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Preppies, Socialites, and Southerners

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#1 Beth Anne

Beth Anne

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Posted 04 June 2013 - 11:36 PM

Lately I've been thinking a lot about quote on quote Preppy names. Most of them tend to be surnames that sounded cute enough to become first names(but not all of them have to be of course :) ).

In the past few weeks a couple of them come to mind as being my favorites, those being:



Comment on the ones you like and give more suggestions if you have them!

Thanks :) :) :)

#2 ElleB


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Posted 11 June 2013 - 08:42 PM

I really love a lot of surnames as first names right now. I think it's just something going around. Some sound really nice though!

From your girls, I really like:
Leighton - personally prefer more on a boy, I grew up with a girl named Leighton though.
Sloane - Very pretty :)
Tinsley - This one is very cute. I could definitely see it. WDYT of Tinley?
Miller - I went to high school with a girl named Miller. Her sister was Wesley.
Genevieve - I've always loved Genevieve :) LOVE Genevieve Autumn <3
Parker - I honestly prefer this on a girl rather than a boy! <3
Connor -I could also see this one as well
Kennedy - This name is adorable, however it's EXTREMELY popular where I'm from so it's a little less appealing to me, personally

Brooks - Very handsome for a boy. Sounds presidential almost :)
Astor - Different, but really handsome
Theodore - Cute, I love the name Teddy after watching 90210 <3
Holden - Handsome, very popular where I'm from
Prescott - This name sounds like a rich kid, not in a bad way at all. It just has that "ritzy" ring to it. Really handsome! Sounds almost like a lawyer's name? :)
Kennedy - This name actually sounds better on a boy, imo
Miller - Handsome, really like this, my hamsters name!
MacKenzie - This is def a favorite from your list. Love the nickname Mac
Sawyer - always been a favorite of mine for either gender!

#3 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 13 June 2013 - 10:32 AM

I tend to like preppy names, I suppose. In that I like a lot of surname names :) Mainly on boys though. I've met people with the surnames Archer, Cole, Roman, and Connor and Archer Cole and Roman Connor are the two boys choices I'm planning on using! I have a friend with the surname Graham and its on my list. And I'm loving the name Nico as a shorter version of a family surname, Nicastro. So I'd say I'm big on surname names lol.

I think that Leighton, Blair, Sloane, Taylor, and Genevieve are very lovely! I had no idea Genevieve was ever a surname tbh! <3 Its on my list. I like Leighton / Layton on both genders honestly. Its pretty. Blair and Sloane aren't my style, but I'd like them on other peoples children. And Taylor is beautiful :)

I like Whitley, Porter, Miller, Parker, Connor, and Kennedy on boys though! <3 I'd honestly hate to see Connor go to the girls side, I know its Irish but it has an all american jock sort of feel to it :( One of my absolute favorite boys names... It'd be the same as John on a girl to me </3 I can kinda see Miller on a girl, "Millie". And I can see how Whitley would be taken as a girls name. And Kennedy's already being used on girls so idk. But yeah <3

I like Brooks, Theodore, Chip, Holden, Carson, Miller, and Sawyer for the boys ones <3 Theodore and Holden are favorites for me! Chip's a little more of a nick name but nice. They're all very nice. I also like Calder which fits the same feel but still a surname.

Astor has a bit too much teasing potential for me. Cabot, Prescott, Kennedy, and MacKenzie just aren't my style <3

#4 proudtosayy


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Posted 17 June 2013 - 01:29 PM

I really like

Leighton - I go back and forth if I like this name or not, but today I like it. It's different enough to be 'oh that's different' but not soooo out there.
Blair - For short names, this is one of my favorites. It's cute, short, would age well, and I just really like it.
Genevieve - One of my favorite names! I think it is so breathtaking, and it just is a name that I personally adore.
Kennedy - I think this name is really cute for a little girl, and it is also a name that would age very well.
Theodore - THIS IS JUST SO ADORABLE! I love Theodore (Theo or Teddy) for a little boy, and I think it could age so well.
Sawyer - Like Leighton I go back and forth with this one, but it's cute as well.

Names that I think you may also like, that are the same style are,


#5 Lilah


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Posted 17 June 2013 - 04:20 PM

I have to completely agree with Remy on this one. I absolutely love Porter, Parker and Connor for a boy. It is already painful for me to see people name their daughters Parker, but if they are using Porter and Connor now as well, I would be completely crushed :( I do, however, like Sloane for a girl. I think it sounds very cool, and will fit well on a girl. Taylor, Blair and Genevieve are nice also. But I couldn't see Miller or Sutton on a girl. They sound too masculine. Tinsley is okay, but I met a girl with this name and she was the opposite of preppy. Leighton and Whitley could work on a girl, although I see them as boy names.

As for The boys, I definitely think you should more Porter, Parker and Connor to this list. They are so handsome. I also like Theodore, Holden, Sawyer and Prescott. I think these are great names, and very sophisticated. I am not really a fan of the rest, but none of them are bad. I just think Astor is a little weird because of the first syllable sounding like a certain body part. Castor is a name that I like, ad it is very similar to Astor. Chip sounds like more of a nickname to me. And with Mackenzie, I would stay away from it because too many people are using it for their daughters.

Some other names that I think would fit well in this category:



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