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Judge my list! **LONGER**


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#1 A.Camille


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Posted 24 June 2013 - 09:08 PM

Not pregnant, just a name lover creating a never-ending, ever changing list. Be as honest as you'd like. I can take it! ;)

Fiona Elizabeth - Fiona means 'white, fair'. I'm African-American...do you think this would be a problem? Elizabeth is after my amazingly strong, wise great-grandmother. Can you think of any nicknames for Fiona/this combo?
Raina Marlowe - Pretty name. Nice flow, I think? I love that Raina means queen, because I want my daughter to always feel like a queen who can conquer the world. Cheesy, I know. ;)
Harper Victoria - Yes, Harper is trendy. I'm not quite sure I care. I go back and forth, but for now I love it.
Rosalie Willow - Twilight or not, I just love Rosalie. I'm not set on Willow as a middle name. I just like Willow because it bring the possibly pretentious and Twilighty, Rosalie, back down to earth a little bit. I'm also considering Wren, which could possible honor my brother/best friend, Aaron.
Piper Camilla - I love how Piper is a little tomboyish, and I was 'girly' it up with a middle name per se.
Magnolia Faye - This name, I love but I'm sure I'd ever be brave enough to use. Other problem? I absolutely hate the nickname Maggie...makes me think of a dog. No offense to anyone who has/used that (nick)name. Would Nola work?
Zara Vivienne - I personally feel like this is the most gorgeous name on this list. I also love Zara Beatrix and my grandmother's name was Addie Bea, so that might be a nice association.
Dahlia Maeve - I know this name is a source of pronunciation controversy. At least in my experience. I love the name, and have been pronouncing it 'doll-ee-uh' as I have a cousin name Natalia (Tally is her nickname, so same 'a' sound). I think I did it originally to differentiate the two, but are these still too similar even if they have different 'a' sounds?

Other names I like are: Zoe, Matilda, Isla, Astoria, Holland, Gemma.

Holden Oliver - Love Holden. Not set on Oliver. I also like Holden Elias, see Rowan Elias for explanation.
Asher Graham - I love the nickname 'Ash' for a boy.
Rowan Elias - I love this name, even though my child will never be a 'little redhead.' Elias is after Walter Elias Disney, a man who's imagination and innovation changed my life, in too many ways to count.
Everett Darrin - Do the double letters in each name look weird? Darrin is after my father who I have always planned on honoring. Do you like Darrin with any other names on this list?
Griffin Joel - I especially like this name because it has a completely, professional sounding first name, Griffin, and a great everyday nickname to go along with it, Finn.
Maddox Grey - Whenever I hear/read this name, I can't help but think this is the ultimate cool guy name. I could hear a sports announcer yelling his name. Not sure if that's a bad thing.
Pierson Hayes - Love the nickname Pierce. WDYT? Always loved the name Hayes, would even consider it for a first name if I could find a middle name that would work with it.
Hawthorne Knox - This is totally a guilty pleasure but I'm obsessed with it. If I'm nervous about using Magnolia then I most definitely wouldn't be brave enough to use Hawthorne but it's fantastic in my opinion. What do you think?

Other names I like are: Jonas, Hugo, Wilder, Colton, Sawyer, Brooks, Carter, Grayson, Jett.

Wow, if you've made this whole way, I can't believe it. Thank you. Go ahead and comment/judge away. Sorry for the rambling, I've just been busy and haven't had time to indulge in the name-nerdiness! Have fun!

#2 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 25 June 2013 - 06:30 AM

Fiona Elizabeth - I love the combo! Both names are on my list <3 I don't think its an issue at all for you to use Fiona just because you've dark skin. But I guess it depends on much meaning means to you personally! I like knowing the meanings of names but I don't let it prevent me from loving / using a name :) Also, I really like Fi or Fifi as nick names though they are honestly froofy. Fio could be cute, almost like Clio.

Raina Marlowe - I love Marlowe, its just so beautiful! <3 I am alright with Raina, not my style. I have a friend who's pup is named Raina, though people use person names on animals all the time so doesn't make the name pet like imo <3 but it is my personal association haha!

Harper Victoria - I really like it, even though its trendy! Harper isn't one I'd use personally but its one I'd love to see on other peoples kiddo's. And Victoria's on my list as well, love it.

Rosalie Willow - well if it counts for anything, I've never seen Twilight. So I have no association to Rosalie other than a girl I knew by that name. I think Rosalie Wren would be a little too much R to me personally, but its nice and lovely honoring association. I really like Willow.. Willa's a GP of mine <3

Piper Camilla - Piper is versatile, a girly girl could rock it but it wouldn't be too frilly for a tomboy. Pipers pretty trendy lately too it seems, but its beautiful. For me its off and on my list. Camilla's very lovely, flow is great!

Magnolia Faye - My personal issue with Magnolia is the "nole" part of it. That sound in itself is just unattractive to me <3 (though I also don't like Lola or other names with that ole sound). I think Lia could work as a nickname if you like Magnolia but don't want a Maggie. Nola would definitely work! Its a prominent sound in Magnolia and all. I do love Faye though <3

Zara Vivienne - I like how unique but not out there it is! Is Zara like zah-rah? or like rhyming with Sarah? I love the ah-rah sound generally (I love Aria, Arietta, etc with the light ahh sound). And Vivienne's so frilly and gorgeous ah! <3 I'm not a fan of Beatrix at all purely just a sound thing, but if she was someone special to you then its a great option. Zara Beatrix flows great.

