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Tragic CAF! R.8 (Final)

Round 8 Final

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Posted 17 May 2013 - 11:06 AM

My name is Olivia Blaise Johnston, I am 16 and I live in Glasgow, Scotland. I have brown hair and glasz eyes. When I was 15 I fell into a rough crowd. I stayed out all night, my grades slipped and eventually I began going home with boys. I thought nothing would happen, but I was wrong. Suddenly I was pregnant, alone and scared with no one to help me. The local shelter took me in and I began to help out at a small daycare to earn a little bit of extra money.
A few months later I gave birth to a small, but thankfully, healthy girl. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes. I named her Domenica Velvet. Since I don't know who their father is I give them my last name and move on with my life.

When Domenica was just over a year old, I began to fall back into my old life. I was afraid and I was to ashamed to go back to my family and ask for their help. Soon enough, I found myself pregnant again, this time I began going to a free clinic to get prenatal care. I wanted to do it by myself, a man would just cause more drama, but when one of my doctors appointments revealed I was having twins, I decided that it couldn't hurt to have some help from the father. Though I had my doubts about who the father was, I assumed it was a man named Trevor Liam Jackson, who has black Hair and glasz eyes. He was doubtful as well but agreed to be there if a DNA test proved the twins were his.
A few months later I gave birth to G/G twins. They have dark brown hair and green eyes. I named them Phoebe Ana´s & Scarlett Annalie. The hospital issued the DNA test and the results came back that Trevor Liam Jackson was the father of my twins! He did keep his word, and he even wanted us to be together!

After the twins were born and finally finding their father, things got bumpy for a while but I'm now living with a work friend named Tori Lynn Maize who is 21. She has Strawberry Blonde Hair and Blue eyes and she is my best friend! She even introduced me to her twin brother, Isaac Cobalt Maize, who adores the children! He's very handsome and has Golden Blonde hair and Hazel eyes. A while after we met Isaac asked me on a date!

I decide to take him up on his offer of a date and go out without Trevor knowing about it. I feel a little guily but I push it to the back of my mind as I continue seeing both and Isaac.

After I begin seeing both Isaac and Trevor I manage to keep it well hidden for nearly six months.....until I got pregnant. I know for sure that Isaac is the father but I don't want Trevor to know so I convince myself that it's true. Reality comes crashing down though when an abnormality in the ultrasound points to a genetic condition (slow growth rate) that is affecting my baby.

At only 30 weeks I'm taken in for an emergency C-Section and I give birth to another girl who I name Raphaela Judith. When the doctors need the parents medical information it is soon clear to everyone that Trevor couldn't carry the gene that caused my child's problems. Trevor is outraged and leaves me, Isaac says that lying to him about his children was unforgivable and no longer wants a relationship though both agree to support their respective children. I'm told that my newest child will be alright and thats the best news.

After being left alone again, I was at a new low. I knew it was my fault and I wished I could take it all back, but I knew that would never. I vowed to myself that I would change, and become a better person! Within a few months, I'd met a handsome and wealthy man named Zachary Roman Dawson, he was a tall and handsome man with Dark Auburn hair and grey eyes. He insisted I move in after only a few months and become the woman he wanted to come home to everyday! The following year was one of the happiest I had known, until I began to notice he was becoming distant, irratable with me, and staying out late. I knew the signs and feverently hoped it wasn't true and I once again convinced myself that all was fine.

Then one day out of the blue, a woman showed up at our door, newborn in hand, and quickly shoved them into my arms and left without a word. I was so shocked I nearly dropped them. When I took them inside I contemplated what to do until I noticed an envelope sticking out of the blanket. It said that she was Zachary's mistress and that she had become pregnant and he had abandoned her. It also read that the baby had no name and that she wanted nothing to do with it and it was his problem now. While I was angry at both the woman and Zachary, I couldn't help but feel a soft spot for the Baby with Dark brown curls and black eyes. When he gets home and discovers whats happened he leaves me alone with his child. I decide to name the baby Humphrey Tobiah Dawson.

