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My Name List (Thoughts?)

name list baby opinion

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#1 Lawren


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Posted 26 March 2013 - 03:13 PM

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and I'm 18. I don't have any kids myself, I just have an odd obsession with names. I love kids and do plan on having some in the future. This is my list of combos and single names and I was just wondering what your thoughts were. I don't have many combos so if you have any ideas feel free to suggest some.
So here it is!

Rylan Elizabeth
Brooklyn Marie
Tessa Lynn

Beckett Christopher
Will (or William)

Thanks guys!

#2 Sierra Eleanor

Sierra Eleanor

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Posted 26 March 2013 - 10:13 PM

Rylan Elizabeth I prefer Rylan on boys, but Elizabeth makes it really pretty
Brooklyn Marie - I love Brooklyn! I'm not a fan of Marie, though
Tessa Lynn - It's cute, just not my style
Claire - love it! Wonderful as a middle name
Madelyn - not big on the spelling, but it's a gorgeous name
Piper - I am in LOVE with this name
Adelyn - not big on the spelling, but this is one of my top names right now
Elleson - eh, not my style
Emerson - this is starting to grow on me
Juliet - Cute, romantic and sweet
Finley - Not my style
Elizabeth - I like it!
Cadence - NMS
Mia - a name I've liked since I was young. Probably because I loved Mia Hamm
Berkeley - cute! I love it!
Genevieve - I like it as a middle
Adelaide - it's cute, but I wouldn't use it
Cameron - I think the spelling Kamryn is better for girls

Beckett Christopher - I love Beckett! Christopher is NMS
Callum - NMS
Callen - Cute!
Will (or William) - I like this! Classic and handsome
Landon - NMS
Parker - LOVE! One of my top names :)
Tucker - I like it. A lot.
Sawyer - Cute but overused
Porter - LOVE! Finally someone else who agrees :)
Henry - I like this as well
Jacob - too common for me
Christian - NMS
Jack - too common for me
Colt - NMS
Isaac - I like it!
Riley - LOVE!!!

#3 Sierra Eleanor

Sierra Eleanor

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Posted 26 March 2013 - 10:17 PM

Combos you may like:

Adelyn Piper
Madelyn Claire
Berkeley Mia

Parker William
Riley Callen / Callen Riley
Tucker Henry
Sawyer Colt
Porter Jacob

#4 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 27 March 2013 - 12:51 PM

Rylan Elizabeth - very nice! I'm not huge on Rylan, I did have it on my list for both a boy and a girl at some point or another. I met a Ryan though and it off set me from ever using the name. Though originally I liked it because it honored another friend. Lol anyway.. nice combo :)
Brooklyn Marie - cute, cute. "Filler middle names" aren't my style but its a lovely combo!
Tessa Lynn - very pretty! I like Tessa :)
Claire - beautiful
Madelyn - its on my list, pretty!!
Piper - so cute an energetic!
Adelyn - cute
Elleson - I'm not a huge fan, sorry!
Emerson - I do love Emerson though <3 A top on my list!
Juliet - soo beautiful
Finley - I greatly dislike it on a girl, thats just me personally though ;)
Elizabeth - classic and timeless <3
Cadence - I do loooove Cadence!
Mia - real pretty, I like!
Berkeley - very surnamey, but its alright.
Genevieve - very lovely
Adelaide - I prefer this to Adelyn, but both are very lovely
Cameron - very nice

Claire Annabel
Claire Amelie
Claire Vivian
Madelyn Briar
Madelyn Jane
Madelyn Brynn
Elleson Rory
Elleson Hadley
Elleson Maya
Emerson Juliet
Emerson Claire
Emerson Violer
Juliet Anneliese
Juliet Mara
Juliet Isla
Finley Beatrice
Finley Olivia
Finley Penelope
Elizabeth Kate
Elizabeth Naomi
Elizabeth Rhiannon
Cadence Hazel
Cadence Lily
Cadence Aurora
Mia Lillian
Mia Arietta
Mia Jade
Berkeley Sarah
Berkeley Quinn
Berkeley Alexandra
Genevieve Rose
Genevieve Laurel
Genevieve Alana
Adelaide Sutton
Adelaide Hailey
Adelaide Hattie
Cameron Eloise
Cameron Alexis
Cameron Aria

