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#21 Tessa-J


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Posted 03 February 2013 - 05:46 AM

LN: Callahan-Pepper
DW: Valentina Hazel Callahan
DH: SIlas Flavian Pepper
DD: Bella Ruth Callahan-Pepper
DD: Violet Evangeline Callahan-Pepper
DS/DS: Irving Beau Callahan-Pepper/Edgar Kenneth Callahan-Pepper
DD/DS: Isobel Georgia Callahan-Pepper/Micah Donovan Callahan-Pepper
DS/DD: Phoebe Adeline Callahan-Pepper/Dante Tobias Callahan-Pepper

Valentina & Silas Callahan-Pepper with Bella, Violet, Irving, Ed, Isobel, Micah, Phoebe & Dante

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 02:27 PM

{34} Carolina Hazel Rooney


{40} Sonya Aubrey Yarrow

{14} Callista Ruth

{12} Violet Seraphina

{11} Bertram Keefe

{10} Natalya Bronwyn / Sampson Cruz

{2} Matilda Nell / Phineas Dexter


When Carolina Rooney was 18, her boyfriend of four years proposed to her. She was hesitant but after a few days of pondering, she said yes. They were married six months later. After the young couple finished university Carolina surprised her husband with the news that she was expecting a baby boy. Bertram Keefe Aver was born just after Carolina's 23rd birthday.

At the same time, Sonya Yarrow was finding out the big news that she and her wife, Alice, were expecting their third and fourth baby. They already had a 3 year old daughter named Callista Ruth Yarrow-James and a one year old daughter named Violet Seraphina Yarrow-James. Their twins, a boy and girl, were born 7 months later. Natalya Bronwyn and Sampson Cruz were born perfectly healthy to a happy family.

Not long after that, Carolina Rooney was doing the scariest and bravest thing she had ever done. She was telling her high school sweetheart and husband of 5 years, that she was gay. He was devastated, but promised he would be there for Carolina and Bertram.

When Sonya's twins were four years old, she and her wife filed for a divorce after a year of constant bickering and arguing. They arranged the custody to be that every two weeks, Alice would get the four children for a week. Alice's schedule as a flight attendant made it alot harder to spend more than a week with the kids.

It was only a couple months later, that Carolina and Sonya met through mutual friends. There was an instant connection and only a year after Sonya's divorce, she was engaged to be married. Carolina and Sonya's wedding was low-key with their five children as flower girls and ring-bearers.

A year into the marriage, they began talking about having children of their own. After considering all their options they decided to go with surrogacy. It took Carolina three rounds of IVF to get pregnant, and on Sonya's 37th birthday they got the news that they were expecting twins! Matilda Nell and Phineas Dexter were born a little premature but 100% healthy.

#23 Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 03:01 PM

DW: Penelope Acacia (Murphy) Quince “Penny”
DH: Maxwell Alben Quince “Max”

G/G/G: Amara Sarai Quince “Mara” / Arabella Naomi “Bella” / Calla Serena “Calla”
B/B: Thaddeus Gabriel Quince “Thad” / Anton Michael Quince “Tony”
B/B/B: Willis Kenneth Quince “Will” / Archibald Jamil Quince “AJ” / Burton Jamal Quince “BJ”
G: Emilia Violet Quince “Emmy”
G/G: Jessamy Beatrice Quince “Jessa” / Araminta Mae Quince “Ari”

~*~The Quince Family~*~
~*~Penny & Max~*~
~*~Mara, Bella, Calla, Thad, Tony, Will, AJ, BJ, Emmy, Jessa, & Ari

#24 CLA


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Posted 09 February 2013 - 03:14 PM

DW: Eliana Kamilah Kiernan (39)
DH: Silas Boyd Kiernan (42)

DD/DD: Bella 'Bell' Sarai & Jolie 'Jo' Tamar (17)
DD/DS/DD: Violet 'Vi' Evangeline & August 'Gus' Cael &Merida 'Meri' Seraphina (15)
DS/DS/DS: Burton 'Burt' Alan & Maurice 'Maury' Beau & Sheldon 'Shel' Beal (11)
DD: Natalya 'Taly' Siena (7)
DD/DD: Phoebe 'Phoe' Adeline & Jessamy 'Jess' Mae (3)

Silas and Eliana Kiernan.
Bell, Jo, Vi, Gus, Meri, Burt, Maury, Shel, Taly, Phoe, and Jess.

