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January -is (Part 2)

girl names ending in -is

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#1 Katie-Nana


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Posted 16 January 2013 - 02:40 PM

Here is part two of wearable/notable girls names ending in -is. Click here for Part 1: http://www.babynamegenie.com/community/index.php?showtopic=19673

Jamis - Jamison without the -on. An interesting way to honor a James.

Julis - I like how this name sounds similar to the dated Julia, like Juliet the different ending makes this name a bit more modern and interesting.

Lauris/Loris - again like Julis, this name is familiar because of its similarity to the much used Laura or Lauren, however the -is ending makes this name a tad more interesting. I tend to prefer the Lauris spelling, Loris reminds me of the animal, although cute, it isn't something I'd name my kid after.

Lilis - Lillian, Lilia and now Lilis. Another great way to get to the popular Lily.

Memphis - A great place name with roots in both Egypt and the Deep South.

Nokomis - This name is the opposite of wearable to me. I've included it in this list because of Nokomis from the American version of the TV show Big Brother. Nokomis means moon daughter in the Dakota language.

Perseis - a variant of the Old Greek name Perse, meaning of the water. I think Perseis nn Percy/Persie would make an adorable name for a girl.

Silis - (Si-Lis) or (Sil-is) meaning of the fairies, a fairy child. From the Irish name Síle (pron. Sheila)

Tallis - Unisex name of french origin meaning forest. I always think of the main character Briony Tallis from the book/movie Atonement (where I first fell in love with the name Briony).

Tanis - Spunky and cute.

Tris - I think this would be an adorable nickname for a girl named Tristan or Beatrice/Beatris.

Wallis - Made famous when King Edward VIII married american Wallis Simpson and abdicated the throne.

This is by far not an exhaustive list, are there any Ends-in-is names for girls you feel should have made the cut? Feel free to share!

#2 rhaego


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Posted 17 January 2013 - 03:48 AM

Jamis - To me, it looks like "jammies," as in pajamas.
Julis - I can see the appeal of this one, though it's not my favorite.
Lauris/Loris - Agree, definitely go with the Lauris spelling, and I think it's pretty cute!
Lilis - Not really a fan.
Memphis - While I find the name obnoxious on boys, I think it could be cute and spunky on a girl.
Nokomis - Don't like it at all.
Perseis - While I agree that the Percy/Persie nn is beyond adorable, I'm not too big on the name Perseis/Perseus. Tbh, I don't worry much about the gender of names, but is Perseis supposed to be the feminine variant of Perseus? If not, why not just use Perseus? Are they pronounced differently and it's totally going over my head? That's a possibility, haha. The ending -seis does lead me to believe it could be pronounced per-SAYCE, like the Spanish for six. Either way, I don't like the full name for a boy or a girl.
Silis - Is this pronounced differently from Silas? If not, again I don't see the point in changing the spelling, and I actually think Silas would be a really great option for a girl.
Tallis - Reminds me of tallow, not a good association.
Tanis - Eh, not too big on it.
Tris - I like this, but only as a nn. It doesn't hold up as a full name to me at all.
Wallis - Eh, never liked Wallace/Wallis on guys, don't like the idea of it for girls either. However, it doesn't look too "out there," so it's definitely usable. I just wouldn't be the one using it.

#3 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 18 January 2013 - 10:08 AM

Jamis - Its alright. I can see how it'd be wearable <3 I'm not a fan of any James names really, so it doesn't surprise me I don't love this one. But definitely useable <3

Julis - I think its alright, almost feels incomplete to me though <3 or like someone saying "Jules" a little different.

Lauris / Loris - I do like this one! I like Laura though, and your right this does make it feel more interesting. Idk if I'd use it, but I am really liking it. I like Lauris as well <3 Lol loris's have such huge eyes lol

Lilis - definitely nice

Memphis - I don't care for this one, particularly the "memph" sound for whatever reason. Just not attractive to me :/

Nokomis - Huh, very interesting. Definitely not wearable to me, unless your very asian

Perseis - I really like!! Cute <3

Silis - not a fan, makes me think Silas like Silas Marner

Tallis - Interesting. I kinda like

Tanis - okay

Tris - Okay, I suppose it'd be an adorable nick name for Beatrice / Beatris. Not a fan of Tristan on a girl though ;)

Wallis - Wallace is extremely boy to me, so I'm not a fan of Wallis on a girl :(

Cute cute!! Enjoyed reading through it <3 Very interesting some of them haha

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