Beckett Christopher - Aw handsome <3
Callum - a soft and sweet boys name, I like!
Callen - its alright, not my style though. Being you like "Cal" names and surname names, WDYT of Calder? Its another one I love!
Will (or William) - Ahh love it!
Landon - haaandsome
Parker - alright <3
Tucker - not my style
Sawyer - very nice
Porter - not my style
Henry - loooooove it!
Jacob - very handsome
Christian - not my style
Jack - so so handsome!
Colt - I like <3
Isaac - handsome
Riley - very handsome!

Callum Harrison
Callum Mason
Callum Isaac
Callen Wesley
Callen Warren
Callen Rhys
William Evan
William Levi
William Oliver
Landon Ethan
Landon Zachary
Landon Xavier
Parker Joseph
Parker Daniel
Parker Louis
Tucker George
Tucker Henry
Tucker Benjamin
Sawyer Bennett
Sawyer Gregoire
Sawyer Teagan
Porter Lawson
Porter Trenton
Porter Emmett
Henry Milton
Henry Anthony
Henry Dylan
Jacob Bryan
Jacob Hudson
Jacob Seth
Christian Fletcher
Christian Theodore
Christian Nolan
Jack Tobias
Jack Leo
Jack Fisher
Colt Ashton
Colt Julian
Colt Elliot
Isaac Gideon
Isaac Silas
Isaac Jonah
Riley Caleb
Riley Connor
Riley Abel

I love your list, girly!! :) Very nice <3 Let me know what you think of the suggestions, if you don't like any I can suggest more!

#5 Lawren


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Posted 05 April 2013 - 12:31 PM

I really like Adelyn Piper, Elleson Hadley, Emerson Juliet, Mia Jade, Elizabeth Kate, and Cameron Alexis for the girls.
I like Callen Riley, Callen Wesley, William Oliver, Parker Daniel, Porter Emmett, Jacob Hudson for boys.

Thanks so much for the comments and suggestions. I really appreciate it.
(sorry it took so long to comment back. I got really busy with school)

#6 alyssa897


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Posted 05 April 2013 - 06:23 PM

Rylan Elizabeth - I really love Elizabeth, Rylan not so much. It's just not my style, but this combo is pretty
Brooklyn Marie - I love the name Brooklyn, in fact it's been on my list for years. I don't like Marie so much though. I consider it a filler middle name.
Tessa Lynn - Tessa is gorgeous! Tessa Lynn is pretty, but I'm not really a fan of Lynn.
Claire - I like Claire a lot! It's really pretty and underused I think.
Madelyn - I prefer the pronunciation of Madeline versus Madelyn, but I don't mind Madelyn much either. I think both are really pretty.
Piper - I adore Piper! Ever since I watched Charmed I have been a fan. I think this name is really nice because it's different without being weird. I think it would be best paired with a really girly middle name.
Adelyn - I love this name! I actually had Adeline on my list a while ago.
Elleson - I'm not a fan of this, sorry.
Emerson - I like Emerson, but not for a girl.
Juliet - I love this name a lot, especially for a middle name because it goes with so much.
Finley - I've never heard this name before, but it sounds kind of nice. However, it sounds totally like a boys name, not a girls name.
Elizabeth - I love Elizabeth and I always have. It's classic and elegant and works great as a first or a middle name. I love the nickname Betsy.
Cadence - I like this name. It tends to work really well as a middle name.
Mia - I love Mia. It sounds so pretty. Since Mia is so short I think it should be paired with a longer middle to help balance it out.
Berkeley - I don't like this sorry. Especially the spelling with the extra 'e'. I think if you're gonna use it Berkley is best.
Genevieve - Such a pretty and underused name! It works great as a first or a middle name.
Adelaide - Such a pretty name.
Cameron - This name is okay. I think it really depends on the combo.

