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My favourite names.

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#1 Chrysanthemum


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Posted 27 March 2009 - 05:17 AM

Willow (hoping to use this if I have a girl)
Zara (zah-rah)
Niamh (neev, its Irish meaning "Bright")
Xanthe (zan-thee, its Greek meaning "fair haired" or "golden haired")

Jasper (hoping to use this if I have a boy)

Thankyou. :D

#2 Filly


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Posted 27 March 2009 - 07:19 AM

Willow (hoping to use this if I have a girl)---I like this name a lot, but the only Willows I know are fictional characters. However, I don't think any are soooo amazingly popular that your daughter will have to explain that she's not named after them all the time....So, go for it! It's unique and lovely.
Iris--I really dislike this name, especially because I dislike girls names ending in S and names beginning with I. So, Iris is on the very bottom of my list.
Lily--Cute and pretty, but waaaaay overused. Stick with Willow, it's much more unique.
Zara--This is pretty, but I know a Zarra who constantly gets her name mispronounced.
Amelia---Eh, I'm indifferent. It's not really striking or different or anything, it's just kind of blah.
Camille--I like this as a middle name only.
Isobel--Again, I don't like I names, but this one isn't horrible except there are too many Isobels, Isabelles, Isabellas and all variants running around already.
Ava--Short and sweet, but too popular for me.
Esme--I dislike this name, the way it sounds and look.
Eden--Very pretty, but I like it as a mn again.
Maeve--Lovely! I also like Maeva. One of my top combos is Lydia Maeve
Niamh--This sounds pretty but looks ugly to me.
Xanthe---This used to be one of my favorite names, and I still like it. I love all Greek names though.
Darcy--Too 80s for me, but still kinda cutesy.
Juniper--This name is growing on me, but it was actually my great great uncle's name, so I can't help thinking it's masculine.
Alexandra--Classic, but again, blah.
Phoebe--Cute and sassy, not one of my faves, but nice.
Alyssa--I love this name, especially for it's nn potentials.
Ariana--I like Adriana better....or Aubriana
Dahlia--Very pretty, and unique, though it seems to be getting a fan following right now.
Guinevere--Nice, but I prefer just Gwen.
Eve--Classic and sweet sounding, but I like it as a mn more.
Vera--All I can think of is Vera Wang or Vera Bradley. So no for me.

I like these combos:
Willow Xanthe
Maeve Willow
Alyssa Guinevere
Dahlia Maeve
Phoebe Camille
Xanthe Camille

Jasper (hoping to use this if I have a boy)--Manly and roles off the tongue nice. Might be teasing potential though...
Seth--Very classic and underused name. I like it a lot. Seth Jasper is a strong, inspiring combo!
Noah--Too popular.
Micah--Sounds too girlish for me, you have much stronger choices.
Isaiah--Eh, not my cup of tea. Ian is the only I name I like for a boy, and I don't even like it that much.
Caspian--See Jasper, same rules apply.
Josiah--Not terrible, but not wonderful.
Fidel--Please don't use this.
Caden--A little trendy. Not awful though.
Felix--Very traditional, not my fave, but unique.
Oscar--I really don't like this name and there's lots of teases to be had from it.
Nathaniel/Nathan--I love both of these. To pieces.
Alexander--See Alexandra. Although, popular names for boys don't bother me as much....Alexander's nice.
Levi--This name and other names like Eli just look...unfinished to me. And sound that way too.
Julius--Bold name! I also like Junius.
Matthias--More unique than Matthew, but I don't really like it.
Jonathan--Okay, but rather boring. John is more widely used, but also more masculine for me.
William--Waaaay too overused right now. I can't even think of all the little Williams, Wills, and Liams running around.
Christian--Okay, but a little feminine for me.
Caleb--Very nice and underused. This should be at the top of your list with Seth.

I like these combos:
Seth Jasper!!!!
Jasper Julius
Nathaniel Felix
Caleb Alexander
Seth Alexander
Jasper Alexander
Julius Nathan

#3 Jessica J

Jessica J

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Posted 27 March 2009 - 07:43 AM

