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#1 alyssa897


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Posted 26 April 2013 - 05:46 PM

Hello BNGers! I spent all afternoon trying to perfect my girls list and I think I'm getting closer. The goal was to find a combo I loved for every name on my list. This is what I have so far. Any thoughts/comments/opinions/suggestions are welcome!

Clara Penelope
Katerina Lily
Jillian Aurora Winslet/Aurora Jillian Winslet (with or without Winslet)
Carolina Maeve
Poppy Valentine
Charlotte Matilda
Elena Michele
Amelia Catelyn/Caitlin
Hadley Rebekah
Anastasia Louise
Sansa Lenora Jane
Cordelia Vivienne
Hannah Delphine
Arabella Lucy
Margaery Willow
Tallulah Rose
Emmeline Grace
Ever Juliet
Madeline Fiona/Fiona Madeline

Need combos for:
Eloise (middle name only)
Elizabeth (middle name only)

#2 Meghan<3


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Posted 26 April 2013 - 10:28 PM

Clara Penelope - Love it!
Katerina Lily - Love it!
Jillian Aurora Winslet/Aurora Jillian Winslet (with or without Winslet) - I like Jillian Aurora (without Winslet) best. The other options seem too long, in my opinion.
Carolina Maeve - Love it!
Poppy Valentine - This name seems a little too cutesy to me. Plus, both names are word names, so it sounds more like a phrase than a name.
Charlotte Matilda - Love it!
Elena Michele - Love it!
Amelia Catelyn/Caitlin - I'm not sure if I love these names together. Caitlin Amelia seems to have the better flow to me. And I prefer Caitlin spelled like this.
Hadley Rebekah - Nice flow, though I personally am not fond of either name.
Anastasia Louise - Nice!
Sansa Lenora Jane - Sansa and Lenora clash a little bit to me, considering both end in a. I think Sansa is a little too unique for my taste. How about Sansa Lenore, Sansa Jane, or Sansa Jane Lenore?
Cordelia Vivienne - A little long, but nice.
Hannah Delphine - Delphine reminds me of dolphin, haha! Otherwise, nice combo.
Arabella Lucy - Both names are cute, but this combo is a little L-heavy. Lucy Arabella seems easier to pronounce.
Margaery Willow - Margaery seems a little bit archaic to me. Since Willow is a bit trendier, the two names seem to clash stylistically.
Tallulah Rose - Tallulah is not my style, but the combo is nice.
Emmeline Grace - Pretty!
Ever Juliet - I'm not a fan of Ever since it's a word name. The combo "Ever Juliet" sounds more like a phrase than a name to me. Have you considered Eve Juliet, Juliet Eve, or Eva Juliet?
Madeline Fiona/Fiona Madeline - I like the combo Fiona Madeline better due to the flow. Both names are very pretty.

Eleanor Violet
Eleanor Jane
Eleanor Pearl
Eleanor Scarlett
Eleanor Paige
Eleanor Grace
Eleanor Faith
Eleanor Jade
Eleanor Maeve
Eleanor Piper
Eleanor Poppy
Eleanor Blythe
Eleanor Phoebe
Eleanor Christine
Eleanor Charlotte
Eleanor June
Eleanor Bridget
Eleanor Sage
Ruby Eleanor
Ruth Eleanor
Maisie Eleanor
Charlotte Eleanor
Sadie Eleanor
Daisy Eleanor
Phoebe Eleanor

Lily Eloise
Brooklyn Eloise
Brooke Eloise
Claire Eloise
Harper Eloise
London Eloise
Ruby Eloise

Audrey Elizabeth
Blaire Elizabeth
Hailey Elizabeth
Carmen Elizabeth
Molly Elizabeth
Colleen Elizabeth

#3 PaperHeart


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Posted 27 April 2013 - 01:58 AM

My favourites are:

Clara Penelope *

Carolina Maeve

Poppy Valentine *

Charlotte Matilda

Hadley Rebekah (Though I prefer Rebecca)

Tallulah Rose *

Emmeline Grace *

Ever Juliet *

But I also like:

Katerina Lily

Amelia Caitlin

Cordelia Vivienne *

Hannah Delphine *

Fiona Madeline

As single names, My favourite are Eleanor, Eloise, Lenora, Jane and Lucy. I like Elizabeth, Elena, Arabella and Aurora.

Maisie is cute too, but a little too childish for me. I just can't see it on a middle aged person.

