessa a lot, and tries to be just like her. Very easy going.
*Hope-10 years old. Brown hair and blue eyes. Likes to play by herself. Usually quite.
*Love-10 years old. Brown hair and blue eyes. Very outgoing and energetic. A handfull to take care of.
*Radiance-nn Dd (like Dee-Dee). 8 years old. Playful and energetic, but even more so than Love. Brown hair and brown eyes.
*Infinity-nn Fin. 6 years old. Brown hair and brown eyes. Also very energetic and playful.
Those are all the came up with so far. The ones with the *'s are ones she's not sure about. She needs three more kids (can be multiples) If ages above should be changed, she said that's fine. Here's some of the virtue names she has thought about, but more are welcome:
Chastity, Harmony/Hermione, Justice, Defiance, Joy, True, Solace, Memory, Admire, Innocent, Bliss, Panache, Assurence, Mercy, Laughter, Kindness, Honesty, Imagaine, Liberty, Essence, Patience, Purity, Peace. Thanks! ~Hayden and Lynette

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Posted 16 February 2009 - 05:14 PM

Wow, this sounds like an interesting story. As for names I liked: Harmony (but maybe I'm biased;), Bliss, Innocence, Mercy, Peace, Imagination, and Patience.

And as for the ones she isn't sure about I like them all, but maybe instead of Love it can be Amore. It's love in Spainish so it's still the same name, I just think it sounds prettier.

For other names I read a book recently where the main character's name was Reason, so there's a suggestion, although I don't really know if it's a virtue.

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