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Working on my name list

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Posted 08 May 2013 - 02:45 AM

Okay, it's been so long since I've had an actual name list, so I just sat down and tried to pull all my favorites out of my head. This is what I've come up with so far. Tell me what you think of the names, make combos, possibly even give suggestions of similar names to jog my memory so I can add them to my list.

If there's a nn in square brackets, I would use the nn exclusively and am probably open to other names with that nn.

FNs (which can also be used as MNs):
Amity (I adore this name so much, I think it's my favorite atm. It has a lovely meaning, it's the name of the town where my grandpa grew up, so it would be a nice way to honor him (my brother already used both his names, so I don't want to use either of them or any diminutives), and I also love the nn Amy if she ends up not liking her name.)

Annabel (Also just Anna and most other names that start/end with Anna, but this is my favorite atm.)
Aubrey / Audrey
Beatrix [nn Bea]
Cassia (I also love Cassandra and Cassidy and the nn Cas(s))
Charlotte [nn Charlie]
Cora / Coralie
Emilia / Emily
Frances / Francesca [nn Frankie]
Josephine [nn Josie]
Margaery [nn Maggie]
Percy (I like this as a nn, not a full name, but I haven't come across any full names I'd like to use it for - I'm not a fan of Persephone, Perseus, etc. :( I love it almost enough to just use it as is, though.)

Philipa [nn Pippa]

MNs only:

FNs (can also be used as MNs):
Anderson (I like the nn Anders, or just Anders as a full name as well.)
Jeremy (I like the nn Remy, but just Jeremy is nice too.)
Quincy (And most other names that start with the Quin- sound, but this is my favorite.)
Renly (My car may or may not be named Renly... I would still use it for a child.)

MNs only:

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Posted 08 May 2013 - 03:21 AM

FNs (which can also be used as MNs):
Adelaide - I think this is cute, and the nn Addy is cute.
Alexandra - This is alright, not my favourite though. Nn Alex/Alexa/Lexa/Lexi/Anna is cute.
Alice - Cute.
Amity - I like this. One of my favourite virtue names, and the nn Amy is cute too.

Amy - I know a few Amy's, but it's not my favourite name. Cute though.
Annabel - Pretty, but not my favourite Anna name. I love Anna but can only really use it as a middle name. Wdyt of Annabeth?
Ariana - Not my favourite but okay.
Aubrey / Audrey - Prefer Aubrey.
Autumn - This is cute.
Avery - Love this, but Graeme doesn't :(
Beatrix [nn Bea] - Adorable.
Cadence - Cute.
Cassia - I love this. It's unusual, but it kinda fits with the trends.
Charlotte [nn Charlie] - Cute, but I prefer nn Lottie.
Cora / Coralie - Not really a fan.
Elliot - Prefer for a boy.
Emilia / Emily - Prefer Emilia.
Evelyn - This cute, and I like how it seems classic but modern at the same time.
Fiona - It reminds me of Shrek too much, and an annoying girl from my sixth form.
Frances / Francesca [nn Frankie] - Not a fan.
Genevieve - I love this, it's adorable.
Hannah - Of course I have a bias for this name ;)
Isla - Cute.
Ivy - Not really a fan.
Josephine [nn Josie] - My favourite nickname for Josephine, and I like Josephine too.
Kyle - Did you mean Kylie? I don't like Kyle for a girl.
Laurel - Cute.
Leona - Nms.
Lola - Nms.
Lucia - Cute.
Maisie - Adorable.
Margaery [nn Maggie] - Nms.
Natalie - This is cute.
Noa - Prefer on a boy.
Noelle - Cute.
Nola - Nms.
Nora - Cute.
Percy - I prefer on a boy, but as a nickname on a girl it's not terrible.

Philipa [nn Pippa] - Pippa is cute, but not a fan of Philipa.
Poppy - Cute.
Quincy - I think this is more masculine, and prefer for a boy, but it's nms.
Sawyer - Prefer for a boy.
Sophia - Cute.
Spencer - Prefer for a boy.
Summer - Cute.
Vera/Verity - Prefer Verity.
Violet - Cute.
Zoey - Cute.

MNs only:
Caroline - Like with nn Carly.
Cate - Prefer as a full name.
Catherine - Like with nn Cate.
Claire - Not a fan.
Elise - Cute.
Juliet - Cute.
Nicole - Not a fan.
Penelope - Cute.
Rosalie - Cute.
Victoria - Not really a fan, but would use it to honor my bestie.