But here's some combos for the names you wanted:

Pippa Eleanor

Ivy Eleanor

Jessa Eleanor

Vera Eleanor

Haddie Eleanor

Reese Eleanor

Daisy Eleanor

Phoebe Eleanor

Cadence Eleanor

Leia Eleanor

Edie Eleanor

Maggie Eleanor

Cassia Eleanor

Niamh Eleanor

Maisie Noelle

Maisie Camille

Maisie Imogen

Maisie Tabitha

Maisie Adele

Maisie Ophelia

Maisie Cecilia

Maisie Quinn

Maisie Linnea

Maisie Helena

Maisie Delphine

Maisie Juliette

Maisie Olivia

Sophie Eloise

Ivy Eloise

Daphne Eloise

Piper Eloise

Marnie Eloise

Ruby Eloise

Kirsten Eloise

Sinead Eloise

Meredith Eloise

Nora Eloise

Scarlett Eloise

Cassandra Eloise

Wren Eloise

Harper Eloise

Georgina Eloise

Audrey Eloise

Prue Eloise

Greer Elizabeth

Cora Elizabeth

Freya Elizabeth

Stella Elizabeth

Maren Elizabeth

Darcy Elizabeth

Iris Elizabeth

Tamsin Elizabeth

Zara Elizabeth

Saoirse Elizabeth

Fleur Elizabeth

Danica Elizabeth

Brea Elizabeth

Mila Elizabeth

Bronte Elizabeth

Coral Elizabeth

#4 alyssa897


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Posted 27 April 2013 - 03:00 PM


I think I'm going to switch the combo to Aurora Jillian and drop Winslet altogether. I adore Winslet with the nn Winnie, but it's just not right in this combo.

I see what you mean about Poppy Valentine being too cutesy...but I just adore the sound of it! What about Poppy Madeline? But, I really like Madeline paired with Fiona...Poppy Madeline Fiona? Hmmm.

I also prefer the spelling of Caitlin usually, but Game of Thrones made me like the spelling Catelyn. Also, if I used Catelyn it would be pronounced Cat-lynn. Caitlin will still be Kate-lynn.

I am having the most difficult time finding the perfect combo for Sansa. I like Sansa Lenora Jane, but it feels really "n" heavy in sound. Jane is after my grandmother and added to give Sansa Lenora a better sound. All three together I don't think is too bad, but I don't know. This is a hard name! Sansa Jane Lenore isn't bad though...What do you think of Sansa Jane Eleanor?? It would solve two problems: Sansa and Eleanor! What do you think?

Margaery Willow does seem to clash stylistically, but for the life of me I cannot find a middle name I like to go with Margaery. What about Margaery Elizabeth? Would also solve the Elizabeth problem, but I feel that's kind of boring? What if I added another middle name? Margaery Willow Elizabeth or Margaery Elizabeth Willow? I know they're both long, but that doesn't bother me. Margaery Elizabeth Quinn? Margaery Elizabeth Piper? I think the only way I will be satisfied with Margaery is having two middle names because as with Sansa I found names were either too trendy/modern or too old-fashioned. Sansa Jane for example was too old-fashioned. Add in Lenore (or Eleanor) and it gives it a nice twist.

Not a fan of Eve or Eva. I read Ever in a book and loved it. It's definitely a guilty pleasure, not a name I would probably ever use. Still want to have it on my list though. Juliet is a name I absolutely LOVE for a middle name and it seems to go with a lot, but I've yet to find the perfect fn for it. I paired Ever with it because I also couldn't find a name to go with Ever.

I also prefer Fiona Madeline flow wise, but I prefer Madeline Fiona because I like Madeline as a fn and Fiona as the mn. Hmmm. What about Madeline Eloise Fiona? Madeline Fiona Eloise?

Maisie Eleanor is really cute! I might add that to my list if I end up not liking Sansa Jane Eleanor.


Pippa Eleanor is so cute! I might add it to my list.

I really like Jessa Eleanor but my boyfriend's ex is Jessica and she ruined that name and others like it. :(

Love Maisie Quinn! For some reason I really like the initials M.Q.

Thanks to both of you for responding! :D

#5 alyssa897


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Posted 28 April 2013 - 05:04 PM

Thoughts on my recent additions?

Zoe Clementine - I know it's on practically everyone's list, but it's so cute!
Arianna Primrose
Maisie Quinn
Jessamine Willow (Jessa-meen) (*Jessa)
Aurelia Florence
Cassia Violet (Cass-ee-uh)
Persephone Lark (*Percy or *Seph)
Nina Elspeth

#6 PaperHeart


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Posted 28 April 2013 - 09:55 PM

I love Clementine. I have it paired with Lily as a first name. Though I'm not sure how well Zoe fits with it, it's a cute combo.

Arianna Primrose has somewhat of a fairytale princess vibe going on. I really like it.

Maisie Quinn is obviously adorable IMO ;) I wouldn't change a thing! (Even though it's hard for me to imagine a 40 year old with the name..)