Dahlia Maeve - this combo has been on my list before, soooo gorgeous!! Unfortunately my other half shot it down :/ I think doll-ee-uh is a legitimate way to say it, though I say ahh like apple for the dahhh-lee-ah. Which I'm not even sure if I'm right! They aren't really very similar at all with the two different sounds imo

From the other names, I adore Zoe and Gemma!! And Isla is real pretty <3

I have to go to work but I'll try and make sure I reply for boys after I get home!!

#3 Addison


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Posted 25 June 2013 - 07:06 AM

Fiona Elizabeth - I really like this combo! Fiona would absolutely work for you, most people won't know the meaning :)
Raina Marlowe - It's not my style, but I think it's pretty!
Harper Victoria - I really love Harper, and Victoria is precious, too! It flows nice, but there's one problem with this combo: it is overly Beckham family. David and Victoria's daughter's name is Harper. I'd go for a different middle name. Harper Madeline, Harper Zoe, Harper Katherine, Harper Rosalie....
Rosalie Willow - I love Rosalie!! Willow isn't my style, nor is Wren. Rosalie Astoria, Rosalie Gemma, Rosalie Piper, Rosalie Holland...
Piper Camilla - Piper is such a great name! I had Eden Piper on my list for a while :) Camilla is not my style.
Magnolia Faye - I LOVE Magnolia! I think Nola would work great, but I like her just going by Magnolia, too. Faye is alright, but I prefer Kaye / Kay.
Zara Vivienne - I like this a lot, I think it flows well and has a beautiful feel to it!
Dahlia Maeve - I've always pronounced it "doll-ee-uh" too. I think, with that pronunciation, it's gorgeous!!

Other names I like are: Raina, Marlowe, Zoe, Matilda, Isla, Astoria, Holland, Gemma.
You have noooo idea how much I love the name Holland :wub:

Holden Oliver - I love this combo so incredibly much. Holden Oliver is perfect in my opinion <3
Asher Graham - I have been loving Graham soo much lately! I also really like Asher, and the nickname Ash! I grew up with a boy name Ash Christopher, he was pretty cool, so I have a great connotation.
Rowan Elias - I like Elias and the reasoning behind it, but I feel like Ronan is too common for girls these days to picture it on a boy. I love Ronan Elias though!
Everett Darrin - Not a fan of this name. How about Hayes Darrin? Joel Darrin? Asher Darrin? Graham Darrin?
Griffin Joel - I love this name so much. It's my favorite name on your list. I love the nickname Finn, and Griffin is so handsome and masculine! Joel adds so much to the name, too! When I hear this name, I think of a masculine man/boy with good character.
Maddox Grey - W I think this is a cool name! I feel like Grey Maddox would work better, or even Greyson Maddox, just because I can't picture someone named Maddox in the professional world.
Pierson Hayes - Another one of my favorites from your list! So attractive! I like Pierce, but like Piers even more as a nickname. :) Hayes is very handsome as well! Hayes Darrin, Hayes Carter, Hayes Wilder, Hayes Colton...
Hawthorne Knox - I can't picture Hawthorne very well, but it's a sweet guilty pleasure! I think Knox is pretty cool though, how about Sawyer Knox? Hugo Knox?

Also, Carter Jett is such a handsome name <3

Other names I like are: Jonas, Hugo, Wilder, Colton, Sawyer, Brooks, Carter, Grayson, Jett.

#4 PaigeA


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Posted 25 June 2013 - 09:28 AM

Fiona Elizabeth - It's pretty but Fiona isn't my style. I don't think it would be a problem to use!
Raina Marlowe - I love Raina! I'm not too fond of Marlowe but the two together flow wonderfully.
Harper Victoria - I absolutely adore Harper. Victoria isn't my style but it's a fine name.
Rosalie Willow - This is gorgeous! I've never watched or read Twilight so I never think of it when I hear Rosalie. Both Rosalie and Willow are beautiful names.
Piper Camilla - I love Piper, it's so sweet. I know a little girl named Piper who's a cute little thing. Camilla isn't my style but the two go together well.
Magnolia Faye - Ooh I love this!
Zara Vivienne - I love Zara <3 Vivienne is pretty too.
Dahlia Maeve - I pronounce this as dah-lee-ah. I think your pronunciation is also a correct way of saying it. Pretty name! I don't think the two are very similar so I think it'd be just fine

I love Raina, Astoria & Holland <3

Holden Oliver - Oliver's sweet and it goes well with Holden. Holden isn't my style but it's nice.
Asher Graham - I like that nickname too, I have a friend called Ashley and he goes by Ash :D Asher is a lovely name! Graham is ok and they go well.
Rowan Elias - Ahh I love love this name! It's perfect <3
Everett Darrin - I think the two letters are fine. I love this name too <3
Griffin Joel - Neither of these names are my style but they're nice and flow together nicely.
Maddox Grey - I love this name too!
Pierson Hayes - I absolutely adore Hayes. Pierson isn't my style but Pierce would be a cute nn :D
Hawthorne Knox - I'm not too sure about Hawthorne but I like Knox!

I love Sawyer, Brooks, Jett and Wilder <3

#5 A.Camille


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Posted 25 June 2013 - 04:58 PM

Thanks for indulging! Keep 'em coming!

@Remy Zara as in Aria. I definitely prefer Vivienne over Beatrix though. And I totally understand about the sound. ;)

@Addy I just realized the whole overly-Beckhamness of Harper Victoria. Crap. Haha. I absolutely love this name though so it's hard for me to part with this combo. Gotta do what needs to be done though! ;) I actually quite like Harper Rosalie! Gorgeous!

I also LOVE Sawyer Knox and Carter Jett. Perfection.

@PaigeA I totally understand about Hawthorne. It took me a LONG while to warm up to this name. I just can't help but find the nickname "Hawk" totally intriguing. Haha.

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