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Create A Family: Dice Game

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 06:50 AM

LN: Wright
DH: Hugh Angus (44)
DW: Elizabeth Sarah (39)
A huge wedding with everybody we know.
DD: May Evangeline (10)
DD/DD: India Lux/Emilia Holly (7)
DD/DS/DD: Elinor Lake/Nigel Flynn/Claire Wren (4)
DD: Leonora Hazel (nb)

Hugh Wright and Elizabeth *Liz* Wood met in Hugh's work at the library in Doral, Florida. They married 3 years later at a huge ceremony with everybody they know. Their honeymoon was in Luneville, France. 9 months later they had their first child - May. 3 years later they had twin girls - Indie & Millie. When May was 6 and the twins were 3, Hugh and Liz welcomed triplets - Ellie, Nigel & Claire. 4 years later the family decided to move in a larger house in Ansdell, UK. Their new house had 10 bedrooms - every kid had his own bedroom. When they moved in, Liz gave birth to their last child - Lea.

Hugh & Liz Wright
May, Indie, Millie, Ellie, Nigel, Claire & Lea.

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 09:12 PM

LN: Willoughby

DW: Lydia Rachel {24}

DH: Duncan Lewis {33}


Lydia and Duncan get married and have a small wedding with family and a few close friends.

After the wedding, Duncan and Lydia go off to their honeymoon in Fiji.

On their last day in Fiji, Lydia finds out that she's pregnant with her first child! Duncan is thrilled as well, and when they get back from their honeymoon, the two of them rush to the doctors to find out the gender. It turns out that there is not one bun in the oven, but two! The happy couple is thrilled that they are expecting twin daughters.

When the girls are born, Lydia and Duncan decide to name them Chloe Shiloh and Aya Calliope Willoughby.

When their daughters are 3 years old, Duncan and Lydia decide to have more children since both of them have always dreamed of having a big family. They have another set of twins! A girl and a boy! They name the bubbling newborns Avery Noelle and Emmett Rollo Willoughby.

After Lydia's second pregnancy, three years later, Lydia and Duncan decide they want to have kids one last time. Nine months later they come home with....

...another girl and boy! They are named Maisie Jade and Oskar Finn Willoughby.

4 years after her third pregnancy, Lydia unexpectedly finds out she is expecting! Although Lydia and Duncan are surprised, the new baby will be a welcome addition to their family. However, they move to a larger house to have comfortable room for everybody. They move to England and purchase a house with 10 bedrooms so they will have enough space for everyone to be comfortable. 2 months after moving into the new home, Lydia and Duncan have their last children!

They welcome to the world, identical twin girls, Summer Ruby and June Ivy Willoughby!

Chloe and Aya's room

Avery's room

Emmett's room

Maisie's room

Oskar's room

Summer and June's room

Duncan and Lydia's room

The other 3 bedrooms were made into an office, a playroom, and one stayed as a guest room.

Duncan and Lydia;

Chloe {11}, Aya {11}, Avery {8}, Em {8}, Maisie {4}, Oskar {4}, Summer {NB}, and June {NB}

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 11:56 PM

LN: Weathington

DH: Rhys Balthazar {29}

DW: Delilah Elizabeth {29}

DS/DD: Xaiver Cassius & Debroah Opal {10}

DS/DD: Asher Rory & Isla Primrose {7}

DS/DD/DS: James Knox, Laura Sage & Rhett Jude {4}

DD: Summer Adeline {0}

Rhys and Delilah Weathering; with Xaiver, Debroah, Asher, Isla, James, Laura, Rhett & Summer

My name is Delilah Elizabeth Weathington and I am Eighteen Years Old. I got married a week and a half ago to my boyfriend of three years, Rhys Balthazar Weathington, he's Eighteen Years Old. We got married in A Small Wedding with just Family and A Few Close Friends. Currently, Rhys and I are on our honeymoon in Fiji. Today is our last day and we just got the most amazing news, we're pregnant! We're not sure how far along we're but, when we get back home, we live in Atlanta, Georgia, we plan to see an OBG-YN.

We're having Twins! The genders are A Boys and A Girl. Rhys and I are super excited to be having two perfect angels. Thankfully we've just moved into a nice five bedroom house, a wedding present from Rhys' parents, and we've done up our own room as well as painted one of them a nice lightl mint green for the babies, I'm sure as the kids get older We'll switch rooms around. Sooner than later, and a month early in the spring, we welcomed Xaiver Cassius Weathington & Debroah Opal Weathington.

Hey, everyone! it's been three years, and it's Delilah again. I've been working as a Secretary and Rhys has joined his family's firm as an Accountant This year we decided that, since we want a large family, to try again and we've gotten pregnant. I'm currently three months along we just got amazing news. We're having Boy/Girl Twins again! I'm not too surprised to be having multiples, my younger sisters are triplets, my mother is a twin and so is my father, Rhys is ecstatic though.

Another five months have passed and now, on a very snowy morning Rhys and I welcome home our second and third little miracles, our two princes. Asher Rory Weathering and Isla Primrose Weathering. They're perfect little angels with button noses, emerald eyes and soft, downy brown hair.

