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My May Name List

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Posted 07 May 2013 - 03:53 AM

Here it is. I've made a lot of changes to my girls name list :)

**Just a note: Every now and then I'll have another name in brackets next to the original name. It'll be what the baby (if I have one and name it that, though none of that will happen for a long time) is Christened by, or the baby's name in Greek. An example of this is how my name, on my birth certificate, is Anthea, while in Greek and to the church I am 'Anthoula'**


Iris Rebecca - Other possibilites I've considered are Iris Marguerite, Iris Delphine, Iris Blaire and Iris Meredith. I just can't seem to find a winning combo for this name :(
Penelope Fleur "Poppy"
Cora Madeline
Adriana (Ariadne) Noelle
Eva (Evunia) Cecily
Delia Emerson
Nora (Eleanor) Marigold
Callie (Calliope) Georgiana
Lyra (Lyris) Artemis
Zoe Clementine


Elliot (Elias) Murray

Alexander (Alexandros) Cole "Ace"
Adrian Cassius
James Weston "Jimmy or Jem"
Nicolas Darcy "Nico"
Jude Adriel - I can't seem to find a middle name that fits with Jude
Jason Dimitri "Jace"
Theodore Paul "Teddy or Theo"
Evan (Evangelos) Samuel "Van"
Deacon Spencer

What do you all think? A few of them are a bit GP-ish, lol.

#2 Addison


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Posted 07 May 2013 - 07:29 AM


Iris Rebecca - I think Iris would make a great MN! Meredith Iris is beautiful, as is Rebecca Iris. I feel like it flows better that way.
Penelope Fleur "Poppy" - I am not a fan of Penelope, but I love the nickname Poppy! Fleur is also a quite beautiful middle name.
Cora Madeline - I love everything about this. :wub:
Adriana (Ariadne) Noelle - Not my style
Eva (Evunia) Cecily - Not my style
Delia Emerson - Pretty, although it sounds more like a first name - surname combo. Emerson Delia would be better in my opinion, but still beautiful how it is.
Nora (Eleanor) Marigold - Nora is gorgeous, I love it. Marigold is not my style.
Callie (Calliope) Georgiana - Not my Style
Lyra (Lyris) Artemis - Not my style, Artemis sounds kind of manly
Zoe Clementine - Love! Zoe isn't normally my cup of tea, but with Clementine it is just adorable! :wub:


Elliot (Elias) Murray - Love Elliot, not Murray. Murray also sounds like a surname...

Alexander (Alexandros) Cole "Ace" - Nice name, dislike the nickname.
Adrian Cassius - I don't like Adrian, but I absolutely love Cassius.
James Weston "Jimmy or Jem" - Really like the name, dislike the nicknames.
Nicolas Darcy "Nico" - Love the first name and the middle name in today's culture seems very feminine.
Jude Adriel - I adore Jude :wub: Adriel sounds like Ariel to me, so I think of a mermaid princess, and that's not usually a connnotation you want for you son. haha
Jason Dimitri "Jace" - Like Jason, mn is not my style.
Theodore Paul "Teddy or Theo" - LOVE!! I love Theodore and all it's nicknames, especially Teddy, and Paul is very handsome.
Evan (Evangelos) Samuel "Van" - Love Evan! Samuel isn't much my style, nor is "Van"
Deacon Spencer - I really like this! I do think that it may be better as Spencer Deacon so it seems less like a title and more like a name. but both names are handsome!

#3 -SassyCassie-


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 12:24 PM

I like:

Cora Madeline
Adriana Noelle
Adrain Cassius
Jude Adriel

I really love Jude Adriel and Lyra Artemis. You've got some pretty werid yet beautiful unique names none the less I really love the name Lyra Artemis the most out of all. But good list regardless. >3

#4 alyssa897


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Posted 12 May 2013 - 11:34 AM


