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CAF using Nymbler

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 01:48 PM

LN: http://genealogy.fam...e/origin/slavic

DH: Benjamin, Gilbert, Henry, Hugh, Jack, James, Leonard, Ross, Samuel, William

DW: Anna, Beth, Charlotte, Hattie, Jill, Joy, Lori, Rose, Valerie, Violet

Dice: http://www.bgfl.org/...hs/dice/six.htm

Roll Dice and add two for number of births

Roll Dice for each birth

Even = Single

Odd = Multiple

(If multiples, roll again for number of babies)

1 = twins

2 = twins

3 = triplets

4 = quads

5 = quints

6 = sextuplets

Roll Dice for each child

Even = Girl

Odd = Boy

For names, use http://www.nymbler.com/

Roll twice to determine names for inspiration. (use these names to search for other names on nymbler.)

First Names

1 = Audrey, Frances, Kathleen, George, Henry, William

2 = Bridget, Caitlin, Fiona, Brendan, Patrick, Sean

3 = Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Benjamin, Joshua, Noah

4 = Destiny, Harmony, Journey, Blaze, Freedom, Revolution

5 = Ava, Emma, Olivia, Jackson, Logan, Mason

6 = Casey, Finley, Jordan, Peyton, Riley, Rowan

Middle Names

1 = Anne, Kate, Ruth, Blake, Grant, Wade

2 = Lily, Rose, Violet, Forest, Jasper, Linden

3 = Georgia, Ireland, Savannah, Austin, Bronx, Cody

4 = Anniston, Marlowe, Reese, Brooks, Cooper, Maddox

5 = Annabel, Danielle, Isabelle, Gabriel, Nathaniel, Samuel

6 = LIlac, Poppy, Scarlet, Ash, Greyson, Sterling

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 01:59 PM

LN: Reitz

DH: Samuel Hugh

DW: Valerie Violet

DS: Henry Blake

DD/DD: Riley Greyson & Casey Lilac

DS: Jordan Sterling

DD/DS/DS: Audrey Danielle, Finley Reese & Noah Austin

DS/DS: Jackson Gabriel & Logan Jasper

DS/DS/DS: Mason Grant, Brendan Samuel & Joshua Nathaniel

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 03:22 PM

Samuel 'Sam' William Teska [34]
Anna 'Ann' Rose Teska [32]
Jackson 'Jack' Samuel Teska [15]
Caitlin 'Cate' Anne Teska [13]
Olivia 'Olly' Rose Teska [13]
William 'Will' Greyson Teska [10]
Jordan 'JB' Blake Teska [10]
Benjamin 'Ben' Wade Teska [10]
Elizabeth 'Beth' Lily Teska [5]
Joshua 'Josh' Gabriel Teska [3]
Henry 'Harry' Nathaniel Teska [3]
Emma 'Em' Isabelle Teska [0]

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 04:18 PM

LN: Pyland

DH: Samuel Henry

DW: Lori Beth

Birth One

DD: Olivia Hope

DS: Jack Sterling

DD: Emma Jewel

DS: Logan Berkeley

Birth Two

DD: Lucy Madison

Birth Three

DD: Mackenzie Grace

Birth Four

DD: Avery Susannah

Birth Five

DS: Noah Reid

DS: Owen Blaise

DS: Jett Oliver

DD: Harper Joy

DD: Natalie Anne

Birth Six

DS: Max Kingston

DS: Ryan Hudson

DS: James Forrest

DS: Graham Dayton

DS: Evan Jacob

DS: Carter Davis

Birth Seven

DS: Miles Broderick

DD: Charlotte Mae

Sam and Lori Pyland

Olivia, Jack, Emma, Logan, Lucy, Mackenzie, Avery

Noah, Owen, Jett, Harper, Natalie, Max, Ryan, James

Graham, Evan, Carter, Miles and Charlotte

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Posted 11 May 2013 - 04:41 PM

LN: Casper

DH: William Ross "Will"
DW: Violet Hattie

DS/DS/DS: Carter London / Carson Reid / Colin Dayton
DS/DS/DS/DS: Lane Tucker / Evan Pierce / Forrest Brady / Tyler Ross
DS/DD: Silas Noah / Jocelyn Caroline
DD: Addison Violet
DS/DS/DD: Oliver Sutton / Thomas Parker / Juliet Erin
DD/DD/DD/DD/DD/DS: Elizabeth Stella / Charlotte Harper / Piper Kendall / Eleanor Brooklyn / Audrey Genevieve / Lincoln Henry
DS/DS: Porter Logan / Auden Archer
DD/DD: Alice Dylan / Clara Sydney

