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Why is Naming Characters So Hard?

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#1 Miss Madison

Miss Madison

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 02:58 AM

I have been writing this story for a while now and have changed the names for each of the characters at least 3 times. I can't seem to find a name that feels right.

The story is a series of letters set in 2011 written by a 17 year old girl to her sister who was killed in a car accident.

The characters

Main Character's sister: 18 when she died. Blonde. Tall. Beautiful. Friendly - everyone loves/loved her. Out-going. Fearless. Fun. Caring. Intelligent.

Main Character: 17. Brunette. Average height and looks. More reserved than her sister. Cautious. Friendly. But since her sister died, withdrawn, quiet and sad.

Sister's Boyfriend: 18. Tall. Dark hair. Good-looking. Popular. Fun. Athletic. Completely in love with her but she didn't see it. Obviously devastated when she died.

MC's boyfriend (who she meets a few months after the death): 18. Tall. Dark hair. Sweet. Caring. Her 1st boyfriend. Funny.

His little brother: 9.

MC’s best friend: 17. Red hair. Fun. Witty. Speaks her mind. Loves MC like a sister.

MC’s other friend 1#: 17. Blonde. Quiet. Reserved. Book-worm. Intelligent.

MC’s other friend 2#: 17. Dark hair. Sweet. Friendly.

MC’s other friend 3# (Boy): 17. Dark hair. Good-looking. Funny. Witty. Loyal.

His girlfriend: 16. Strawberry blonde. Athletic. Friendly.

MC’s little brother: 9. Dark hair. Cute. Loves his sisters. Well-behaved. Smart.

MC’s mum: Blonde. Went from being a relaxed mother to uptight and a little controlling after her daughter’s death.

MC’s dad: Dark hair. Went from being a happy-go-lucky, fun dad to quiet, withdrawn and drunk.

MC’s 2nd boyfriend: 20. Blondish. Out-going. Athletic. Well-meaning.

I also need some names for girls who are not so nice (full of themselves, gossipy, spiteful, mean) and a last name for the main character.

Thanks in advance!

#2 Lilli'sHeart


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Posted 09 February 2013 - 09:29 PM

MC Sister: Morgan or Anna or Hope or Charity

MC: Madison or Emily or Lauren or Jessica or Comfort

Sister's Boyfriend: Spencer or Garrett

MC Boyfriend: Leo or Mason

Boyfriends Brother: Jake or Daniel

Best Friend: Allison or Jacelyn

Friend #1: Juliette or Leah

Friend #2: Jordan or Joy or Hannah

(Boy)Friend #3: James or Connor

His Girlfriend: Ayssa or Rachel

MC's brother: Matthew or Maddox or Eathan or Jason or Couarge

Mom: Kirsten or Megan

Dad: William or Thomas or Lyric

Last name: McGordan

Elise, Alli, Summer, Olivoa, Liz, Cirsten, Sari

Hope I helped maybe I gave you too many choices....I'm in the same boat as you and can't pick names for my characters...:)

* I also tried to make some of them "matchy" like the family names (Charity, Comfort, Courage) then (Morgan, Madison, Matthew/Maddox) I also had Jessica, Jacelyn, Julliette, Jordan, & James as the friends....sorry heheheheheheheheh I like making little patterns and stuff ;) *

#3 Miss Madison

Miss Madison

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Posted 09 February 2013 - 11:00 PM

Morgan, Madison and Matthew are perfect! Thank you so much!!

Spencer or Garrett don't really feel right either though... Neither do the parents names.

I like Mason but is that too matchy with the others?

I also like Allison, Juliette and Jordan. And Hannah. And Rachel. And Alyssa. Wow, now I have too many choices :)

Other ideas I have are Xavier, Luke, Noah, Paige, Rhiannon and Samantha. Thoughts?

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. It's good to have someone's else's thoughts and input.

#4 Guest_Roselie_*

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 01:14 PM

MC's sister: Kate/Katy/Katie Melony Jackson
MC: Tess/Tessa Mae Jackson
Sister's boyfriend: Cameron Trevor Sanderson
MC boyfriend: Eric Victor Darson
MC's best friend: Bailey Olivia Foreton
MC's other friend 1: Claire Sarah Cadder
MC's other friend 2: Stella Faith Carter
MC's other friend 3: Aiden Eddison Urze
His girlfriend: Vera Rechel
MC's little brother: Benjamin Gray Jackson
MC's mom: Tracy Lisa Jackson
MC's dad: Mark James Jackson
MC's 2nd boyfriend: Dylan Harrison Kattad
Mean girl 1: Amanda Bethany Sarson
Mean girl 2: Cara Penelope Verza
Mean girl 3: Veronica Michelle Darldon

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