After the incident that left me adopting my ex's child, I decided that I wanted more in my life! After a bit of soul searching I decided to I would attend a University.

I met a nice man during my first week of classes, he's a smart fellow who has light brown hair and brown eyes and his name is Sheldon Rogue Foley. As the weeks passed we grew closer and began to date. He's a wonderful man I'm really beginning to think that this one will be my own Prince Charming!

Soon after the first semester ended, I was told that my tuition wasn't getting paid on time so I knew I would have to find a better job! After a lot of searching I finally found one that would help and work with my schedule! So I began working as a waitress.

It's been four years and since then I have finished my schooling and gotten a much better job as a store manager! My relationship with Sheldon is doing wonderfully too because we've just gotten married! It was a wonderful ceremony, everyone pitched in to make it perfect! Sheldon bought me a beautiful vintage wedding set. It took us quite a while to get everything arranged so that everyone would be happy but we finally got it down, even if it is a little mismatched since everyone wanted something different! I had my dress picked out within a week after his proposal, a beautiful elegant red dress. Sheldon wanted a pretty pink color theme and Domenica wanted peonies for all the flower arrangements! The Girls had to compromise on what kinds of dresses they wanted to wear and finally settled on a cute fairytail dress. The boys had much less trouble, giving all responsibility to Humphrey who picked the handsomest set of royal blue tux suits. We decided to have the wedding at a small church. I also got to choose the wedding cake and knew immediately that I wanted a delicious glowing yellow cake.

Just in time to as we've just welcomed our newest additions a healthy boy ! He has soft black hair and glasz eyes and is as cute as can be! His birth was bittersweet though as just a mere week after, Sheldon's sister Susannah Phoenix Foley, who had been battling cancer, passed away. She had two of her own children she had been raising on her own and with no one else to take them in, we adopted them as ours. Her first child was her daughter Ellie-Grace Quinn Foley who is 6 and her second child was her son Cato Nathaniel Foley who is 3. They are sweet children with dark auburn hair and grey eyes and are understandably devastated at the loss of their mother.

Three years have passed and Sheldon and I have decided we want more children, but that this time around, we want to adopt. After a lot of searching we came across a sibset of 3 from Ireland who seemed a perfect fit for our family! They are:
Anna Jade [6] (ash brown hair and blue eyes)
Benjamin Adonis [4] (strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes)
Chloe Amethyst [1] (golden blonde hair and hazel eyes).
They are shy and cautious though as they were abandoned by their parents. After the children come home, we decide to all take a nice vacation to sooth things over and give all the children a chance to relax and have fun with their newest siblings! We eventually decide to go to Florida, USA and we have a great time!


4 years after adopting our newest children, I discover that I'm pregnant again and for the last time! It is a difficult pregnancy though as I was diagnosed with a high blood pressure. But with proper treatment and plenty of bed rest I soon deliver healthy triplet girls via C-section.
We name them:
Georgiana Crystal
Letitia Joanne
Clarissa Marie
and they have copper red hair and green eyes. All of the children are excited over the baby and Sheldon and I are ecstatic that our family is now complete and healthy, not to mention loving!

DH: Sheldon Rogue Foley [30]
DW: Olivia Blaise Foley [29]

DD: Domenica Velvet Johnston [14 1/2]
DD/DD: Phoebe Ana´s/Scarlett Annalie Jackson [13 1/2]
DD: Raphaela Judith Maize [12 1/4]
DAS: Humphrey Tobiah Dawson [11]
DS: Aidan Felix Foley [7]
DNi: Ellie-Grace Quinn Foley [13]
DNe: Cato Nathaniel Foley [10]
DAD: Anna Jade McKinley [10]
DAS: Benjamin Adonis McKinley [8]
DAD: Chloe Amethyst McKinley [5]
DD/DD/DD: Georgiana Crystal Foley/Letitia Joanna Foley/Clarissa Marie Foley [nb]

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