Will and Violet Casper;
Carter Casper, Carson Casper, Colin Casper, Lane Casper, Evan Casper, Forrest Casper, Tyler Casper, Silas Casper, Jocelyn Casper, Addy Casper, Oliver Casper, Thomas Casper, Juliet Casper, Beth Casper, Lottie Casper, Piper Casper, Nora Casper, Audrey Casper, Link Casper, Porter Casper, Auden Casper, Alice Casper, and Clara Casper.

#6 CLA


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Posted 12 May 2013 - 02:59 AM

The Jeske Family

DH: Samuel Jack {40}
DW: Anna Beth {37}

DD: Amelia Sophia {9}
DD/DS/DS/DS: Stella Abigail, Jack Alexander, Owen James, & Liam Michael {7}
DS: Noah Benjamin {3}
DS/DS: Levi William & Kane Raphael {2}
DS: Finn Solomon {nb}

Sam & Anna Jeske.
Amelia, Stella, Jack, Owen, Liam, Noah, Levi, Kane, & Finn.

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Posted 12 May 2013 - 01:13 PM

LN: Jesse
DH: Hugh Samuel
DW: Charlotte Rose
DD: Olivia Colleen
DS: Ryan Kendrick
DD: Brenna Maureen
DD: Amelia Kathleen
DD/DD/DS/DS: Victoria Shayleen/ Rebecca Arleen/ Adam Riordan/ Logan Malachy
DS: Caleb Tiernan
DD: Sophia Eileen

The Jesse's: Hugh and Charlotte with Olivia, Ryan, Bre, Amelia, Tori, Becky, Adam, Logan, Caleb and Sophia.

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Posted 12 May 2013 - 05:37 PM

LN: Brody

DH: James William

DW: Anna Charlotte

1. DS: Shane Patrick

2. DD: Rebecca Violet

3. DD: Kelsey Elizabeth

4. DS: Grant Jacob

5. DS/DD: Owen Matthew & Ava Caroline

6. DS: Andrew James

The Brody Family

James & Anna

Shane, Becca, Kelsey, Grant, Owen, Ava, & Drew

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Posted 12 May 2013 - 11:44 PM

LN: Teske
DH: Benjamin James
DW: Charlotte Rose

DS/DS/DD/DD/DD/DD: Noah Carson/ Jett Logan/ Sophia Hadley/ Harper Lauren/ Kennedy Jade/ Scarlett Bree
DS/DS: Liam Parker
DS: West Spencer
DD/DD/DS/DD: Kelsey Savannah/ Autumn Isla/ Cooper Reid/ Ruby Genevieve
DS: Mason Hayes
DD: Emmy Taylor
DD: Riley London

The Teske Family

Ben and Lottie

Noah, Jett, Sophia, Harper, Kennedy, Scarlett

Liam, West, Kelsey, Autumn, Cooper, Ruby

Mason, Emmy, Riley

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Posted 15 May 2013 - 10:32 PM

Last Name


Husband: Samuel Leonard

Whife: Charlotte Rose

First Birth:

DS/DS: Joshua Patrick and Matthew Liam

Second Birth:

DS/DD/DS/DS/DD: Holden Cooper, Brooklyn Ruth, Jacob Oliver, Logan Ash and Emma Violet

Third Birth:

DD/DD/DS/DS/DD/DS: Ava Lilly, Leah Nicole, Caden James, Hunter Aiden, Hayley Naveah and Lucas Sawyer

Fourth Birth:

DD/DS/DS/DS/DS: Sophie Marie, Noah Alexander, Camden Reid, Finley Tyler and Dalton Wyatt

Fifth Birth:

DS: Gavin Joseph

Sixth Birth:

DS/DD/DD/DS/DS/DS: Colten Lewis, Jessica Helen, Madison Taylor, Gregory Mason, Dylan Spencer and Emmerson Philip

The Hornak family. Samuel,Charlotte and the kids. Joshua, Matthew, Holden, Brooklyn, Jacob, Logan, Emma, Ava, Leah, Caden, Hunter, Hayley, Lucas, Sophie, Noah, Camden, Finley, Wyatt, Gavin, Colten, Jessica, Madison, Dylan and Emmerson.