Willow- unfortunately, this one reminds me of that dreadful movie
Iris- this name reminds me of the part of the eye more that the flower. mn only.
Lily- this is really cute and fem.
Zara- not fond of this one at all
Amelia- this one is nice but there are prettier names IMO
Camille- love this one as a mn. I like Camilla as a fn and prefer it to Amelia
Isobel- I really love the sound and meaning of this name. Also, almost any mn will work with it. Prefer Isabella
Ava- This one is lovely and classic. I prefer Eva (pro Ay-va) because of the original latin spelling and pronun.
Esme-absolutely gorgeous and I loved it far before Twilight. I also like Esmee :D
Eden- Gorgeous! This name is near and dear to me because I'm a Christian and we believe that one day earth will be restored to Eden, so this one is very special :)
Maeve- I really like the look of this name and its very unique in the States
Niamh- Not sure how to pronounce this one and I don't like the look.
Xanthe- X names are so harsh to the eye.
Darcy- NEXT!!!
Juniper- I really love this one for one reason or another. Love the nick name June :)
Alexandra- I love the classicness of this. I also love Alexandria. Maybe cuz I'm from Virginia :)
Phoebe- I like the meaning but it sounds so babyish to me.
Alyssa- so-so...much better names out there IMO
Ariana- I am really tired of this name but its pretty
Dahlia- This one is better than some other flower names but I wouldn't use it myself.
Guinevere- love the classicness of this name too. Prefer Gwendolyn because of sound and presentation.
Eve- Little resentment toward this name...lol :)
Vera- Nah

Jasper - very popular cuz of twilight. I kinda don't like it.
Seth- This name reminds me of a snake for some reason. Maybe the sound.
Noah- Love the sound and look of this name
Micah-Dido. I know a Micah that is a butthole but I still like this name alot.
Isaiah- One of my favorites.My big sis wants to use this name if she has a boy because her husbands name is Jeremiah and in the Bible the book of Isaiah is before Jeremiah and he says Isaiah will always come before him. How sweet :)
Caspian- As a mn only.
Josiah- I am considering this name for my next son. Josiah Alejandro or Josiah Benicio :)
Fidel- Castro...can't get past it...sorry.
Caden- Love this name but its terribly popular...my son's name is Jayden.
Felix- This was possibly going to be Jayden's name but no one liked it. I like Jayden better anyhoo.
Oscar- not a fan of this one at all
Nathaniel/Nathan- Like Nathaniel but there are way too many.
Levi- As a mn its good. As a first name eeh.
Julius- This one is good. I like Roman names. I like the name Roman Matthias.
Matthias- love this one.
Jonathan- not a fan.
William- Popular since the dawn of time
Christian- obviously love this one.
Caleb- adore it :)

#4 KristaDeanne


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Posted 27 March 2009 - 11:58 AM

Willow - lovely name!
Iris - too flowery for me.
Lily - cute but mn only.
Zara - looks adorable, not sure how you are prn it. I'm a fan!
Amelia - it's okay, nothing special.
Camille - love this name!
Isobel - too popular for my taste but it is a nice name for a little girl.
Ava - not a huge fan.
Esme - don't like this one at all, never have.
Eden - not a fan.
Maeve - don't like this one at all either.
Niamh - sounds pretty, looks odd...
Xanthe - looks odd....and not sure how to prn it...
Darcy - sounds a little out dated to me.
Juniper - love this. Esp for a mn.
Alexandra - not a bad name but no where near my list of likes.
Phoebe - not a fan....it just sounds funny.
Alyssa - not a fan....sounds childish to me
Ariana - not a fan...don't really have a reason.
Dahlia - not my taste but I do kind of like it!
Guinevere - looks and sounds lovely but I would never use it personally.
Eve - not a fan.
Vera - cute cute

Juniper Camille
Juniper Lily
Dahlia Camille
Vera Lily

Jasper - lol, I could never use this name as there has been a looong running joke with an old friend whose alter ego is Jasper, haha.
Seth - too outdated.
Noah - just not my style.
Micah - not for a boy!!
Isaiah - this name is nice.
Caspian - like Prince Caspian? NO.
Josiah - not a fan of the look or sound
Fidel - immediate reaction: Castro. NO.
Caden - sounds babyish.
Felix - I actually am liking this one at this moment.
Oscar - the grouch.
Nathaniel/Nathan - Not a fan, I know too many Nathans
Alexander - I have always liked this name for some reason. nn Xander or just Alexander. Not a fan of Alex.
Levi - reminds me of the brand of jeans.
Julius - no.
Matthias - no.
Jonathan - no.
William - no.
Christian - Not bad.
Caleb - babyish, no.

