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Twins Due Needs Names

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#1 MissySammy


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Posted 24 April 2013 - 07:31 PM

I am having twins and they are due at the begining of May!

I finally found two names I love-- Faleron and Keladry (we are definatly naming them those names) but they are in desperate need for middle names! Please help!

Other names we considered were: Owen and Ophelia; Amorille and Augustin

Random names: Boy- Dante; Quinden Girl- Vienna; Juliet; Jevielyn; Magnolia; Minerva

Suggest middle names only please.... First names with not change!

#2 MumToBe2013


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Posted 24 April 2013 - 09:54 PM

Is Faleron the boy and Keladry the girl?
How do you prnounce them?
I'm guessing Fahl-er-in & kell-uh-dree?

Anyways, I always like with twins have reverse initials!

K middle names for Faleron:
Faleron Kale
Faleron Kaleb
Faleron Kade
Faleron Kai
Faleron Kasey
Faleron Knox
Faleron Koa
Faleron Kekoa
Faleron Kree
Faleron Kane
Faleron Kasper
Faleron Keane
Faleron Keith
Faleron Keifer
Faleron Keller
Faleron Kellan
Faleron Kendrick
Faleron Kingsley
Faleron Klaus
Faleron Kit
Faleron Kristopher
Faleron Korey

F middle names for Keladry:
Keladry Fiona
Keladry Flora
Keladry Florence
Keladry Fern
Keladry Faith
Keladry Fallon/Fallyn
Keladry Felicia
Keladry Freya
Keladry Frances
Keladry Faye
Keladry Farrah
Keladry Fidelia
Keladry Fawn
Keladry Fleur
Keladry Finland
Keladry Flower
Keladry Francesca
Keladry Fabienne

Other Middle names for Faleron:
Faleron Dante
Faleron Leonard
Faleron Tatum
Faleron Quinn
Faleron Asher
Faleron Avery
Faleron Jacoby
Faleron Westley
Faleron Trent
Faleron Viktor
Faleron Diesel
Faleron Jude
Faleron Xander
Faleron Reese
Faleron Connor
Faleron Maddox
Faleron Makai
Faleron Bodhi
Faleron Wiley
Faleron Grey
Faleron Nico
Faleron Linus
Faleron Boaz
Faleron Amos
Faleron Drew
Faleron Asa
Faleron Beau
Faleron Brock
Faleron Ross
Faleron Rhett
Faleron Ezra
Faleron Miles
Faleron Silas
Faleron Heath
Faleron Vaughn
Faleron Zane
Faleron Clancy
Faleron Chance
Faleron Chauncy
Faleron Alfie
Faleron Blaise
Faleron Bryce
Faleron Oscar

Like any? Want more?

Middle names for Keladry:
Keladry Auden
Keladry Sutton
Keladry Vienna
Keladry Violet
Keladry Ophelia
Keladry Snow
Keladry Magnolia
Keladry Wren
Keladry Zora
Keladry Alexa
Keladry Mirabeth
Keladry Mirabel
Keladry Arabella
Keladry India
Keladry Echo
Keladry Viola
Keladry Adelaide
Keladry Geneva
Keladry Sage
Keladry Gray
Keladry Skye
Keladry Liv
Keladry Mila
Keladry Havana
Keladry Hadassah
Keladry Madge
Keladry Pearl
Keladry Sloane
Keladry Luna
Keladry Maude
Keladry Maybelle
Keladry Ireland
Keladry Alaska
Keladry Saskia
Keladry Saoirse
Keladry Opal
Keladry Aoife
Keladry Fiona
Keladry Alana
Keladry Dahlia
Keladry Lilac
Keladry Bluebell
Keladry Raine
Keladry Juliette
Keladry Eloise
Keladry Celine
Keladry Anouk
Keladry Vera
Keladry Willa
Keladry Lou
Keladry Justice
Keladry Amaya
Keladry Sariah
Keladry Aria
Keladry Avia
Keladry Aviana
Keladry Gisele
Keladry Allura
Keladry Allegra
Keladry Zara

Like any? Want more?

Hope this helped! Good luck and congrats!

#3 MissySammy


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Posted 25 April 2013 - 02:16 PM

Love them and I am willing for more suggestions!

Yes Faleron is the boy and Keladry is the girl. Pronounced the way u did!

#4 MissJay


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Posted 25 April 2013 - 05:36 PM

I like your names, they're very unique. I wasn't sure about Keladry at first because I was pronouncing it key-LAD-ry, but knowing the right pronunciation makes me like it a lot more. I agree with the previous poster that I like when twins have reversed initials. Here's some middle name suggestions: (my favorites are in bold--sorry if there's any repeats)

Faleron Keats
Faleron Kingsley
Faleron Knight
Faleron Knox
Faleron Kelby
Faleron Kier
Faleron Kimball
Faleron Keane
Faleron Kohen
Faleron Kase
Faleron Kirby

Keladry Faye
Keladry Fleur
Keladry Florence
Keladry Fallon
Keladry Farrah
Keladry Freya
Keladry Felice

I think Faleron Keats & Keladry Florence are super adorable! :)

Some other names you might like:
Fallon (boy or girl, I think it would be cute on a girl)

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