Girl suggestions:
Mia Josephine
Mia Genevieve
Mia Elizabeth
Mia Emerson
Mia Juliet
Brooklyn Claire
Brooklyn Cadence
Brooklyn Piper
Tessa Brooklyn
Tessa Juliet
Tessa Claire
Rylan Claire
Rylan Cadence
Rylan Elizabeth
Genevieve Piper
Genevieve Claire
Genevive Emerson
Piper Juliet
Adalaide Cadence
Adalaide Emerson
Adalaide Piper
Adalaide Juliet
Adalaide Cameron
Emerson Cadence
Emerson Claire
Emerson Juliet
Madelyn Elizabeth
Madelyn Piper
Madelyn Berkeley

Beckett Christopher - this is a really great combo. For some reason though, Beckett doesn't seem like a boys or a girls name. It just reads last name to me. Christopher is a great middle name.
Callum - not my style, but it's not bad
Callen - don't like this, sorry
Will (or William) - I love William/Will. It's a classic. I really like the nickname Liam. Or even on it's own Liam is nice.
Landon - Love this! Makes me think of A Walk to Remember. Such a great name.
Parker - not my style, but I like it
Tucker - again, not really my style, but I don't dislike it
Sawyer - love Sawyer! It's always hard to come up with combos though.
Porter - not a fan, sorry
Henry - love! <3 Henry ages really well, but I can also see it on an 8 year old boy.
Jacob - love, especially for a middle name
Christian - absolutely love this name. It's been on my list forever. Too bad mom hates it. ):
Jack - I like this a lot, but it seems a little unfinished to me, yet I don't like Jackson. I'm weird, I know.
Colt - I prefer Colton to just Colt.
Isaac - love!!
Riley - I like this name, especially as a middle name.

Boys suggestions:
Henry Jacob
Henry Parker
Henry Sawyer
Henry Isaac
Isaac Henry
Landon Parker
Landon Isaac
Callum Sawyer
Callum Henry

I hope I could be of help to you!

#7 Lawren


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Posted 11 April 2013 - 05:55 PM

Of the ones you suggested I really like Mia Josephine, Tessa Claire, Isaac Henry, and Callum Sawyer. Thanks!

#8 Kookie


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Posted 13 April 2013 - 02:04 AM

Rylan Elizabeth - not a fan of Rylan :/ nms and think it sounds too masculine, Elizabeth is nice enough though :)
Brooklyn Marie - This name is quite pretty!
Tessa Lynn - Beautiful <3
Claire - I don't really like this, sorry its just nms and think its too common :/
Madelyn - very pretty and elegant! on my list
Piper - never really liked this name but it sounds lively and happy :)
Adelyn - hmm...prefer Madelyn
Elleson - not a fan, sorry!
Emerson - I quite like this name, but I don't think I would use it as a first name
Juliet - this is very nice
Finley - lovely for a boy but don't like at all on a girl
Elizabeth - quite nice
Cadence - lovely <3 on my list
Mia - short and sweet, nice
Berkeley - not a fan :(
Genevieve - never been a fan :(
Adelaide - is is okay
Cameron - Maybe a different spelling for a girl? Maybe it's because I have a brother called Cameron!

Beckett Christopher - strong and handsome
Callum - this is nice
Callen - not my style but a unique version of Callum
Will (or William) - nice
Landon - ok
Parker - ok
Tucker - ok
Sawyer - prefer this to Parker and Tucker
Porter - Prefer this to the 3 above ^^^
Henry - nms
Jacob - this is cute
Christian - I quite like this name
Jack - quite common but still very nice
Colt - hmm...would prefer Colton
Isaac - this is nice
Riley - this is nice

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