Felix Isaiah or Isaiah Felix
Alexander Felix or Felix Alexander
Christian Alexander or Alexander Christian

#5 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 27 March 2009 - 12:18 PM

Willow-It's really pretty!
Iris-It's okay, just not my taste.
Lily-beautiful, but popular
Zara-Don't care for it
Camille-very pretty!
Isobel-I prefer the spelling Isabelle or Isabel, but its very pretty (very popular)
Ava-also gorgepus but popular
Esme-not my taste, but its okay
Eden-very pretty!
Niamh-well, it looks different...how do you say it? Is there an alternate spelling?
Xanthe-don't care for it
Darcy-sounds kinda older
Phoebe-don't care for it
Dahlia-don't care for it
Eve-I prefer it as a nn for a longer name, but its nice

Jasper-don't care for it
Isaiah-strong, handsome name
Caspian-don't care for it
Josiah-strong, handsome boys name!
Fidel-Castro? No offense! But thats the first thing that comes to mind...
Caden-handsome! But too popular
Felix-kinda more old fashioned
Oscar-also kinda old fashioned
Nathaniel/Nathan-very handsome!
Alexander-Very handsome!
Levi-great boys name!
Matthias-very handsome! Love it!
Jonathan-nice, strong boys name!
William-Love it! So handsome!
Christian-don't care for it
Caleb-great boys name!

I hope I helped!

#6 Theater_Dad


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Posted 27 March 2009 - 02:31 PM

Willow- okay.
Iris- very pretty.
Lily- pretty :D
Zara- not feelin it
Amelia- too old fashioned.
Camille- unless you like hurricanes? other than that, its okay.
Isobel- prefer isabella
Ava- not really. too popular
Esme- like it :)
Eden- love it :) my daughter's name.
Maeve- okay. i guess
Niamh- no. no. no.
Xanthe- nope.
Darcy- okay. wouldn't name my kid though
Juniper- like june better
Alexandra- okay. too many alexa's
Phoebe- meh....
Ariana- sweet :)
Dahlia-Like black Dahlia? not feelin it. like delilah better
Guinevere- NO!
Eve- like it :)
Vera- very pretty

Jasper- okay. not the best name in the world
Seth- okay.
Noah- i guess.
Micah- not feelin it
Isaiah- like it :)
Caspian- sounds dignfied
Josiah- no. unless you like jose?
Fidel- no.
Caden- prefer the kayden but nonetheless its good :)
Felix- not really.
Oscar- like oliver better
Nathaniel/Nathan- yes :)
Alexander- okay. too many alexs though
Levi- okay.
Julius- okay. :|
Matthias- prefer matthew
Jonathan- okay.
William- sounds handsome :)
Christian- yep :)
Caleb- too popular

#7 D3sire


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Posted 29 March 2009 - 10:07 PM

I love: Isobel, Alexandra, Dahlia, Eve, Caspian, Felix, Matthias & William

#8 katie.


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Posted 29 March 2009 - 11:11 PM

I like


#9 D3sire


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Posted 22 April 2009 - 10:13 PM

I love:
Isobel - Beautiful! Love this spelling.
Alexandra - Strong, classic, feminine
Dahlia - Gorgeous!
Eve - Love it's simple charm.
Caspian - Exotic/romantic
Felix - Nerdy-cool, one of my ultimate favs!
Matthias - Along the same lines as Caspian
William - Strong classic!

These are great:
Willow - Soft elegence
Iris - Simple & a nice alternative to some of the more popular floral choices
Lily - Beautiful name it's popularity deters me
Zara - I refer Zahara but I like its spunk
Amelia - Sweet
Camille - Very pretty. Makes a great middle name.
Ava - See Lily
Esme - Unexpected
Eden - See Willow
Maeve - Pretty
Xanthe - This is a guilty pleasure for me
Ariana - I prefer Aria but this is nice too.
Guinevere - I prefer Genevieve, like it as a middle name only maybe a bit much as a first name
Jasper - Nerdy-cool, love it's nature vibe
Micah - Spunky
Isaiah - One of my fav Biblical names
Josiah - Prefer this to above
Oscar - A guilty pleasure for me. Like the potential nicke Ozzy.
Alexander - Strong
Julius - I prefer Julian but this is nice too.

Niamh - I see potential problems with pronunciation. I don't care much for the sound.
Phoebe - I can't get past the Friends association.
Alyssa - Boring zzzz
Vera - Harsh, no appeal for me
Seth - This bores me
Noah - Nice name but has been done to death. I like Joah.
Nathaniel - Ehhh.. just ok
Nathan - I prefer this to above
Levi - I think of the jeans
Christan - I actually really like the sound of the name but I'm not fond of it's religious connotations
Caleb - See Nathaniel

I'll pass on:
Darcy - Very unappealing. Harsh, not at all feminine or pretty sounding imo.
Juniper - I love nature/floral names but this one is over the top
Fidel - uhhh... Castro?
Caden - Uber trendy, done to death, so sick of 'aden' names
Jonathan - Dated, boring.

You have some really great names here!!

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