FNs (can also be used as MNs):
Adrian - This is nice.
Alexander - Handsome and strong.
Anderson - This is cute, like nn Andy, Anders, and Sonny.
Asher - Cute.
August - Love.
Bennett - Cute.
Camden - Not really a fan.
Cian - Cute.
Cillian - Cute.
Chandler - Nms.
Damien - Nms.
Daniel - Nms.
Elias - Cute.
Elliot - Love.
Ellis - Cute.
Evan - Cute.
Gabriel - Cute.
Heath - This is okay.
Henry - Love.
Isaac - Alright.
James - Like this, but can only use as a middle.
Jeremy - Not a fan of the nn Remy, seems to feminine to me. Nn Jem is cute, and I like Jeremy too.
Joel - Cute.
Jude - Cute.
Julian - This is okay.
Kyle - Nms.
Mathias - Okay.
Nico - Not sure about this.
Nolan - Nms.
Oliver - Like this, but only as a middle.
Philip - Nms.
Quincy - Not really a fan.
Reid - Cute.
Renly - I don't like this.
Rhys - Cute.
Scott - Okay.
Seth - Cute.
Spencer - Love.
Vaughn - Nms.
Zachary - Cute.

MNs only:
Adam - Nms.
Arthur - Cute.
Benjamin - This is okay.
Joseph - This is okay.
Michael - Not a fan.
Patrick - Nms.
Stephen - Nms.

Will come back and do suggestions later :)
Hannah x

#3 chloet


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 03:32 AM

I really like a lot of the names from your list!

Alexandra - Probably my favourite name right now! Personally I've put it with Lucille, Scarlett, Maeve and Noelle for mn's, but from your list I'd pair it with Elise, Claire/Cate or Rosalie.
Alice - Always loved this name, personally. Alice Nicole or Alice Penelope sound really cute.
Amity - I think the reasoning you have behind this name makes it even cuter. I like Amity Cate, Amity Nicole and Amity Victoria the best.
Annabel - Nice, but I'd rank Anna on it's own higher than Annabel.
Ariana - Was my favourite name for a long time (still right up there on my list though). I paired it with Sophia or Madison as mn's, but Catherine works too!
Avery - Too cute. Avery Caroline, Avery Juliet or Avery Claire would be nice to girl it up a little bit considering Avery is unisex.
Cassia - Love this, Cassandra and Cassidy. Cassia Rosalie, Cassandra Nicole and Cassidy Elise.
Evelyn - Evelyn Cate/Catherine sounds best I think.
Hannah - Hannah Caroline, Hannah Elise and Hannah Rosalie would be my top three middle names for this.
Ivy - Beautiful name to go with a longer mn to even it out: Ivy Caroline.
Lucia - Would you pronounce it loo-see-ah or loo-sha? Either way I think Claire is a very cute middle name to go with it.
Natalie - A new favourite to my personal list. Natalie Victoria or Natalie Cate sound beautiful.
Nora - Hopefully this one doesn't become too tiresome through being popular. Nora Caroline and Nora Juliet win for me.
Percy - I agree with this being a really cute nn, but also have no idea what it could be short for.
Spencer - Spencer Juliet or Spencer Rosalie goes so well together.
Violet - Personally I'd use this as a mn instead of a first, but if you really like it I'd pair it with Elise as a mn.

Adrian - Adrian Michael or Adrian Patrick.
Alexander - Lovely name with equally lovely nn options. Alexander Joseph sounds the best from your choices.
Anderson - I like Anders better than Anderson as a fn.
Asher - My boyfriend and I agreed that this is quite a nice name, not sure if we'll actually use it though. Asher Benjamin!
Daniel - I like this name, and Dan or Danny as a nn. Daniel Arthur, Daniel Stephen or Daniel Patrick.
Elliot - Still way prefer this as a boy's name. Elliot Joseph or Elliot Stephen.
Evan - My all time favourite boy's name ever. Evan Zachary is what I'd go with, but from your list I'd say Evan Michael.
Isaac - Another great name. Not sure which mn of yours I'd pair it with though.
James - It'd be nice to see this as a fn rather than a filler mn. Arthur or Adam for the mn.
Joel - My boyfriend doesn't like this one but I can't see why. It's nice, and Michael goes nicely as a mn.
Kyle - Really wish I could use this name. Kyle Adam or Kyle Stephen sound the best I think.
Oliver - So cute. It's on my list. Oliver Michael or Oliver Stephen.
Scott - Simple yet so nice. Scott Benjamin or Scott Adam.
Seth - Same as above, except swap Benjamin for Michael.
Zachary - Really like this with the nn Zac. Zachary Adam is cute.