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Posted 15 May 2013 - 11:33 PM

LN: Goerke

DH: Samuel Hugh

DW: Lori Anna

DD/DS/DS: Vanity Sierra/Squire Madison/Devon Stratton

DD: Grace Chelsea

DS/DS: Jack Houston/Justice Kent

DS/DS: Talon Richmond/Ivory James

DD: Scarlett Sydney

DD: Unique Brooklyn

Sam & Lori;

Van, Squire, Dev, Grace, Jack, Justice, Talon, Ivory, Scarlett, and Unique

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Posted 18 May 2013 - 04:03 AM

LN: Jacobitz

DH: Henry James

DW: Charlotte Anna Rose

DD: Audrey Jasmyn (age 14)

DD/DS/DD: Leah Isabel/Warren Max/Addison Eve (age 12)

DD/DD/DD/DD/DD/DS: Olivia Lucy/Harper Madelyn/Autumn Ruby/Sidney Charlotte/Kendall Sophia/Emmett Owen (age 9)

DS/DD: Noah Henry/Megan Scarlett (age 5)

DS/DS/DD/DD: Kingston Samuel/Alexander Leo/Stella Felicity/Grace Amelia (age 4)

DS/DS: Shea Tyler/Conan Asher (age 1)

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Posted 19 November 2017 - 05:58 PM

LN: Dulka

DH: Benjamin 'Benji' Henry Dulka

DW: Anna Beth Dulka

DS/DD/DS/DD/DD/DS: Mitchell 'Mitch' Adrian Dulka, Grace 'Gracie' Emily Dulka, Gabriel 'Gabe' August Dulka, Kennedy Elizabeth Dulka, Susannah 'Suzie' Piper Dulka, and Andrew 'Drew' Graham Dulka [3-2/4-4/2-2/6-1/3-4/2-1]
DS/DS/DD: Maverick 'Ricky' Dean Dulka, Wyatt Michael Dulka, Amelia 'Amy' Violet Dulka [4-1/6-5/5-5]
DS/DD: Logan Grant Dulka and Fallon Emerald Dulka [2-4/2-2]
DS: Levi Tobin Dulka [3-6]
DD/DS/DS/DD/DS/DS: Nora Quinn Dulka, Myles Russell Dulka, Owen Parker Dulka, Judith 'Judy' Abigail Dulka, Nathan Leo Dulka, and Gavin Sawyer Dulka [5-4/1-1/2-4/3-5/2-1/5-4]
DD: Keeley Margaret Dulka [6-1]

Benji and Anna with Mitch, Gracie, Gabe, Kennedy, Suzie, Drew, Ricky, Wyatt, Amy, Logan, Fallon, Levi, Nora, Myles, Owen, Judy, Nathan, Gavin, and Keeley

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Posted 19 November 2017 - 09:19 PM

The Kalchik Family


DH: James William Kalchik

DW: Anna Violet Kalchik


DD: Amelia Ruby Kalchik 

DD: Rebecca Elizabeth "Becca" Kalchik

DD/DD: Leslie Charlotte Kalchik / Audrey Madeleine Kalchik

DD: Margaret Antonia "Maisie" Kalchik

DS: Benjamin Levi  Kalchik

DD: Caroline Harper "Cara" Kalchik

DS/DD/DS/DD/DS: Justice Henry Kalchik / Liberty Madison "Libby" Kalchik / Isaac Liam Kalchik  / Mackenzie Abigail "Kenzie" Kalchik / Emmett Calder Kalchik


James and Anna Kalchik

Amelia, Becca, Leslie, Audrey, Maisie, Benjamin, Cara, Justice, Libby, Isaac, Kenzie, and Emmett

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Posted 23 November 2017 - 01:15 PM

LN: Marta

DH: James Gilbert

DW: Valerie Rose


DD: Piper Augusta

DS/DS: Oliver James / Emmett William

DS/DS/DD: Donovan Caleb / Mackenzie Stratton / Charlotte Grace

DD: Amelia Violet

DS: Wyatt Hudson

DD/DS/DS/DD/DS: Aurora London / Pierce Noah / Roan Denver / Liberty Virginia / Leo Dayton

DS/DS: Chance Adrian / Hayden Forrest


James & Valerie Marta with their kids Piper, Oliver, Emmett, Donovan, Mac, Charlotte, Amelia, Wyatt, Rory, Pierce, Roan, Libby, Leo, Chance, & Hayden

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