Iris Rebecca - I really like Iris Rebecca and Iris Delphine. But if you aren't super happy with them all definitely don't settle! The perfect middle name is out there. :)
Penelope Fleur "Poppy" - adorable!! Really cute. Poppy is really nice. I also love the nicknames Penny and Nelly.
Cora Madeline - really pretty. Madeline Cora is also really gorgeous. :wub:
Adriana (Ariadne) Noelle - I'm not a big fan of Adriana and Noelle seems really filler to me lately, but I think this is a pretty combo
Eva (Evunia) Cecily - Not a fan of the combo I will admit, but it's not bad by any means
Delia Emerson - Delia is pretty, but I don't like Emerson for a girl
Nora (Eleanor) Marigold - love this! I do prefer Eleanor to just Nora though. Marigold if lovely.
Callie (Calliope) Georgiana - I love love LOVE Calliope. I don't really like nicknames as names and Callie is a total nickname to me. Georgiana is really nice.
Lyra (Lyris) Artemis - I like both names, but not together.
Zoe Clementine - love! this is on my list as well. It's just so cutesy.


Elliot (Elias) Murray - I like it a lot! Murray isn't my style, but it fits.
Alexander (Alexandros) Cole "Ace" - love this!! I've never seen this combo before and I've seen a lot of Alexander combos.
Adrian Cassius - love this so much!! I really like both names a lot and this is a nice and handsome combo.
James Weston "Jimmy or Jem" - I adore James so much. Weston isn't my style, but it fits. I really like Jem as a nickname to James.
Nicolas Darcy "Nico" - Love this! Darcy isn't my style, but if it's a reference to Pride and Prejudice than I am all for it!
Jude Adriel - I love Jude, not so much Adriel
Jason Dimitri "Jace" - love!!
Theodore Paul "Teddy or Theo" - good combo
Evan (Evangelos) Samuel "Van" - very nice. I don't like Van though. I think Evan is great on it's own.
Deacon Spencer - I like this a lot!

For girls Iris Rebecca, Penelope Fleur and Cora Madeline are my favorites.

For boys there's something I love about each one. Alexander Cole, Adrian Cassius, and James Weston are my favorites.

#5 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 13 May 2013 - 09:19 AM

Iris Rebecca - I'm not a fan of Iris personally, just from someone I met. However the combo is lovely! I like Rebecca <3 I looove Iris Marguerite though! My fave of the combos for Iris <3

Penelope Fleur "Poppy" - Penelope is sooo cute, and Poppy's an adorable nick name! Fleur's not my style, my accent kind of ruins it to sound like "floor" :(

Cora Madeline - I adore Madeline so much! Cute cute <3

Adriana (Ariadne) Noelle - I actually like Ariadne itself more than Adriana! :) Ariadne's on my GP list, I adore it <3

Eva (Evunia) Cecily - I love Eva Cecily, so nice <3

Delia Emerson - Love <3

Nora (Eleanor) Marigold - pretty!

Callie (Calliope) Georgiana - Adorable! I also love Calliope nick name Callie <3 I'd use it if Mike liked it.. <3

Lyra (Lyris) Artemis - I love Lyra, Artemis sounds manly to me for whatever reason <3

Zoe Clementine - my absolute favorite, I adore it!! <3

Elliot (Elias) Murray - very handsome!

Alexander (Alexandros) Cole "Ace" - very handsome and manly. Both Alexander and Cole are on my list.

Adrian Cassius - I love Cassius nick name Cash, on my list! Adrians nice <3

James Weston "Jimmy or Jem" - I have personal reservations against James, but the combo's very handsome.

Nicolas Darcy "Nico" - I adore Nico, I plan on using it on a future son! Nicastro's a family name I want to carry on, but Nico would be a little easier haha. Darcy's not my style but its nice <3

Jude Adriel - I love Jude <3

Jason Dimitri "Jace" - Very handsome

Theodore Paul "Teddy or Theo" I adore adore adore Theodore!!!! <3 So handsome! I prefer Theo, but Teddy's very nice <3

Evan (Evangelos) Samuel "Van" - I feel like Evan itself is a bit too short for a nick name but to each their own. Nice combo

Deacon Spencer - coming from a religious family, Deacon just feels too odd for me to see on a child. Like naming your child "Pastor" or "Priest", or something you know? <3 Spencers really handsome though, I like it <3


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