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Opinions pleeease #2

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 12:12 PM

This is the other "story". The "goal" of me writing this was to show how to escape evil. I'm not through with it yet. I actually had a dream the other night and I decided to put it on paper and make a story out of it. The moral of the story is to stay away from evil and how to escape it, and what it can do to you. It may seem a little satanic.....but it's the way that I view evil. If ya'll think it's too much then say so! I just wanna know what youns think about this one. I'm prone to having nightmares, and this is just an example of what I dream! I actually think I slept walked during this one..... But anyways! Just tell me your honest opinions :) they will be much appreciated


I woke up, frightened. Cold chills raced down my spine and all over my body. The darkness surrounding my room made me shudder.
He was in here.
I stepped out of bed. I had to know where he was hiding.
The darkness took over the house and I couldn't see anything.
But I could feel him, feel his presence in the house.
I felt my way through the house, but in vain.
I just sat on the floor, wondering what to do.
When a noise began to fill the house.....
It was an eery sound...
It sounded like nails piercing a chalkboard. The sound of wailing and screaming came to my ears.
It was him, trying to scare me.
It was working.
Why was he doing this to me?
I had no idea how I was going to escape this torturous house...
I stood up and began the search once again. I decided to make my way to the kitchen, where I could find a knife of some sort and use as a weapon to protect myself.
I stumbled along in the darkness, bumping into just about everything in my path. Tables, chairs, a plant, books, pictures, table lamps, something that broke...
then I bumped into something that didn't fall over.....the wall?
I pushed my hands against it, feeling around for a door opening.
And then I realized.
It wasn't a wall, it wasn't a door, it wasn't even an inanimate object.
It was him.
Well, I found him!


I just stared in the space betwee us, not knowing exactly what to do.
I didn't even know what he looked like. I just knew he was a dark figure.
We just stood there, doing nothing.
The only sound coming from either of us was my own breathing. But I could feel his cold breath on my face..
I felt his ice fingers creep up my back and behind my neck. I could feel long fingernails protuding from his skinny fingers.
I stopped breathing.
What was he going to do?
With one quick motion he pushed me to the floor and started laughing in an evil deep laugh.
I layed on the ground, stunned.
My eyes had begun to get adjusted to the blackness, and I could barely see his figure lean over me. His face was right in front of mine. I felt his breath on my
cheeks as he puckered his lips and stuck his tongue out and began wiggling it in the air.
What in the world..?
If he was doing this just to scare me, he was succeeding.
His hand felt around my body and up to my face. He squeezed my cheeks together tightly.
I could see something in his other hand...but I wasn't for sure what...
A big stick?
Was he going to beat me with it?
I then heard a 'click' and light swept across his face.
And I saw him for the first time.


His hand still squeezed my cheeks tightly.
But I could see him plainly.
He was so satanic...
He barely looked human.
His looks alone would put anyone out of their mind.
He was bald, for one thing. His eyes were huge and bulging out of the sockets. They looked like they were barely secure in his head.
His nose was so tiny you could barely see it. It was just a little bump in the middle of his head, with two large nostrils to show it was a nose.
His lips were blood red and thick, even more so with the way he was puckering them.
He still had his tongue out, wagging it in the air.
I could only see his face and neck. But that was enough. At least for my first encounter with him.
I must have looked as scared as I was, because he just started laughing at me, enjoying the moment.
He turned the light off and let go of my cheeks, still laughing uproariously.
The second he let go of my face I was squirming away just as fast as I could.
This was the most torturous thing I'd ever have to go through.


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