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May List!

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#1 EmilyA


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Posted 05 May 2013 - 12:25 PM

Here is my much newer updated list. I've been concentrating more on girl names because my mind seems to change that list up occasionally. Some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Anya Maeve

Adelaide Pearl

Dahlia ???

Penelope Jane

Lola Seraphine

Etta Jane

Arabella Rose

Isla Mae

Olive Beatrice

Lila Ann

Vivienne Elise

Theodora Rose

Emmett James

Atticus Jack

Dexter Leon

Finnian Rhys

Solomon ???

Silas Emil

Dashiell Mark

Caledon ???

Archer ???

Hugo ???

Felix ???

#2 Kookie


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Posted 05 May 2013 - 03:51 PM

Anya Maeve- I like Anya but not particularly Maeve. I just don't like the way it looks and sounds. 7/10

Adelaide Pearl- Not a fan of Adelaide and Pearl is more of a GP to me but overall, quite a nice combo 7/10

Dahlia ???- Dahlia is pretty! Here are some combos that I like:
Dahlia Esme
Dahlia Hazel
Dahlia Cadence

Penelope Jane- pretty 7/10

Lola Seraphine- Love Lola and Seraphine is really unique! 8/10

Etta Jane- reminds me of a singer, Etta James but not too bad 7/10

Arabella Rose- beautiful 9/10

Isla Mae- I LOVE Isla and really like this combo! 9/10

Olive Beatrice- Not a fan of either name, sorry! 5/10

Lila Ann- Nice but I feel like something is missing...it's just quite short 7/10

Vivienne Elise- Nice 8/10

Theodora Rose- Much prefer plain Thea but this isn't too bad 7/10

Emmett James- don't like Emmett but I think it works well with James 8/10

Atticus Jack- Atticus is nice but I don't like it with Jack. 7/10
Atticus Ryan?
Atticus Craig?
Atticus Robert?

Dexter Leon- don't like Dexter and not a big fan of the combo. 5/10

Finnian Rhys- Finnian is ok but I prefer Finnick or Finlay. Rhys is nice 8/10

Solomon ???- very strong and handsome.
Solomon Peter
Solomon Forrest
Solomon Scott
Solomon Skylar
Solomon Porter
Solomon Carl
Solomon Chase

Silas Emil- quite nice, just nms 8/10

Dashiell Mark- not sure about Dashiell. Prefer Daniel or Castiel. 7/10

Caledon ???- not my style but I'll see if I can think of anything...
Caledon Archer
Caledon Finley
Caledon Stuart

Archer ???- very handsome
Archer Caledon
Archer Cameron
Archer Jenson
Archer Jacob

Hugo ???- not a fan
Hugo Ellis
Hugo Ronan
Hugo Barrett
Hugo Everett

Felix ???- again, not my style
Felix Adam
Felix Joshua
Felix Arthur
Felix Jeremy

#3 alyssa897


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Posted 05 May 2013 - 05:50 PM

Anya Maeve - Anya is not my style, but it's not a name I dislike at all. Maeve is really great though. It's one of those names that I honestly love because of the meaning more than anything. It means "intoxicated".
Adelaide Pearl - this combo seems really old fashioned to me. Both names were popular in the 20s and 30s and although Adelaide is coming back nowadays I feel like Pearl really takes it back to that time. I would suggest pairing each name with a more modern name.
Dahlia ??? - not my style, but not a name I dislike.
Penelope Jane - really great combo! Pretty and classic and a nice balance of modern and classic
Lola Seraphine - love this as well. I really like long and short combos. Both names are really great.
Etta Jane - too short in my opinion, but both names are nice although I prefer them both as middle names
Arabella Rose - gorgeous!
Isla Mae - even though they are both really short names I adore this combo
Olive Beatrice - Olive is really cutesy and adorable. Beatrice has really grown on me recently. This combo doesn't really wow me though.
Lila Ann - Lila is pretty, but Ann seems really filler to me
Vivienne Elise - pretty, but not my favorite of your combos
Theodora Rose - lovely!

Emmett James - very nice
Atticus Jack - love both names, but not together.
Dexter Leon - nice
Finnian Rhys - I have Finnick Rhys on my list. Weird coincidence! I think this is great.
Solomon ??? - not my style, but i don't hate it
Silas Emil - not a fan of Emil
Dashiell Mark - nice
Caledon ??? - nms
Archer ??? - love! I have Archer Thomas on my list
Hugo ??? - not my style, but not bad
Felix ??? - adore this!

My favorites: Penelope Jane and Lola Seraphine for girls and Archer and Atticus for boys.

Some names you might like:


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