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Opinions! pleeease

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 12:01 PM

I wrote this little thing recently..... I wanted to know what youns thought of it. I like to write what I'm thinking, and I wanted to know what ya'll thought of this. So please just tell me your honest opinions! (:


I had a dream last night.
It was a perfect dream, one that could only last in a perfect world.
A perfect world...
Is there such a thing?
I believe there is.
My dream consisted of only two beings, one of them being myself. The other was someone very special to me, someone who has no idea how much he means to me and just how
special anything he does is to me or how enchanting any gift he could ever give is to me.
That other someone is my daddy.
You see, in my dream, my daddy and I were preparing for a dance.
And not just any dance. It was a father-daughter ball.
He looked so handsome in his dark tuxedo and black bow tie. He just had no idea how special this evening was to me.
The gown I wore was dark blue, accentuating my eyes. There were silver sparkles leading down the dress and the bottom covered my feet, which only made me trip every step I took.
When we arrived at the dance my daddy allowed me to take his arm as we entered the ellegant ball room.
The room was immaculate. It was a large round area, and there were large windows surrounding the room. There were round tables with white table cloths all around the room
on the outer edge, and they all had two wine glasses and beautiful silverware and delicate plates.
As we entered the room everyone just stared at us...
We were the best-looking couple there, after all.
A waiter came over to us and led us to one of the tables. When we sat down he handed us both a menu and took our glasses to fill them up.
Even the menus were fancy. The writing was in cursive, making it almost hard to read.
We discussed on what we wanted to have, and I decided just to have whatever he had, because I knew whatever he chose it would be the best thing on the menu.
When the waiter came back we ordered our dinner and then we began to talk.
We talked about everything..it was amazing.
When our food was ready the waiter brought it to us and we ate and talked some more, then he stood up and held out his hand for us to dance.
I took his hand and stood up, and he led me to the middle of the floor. We danced and danced...
I felt as if I was floating on clouds. I felt so secure and safe in his arms.
We danced for the whole song and then we danced every dance after that.
People along the sidelines watched in amazement as we floated across the floor.
When the dance was over we walked out to the car and drove home.
It was the most enchanting evening I've ever had...
An evening that could only last in a perfect world.

A little note to all you daddies out there:

Dear Daddies,
I can't speak for the sons, seeing as I'm not one. But I am a daughter, and I know when I say this I'm speaking for all the daughters in the world.
Let me just begin like this...
You see, little girls mature faster than little boys. I know that for a fact because I am one.
Girls and boys are different, as we all know.
Girls need love and affection and to be understood, and boys want to be the leader and protect us girls. At least, that's how it's supposed to be.
Even when little girls are very young, they have already began developing a lustful want to have physical contact with other little boys.
I also know this for a fact because I was once a little girl.
So when little girls begin liking little boys, it may seem all cute to you grown-ups, but to the little girl it's the most important thing in the world that the little boy notices her.
Don't make fun of or tease these tiny children for their feelings. Because to them, their feelings for the little boy in their class is just as real as the feeling you have towards your spouse.
This should be a time of teaching, not of teasing.
And I'm not saying all of you do tease....I'm just letting you know how we girls think.
You daddies don't know how much you mean to us little girls. Because we need love and affection and to feel protected and safe, we sometimes search for it in little boys. But what
we sometimes don't realize is, we don't have to go searching about for love and affection in other little boys. We have it right here, with our daddies.
That's why it's so important that you daddies understand this, because sometimes I don't think you do.
Mommies are good for some things, but just like us little girls mommies can act just as silly and emotionally as we do. So it's good to have the male figure in our lives to keep us
Mommies are emotional, daddies are the leaders.
Everything affects little girls. We could be playing a sport and we still are consciously worried about how we appear to the little boys around us, unsure if our hair is just perfect
and worried that we just look like idiots running around. It doesn't matter what us little girls are doing. Everything affects everything. This also means that us girls are better at
multi-tasking, being able to do more than one thing at a time. For instance...at the lunch table, depending on how many girls there are, there are approximately 10-15 different
conversations going around, and each girl is apart of every one of them. Let's say there's 7 girls at the table. We aren't discussing one topic, we are discussing several topics.
At my lunch table, there are 7 girls at my table. And there are approximately 20 different conversations going on at the same time. And none of us miss a single word in any of
the conversations. Kinda crazy, right? But that's just part of being a little girl.
Little boys are different. They could be playing a sport and they don't really care about what their hair looks like or how stupid they look running or what girl is watching them. They
are only focused on the one thing that they're doing. That's why they make better leaders. They're not always good as multi-tasking, their minds can only function properly doing
one thing at a time.
If us girls were to lead, we would lead based on our emotions, which can change pretty much every other second. We wouldn't be consistent with our decisions, because how we
make our decision would be based on how we felt.
So because of this, we need a male in our lives. Unfortunately we little girls tend to get a little wild and crazy and look around our class for the "perfect guy" who will give us what
we desire. And what we desire isn't always physical contact. Just a strong shoulder to cry on, to hold a hand that's much bigger than ours, to wrap our arms around someone who
is stronger then we are and bigger then us. We like the feeling of strength, and we like the feeling of having this strength surrounding us. We want to impress little boys with our
appearnace, but we also want to impress our daddies. And if we can't impress our daddies on how we look, what's the point in trying to impress the little boys? If daddy isn't
impressed, who will be?
We usually don't realize that we have it in our daddies. That can be because of us, or that can be because of you daddies. Daddies can also scare us sometimes, because they
don't always know their own strength. Us little girls like strong men, but we also like the soft-hearted ones. It's very attractive.
So with that said...
You daddies really don't realize how much you mean to us little girls. You're like the knight in shining armour. Never thought of yourself like that, did ya?
The little girls are not the only ones who feel this way. Our mommies feel the same way. Little girls never really grow up...we are all the same on the inside. Because we mature faster
than little boys, the only thing that really changes about us is our outer appearance. But if you were to look inside us, we would all be identical.
You don't realize how anything you were to give to us little girls, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you, it would be the most special gift in the world, and we would
treasure it forever. It could be something that you picked up of the ground in the parking lot and it would still mean just as much to us as if you had gone to a jewelry story and
bought the most expensive jewelry. It's all worth the same amount to us.
If Daddy picked it out and if Daddy took the time to get it and if Daddy made time to think about his little girl, it wouldn't matter what it was. It would be worth the world to us.
You daddies just don't understand...
We little girls may not always voice what we think about our daddies. But I do know that we all feel this way. When we do something wrong, it makes us sad to know we disappointed
mommy. But when Daddy says he's disappointed, our spirit is broken.
It's nice to hear "I'm proud of you" from Mommy. But when Daddy says it, it's better than any lie a little boy could tell us.
You daddies just have no idea...
You are our knight in shining armour.

--One of those little girls

"I've already met my knight in shining armour. His name is Daddy."


Well, that was it! So...??
There's another one I wanna share with ya'll. I put it in another topic, though. :) So if you read it, pls give opinions(:

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