I didn't do every name from each list or this post would have been waaaaay too long! I hope this was helpful in the sense that you got to know someone else's opinion.

#4 rhaego


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 09:38 AM

Ah, I really dislike the name Beth for some reason, and that goes for Elizabeth (even though I love all the other nns), Bethany, and unfortunately Annabeth.
Nope, I meant Kyle for the girl! There was a model named Kyle on ANTM a several cycles back with the name and I really liked it. I've actually met a female Kyle since then and idk I just think it's really cute! I've never really been too hung up on making sure names sound masculine or feminine. I do like Kyla as well, but not Kylie.
I like the nn Jem for Jeremy as well. :)

Ooh Alexandra Noelle is gorgeous. :)
I prn Lucia as loo-see-ah!
Ah, see I really like Daniel, but I don't like any of the nns. I know I'd just have to correct people and they'd be fine about it, but still. :/
Yes! I try to avoid using James as a middle because I want people to know that I love it and I'm not just using it as a filler, haha.
I love Avery Caroline, Cassia Rosalie, Nora Juliet, Asher Benjamin, and Seth Michael. :wub:

I'm so happy that both of you like Amity. I brought it up on this site a few years ago and everyone thought it was way too out there or it reminded them of the Amityville Horror. I've never been one for virtue names, but some of the more unusual ones like this are so lovely. And it's just...ugh, I love it so much idk.

Also you don't have to stick to the middle names for making combos! Those just got they're own category because I like them, but not as firsts. Pretty much any of the firsts I would still love as middles!

Thank you both for weeding through this super long list. :)

#5 -SassyCassie-


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 12:05 PM

Oh gosh such a long list, but the more the merrier I say!

I like:


I really aore Seth, Jude, Lola, and Ivy. As well as Autumn and Nico as well. I would have to say though I extremely love the Nico and Seth. :wub: Both of them just sound so handsome yet strong flowing in a good way. Anyways your list is pretty nice I liked quite alot an adored a few!

#6 Addison


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 12:24 PM

FNs (which can also be used as MNs):
Adelaide - I like it, reminds me of the fun city!
Alexandra - Not my style. I like Alexander for boys, but not it feminine form.
Alice - LOVE!!
Amity - I don't mind it and I like that it honors your grandpa!

Amy - Another one of my favorite names! Favorite combo is Amy Savannah / Savannah Amy
Annabel - Yet another one of my favorite names. You have great taste!
Ariana - NMS
Aubrey / Audrey - I like it, but unfortunatly I couldn't use either as a close cousin of mine is Audrey.
Autumn - NMS
Avery - I like it! Has a pretty sound.
Beatrix [nn Bea] - My only problem with this is the similar Bellatrix from Harry Potter who is absolutely creepy. I like Beatrice, though!
Cadence - Yet another one of my favorites, fairly new to my list! I like it. It sounds very pretty, and much better than Candace.
Cassia - I like this a lot. It seems pretty preppy (that's an observation, not an insult at all), but maybe that's because it's the name of a prep school in my hometown.
Charlotte [nn Charlie] - I love Charlotte, despite it's popularity. I am not keen on Charlie for girls as I know so many male Charlies, but it's alright.
Cora / Coralie - On my GP list! I really like both of these. They are really pretty!
Elliot - Strictly boy for me.
Emilia / Emily - Not my style at all. Maybe because someone close to me has that name (they're nice, not mean, I just would'nt use their name) and it is so popular.
Evelyn - too dated. i like the nn's eve and evie that it has, though.
Fiona - NMS, it seems more GP material
Frances / Francesca [nn Frankie] - Frances seems to masculine for me. Francesca is pretty, but nms. I'd love to see it on someone else's kid. I don't like the nickname though.
Genevieve - Like this a lot! More middle name in my opinion
Hannah - too popular in my generation, not a pretty sound
Isla - I don't like this at all. Don't like the sound or the looks.
Ivy - Pretty middle name
Josephine [nn Josie] - nms
Kyle - nms, too masculine
Laurel - Pretty! more GP for me
Leona - nms, probably because I like Leonardo for boys.
Lola - too cutesy for me
Lucia - nms
Maisie - too cutesy for me
Margaery [nn Maggie] - I like Maggie with Margaret, but I really don't like Margaery.
Natalie - Pretty! I think this deserves more popularity
Noa - nms, I like Noah for boys
Noelle - nms
Nola - Pretty, but more GP for me
Nora - LOVE! One of my favorites
Percy - Strictly male for me

Philipa [nn Pippa] - NMS at all
Poppy - pretty! again, more GP for me
Quincy - I like it much more than Quinn! It's adorable, but I wouldn't actually use it
Sawyer - Cool, but again, I wouldn't actually use it. I love the combo Anna Sawyer.
Sophia - My dog's name
Spencer - too masculine for my taste
Summer - pretty, but I knew a mean girl named Summer
Vera/Verity - I like Vera a lot! Reminds me of Vera Wang and Vera Bradley. I strongly dislike Verity.
Violet - Beautiful. Stunning. haha
Zoey - I prefer Zoe, but still wouldn't use it.

