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Character name feedback please?

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 09:53 AM

I'm hoping to finish a story this summer, and while I'm not sure what I want to do with the plot I'm sure what I want to do for the three main characters and one side character. I'll give names and descriptions. Let me know what you think!

The protagonist is named Basil Finnegan, but he's always been referred to as Baze. He acts before thinking and can be brave to the point of foolishness, though he's beyond loyal to his friends. Baze has wavy light brown hair that was blond when he was younger and steely blue eyes that look almost gray at certain points. His pale, Irish-descended skin burns easily, and he has freckles across his nose, cheeks, and shoulders. He's in between the heights of his two friends, probably standing somewhere around 5'7'' or 5'8''. Baze's eyesight isn't that great, but he doesn't wear glasses (either because he doesn't want to or never had the opportunity to; it depends on where I end up setting the story). Baze is very stubborn as well, and he knows it. He's somewhere in his mid-teens, as all of these listed characters are, though I haven't exactly worked out ages yet.

Anna-Kate, one of Baze's two best friends, has approximately a million and two irrational fears—she’s the type of person that jumps when the toaster pops up or looks over her shoulder every time a floorboard squeaks, even in her own house. She’s paranoid to say the least, but that’s actually almost a good thing for her because she’s actually sort of prepared for bad things happening. Because she’s always been sort of quirky (and an easy target for bullies as a child) she learned how to fight pretty well, but it’s a bit of a strange combination with her timid personality. She has curly golden-blond hair, a light build (she's pretty short also, about 5'3''), and fair skin, contrasted deep-set brown eyes. I need a last name for her, though the two I'm favoring most right now are Cooper and Porter. Feel free to tell me which you like better, or suggest other options. Also, as a side note, Anna-Kate doesn't ever really shorten her name to any sort of nickname.

Gideon Page is Baze's other best friend. He's tall and lanky, standing around 6'1'' with relatively straight but generally disheveled brown hair so dark it's nearly black and brown eyes just a few shades lighter, not as luminous and bright as Anna-Kate's. His skin has a more of Italian coloring to it that tans naturally, as opposed to the fairness of his friends. He's the most patient and observant of the three, definitely not as high-strung as Anna-Kate or even Baze. He listens much more than he talks, and as a result he's become clever and smart over the years. In spite of being so smart (or perhaps because of it), Gideon is a compulsive liar, whether to protect himself or other people or just because he feels it's not important to tell people certain things. It's his absolute worst habit, and he even keeps some important secrets from his friends sometimes for one reason or another. Baze and Anna-Kate are both aware of this flaw, but they do really trust Gideon because they know his heart is in the right place.

There's also going to be a minor character somewhere in there named Eliza Lee, with gingery red hair and eyes that are sort of bluish-grayish-green with no specific color. I'm not sure where she fits into it all but she isn't going to be as important as the other three.


What do you think? I tried my best to balance each of the main characters out with personality benefits and flaws, and just writing this actually helped me to flesh them out a bit more. Do you like the names I picked for the characters? Do you think they fit? Also, what do you think Anna-Kate's last name should be?

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Posted 01 June 2013 - 10:46 AM

I think your story has the potential to be amazing! Your characters are well-balanced and thought out, definitely not perfect and flawless, which is great. The names you gave your characters flow nicely with their descriptions and personalities, and I think Anna-Kate's last name should be Cooper. It flows well. Anna-Kate Cooper. However, Porter is also a good choice.

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 12:10 PM

I think they're all wonderful names! Anna-Kate is my favorite, it's on my name list. I know a little girl named Annakate and she is very shy and sweet! They all fit their personalities and flow with one another so that's great! Can you give me an opinion on some character names? I'm working on a story and decided that I don't like the main characters name anymore so I'm changing it. Her name was Mazlyn and now I have it down to three choices, Hayden, Kendall, or Quinn. She isn't girly, she's very outgoing, smart, and courageous. Other characters that I need tthe name to fit with are brother Fabian, friends Aiden, Julianne, Zach, Daniel, Ava, MiKaley, Collin, Selena(Lena), and Madeleine(Maddie). Which name do you think would fit my character best?

#4 Beth Anne

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 10:22 PM

Thought Dweller: I really like all of those names! I like how Basil's nickname is Baze it is very original. As for Anna-Kate's last name, I like Porter the best out of those two. Something you could also do is pick a last name that is almost ironic for her. Something like Killian which means mighty warrior or you could do something that actually means fearsome like Ogelsby. Then there is also Phobos which is a little weird and Greek, but it actually means fear.

AliviaJade: I love the name Quinn! It's on my unisex name list. :)

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Posted 07 June 2013 - 02:22 PM

Thanks guys! AliviaJade, I like Quinn best for your character. Beth Anne, I like Phobos a lot too since it flows pretty well with Anna-Kate and it's funny that it means fear.

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