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Posted 09 February 2013 - 07:39 PM

LN: Connolly-Fennel

DW: Karina Ilara

{45} {Blonde Hair and Green Eyes} {Chemistry Teacher}

DW: Jessamine Alva

{50} {Black Hair and Brown Eyes} {American History Teacher}

DAD: Mei Sabra

{16} {Black Hair and Almond Eyes} {Adopted from China}

DD: Colette Seraphina

{13} {Blonde Hair and Green Eyes} {Biologically Karina's Daughter}

DAS: Sheldon Keeley

{12} {Brown Hair and Blue Eyes} {Adopted from Austin, Texas}

DS/DD/DS/DD: Alec Donovan, Beatrix Cameron, Ceil Beckett & Devorah Asia

{8} {Blonde Hair and Green Eyes} {Biologically Karina's Son}

{8} {Black Hair and Brown Eyes} {Biologically Jessamine's Daughter} {Identical}

{8} {Black Hair and Brown Eyes} {Biologically Jessamine's Son}

{8} {Black Hair and Brown Eyes} {Biologically Jessamine's Daughter} {Identical}

DD/DS: Jessamy Cordelia & Cassian Josiah

{2} {Blonde Hair and Green Eyes} {Biologically Karina's Daughter}

{2} {Blonde Hair and Green Eyes} {Biologically Karina's Son}

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Posted 31 March 2013 - 01:45 PM


{31} Eduardo Linden & Emmeline Aubrey {31}

{12} Arabella Ruth

{5} August Michael

{4} Archibald Kenneth

{3} Alec Hudson

{0} Phineas Chester // Persephone Cora


Ed, Emma

Bella, Gus, Archie, Alec, Finn, Effie

#27 Sierra Eleanor

Sierra Eleanor

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Posted 31 March 2013 - 10:57 PM

LN: Sage

DH: Ambrose Fairfax
DW: Carolina Apple O'Keefe

DD: Arabella Ruth
DS/DS: Nigel Cael / August Gabriel
DS/DS: Uriah Kevin / Oswald Keefe
DS/DD/DS/DD: Micah Jude / Morgana Violet / Edmond Cruz / Emmeline Asia
DS/DS: Magnus Josiah / Noble Jasper

#28 Camellia


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Posted 01 April 2013 - 06:15 PM

LN: Malloy

DH: Cyrus Boyd

DW: Carolina Hazel

DD: Belle Shoshana

DS/DD/DD: Lucius Raphael / Flora Seraphina / Colette Evangeline

DS: Willis Kenneth

DS: Nico Jackson

DS/DD: Noble Atticus / Persephone Violet

The Malloy Family

Cyrus & Carolina with Belle, Lucius, Flora, Coe, Will, Nico, Noble, & Persie

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Posted 07 April 2013 - 07:05 AM

The Quince Family

Mariana "Mari" Laurel Quince {42}

Silas "Si" Alben Quince {44}

Alana "Ally" Shiloh Quince {14}

Hamish "Hashe" Cael Quince {12}

Randall "Randy" Kemuel Quince {12}

Sheldon "Don" Hassan Quince {9}

Arnold "Arnie" Beau Quince {9}

Melvin "Vince" Keeley Quince {9}

Marco "Marc" Donovan Quince {5}

Morgana "Morgan" Bronwyn Quince {5}

Coralie "Cora" Violet Quince {5}

Cressida "Cress" Amity Quince {2}

Persephone "Sephy" Mae Quince {2}


Mari & Si

Ally, Hashe, Randy, Arnie, Don, Vince Marc, Morgan, Cora, Cress, Sephy

#30 alyssa897


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Posted 07 April 2013 - 10:11 AM