MNs only:
Caroline - Love!!
Cate - I only like Katherine
Catherine - Only with a K
Claire - Love
Elise - Love
Juliet - LOVE!!
Nicole - Honestly, I hate it
Penelope - NMS, and my cousins name
Rosalie - Beautiful
Victoria - Pretty

FNs (can also be used as MNs):
Adrian - too feminine
Alexander - I really like this.
Anderson - I like this a lot! I also love the added bonus of the "around-the-house" nickname Andy.
Asher - One of my favorites
August - One of my favorites
Bennett - I really like this name! Classy
Camden - bad connotation
Cian - too feminine
Cillian - Too feminine
Chandler - LOVE!! Too bad it's my cousin's name and I can't use it
Damien - too feminine
Daniel - never met a nice Daniel, haha
Elias - Only a surname to me
Elliot - Love this!!
Ellis - NMS as I know a woman with this name
Evan - I love this, it will age well
Gabriel - So cute! Has cute nicknames too.
Heath - NMS
Henry - Love! It seems very cute for a little boy, but will age well and be handsome for a grown man.
Isaac - It's alright, but a little boring
James - Okay, nothing special
Jeremy - Like it, but prefer Jeremiah
Joel - I like this as a middle name
Jude - love the masculinity and strong sound
Julian - too feminine
Kyle - lacks something special
Mathias - Knew a REALLY mean guy named Matthias, ever since then, I hated this.
Nico - Dislike this. I really love Nicholas, though.
Nolan - One of my favorite names!
Oliver - love, but overused. I like it even more as a middle name. Like Jeremiah Oliver
Philip - dislike, too dadet
Quincy - too cutesy for me
Reid - Okay, just bad connotations with it as I know a very, very annoying guy named Reed.
Renly - NMS
Rhys - Love! One of my favorite boy names
Scott - NMS, overused filler middle
Seth - I like it, but couldn't use it because Seth is a close cousin of mine
Spencer - Love, very handsome. I prefer it as a middle
Vaughn - I really don't like this even a little bit
Zachary - Although I hate double middle names, I actually only like Zac Efron's name with this: Zachary David Alexander

MNs only:
Adam - Don't like
Arthur - too geeky for me, although I do like August
Benjamin - Love!
Joseph - NMS
Michael - Only like as a middle name for Johnathan so he can be called John Michael
Patrick - NMS
Stephen - I absolutely love this, and it honors someone very special to me

My top favorites:




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Posted 10 May 2013 - 12:01 AM

I love:
G: Annabel, Ariana, Audrey, Beatrix, Caroline, Cassia, Charlotte, Emilia, Isla, Juliet, Maisie, Margaery :wub: , Penelope, Spencer, Violet, Zoey

B: Adrian, Alexander, August, Benjamin, Cillian, Henry, Isaac, James, Julian, Mathias, Nico, Renly, Rhys, Spencer

I like:
G: Adelaide, Alice, Amity, Amy, Cate, Catherine, Claire, Cora/Coralie, Elliot, Evelyn, Fiona, Genevieve, Hannah, Ivy, Josephine, Lola, Percy, Philipa, Poppy, Sophia

B: Anderson, Asher, Damien, Evan, Gabriel, Heath, Jeremy, Jude, Oliver, Patrick, Reid, Seth, Zachary

I dislike*:
G: Alexandra, Aubrey, Autumn, Avery, Cadence, Elise, Emily, Frances, Kyle, Laurel, Leona, Lucia, Natalie, Nicole, Noa, Noelle, Nola, Nora, Quincy, Rosalie, Sawyer, Summer, Vera/Verity, Victoria

B: Adam, Arthur, Bennett, Camden, Cian, Chandler, Daniel, Elias, Elliot, Ellis, Joel, Joseph, Kyle, Michael, Nolan, Philip, Quincy, Scott, Stephen, Vaughn

*even though I dislike these names, I'm not completely closed off to them. They could be amazing paired with the right name!

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