Aurelia Florence, though I love both names, isn't my favourite combination. Simply because it's a bit of a tongue twister for me... I think the 'R's and 'L's sort of blend together when I say it. But I simply adore both names. Especially Florence.

Glad you liked Cassia! I think it's gorgeous and a cute way to honour Cassie. Violet is a great middle name option because it seems to fit stylistically. Makes me think of a NICE celebrity type combo.

Persephone, though not my style, paired with Lark it's just so cute. (I personally like the nn Penny.. tones it down a little and gives a more mainstream fallback option).

Jessamine Willow and Nina Elspeth aren't for me.

#7 -SassyCassie-


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Posted 02 May 2013 - 02:30 PM

New Combos Goodie :P

I like: Anastasia Lousie, Margaery Willow, Tallulah Rose, and Hadley Rebekah.

I love: Arabella Lucy, Elena Michele, and Katerina Lily.

Of course if I had to choose my all time favorite it would be Katerina Lily. You already know I love the name Katerina and with Lily it goes off a positive vibe and beautiful sound. :wub:

#8 rhaego


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 03:53 AM

Clara Penelope
Carolina Maeve
Charlotte Matilda
Amelia Catelyn (I usally prefer "original" spellings, but Catelyn looks prettier to me.)
Sansa Lenora Jane (Swooning over it. I usually hate two mns, but this has great flow. Sansa and Lenora both ending in -a doesn't really present a problem to me, because the way I say it in my head, Lenora Jane sounds hyphenated. Rather than Sansa Lenora with Jane tacked onto the end of it.)
Cordelia Vivienne
Margaery Willow
Madeline Fiona/Fiona Madeline (Both are great, but do you prn Madeline mad-uh-line or mad-uh-linn? Mad-uh-linn Fiona and Fiona Mad-uh-line would be best for each, imo.)

Poppy Valentine - I adore Poppy, but Valentine just doesn't sound like a name to me for some reason. I like plenty of surnames as names, but Valentine just won't make the switch in my head. Poppy Eleanor is really cute though!
Anastasia Louise - Love Anastasia, but Louise seems a bit like a filler name to me. Maisie Anastasia sounds nice, but it has the repeating long 'a' sound, if that bothers you. Also idk how you feel about Anastasia as a mn.
Arabella Lucy - Lucy seems much more like a nn to me, so it especially sticks out in the mn spot. Do you like Arabella Lucille or is that too 'l' heavy? Maisie Arabella is cute! Sorry I keep turning your first names into middles, haha.
Madeline Fiona/Fiona Madeline

Maisie Eleanor
Maisie Louise (also okay admit Maisie Lou is the cutest nn)
Willow Elizabeth
Maisie Caroline/a
Maeve Eloise
Eleanor Matilda
Maisie Juliet (that's so cute I might actually put it on my list...)

Zoe Clementine - This is honestly so adorable, who cares if it's popular.
Arianna Primrose - Okay, Air-ee-ah-nuh Primrose sounds lovely to me, but Air-ee-an-uh Primrose does not, so how much I like this depends on how you prn Arianna.
Maisie Quinn - ADORABLE.
Jessamine Willow - Jessamine is really nms, but the flow is okay.
Aurelia Florence - Aurelia is gorgeous, but Florence isn't my thing. Aurelia Primrose or Aurelia Madeline would be nice.
Cassia Violet - Love it love it love it so much, I am so tempted to steal it. Cassia and Violet are both some of my favorites (I usually prn it Cash-uh (actually it sounds more like Cass-yuh because I don't prn the 'h' very hard), but I've been known to use both) and ugh Cassia Violet is just perfect.
Persephone Lark - I LOVE the nn Percy, but I'm not fond of Persephone. If you like it though, go for it. Lark is nms. Persephone Violet sounds nice.
Nina Elspeth - Eh, neither are my favorite...

Also some more combos:
Maisie Clementine
Maisie Violet
Eleanor Quinn
Violet Eloise

#9 alyssa897


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Posted 10 May 2013 - 12:14 AM

Thanks for the response LeAnne :)

I forgot to mention:
Catelyn is pronounced Cat-lynn, not Kate-lynn if that makes any difference.
Madeline is pronounced Mad-uh-lyn in this combo. I like both pronunciations in general, but only like Mad-uh-lyn in this combo.

I know Louise is typically a filler name but I adore it. <3
I typically dislike nicknames as names, but Lucy seems like it could stand on it's own. Arabella Lucille is a little too l heavy.

You should definitely put Maisie Juliet on your list! :)

Arianna is pronounced Ar-ee-ah-na. I also like the Ariana spelling and go back and forth a lot.
Cassia is pronounced Cass-ee-uh. I dislike Cash-uh a lot

I made a few changes to my list since I posted this topic. They're on my profile if you wanna check them out. :)

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