DW: Karina Hazel Gallagher

DH: Silas Boyd Sage

DD/DD: Arabella Naomi (24) / Calista Shiloh (24)

DS/DS: Thaddeus Michael (22) / Oliver Gabriel (22)

DS: Archibald Kenneth (21)

DS/DD/DD: Benedict Alec (19) / Elisabeth Morgana (19) / Jessamine Willa (19)

DD/DS: Matilda Persephone (16) / Rupert Otis (16)

Karina and Silas Sage

and their children

Arabella (Ari), Calista (Cali) , Thaddeus (Teddy), Oliver, Archibad (Archie), Benedict (Ben),

Elisabeth (Betsy), Jessamine, Matilda (Mattie) and Rupert

#31 CLA


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Posted 09 April 2013 - 09:12 PM

The Madigan-Clove Family

DW: Eliana ‘Ellie’ Laurel Madigan {36}
DW: Gwendolyn ‘Gwen’ Blake Clove {38}

DD: Mirabella ‘Bella’ Sarai {12}{Adopted}
DD/DS/DD: Colette Yael, Oliver Michael, & Merida ‘Meri’ Seraphina {10}{IVF}
DS: Seymour ‘Sy’ Alan {6}{Adopted}
DS/DD/DS/DD: Edmond ‘Eddie’ Cruz, Coralie ‘Cora’ Bronwyn, Alec Donovan, & Emilia ‘Mila’ Siena {5}{IVF}
DD/DD: Phoebe ‘Phoe’ Adeline & Jessamy ‘Jess’ Mae {1}{IVF}

Ellie & Gwen.
Bella, Colette, Oliver, Meri, Sy, Eddie, Cora, Alec, Mila, Phoe, & Jess.

#32 Kookie


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Posted 10 April 2013 - 03:20 PM

LN: Clementine

DW: Camilla Olive
DH: Ivan Boyd

DD: Naava Shiloh
DD: Coral Laila
DS: Hubert Alan
DS: Edmond Cruz
DD/DS: Eliora Edith/Rupert Dudley

Cammie and Ive
Ava, Cora, Hugh, Ed, Elle and Rupe

#33 AmyB


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Posted 11 April 2013 - 04:48 PM

{49} Xavier Aspen Tully


{45} Cyrus Finnian Plum

{18} Bonnie Serena / Callista Ruth / Rosalind Leah

{15} August Angel / Dashiell Gabriel

{11} Stanley Beau

{10} Zara Violet

{3} Mabel Adeline / Phineas Otto


Xavier, Cyrus

Bonnie, Callie, Rosie, Gus, Dash, Stan, Zara, May, Phin


When Xavier was 25 years old, he met 21-year-old Cyrus Plum. Cyrus was a personal shopper at Holt&Renfrew and Xavier was a sports analyst. Cyrus enjoyed steak and beer, while Xavier was a vegetarian, wine drinker. Cyrus had two dogs: a great dane and a jack russell, and Xavier had a goldfish. They were different in every way possible, but there was something that drew them together.

After tentatively dating for almost 9 months, they decided to start getting serious. Xavier brough Cyrus home to meet his mom and dad, and Cyrus introduced Xavier to his parents. Except for a brief period around year 2 where a huge fight ended in a three-week break, Cyrus and Xavier have never left each other's side.

On their fourth anniversary, Xavier proposed to Cyrus while having a romantic dinner by the seaside. They were married six weeks later. Instantly both Cyrus and Xavier began thinking about babies and it wasn't long before the brought up the topic with each other. Without hesitation, they begin seeking out ways to have children. Eventually they settled on surrogacy, and with a donation from both Cyrus and Xavier, and an anonymous female donor they began the process.