It's been another glorious three years since Asher and Isla were born and we're expecting once more! A set of triplets!! This time Boy/Girl/Boy Triplets. Rhys and I are very happy, seven beautiful children are perfect for are desire for a large family. We mix up the rooms so Xaiver and Asher share, Rhys and I have our room, Isla and Debroah share and then we put one room for the new boys and one for our new girl, James Knox Weathering, Laura Sage Weathering and Rhett Jude Weathering.

Hello again, it's Delilah and it's been quite a while. Four years to be exact. The reason I'm making this is all is because I'm pregnant again, a surprise. Rhys and I feel blessed either way. Adding another person or persons to our family would mke our current home a little more than crowded. So, we decide to move. We look into where we could secure jobs and once those are all done up and we have jobs ready for us, Rhys, myself and our children make the move to Portland, Maine. We make sure to enroll our kids in a private school close to our new Ten Bedroom Ranch.

It's Delilah again, we found out we're having A Baby Girl. Rhys and I would be delighted anyway, but one more little one is a nice welcome. We decide to set it up so each child has their own room for the first time. We let them all decorate and choose themes they enjoy. A month later our first singleton, and last child, is born and we bring home Summer Adeline Weathering. We still have one spare room, we make it into a guest room in case anyone should stay.

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 09:51 AM

LN: Wuttke

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 01:02 PM

LN: Wilson

DW: Elizabeth Esther nn. Beth
DH: Rhys Duncan

Beth and Rhys are high school sweethearts. They dated from sophomore year in high school up until he proposed in junior year of college. They were engaged for their whole senior year and married the fall after they both graduated. They had a beautiful vintage wedding in the country with all their family and friends. After the wedding, they left right away for their romantic honeymoon gifted to them by Rhys' parents. They were ready for their month long trip to Fiji! On their last day in Fiji, Beth surprises Rhys by telling him they are pregnant. They are both ecstatic to start a family. After they get back from Fiji, they schedule an appointment to find out the gender of the babies. Just a few weeks later they found out they were having a baby girl! Just eight months later, they welcome their darling little girl into the world. They decide to name her Chloe Eden after Beth's mom Eden and Rhys' sister Chloe who passed away when they were kids.

Posted Image

When Chloe turned 3, Beth and Rhys started talking about having another child. They both always dreamed of a big family, so they knew they wanted more kids. Just a few weeks later, they found out they were expecting another child. At a doctor's visit a few weeks later, they found out they were not expecting one, but two new babies! They were both very excited but also nervous. They later found out they were having fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. When the time came for the babies to be born, they knew the names.They decided to name their baby girl Isla Scarlett and their baby boy August Ralph and call him Augie. Chloe was very happy to have a new brother and a new sister.

Posted Image

Three years after the twins are born, Beth and Rhys decided they wanted just one more child to add to the family. They try for a while and are unsuccessful. They bring in the help of a doctor and are surprised to find out that they were pregnant after the first try! They go in for a check-up and the nurse is very quiet. She calls in the doctor to break the news. They are going to have triplets! And the doctor looks for a while longer to find that the triplets are all girls! The Wilson's are very much in shock at how their family is growing so much. They call their parents who are excited for them and promise to help out with their now eight person family. When the girls come along, Beth and Rhys name them Charlotte Bay and call her Lottie, Alice Maeve, and Laura Snow. The girls' older siblings are very loving and gentle with them as they welcome them to their new home.

Posted Image

After thinking they were done having kids, Beth and Rhys find out four years later that they are expecting again. They know that one more baby isn't going to phase the couple with six kids. They do know though that the house they had wasn't going to cut it for their kids to grow up in. They move into a new house located in New York. The kids are settling into their new lifestyle and just two months after moving in, the newest addition comes along. Their last little baby is a girl named Lillia Josephine whom they will call Lilli. They are finally satisfied with their big family and decide to settle down and enjoy their new house. The kids each pick their own room and leave the beautiful master bedroom for Beth and Rhys.

Posted Image

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Posted 18 July 2013 - 01:11 PM

Hannah Miriam Wright (34) and Felix Barnaby Wright (36)

Iris Calliope Wright and May Liberty Wright (10)
Etta Primrose Wright and Ava Persephone Wright (7)
Jane Pearl Wright and Anne Maeve Wright (4)
Lily Josephine Wright (0)

Hannah and Felix Wright with Iris, May, Etta, Ava, Jane, Anne, and Lily

Bedroom set up:
1 - Master bedroom: Hannah and Felix
2 - Iris' bedroom: Sea themed
3 - May's bedroom: Library themed
4 - Etta's bedroom: Bagpuss themed
5 - Ava's bedroom: Ballet themed
6 - Jane's bedroom: Cat themed
7 - Anne's bedroom: Jungle themed
8 - Lily's bedroom: Me to you themed
9 - Guest bedroom
10 - Guest bedroom

2 - a huge wedding with everybody you know.
6 - Rome
3 - New York

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