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Opinions and ideas on my list?

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#1 The Future Mrs B

The Future Mrs B

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 10:10 AM

So I have my own person list based off of names that Martin has previously mentioned liking and a few that he hasn't. Ideas/opinions for each name is welcomed. Especially for girls as that list is lacking.

Isaac Gawain

James Ronin/Atlas (other middle name ideas?)

Marcus Wilhelm/Drake

(First name ideas) Crispin

Blaire Hycinthia/Hyacinth (Martin refuses to budge on Hycinthia. I like Hyacinth better.)

Lilith Summer




(middle name suggestions for all three are appreciated)

And some other randomness:
1. Favorite name?
2. Least favorite?

I feel like that's a lot of help to ask for in post so feel free to jump around and only do parts. Any help is appreciated. Thanks ladies!

#2 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 03 May 2013 - 11:11 AM

Isaac Gawain - I like Isaac, but Gawain sounds made up to me, and the look and sound put me off.

James Ronin/Atlas (other middle name ideas?) - James is cute but I prefer it as a middle. Ronin is nms, but I like Atlas.

Marcus Wilhelm/Drake - I'm not really a fan of any of these names, but Drake is okay. Prefer Marcus Wilhelm, but William would be better just imo.

(First name ideas) Crispin - I'm on the fence about Crispin. I could see it on a child, but I just see the word crisp in it, and I can see that child being teased for it.

Isaac James

Isaac William

Isaac Elijah

James Crispin

James Drake

James William

Marcus James

Marcus Isaiah

Joseph Crispin

Leo Crispin

Harry Crispin

Blaire Hycinthia/Hyacinth (Martin refuses to budge on Hycinthia. I like Hyacinth better.) - I kind of like Blaire, but both middle names are nms. If I had to choose I'd go with Hyacinth as it's a flower name, and I'm not sure if Hycinthia is made up (reminds me of someone saying Hi, Cynthia.)

Lilith Summer - I prefer Lily/Lillian to Lilith, but I can see it on someone else's child. Summer is cute, but I don't really like it with Lilith, though the flow is alright.

Milena - This is cute.

Delilah - I like this, with nn Lily/Lilah

Avery - I have this on my list, it's adorable and I love it.

Blaire Lilith

Blaire Sophia

Blaire Georgina

Lily Summer

Milena Summer

Delilah Summer

Avery Summer

Avery Luna

Favourite girl name: Avery

Least favourite girl name: Hycinthia/Hyacinth

Favourite boy name: Isaac/James

Least favourite boy name: Gawain

#3 alyssa897


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Posted 03 May 2013 - 12:17 PM


Isaac Gawain - I love Isaac. I think it's really under appreciated. Gawain isn't my style, but paired with Isaac, it's really nice. This is a strong and handsome combo that I can picture on a young boy and a grown man.

James Ronin/Atlas (other middle name ideas?) - I prefer Ronin paired with James as Atlas ends in the same "s" sound. James Ronin is nice and strong. Also, I love the meaning of Ronin. Atlas is also nice as a middle name, but not with James in my opinion. Actually James Ronin Atlas sounds amazing. Not sure if two middle names are your thing, but it sounds great!

Marcus Wilhelm/Drake - I like Marcus Wilhelm better than Marcus Drake, but I really like them both in the same combo. Marcus Wilhelm Drake as a nice cadence to it and sounds great. Separately, all three names are not my style, but in this combo they sound amazing.

Crispin - not a fan of Crispin at all. It's probabably my least favorite boy name.

Blaire Hycinthia/Hyacinth - not sure how to pronounce both middle names. Hy-sin-thee-a? Not sure at all about the other one. Blaire Hycinthia doesn't sound bad, but it's not really wowing me at all.

Lilith Summer - dislike both names, especially together. They're not terrible together, but Lilith makes me think of the demon which makes me picture a bloody summer. :/

Milena - really pretty!

Delilah - nms, but can be gorgeous in the right combo

Avery - nms at all, but I suppose it could be better paired with the right name

Names you might like:









Cressida (KRESS-i-da)

Cassia (Cass-ee-uh)

Aurelia (Aw-rell-ee-uh)





Ophelie (O-fey-lie) - love this name!















Favorite Names - Issac Gawain and James Ronin Atlas would be my favorite combos. Melina is my favorite girl name.

Least Favorite Names - Definitely Crispin and Summer

Hope I helped at least a little. :)

#4 proudtosayy


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Posted 03 May 2013 - 12:26 PM

Isaac Gawain - I really love the name Isaac, it is one of my personal favorites. I'm not crazy about Gawain though. It feels like I am saying some other name wrong, when I say it out loud.

James Ronin/Atlas - I really LOVE James Ronin, it just sounds so good together. The name Atlas is okay, but I'm not so sure I love it with James.

Marcus Wilhelm/Drake - Marcus Wilhelm sounds like someone very important. I don't know what, that's the first thing I thought when I said that name. Marcus Drake, ehh, it's okay. I like Marcus Wilhelm better, not crazy about either though.

Crispin - I do like the sound of this name. It sounds right when said out loud, but I can't seem to picture of anyone. As a middle name though, like you want it, I do think it's cute.

James Callum
James Ever

James Archer

James Keegan

James Micha

James Nathan
James Isaiah
James Michael
James Owen
James Crispin
Patrick Crispin
Theodore Crispin
Arthur Crispin

Blaire Hycinthia/Hyacinth - I'm having trouble liking either middle names. They just aren't my style I guess. I do prefer Hyacinth of the two, but I'm not crazy about either. Blaire is a really good name though, I love it so much.

Lilith Summer - I really like this combo! I think it flows nicely, both names are cute. And it just sounds really good in general.

Milena - I like the make Milena. It's different, and very cute.

Delilah - One of my personal favorites. At the very top of my list. So yeah, I love this name.

Avery - A very cute name. I love this name on a girl.

Milena June
Milena Juniper
Milena Beverly
Milena Ariel
Milena Blaire
Delilah Elle
Delilah Wren
Delilah Coralie
Delilah Summer

Avery Milena
Avery Giselle
Avery Miriam
Avery Mirabelle

1. Favorite name? Delilah, Lilith, & Isaac.

2. Least favorite? Hycinthia/Hyacinth & Gawain.

Hope this helps, even just a little. :) - Ashley

#5 The Future Mrs B

The Future Mrs B

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 01:39 PM


Hycinthia (hi-sin-thee-a) is a "tryndee" spelling of Hacinthia (hu-sin-thee-a) which is the Spanish variation of Hyacinth (hiya-cinth). I really like Marcus Wilhelm Drake but Martin isn't too fond of double middles.

Keep the ideas coming. I love the suggestions but trying to keep Martin's (vastly different) taste in mind.

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