9 months later, Cyrus and Xavier were expectantly awaiting the arrival of their three daughters. They had been so shocked to find out that not only did the IVF work right away but that Cyrus's sister Lavinia was carrying triplets that for months, neither Cyrus nor Xavier could stop talking about it.

Bonnie, Callista and Rosalind Tully-Plum were born 9 weeks early but with all the encouragement from their dads, they survived. Through DNA testing they found out that Bonnie and Rosalind were Xavier's biological daughters and that Callista was Cyrus's.

Life with the triplets was hectic and busy for the young fathers but they loved every minute of it. Two years later, they started the process of IVF again but since Lavinia was already pregnant with her own baby, they hired a third-party to carry the next Tully-Plum baby. Once again, Cy and Xavier were surprised to find out they were expecting multiples, this time twins!

August and Dashiell were born on Independence Day and it was quite a celebration. The most excited of all, were Bonnie, Callie and Rosie who were now big sisters. As with the first pregnancy, Cy and Xavier decided to find out who was biologically the father and they found out that Gus was Cyrus's and Dash was Xavier's.

With five young children, Cy and Xavier decided to slow down on the baby-making and enjoy life with their wonderful brood. However once the twins were five and the house was empty during the day, it seemed like the perfect time for another baby. This time, Cyrus suggested adoption and within a couple months, the Tully-Plums were contacted about a brother and sister who lived in their city and were looking to be adopted. Stanley and Zara were 19 months and 6 months respectively when Xavier and Cyrus brought them home.

For six more years, Cyrus and Xavier never imagined they would have another baby but it became evident when Cyrus could not walk past a children's store without cooing that another baby was needed. Because surrogacy had worked out for them so well before they decided to try again. They found a lovely young college student named Madeline to be their surrogate and a year later, they were welcoming Mabel and Phineas.

#34 Lawren


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Posted 11 April 2013 - 06:39 PM

DW: Camila Juniper (Brady) Sage
DH: Silas Finnian Sage

DD: Calla Naomi
DD/DD/DS: Ellie Seraphina, Celia Evangeline, and Oliver Michael
DS: Willis Beau
DS/DD/DD: Josiah Beckett, Tessa Cameron, and Emmeline Siena
DS/DS/DS: Lucius Jasper, Cassian Tobias, Jethro Atticus

#35 AmyB


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Posted 25 August 2013 - 01:51 PM

The Pepper-Quinn Clan

[34] DH: Marco Linden Quinn

[40] DH: Cyrus Finnian Pepper

[11] DD: Callista Naomi

adopted from USA

[9] DS: Oliver Angel

adopted from Columbia

[3] DS: Archibald Keefe

adopted from USA

[2] DS: Niall Cormac

born via surrogacy (Marco's son)

[0] DD/DD: Matilda Violet / Phoebe Evangeline

born via surrogacy (Cyrus' daughters)

Marc + Cy

Callie, Olly, Archie, Niall, Tilda, Fee

#36 Addison


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Posted 26 August 2013 - 08:26 AM

LN: Fennel

DH: Ivan Linus
DW: Liliana Willow (Donahue)

DD: Mirabella Sasha
DS/DS: Oliver Gabriel / Nigel Raphael
DS/DS: Uriah Kenneth / Oswald Kevin
DS/DD: Josiah Matteo / Isabeau Violet
DS/DS/DS: Otto Judah / Cassian Felix / Italo Barnabas

Ivan & Lila Fennel; Mira, Oliver, Nigel, Kenneth, Kevin, Joey, Isabeau, Otto, Cassian, and Nab Fennel.

#37 Calypso


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Posted 29 December 2013 - 03:27 PM

DH: Marco Sylvan Farrell
DH: Cyrus Finnian Honey

G/G/G: Rosalind Sorcha, Calla Ruth, & Vashti Cora
G: Violet Seraphina
B: Edgar Keeley
B: Benedict Nico
B/B: Italo Chester & Cassian Otto

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