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A CAF to be Judged - R1

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#1 Addison


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Posted 13 May 2013 - 01:44 PM

LN: Ends in "-er"

DH: initials HM
DW: Either the first or middle name must be Amy, other is your choice

DS: First name must be trendy or modern, must have at least two classic middle names to make it sound nicer
DD: First name is a hyphenated double name, middle name is a virtue
DS: First name begins with first letter of surname, middle name begins with second letter of first name
DD: Has Mom's initials
DD: First name ends in the "-ley" sound, middle name is a filler
DS: Uncommon biblical first name, middle name is after dad somehow
DS/DS: First names should be related to nature, initials should be opposite, (eg. TC / CT)
DS: First name must end in "E" middle name must be biblical
DD: Name must sound like a princess
DS/DD: Three or four letter first names, middle names 7 letters or more.
DS/DD/DS: Surname first names, classic middle names
DS/DS/DS/DS: Long first names with cute nickname, Short MNs

Dog, (you choose m or f): Must be more than one word name with a good nickname, should be abstract and not something a human should be named

Hamster 1, female: should be named after a popular disney character

Hamster 2, male: should be named after a kind of car


Voting will be started in a couple of days!

For voting, I will put every name generated into a list and have you all narrow it down. Repeats of combos will not be included in voting.

:) Good luck!

#2 Addison


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Posted 13 May 2013 - 01:46 PM

LN: Parker

DH: Henry Mason
DW: Savannah Amy

DS: Ryder Thomas Alexander
DD: Anna-Jane Hope
DS: Preston Riley
DD: Sydney Allison
DD: Harley Elizabeth
DS: Reuben Hans
DS/DS: River Finnegan / Forrest Ryan
DS: Jude Abel
DD: Anastasia Rose
DS/DD: Ezra Nicholas / Jane Evangeline
DS/DD/DS: Porter James / Emerson Mae / Sullivan Charles
DS/DS/DS/DS: Sebastian Wade "Seb" / Leonardo Joel "Leo" / Theodore Cole "Teddy" / Nathaniel Todd "Nate"

Dog: Side Salad

Hamster 1: Cinderelli (like the mice say it)

Hamster 2: 'Stang

#3 Kookie


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Posted 13 May 2013 - 02:36 PM

LN: Baker

DH: Hamish Murray
DW: Isadora Amy

DS: Keegan Harry Marshall
DD: Anne-Marie Joy
DS: Brendan Robert
DD: Imogen Amelia
DD: Hadley Jane
DS: Caleb Hayes
DS/DS: Everest Andrew / Ash Evan
DS: Ace Micah
DD: Azalea Lily
DS/DD: Noah Cameron / Rue Madelyn
DS/DD/DS: Parker Joseph / Liberty Hazel / Solomon Henry
DS/DS/DS/DS: Leander "Leo" Scott / Alexander "Xander" Ray / William "Will" Stone / Nicholas "Nico" Adam

Dog: Banana Split

Hamster 1, female: Merida (Brave)

Hamster 2, male: Bentley

#4 Puppylover12397


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Posted 13 May 2013 - 02:39 PM

LN: Carver

DH: Henry Michael
DW: Amy Aileen

DS: Brayden Alexander Thomas
DD: Jean-Louise Faith
DS: Christian Harvey
DD: Annabeth Aria
DD: Kinley Rose
DS: Ezra Michel
DS/DS: Heath Ryder & Reed Holden
DS: Chase Gideon
DD: Victoria Katherine
DS/DD: Dean Nathaniel & Mia Vivienne
DS/DD/DS: Hunter Vincent, Madison Charlotte & Logan James
DS/DS/DS/DS: Sebastian "Seb" Isaac, Alexander "Lex" Liam, Demetrius "Dem" Grant & Theodore "Theo" Colt

Dog: Kripke-Moffat "Moffy"

Hamster 1, female: Ariel

Hamster 2, male:

#5 Kristi18


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Posted 13 May 2013 - 08:37 PM

LN: Olivier

DH: Harrison Miles
DW: Amy,Danielle

DS: Maddox James Andrew

DD: Hannah-Kate Destiny
DS: Owen Lucas
DD: Alexis Dianne
DD: Natalie Grace
DS: Eden Harriett
DS/DS: Reed Caden / Clay Roman
DS: Pierce Matthew
DD: Lily Abigail
DS/DD: Max Everett / Mia Elizabeth
DS/DD/DS: Brady Nathaniel / Madison Claire / Davis Anthony
DS/DS/DS/DS: Eliott Grant *Eli / Nicolas Wade *Nico / August James *Gus / William Dean *Liam

Dog, male: Boeing 747 "Bo"

Hamster 1, female: Minnie

Hamster 2, male: Beamer (BMW)

#6 CLA


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Posted 13 May 2013 - 10:32 PM

LN: Carter

DH: Hudson Malachi
DW: Amy Cecily

DS: Jaxon 'Jax' Edward Andrew
DD: Anna-Belle Grace
DS: Cody Oliver
DD: Aidy Celine
DD: Blakeley 'Blake' Rene
DS: Tobiah 'Toby' Malcolm
DS/DS: Bayley 'Bay' Owen & Oakley 'Oak' Brian
DS: Blaine Zachary
DD: Savannah 'Savvy' Sophia
DS/DD: Zane Mordecai & Zoe Meredith
DS/DD/DS: Ryan Alexander, Blair Kathleen, & Tyler William
DS/DS/DS/DS: Benjamin 'Benji' Kale, Matthew 'Matty' Dean, Samuel 'Sam' Tate, & Nicolai 'Nico' Bane

Dog, (m): Pizza Pie 'Za-Pie'

Hamster 1, female: Tinker Bell

Hamster 2, male: Lambo

#7 rhaego


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Posted 13 May 2013 - 11:13 PM

LN: Fuller

DH: Henry Mathias
DW: Amy Juliet

DS: Camden Alexander James
DD: Sophie-Anne Verity
DS: Fallon Archer
DD: Amity Jane
DD: Everly Rose
DS: Ezra Matthew
DS/DS: Stone Lachlan / Linden Samuel
DS: Keane Abraham
DD: Aubrey Genevieve
DS/DD: Reid Benjamin / Isla Catherine
DS/DD/DS: Anderson Philip / Avery Madeleine / Spencer Michael
DS/DS/DS/DS: Zachary "Zac" Scott / Theodore "Teddy" Zane / Nicholas "Nico" Jude / Jeremiah "Jem" West

Dog (f): Blueberry Pancake "Blue"

Hamster (f): Dory

Hamster (m): Phantom (Rolls Royce Phantom)

#8 keladry12


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Posted 14 May 2013 - 06:45 PM

LN: Singer

DH: Henry Martin
DW: Amy Charlotte

DS: Jaedon Christopher Thomas
DD: Mary-Louise Patience
DS: Seth Elijah
DD: Avery Celine
DD: Hailey Grace
DS: Solomon Henry
DS/DS: Reed Findlay/Forrest Ryan
DS: Kane Simon
DD: Elizabeth Victoria
DS/DD: Milo Nathanael/Eden Harriett
DS/DD/DS: Parker Daniel/Harlowe Amelia/Cable James
DS/DS/DS/DS: Benjamin "Benji" Arlo/Theodore "Theo" Finn/Augustin "Gust" Leo/Sebastian "Seb" Joel

Dog, (m): 1972 Cherry Red Firebird "Red"

Hamster 1, female: Cinder

Hamster 2, male: Truck

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