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Opinions on these names

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Posted 20 May 2013 - 10:44 PM

I've got a story I'm working on where the three main characters are teens (and they later get joined by a fourth kid). I need to get some second opinions on the names for the MCs and their families.

Adeline, aka "Addie" (one of the MCs, 13-year-old cisgendered female)
Ciara (Addie's older sister, I wanna say she's in her 20s)
Corynn (Addie's younger sister, 7 years old)
I also need to come up with a last name for these three, and names for their parents.

Charlie (another MC, 15 or 16 years old. Not too clear on whether Charlie is a genderqueer female who's birthname is "Charlene" or if zie is MTF. Either way, Charlie is slightly to the feminine side of the gender spectrum, but not by very much.) I also need to come up with her last name.

Lyra Eponine or Elizabeth "Beth" Eponine (another MC, 14 or 15 years old.) No matter what, her middle name is going to be Eponine, and her first name will be the name of a different literary character. The idea is that her mom gave her and her sisters each literary references for names.
Emma Harriet (Lyra/Beth's little sister)
Morgan Bianca or Morgan Hester (and yes, Hester being a potentially embarrassing middle name is intentional on my part). She's Lyra/Beth's older sister.
For Lyra/Beth's last name, I've narrowed it down to Einarsson, Hall, Nyström, or Norling. Any other suggestions are welcome, though. I'm leaning toward Germanic or Scandinavian for her name, preferrably Swedish or Norwegian.

For the fourth teen who joins up with them later, I'm thinking of having her name be Penelope, but she would go by "Penny."

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 07:52 AM

I like the names you came up with! Here's surname suggestions:

Adeline "Addie" Bradford / Ciara Bradford / Corynn Bradford
Adeline "Addie" Parker / Ciara Parker / Corynn Parker
Adeline "Addie" Cooper / Ciara Cooper / Corynn Cooper
Adeline "Addie" Marshall / Ciara Marshall / Corynn Marshall
Adeline "Addie" Gibson / Ciara Gibson / Corynn Gibson
Adeline "Addie" Bryant / Ciara Bryant / Corynn Bryant

Scott and Jaqueline (maybe called "Jackie")
Daniel (maybe "Dan" "Danny") and Elise
Grant and Jenna
Thomas (maybe "Tom") and Anne / Ann
Alexander (maybe "Alex") and Eleanor (maybe "Elle" "Ella" or "Nora")
Michael (maybe "Mike") and Esther
Johnathan (maybe "John" or "Nathan") and Lydia

Charlie Gomez
Charlie Jones
Charlie Torres
Charlie Cruz
Charlie Warren
Charlie Ramos
Charlie Mills
Charlie Valencia
Charlie Sosa

and the final girl:
Penelope Ann would be great!

Penelope Ann Carney
Penelope Ann Irwin
Penelope Ann Barrera
Penelope Ann Dillard
Penelope Ann Burch
Penelope Ann Hopper

Penelope Ann Jarvis
Penelope Ann Duke
Penelope Ann Joyner

other suggestions:
Genevieve "Genny"
Rosalie "Rose" or "Rosie"

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